Chapter 38 - An Enormous Sum

While Lin Yun mulled over the pros and cons of buy the sword box, the Yun Clan guards were briefing their young patriarch on what they had found.

“Young Patriarch, we have confirmed that the horn was put up for auction by someone wearing Azure Sky Sect garb. They said his name was Lin Yun.”

“The Azure Sky Sect!” screeched the young patriarch. “Where is he right now?”

“He’s in Room 17. He was the winner of the Blood Refining Pellet,” the guard replied respectfully.

Unfortunately for Lin Yun, the efforts Boss Tong had made to ensure his privacy could not stand against the weight the Yun Clan name carried in Clear Water City.

“I knew it! I knew that voice sounded familiar!” cursed the young patriarch. A wry smile spread across his face as he muttered, “You may have escaped my clutches in the mountains, but you’re in my city now! I think it’s time we have a little fun.”

A bead of sweat ran down Qiu Lan’s face as she desperately continued pitching the sword box, “800 low-grade spiritual stones… anyone? Do I have any takers..?”

“810 low-grade spiritual stones!” came a voice from the second floor.

Qiu Lan’s heart skipped a beat. Her reputation had been saved! She called excitedly, “We have a bid from our friend in Room 17! You have quite they eye, sir. This sword box is definitely worth it!”

The swiftness of her change in demeanor was enough to give someone whiplash. The almost predatory gleam had returned to her eyes as she flashed a dazzling smile up to Room 17’s window.

“Maybe I was a little rash…” Lin Yun said as he rubbed his nose. His stomach churned when he saw Qiu Lan’s reaction. He’d seen that look many times during his time as a lawyer and it very rarely meant something good.

A muted chuckle came from the crowd. The fact that anyone would pay that much for what was essentially the world’s ugliest paper weight was ridiculous. Qiu Lan cleared her throat exaggeratedly before continuing, “Going once, going twice… Alright! Congratulations to Roo…”

“WWWAAAAAAAIIIIITTTTTT! That sword box is mine! I offer 1,600 low-grade spiritual stones!”

The shrill cry from the second floor echoed through the auction hall. Qiu Lan stood dazed for a moment before ecstasy consumed her. There was a snap to her movements as he pointed to the second floor and announced, “The young patriarch of the Yun Clan has entered his bid! Who else would be so generous!”

The young patriarch of the Yun Clan?

Lin Yun could not believe what he was hearing. Somehow that rat had survived!

“Hey, Lin-brat! I hope you enjoyed buying things while you still could! You’re up against Yun Clan money now!” the young patriarch of the Yun Clan shouted across the auction hall, making no effort to hide his hostility.

The tension in the crowd eased. For a moment, people had started worrying if they missed something obvious about the box, but it was clear now what was happening. This was about a grudge, not the box. The young patriarch of the Yun Clan intended to bury his enemy with money.

“3,000 low-grade spiritual stones!” called Lin Yun without missing a beat.

Qiu Lan could not believe what she was hearing.  She turned to a stage hand for confirmation and was met with a nod and a shrug. By dumb luck they had gone from no offers to a bid war. She smiled and said, “The guest in Room 17 offers 3,000 low-grade spiritual stones. Do I have a counter?”

The young patriarch of the Yun Clan’s cheeks burned, “Damn it! He saw through my bluff!”

He gritted his teeth as he stood to reply, but he was stopped immediately by his guards, “Young Patriarch! We were hired by the Violet Ember Sect to bid on the Flaming Blood Bone, remember? We need to conserve spiritual stones or else we risk failing the mission.”

The young patriarch clicked his tongue and dropped back into his seat.

“Do I hear 3,100? 3,100? Are their any bids higher than 3,000 low-grade spiritual stones? Young patriarch of the Yun Clan… done so soon?”

In his room, the young patriarch of the Yun Clan’s face was brilliant scarlet as he sank deeper and deeper into his chair.

“Well then, congratulations to our friend in Room 17! You are now the proud owner of the Ancient Sword Box for only 3,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

Qiu Lan sighed to herself disappointedly.  The idiotic young patriarch had gotten her hopes up but couldn’t last more than a single bid. It was hard not to dream of the profits she could have made if he wasn’t all talk, but she reminded herself that a few moments ago she had been worried about getting a single bid.

About fifteen minutes later, the supervisor and two monstrous men delivered the sword box to Lin Yun’s suite.

“Sir Lin, your sword box has arrived,” the supervisor said with a smile.

Lin Yun nodded as he looked over the sword box and asked, “Can you deduct what I owe you from the profits of the Golden Brute Bull’s horn?”

“Absolutely, sir,” said the supervisor. Seeing Lin Yun was absorbed in his purchase, he turned and led his men out.

The sword box was in rough shape. The wear and tear on it indicated that it was well used prior to being left to the will of the elements for some time. Despite all the damage, the box exuded a serene beauty when observed up close. It was incredibly sturdy and a simple, faded pattern could just barely be made out on its surface. When he opened the sword box, it was just as Qiu Lan had said. The interior of the sword box was piercingly cold. Lin Yun doubted it was ornate originally, but there was no doubt it was incredibly well crafted.

He could see now why the appraisers had priced it the way they had. There was clearly something special about it, even it was just for the oddity. The walls of the box were only a half finger thick, but its weight was immense. This sword box clearly had secrets that had not been known for some time.

 “Not bad!” Lin Yun said with a smile. He was quite pleased with his purchase. The box would undoubtably keep his sword safe and the internal chill would help preserve the floral fragrance by preventing the flowers from withering. Flower Burial was going to need to absorb an abundance of floral fragrance before it could be considered a genuine Profound Artifact and, while he wasn’t in a rush to complete this now, it was still important to make the necessary preparations.

When Lin Yun returned his attention to the auction, he saw that it was close to wrapping up. There was only one thing left to sell, and it just happened to be the reason he was here in the first place.

After getting a nod from the stage manager, Qiu Lan mustered all her remaining pep and announced, “Next will be the grand finale of our auction! It’s what all our friends on the second floor have been waiting for. That’s right, we’re going to auction ten Flaming Blood Bones! As we all know, Flaming Blood Bones are the core materials for the Flaming Blood Armor. Rumor has it that just by wearing the Profound Artifact one can withstand an attack from the Ninth Stage of the Martial Path! Without further ado, let’s start the bidding at 20,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

The first-floor crowd was left speechless. The starting bid for this item was more than any of them would make in their lifetimes. They were about to witness a staggering amount of money change hands.

“25,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

The young patriarch of the Yun Clan was the first bid out the gate. He was eager to leave after his embarrassment earlier and his pent-up angst had given him an itchy trigger finger. He added 5,000 low-grade spiritual stones on top of the starting bid in hopes of ending things quicker.

“30,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

“32,500 low-grade spiritual stones!”

“35,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

“38,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

“40,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

“42,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

“46,500 low-grade spiritual stones!”

“50,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

The other bidders did not seem deterred by his tactic. It was clear he was not the only one sent here as a liaison.  In a blink of an eye, the price of the ten Flaming Blood Bones reached the incomprehensible sum of 50,000 low-grade spiritual stones.

“It’s a battle of the four great clans!”

“They all have a sect backing them. I wonder who will come out on top this time.”

“My money’s on the Yun Clan. I hear they’re backed by the Violet Ember Sect. With how rapidly the Violet Ember Sect has been expanding over the last few years, they’re on track to surpass the Azure Sky Sect soon. There’s no way they let these Flaming Blood Bones go.”

“I don’t know... The other sects aren’t pushovers. They won’t let the Flaming Blood Bones go so easily.”

All the martial practitioners present knew about the Flaming Blood Bones’ worth, and they will definitely fall into one of the four great sects. Hence, it would definitely be fought over by the clans, supported by the respective clans.

As for Lin Yun, he was more than happy to see the four great sects compete.

“51,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

“51,500 low-grade spiritual stones!”

“51,750 low-grade spiritual stones!”

“52,300 low-grade spiritual stones!”


The young patriarch of the Yun Clan leaned out of his booths window as he shouted his final bid. He had grown tired of this game. Thankfully, his tactic worked this time as no other bids followed.

60,000 low-grade spiritual stones was an enormous price to pay even for a sect. It seemed the Violet Ember Sect was determined to get the Flaming Blood Bones even if it meant paying well above market price.

Lin Yun was frozen in his seat. His heart was pounding harder than if he had taken 10 Boiling Blood Pellets. Did he hear that right?

60,000 low-grade spiritual stones?!

Even if he had to give 10% to Boss Tong for commission, he would still be getting over 50,000  low-grade spiritual stones!

A moment later, a knock came at the door to his suite. It was the auction supervisor. He gave Lin Yun now was one of wary reverence as he said, “Sir Lin, just who are you? The only thing anyone seems to know is that you’re the one who entrusted the Flaming Blood Bones to Boss Tong. There’s no need for an answer. Your privacy is important to us. Just know that you’ve caused quite the stir amongst the staff.”

As he spoke, he handed an interspatial pouch over. Inside Lin Yun could see neat stacks of low-grade spiritual stones arranged to make counting easier. Their total came to 54,000 with the remaining 6,000 presumably having already been given to Tong Hu. This was probably the easiest 6,000 low-grade spiritual stones Boss Tong had even made in his life. Lin Yun chuckled as he thought about how happy he must be.

“If the young patriarch of the Yun Clan knew that you were the beneficiary of his money, he would probably have an aneurism,” the supervisor said with an anxious laugh.

That brat’s feelings were the last thing Lin Yun was concerned about. He clapped his hands together, choosing not to indulge the supervisor with gossip, and said, “Thank you for your help today. Goodbye.”

“Take care, Sir Lin!”

The supervisor could not help feeling jealous as he watched Lin Yun leave, “It’s a pity he’s a disciple of the Azure Sky Sect. To have such strength at such a young age, his elders must be pretty powerful within the sect. Even so, he best be on his guard if he wants to make it out of here safely.”

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