Chapter 377 - Final Winner

Lin Yun and Shui Wuhen weren’t shocked by Jing Jue’s appearance. When Jing Jue appeared, they had already noticed him. But they were busy fighting earlier, so they weren’t free to deal with Jing Jue.

Jing Jue was also the reason why the two didn’t draw their swords. But Jing Jue changed his mind when he saw Shui Wuhen get injured. It was just as he said, it was practically impossible to find someone like Lin Yun, who possessed the Dragon-Tiger Fist, the Dracophant Battle Physique, and a powerful sword intent. 

There were countless geniuses over the past centuries, and the Dragon Gate Competition never lacked monstrous geniuses. But there was no one like Lin Yun, who cultivated multiple martial techniques to such a high level.

It didn’t matter if it was the Dragon-Tiger Fist or the Dracophant Battle Physique, possessing one of them could allow one to stand at the top of the empire’s totem pole. But Lin Yun had taken a unique path, training both of them in addition to sword techniques. This made Jing Jue feel fearful of how powerful Lin Yun would become in the future.

He had already gotten an ancient sword saber, so he didn’t have a great desire for the sword. Therefore, he wanted to get rid of Lin Yun on the ninth level and give the sword to Shui Wuhen.

For Shui Wuhen, the suggestion from Jing Jue only benefited him, so he had no reason to refuse. He was already injured and didn’t have a choice but to accept. At this point, it didn’t matter how prideful he was.

“You appeared at a really good time.” Shui Wuhen looked at Jing Jue deeply before he smiled bitterly, “I accept your assistance.”

In the next second, Jing Jue took the initiative to attack. He gathered his origin energy and baleful aura before unleashing a blood saber at Lin Yun.

“I hope that the two of you won’t regret your decision.” Lin Yun was furious. He rarely got furious, but he was truly enraged now. Jing Jue and Shui Wuhen were both existences that rivaled him, but they actually wanted to join hands together to deal with him?

Since that was the case, he couldn’t be blamed for not being lenient. His quasi-xiantian sword intent roared, reeking of blood and violence. Mu Xiuhan had killed many people, but the number of people who died under Lin Yun’s sword wasn’t small either.

“Sword!” Lin Yun held onto the Flower Burial Sword. When he felt a connection with the sword, he poured his origin energy into it and slashed his sword at the incoming saber. The powerful sword instantly tore apart the saber made of origin energy and baleful aura. But that wasn’t all as the remaining sword energy continued to travel towards Jing Jue.

Jing Jue resolved the attack with a palm, but he still took three steps back. His face changed at this attack. Lin Yun was stronger than he had imagined.

“Shui Wuhen, there’s no need to guard against me. If you don’t use your Cloudmist Sword right now, I’m afraid that you won’t have another chance!” Jing Jue yelled at Shui Wuhen indifferently. At the same time, a baleful aura suddenly exploded and formed a sharp saber.

“As you wish. Cloud Rise!” A sword appeared in Shui Wuhen’s hand. When he drew his sword, his sword intent transformed into boundless mist. At the same time, he was divided into four people. Each person then unleashed nine swords. His real attacks were mixed among the illusions.

Simultaneously, his sword aura flowed out endlessly and charged at Lin Yun. This sword had perfectly brought out the profundity of the Cloudmist Sword.

Jing Jue also didn’t hold anything back. When he gathered all of his baleful aura, he drew his saber and unleashed a domineering crimson blade that engulfed Lin Yun.

Not holding anything back, they had unleashed their ultimate moves at Lin Yun. Anyone experiencing this situation would feel despair. But Lin Yun held onto his sword tightly and remained standing. Right at this moment, he only had his sword in his mind. When his quasi-xiantian sword intent reached the pinnacle, Lin Yun drew his sword and unleashed the Aquaselenic Sword. 

The clash between the three attacks caused a series of explosions. It felt as though a storm and tsunami had swept through the place. The intensity of the battle was insane and the clash lasted for fifteen minutes.

Suddenly, Lin Yun’s eyes glowed and he suddenly manifested an ancient armor on his body as he faced Jing Jue’s attack. The attack was terrifying, so the armor was instantly covered in cracks. But the attack failed to injure him. At the same time, Jing Jue was also blown back.

Luminous Moon! Lin Yun took this opportunity and tore through the mist with his sword to force Shui Wuhen out. When Shui Wuhen appeared, Lin Yun’s Luminous Moon was directed at him.

“Damn it!” Shui Wuhen’s face changed. He was caught off guard by this attack and he knew that injury was inevitable. Right now, the only thing he could do was to try to reduce the amount of injuries that he would suffer.

Without hesitation, Shui Wuhen swung his sword forward. But the bright moon wasn’t something that he could easily face without any preparation. Shui Wuhen’s attacks were entirely torn apart and the moon soon enveloped him.

When Jing Jue returned to the ground, he looked at the scene in shock. He was feeling lucky that the attack was directed at Shui Wuhen. He couldn’t imagine what would have happened if he suffered that attack head-on.

After Shui Wuhen came out of the moon, he was covered in blood. Both he and Jing Jue were looking at Lin Yun. They were both shocked by how Lin Yun managed to hold the advantage in a battle against the two of them.

“Myriad Frost!” Not giving them any time to gather themselves, Lin Yun unleashed another ultimate move. Whenever Lin Yun’s sword moved, it was followed by a chilling wind that looked like a flower blooming in winter, representing nobility and frost.

It looked like a casual sword, but it had instantly transformed the surroundings into winter. Everything in the sword’s path was frozen. 

Jing Jue and Shui Wuhen held their weapons in front of them to block this attack. Although they weren’t sealed in ice, they both threw up a mouthful of blood when they came into contact with Lin Yun’s attack.

Lin Yun’s aura was still explosive, just like a volcano. There wasn't any fear or concern in his eyes. Holding onto his sword, Lin Yun dashed forward. His figure was like a torrential wave that made both Shui Wuhen and Jing Jue feel suffocated.

They gnashed their teeth as they tried to block Lin Yun with great difficulty. Their confidence was slowly collapsing.

Without hesitating, Lin Yun had used the Overlord Sword. This sword instantly shattered Shui Wuhen and Jing Jue’s confidence. They were nearly cut into two as all their ribs were broken. Additionally, they had suffered from many internal injuries. They were on the ground, gasping for breath with great difficulty.

But when a jade slip appeared in their hands, they felt a chill run down their spine and a cold gaze was directed at them. They immediately stopped what they were doing.

“You guys can leave, but leave your interspatial pouches behind,” sneered Lin Yun. The two nearly forced him into a dead-end, so how could he possibly let them off so easily?

Shui Wuhen gnashed his teeth and he spoke, “Lin Yun, there’s no need to push it so far. Your senior sister and brother encountered me on the sixth level and I let them off.” As he spoke, he took out a bottle of Coldcloud Pellets from his interspatial pouch. His intention was clear.

“I hope that you aren’t lying to me.” Lin Yun nodded his head after taking the bottle of Coldcloud Pellets.

Shui Wuhen let out a breath of relief and crushed the jade slip. He left the ninth level with regrets.

“You better die in the tenth level!” Jing Jue threw out his interspatial pouch and crushed the jade slip. There was an ancient cosmic artifact saber in his interspatial pouch with value that wasn’t any lower than the ancient cosmic artifact sword. When he threw out his interspatial pouch, Jing Jue felt as though his flesh was being cut. The pain on his face was simply indescribable.

“Don’t worry, I’m definitely going to disappoint you,” said Lin Yun as he took the interspatial pouch.

Simultaneously, two figures appeared on the black lotus array.

“Jing Jue!”

“Shui Wuhen!” The Sevendespair Palace and Demonic Moon Villa’s elders exclaimed loudly. They were all stunned when they saw the injuries on Jing Jue and Shui Wuhen. They waited for a long time, but no one else was transported out.

“Only Lin Yun remains. The Sword Firmament Pavilion actually got to be the last one standing…” There was no question that Lin Yun had defeated them both and became the final winner in the Black Lotus Palace. After all, Shui Wuhen and Jing Jue’s injuries were enough evidence.

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