Chapter 367 - A Swordsman’s Heart

Lin Yun could either watch the Indigo Thunderfiend Dracoape flee or offend people by attacking it. The ability to injure a demonic beast in the Violet Palace Realm spoke of the attacker’s strength. But Lin Yun had always been a decisive person. He raised his hand and unleashed a violet sword ray containing his quasi-xiantian sword intent.

In the end, he still chose to attack. He knew that he wouldn’t get another chance like this, so he had to be decisive if he wanted to obtain a Violet Palace Realm beast core. As for how the Indigo Thunderfiend Dracoape became injured, Lin Yun had some guesses.

When the Indigo Thunderfiend Dracoape flew above the Sword Firmament Pavilion’s group, it was pierced by Lin Yun’s sword and died on the spot.

Others might not be able to kill the Indigo Thunderfiend Dracoape with one sword, but Lin Yun grasped the quasi-xiantian sword intent, cultivated an ancient cultivation technique, and had the Iris Sword Sutra.

The Indigo Thunderfiend Dracoape exploded and revealed a seven petal Demonlotus Core. The Demonlotus Core was shrouded in a boundless ferocious aura and covered in violet lightning flickers that the sky to rumble.

Lin Yun waved his hand and retrieved the Demonlotus Core. Right at this moment, three people charged over and witnessed this scene. They were dumbfounded. But when they recovered, they looked at Lin Yun with a murderous aura.

Lin Yun also raised his head and observed the three newcomers. The group was made up of the Bloodbone Sect’s Mu Xiuhan, the Demonflame Sect’s Bai Yue, and the Demonic Moon Villa’s core disciple Shui Wuhen. Disregarding Mu Xiuhan’s achievements in the previous Dragon Gate Competition, he was acknowledged as the strongest by some people because he had killed everyone that he ran into in the Demonlotus Realm.

Bai Yue was ranked tenth in the previous Dragon Gate Competition. He wasn’t as bloodthirsty as Mu Xiuhan, but anyone could tell with a glance that he wasn’t someone you could try to communicate with. On the other hand, Shui Wuhen was more low-profile. But even so, he was still a core disciple of the Demonic Moon Villa.

All three of them wielded cosmic artifacts and each of them had some injuries on their bodies. This verified Lin Yun’s speculations. They must’ve used the demonized cosmic artifacts to gang on the Indigo Thunderfiend Dracoape along with other disciples. They were probably here for the beast core, but Lin Yun already took it.

The core disciples of the other sects also appeared, which made the Sword Firmament Pavilion’s disciples nervous. Mu Xiuhan was infamous for his notoriety, not to mention that he was together with Bai Yue and Shui Wuhen. But since they already took the beast core, they couldn't give it away.

“Interesting.” Mu Xiuhan was rather surprised that Lin Yun didn’t hand over the beast core after seeing him. He sneered, “Someone actually dares to snatch something of mine? The Demonlotus Realm is getting more and more interesting. Hand it over if you don’t want to suffer any more pain. Otherwise, I’ll make you regret your decision.”

“Regret?” Lin Yun continued, “I never regret any decision I make. I won’t hand over the beast core that has already fallen in my hand. I wouldn’t hand it over even if you weren’t injured. Attack me if you have the guts, but you need to think carefully about the consequences.”

The faces of the various sects’ core disciples changed when they heard Lin Yun’s words. Mu Xiuhan was publicly acknowledged as the strongest in the Demonlotus Realm since countless disciples died in his hands.

Even those who were slightly weaker than him didn’t dare to act hostile with him. Not only did Lin Yun snatch the beast core, but he even threatened Mu Xiuhan. All of them felt that Lin Yun was too arrogant.

“No one has dared to act so arrogant in front of me. Who the hell do you think you are? Do you think that you’re one of the eight titles? Die!” Mu Xiuhan roared with laughter. The cosmic artifact in his hand, the Nine-Section Whip, crackled and lashed down at Lin Yun.

The noise produced by the whip tearing apart the wind was deafening and many people considered Lin Yun to be dead.

“Do you think that you’re the only one with a cosmic artifact?” Lin Yun sneered and tapped his interspatial pouch. He retrieved an ancient spear and charged at Mu Xiuhan.

Their clash produced a huge commotion. They were both evenly matched and they both retreated after the attack. This made Mu Xiuhan shocked as he stared at Lin Yun’s spear. The spear had caught him by surprise.

“Mu Xiuhan, I give up on the beast core. You can have it,” smiled Shui Wuhen with a sly light flickering in his eyes.

He could tell that Lin Yun didn’t use his spear much, but they had already used their cosmic artifacts several times in the fight with the Indigo Thunderfiend Dracoape. Their cosmic artifacts were on the verge of shattering. This was the reason why Shui Wuhen ultimately decided to back out of this matter.

The Indigo Thunderfiend Dracoape was already dead, so there were no more obstructions to the Black Lotus Palace. There was no need for him to waste any more time in this matter.

Mu Xiuhan cursed inwardly. He naturally knew what was going through Shui Wuhen’s mind. He turned to look at Bai Yue, “Fight.”

“I have the same thoughts as well.” Bai Yue grinned as killing intent was reflected on his face.

“Stop him!” Chen Xuanjun and Xin Yan naturally wouldn’t just watch the two ganging up on Lin Yun. The other disciples of the Sword Firmament Pavilion also drew their swords and dashed forward to stop Bai Yue.

“The garbage of the Sword Firmament Pavilion are rather united. I’ll slay this brat first before helping you to clean up,” frowned Mu Xiuhan. When his origin aura fluctuated, there was a trace of demonic miasma in it.

But Lin Yun had nothing to fear with his quasi-xiantian sword intent. With the quasi-xiantian sword intent, none of the baleful aura could get close to him.

In the next second, the two of them continued their clash on the Black Lotus Lake. They both wielded a cosmic artifact. Lin Yun didn’t dare to hold back and executed the Aquaselenic Sword with the spear as a replacement for his sword.

His cultivation might be one stage lower, but Lin Yun managed to stand his ground because of the quasi-xiantian sword intent. He was patiently waiting for an opportunity. The opportunity could appear at any time, so he was patiently waiting to unleash his strongest attack. After more than a dozen exchanges later, the cosmic artifact in Mu Xiuhan’s hand crumbled into pieces.

“Damn it!” Mu Xiuhan had disappointment in his eyes when he saw the cosmic artifact crumbling. He never expected that he would fail to kill Lin Yun before his cosmic artifact broke. He now had no choice but to retreat.

But once he decided to retreat, a cold light flickered in Lin Yun’s eyes. At the same time, a threat loomed over Mu Xiuhan’s heart.

Lin Yun had been waiting for this opportunity, so how could he allow Mu Xiuhan to escape? He barked, “Die!”

Using his spear as a replacement for his sword, Lin Yun charged forward with the spear aimed at Mu Xiuhan’s chest. Blood splattered when the spear came into contact with Mu Xiuhan’s chest, but Mu Xiuhan managed to protect his vital spots before the attack reached him.

Lin Yun wasn’t surprised by this and stabbed with the spear once more, striking Mu Xiuhan’s wrist to prevent him from drawing his weapon.

In the end, Mu Xiuhan took five spears from Lin Yun and was sent flying away after the last strike. Mu Xiuhan’s face turned pale. He never felt fear in his life, but his eyes were reflected with fear right at this moment. He knew that he had underestimated Lin Yun.

He shouldn’t have chosen to fight Lin Yun while he was injured. Lin Yun intended to kill him right from the beginning. This was the reason why Lin Yun quickly followed up with so many attacks the moment his cosmic artifact broke.

When the spear fell, Mu Xiuhan was sent into the lake.

“Mu Xiuhan!” Bai Yue was shocked by this scene. He didn’t dare to think about it too much and quickly retreated, fleeing towards the Black Lotus Palace without turning back.

Lin Yun stood on the surface of the lake and frowned his eyebrows.

“Junior Brother, you defeated Mu Xiuhan?” Chen Xuanjun was pleasantly surprised.

“He ran on purpose. I didn’t really defeat him. I wanted to kill him, but he managed to flee…” Lin Yun shook his head with disappointment.

Chen Xuanjun was shocked by Lin Yun’s words. He never expected that Lin Yun wanted to kill Mu Xiuhan. If he ran into Mu Xiuhan, he wouldn’t think of killing the latter. Instead, he would think about how he could escape. This also spoke about the gap between him and Lin Yun.

Lin Yun didn’t want to let Mu Xiuhan off, but he never expected that Mu Xiuhan would manage to escape from his pursuit even under these circumstances. Lin Yun also didn’t dare to chase after Mu Xiuhan into the lake.

However, it wouldn’t be great if he ran into Mu Xiuhan again after the latter recovered from his injuries. Knowing this, Lin Yun wasn’t too bothered by it. It didn’t matter since he needed powerful enemies on the path of cultivation. After all, how could he improve without any pressure? This was his motto as a swordsman.

How could he face the eight titles if he couldn’t even get through Mu Xiuhan?

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