Chapter 340 - A Cup of Wine

The bald-headed elder from the Heavenly Profound Sect was dumbfounded as he looked lost in his seat. They had long forgotten about the sword intent last night due to the intensity of the sparring today.

But everyone looked at Lin Yun, who was surrounded by hundreds of swords plunged into the ground. The swords looked like servants bowing down to him. At the same time, this scene proved what happened last night was real.

“Damn it. Why is it him? How is this possible?!” Yuwen Bo’s face was dark. He was talking about how he wanted to crush the Sword Firmament Pavilion beneath his foot, but in the blink of an eye, Lin Yun stunned everyone with his skill.

Furthermore, he was even winning in the fight against Zuo Yun and Yue Qing. This would further boost the Sword Firmament Pavilion’s reputation. After today, the name of Lin Yun would surely spread throughout the Great Qin Empire and be known by everyone. On the other hand, the Primal Origin Sect had completely lost the battle.

When Luo Feng recovered from the shock, he rejoiced, “He really hid it well from me. If I had known that he had comprehended the xiantian sword intent, would I have been worried about the banquet?”

Xin Yan smiled, “Hehe, you wouldn’t have believed it anyways even if junior brother told you about it. It looks like our junior brother is becoming more powerful.”

“That’s true.” Luo Feng smiled bitterly when he thought of how he grumbled at Lin Yun for picking the Aquaselenic Sword.

Tang Tong smiled bitterly, “It wouldn’t hurt if there was nothing to compare. We both practiced the Aquaselenic Sword, but why is mine so insignificant compared to junior brother?”

He still remembered when he was in the Martial Hall with Lin Yun, helping the latter pick a sword technique. Back then, he even advised Lin Yun against choosing the Aquaselenic Sword. He never imagined that the Aquaselenic Sword would be so powerful in Lin Yun’s hands.

Everyone from the Sword Firmament Pavilion was rejoicing. As for the disciples and elders from the other sects, their faces were unsightly.

“It might not be genuine xiantian sword intent, but Lin Yun is still so young. In just three years, he might grasp it fully.”

“He’s simply a monster. I’m afraid that no one can stop his rise after today.”

“Bai Yu, Cao Jie, and now Zuo Yun and Yue Qing have been defeated by his sword. God knows how happy the Sword Firmament Pavilion will be.” Everyone sighed as they looked at Lin Yun with admiration, respect, and jealousy.

Liu Yue’s face was dark. She didn’t want to say a word right now. She had a headache as she looked at Lin Yun with helplessness in her eyes. This was probably the most helpless matter in the world. She had tried everything she could to take revenge against Lin Yun, but not only did she fail, she even had to watch him rise. Was Lin Yun the nemesis of her life?

Ever since Liu Yue met Lin Yun, she felt that she was being obstructed in everything she did.

“The Sword Firmament Pavilion’s Lin Yun wins!” announced the Bloomphoenix Princess.

Yue Qing’s face was unsightly as he returned to his seat wielding his spear. Zuo Yun wiped the trace of blood from his lips and cupped his hands together, “The Sword Firmament Pavilion’s sword technique is truly formidable. No wonder it’s a sect known for the best sword techniques in the world.”

“You also held back your strength,” replied Lin Yun. He could sense that Zuo Yun had his reservations in the fight. Zuo Yun probably couldn’t reconcile the thought of ganging up on Lin Yun with Yue Qing.

“A loss is a loss. I’ll come back when there’s an opportunity in the future,” smiled Zuo Yun. He cupped his hands and bade Lin Yun farewell.

Lin Yun looked at swords plunged into the ground and fell into deep thought. As he released his sword intent, he circulated the Iris Sword Sutra and waved his hand when the Iris Flower bloomed, “Rise!”

The swords rose up from the ground with a buzz and started dancing in the sky.

“Fall!” Putting his two fingers together, Lin Yun swiped his fingers in the air. The swords followed his command and flew back into their own sheaths.

However, the owners of the swords didn’t look happy at all. On the contrary, they all wore an awkward expression on their faces. They were swordsmen, so it was humiliating that they couldn’t guard their own swords.

Lin Yun returned to his seat once he was done with everything. At this moment, the look that everyone had for him was very different from before. The control Lin Yun had over his sword intent was more terrifying than anyone had imagined.

“Hold on.” A voice sounded out just as Lin Yun left. When everyone followed the source of the voice, they saw a youth sitting down, fanning himself. It was the Demonic Moon Villa’s Situ Yi.

His actions surprised everyone. Situ Yi built his fame a long time ago, so he was known by everyone in the Great Qin Empire for his talent. After all, he represented one of the most talented geniuses in the Great Qin Empire along with Bai Lixuan.

But Bai Lixuan had been in seclusion for the past year, while Situ Yi’s strength steadily increased. Although he rarely did anything nowadays, he still had astonishing achievements under his belt.

Many people guessed that he already had the strength to make it into the second sequence and that he might be able to compete with the eight titles in the Dragon Gate Competition. So if there was anyone who could suppress Lin Yun in the same generation, it would be Situ Yi.

Situ Yi smiled, “Don’t misunderstand me. I have no intention of fighting. After all, it’s not my style to take advantage of you. However, it’s rare for me to encounter an acquaintance. I just want to give you a toast.”

Situ Yi and Lin Yun know each other? Everyone was shocked. This was a piece of great news. After all, Lin Yun rarely interacted with anyone in the Sword Firmament Pavilion.

Speaking of which, it had been some time since they were first acquainted. Lin Yun raised his head, “I’m surprised that you still remember me. I’ll receive your cup of wine.”

If it wasn’t for Situ Yi, he wouldn’t have had to jump into the Yin Wind Stream, nearly dying in the process. But Lin Yun did not hate Situ Yi for it. After all, it was all because he tried to save Yue Weiwei. If he was going to hate someone, it would be Bai Lixuan.

It was Bai Lixuan who wounded the Dragon Blooded Horse, which resulted in Lil’ Red being captured and placed in the auction. Lin Yun swore back then that he would repay the three palms that Bai Lixuan gave Lil’ Red.

“Great!” Situ Yi waved the fan in his hand. He picked up a cup of wine and smiled, “But I rarely give a toast to anyone. So it’ll be your fault if the wine spills.”

Situ Yi pushed the cup of wine forward. The cup shot towards Lin Yun. The wine in the cup was emitting a bright glow. This made Xin Yan and everyone else take a deep breath. How is this a toast to someone? It’s more like Situ Yi is trying to kill Lin Yun.

The cup flew too quickly and it flew over to Lin Yun before he had any time to prepare. Executing the Seven Profound Steps, Lin Yun spread his arms apart and took nine steps backwards, leaving an afterimage with every step.

His movement technique was impressive, which stunned many people. It looked like Lin Yun was going to spill the cup and embarrass himself. It would be a pity if Lin Yun failed to receive it. No one was looking down on Lin Yun, but the cup came too abruptly. At the very least, the cup was too fast for some of them to follow with their naked eyes.

But no one had expected that after Lin Yun took nine steps back, he suddenly took another nine steps forward. This time, he was one-fold faster than when he retreated. Every single step he took would weaken the power behind the cup. After the nine afterimages overlapped, Lin Yun grabbed onto the cup.

“How fast!” The spectators were shocked. Some of them didn’t even notice that Lin Yun even moved.

Lin Yun gulped down the cup of wine and raised his head, “Good wine! Let me return this cup back to you.”

Compared to Situ Yi who launched the cup domineeringly, Lin Yun returned the cup silently with only a flash. Situ Yi didn’t even get up on his feet and grabbed onto the cup. But the smile on Situ Yi’s face changed when he grabbed onto the cup. 

It felt as if the entire world had slowed down. In the next second, the silent hall was enveloped by an unknown dominance. When the cup finally stopped suppressing the environment, it broke and ruffled Situ Yi’s hair.

Along with a violent gale, the hall trembled. Aside from the utensils on Situ Yi’s table, the utensils on everyone else's table broke and shattered.

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