Chapter 339 - Sword and Moons

The Seventh Stage of the Profound Martial Realm? Everyone looked at this scene with disbelief. After all, Lin Yun was still in the sixth stage a moment ago, but he made a breakthrough in the blink of an eye. Then again, although it might be rare to make a breakthrough in battle, it didn’t mean that it wasn’t possible.

Even the princess was shocked when she saw how easily Lin Yun made a breakthrough. Even Yue Qing, who felt humiliated, was speechless. Not only them, but even Luo Feng also had no idea what was going on. The sect gave Lin Yun quite a bit of resources, which included 6,000 second grade spiritual jades. But it was outrageous to think that Lin Yun made another breakthrough in just a few days.

Only Xin Yan wore a faint smile on her face when she saw this scene. She had already noticed the remnant Dragonflame Fruit in Lin Yun’s body. It was just that Lin Yun had been suppressing it this whole time. But he lost control of it during his battle with Cao Jie and it just so happened that Zuo Yun and Yue Qing also challenged him. This was the reason why Lin Yun gave up suppressing the Dragonflame Fruit within his body.

After reaching the seventh stage, Lin Yun stood calmly at the center of the hall. The remnant energy from the Overlord Sword emitted out from him and no one dared to look down on him at this moment. His words shocked everyone, but they now realized that the arrogance of this youth they had been mocking exceeded everyone else. 

He didn’t show it because he couldn’t be bothered with them. But if you thought that he was a pushover based on that, then you could look at Bai Yu and Cao Jie for clarity.

“The Sword Firmament Pavilion gave birth to another monster!”

“But is he really going to face them both? Isn’t that a little too much?”

“I don’t think so. After all, he managed to defeat Cao Jie despite his cultivation being two stages lower. I believe that he has the qualification to face the two of them. But winning the fight is another matter. After all, we all witnessed Zuo Yun’s strength earlier.”

“No matter what, the banquet has become rather exciting.” Excitement was plastered on everyone’s face once they had recovered from their shock. They had no idea what kind of strength Lin Yun would display after reaching the seventh stage.

They were filled with anticipation when they saw Zuo Yun step forward. After all, Zuo Yun had only revealed the tip of the iceberg when he defeated Lin Lan. On the other hand, Yue Qing was supposed to be Mountwall’s successor, so the crowd was curious about his strength.

“Do I have the qualifications now?” Lin Yun asked while looking at Yue Qing.

“Zuo Yun, Yue Qing, I permit this spar if neither of you have any objections,” said Bloomphoenix Princess with an ethereal voice.

“I don’t object,” said Zuo Yun after briefly pondering. His eyes blazed with a fighting spirit. With a smile on his face, Zuo Yun continued, “But Lin Yun, don’t misunderstand me. I won’t hold back since I’ve agreed to the fight.”

He was wondering what sort of trump card gave Lin Yun such confidence. He had a premonition that it wasn’t because of the breakthrough that Lin Yun just made. This made him even more curious and filled with anticipation.

“Me too,” replied Lin Yun.

“Don’t blame us since you’re courting death. Just don’t end up crying later!” Yue Qing retrieved a silver spear from his interspatial pouch that reeked of blood, which made the audience frown their brows. It seemed like the rumors were true in that the Divine Guards nurtured their geniuses in the battlefield.

“Let the spar begin then,” said Bloomphoenix Princess.

Zuo Yun drew his saber and his saber intent soared into the sky. Yue Qing also snorted and his wrist trembled, unleashing a peculiar crimson light that swept out as a powerful storm. The jab of his spear resembled a warrior riding a warhorse that was filled with bravery and didn’t fear death.

The two brought out their best attacks right from the beginning. Anyone could tell that they had trained for a long time. Otherwise, there was no way they would seem so experienced at their young age.

“Come!” Lin Yun gently tapped his foot on the ground and jumped backwards. He threw out his punches to defend himself against the attacks that he couldn’t dodge.

Yue Qing and Zuo Yun also unleashed their full attacks. After ten moves, the attacks from the two left everyone shocked. They were formidable opponents on their own, not to mention that the two of them had joined hands.

However, Lin Yun faced their attacks calmly with the Seven Profound Steps. Whenever he couldn’t avoid the attack, he would face their attacks with his physical body while protecting his vital points.

“My turn now,” said Lin Yun. He had been gauging their strength in the fight and he was now clear about the weaknesses in their attacks.

“What a joke. Do you even have the opportunity to retaliate?” Yue Qing sneered. In his view, Lin Yun would’ve already retaliated if he could. So Yue Qing felt that Lin Yun was bluffing for show.

“Take another spear of mine!” barked Yue Qing. The silver spear in his hand glowed with a crimson light. It was like a sea of blood from a mountain of corpses. The timid would be terrified to death if they faced this sword.

Zuo Yun also swung out his saber. The saber glowed with a blue light that contained a chilling aura. The light was blinding, covering the ground with a layer of ice.

Lin Yun didn’t avoid their attacks and his aura suddenly became sharper. He was like a wave as he emitted ripples. At this moment, he had turned into a lake that reflected the white clouds like a mirror.

When Lin Yun drew his sword, crimson petals danced around him like a dreamy illusion. Facing the two attacks, Lin Yun stabbed his sword forward like a petal falling into the lake as ripples spread out in the surroundings.

With a sword that seemed boundless like the lake, Lin Yun faced the spear and sword head-on. Zuo Yun and Yue Qing were both stunned when their attacks clashed. It felt as though their attacks had sunk into the ocean.

“Retreat!” The two changed their faces and they quickly retreated. When the mist dissipated, Lin Yun’s figure was revealed. Lin Yun did not pursue them after he pushed the two of them back.

Lin Yun suddenly swung his sword. His sword flashed like a bright ray that was accompanied by a torriential wave. It might seem as though he was just swinging his sword casually, but it had exhausted one-fifth of his origin energy.

Zuo Yun and Yue Qing’s expressions froze. The ground was enveloped by a cold brilliance and they had no way to dodge this attack. After reaching the seventh stage, the Aquaselenic Sword seemed even more effortless when Lin Yun used it. He could now use the attacks that required a large amount of his origin energy in an instant.

“That’s weird. Isn’t this the sword technique the other disciple from the Sword Firmament Pavilion used previously? What is it called again?”

“The Aquaselenic Sword!”

“That’s right! But why does it seem so ordinary when used by that disciple, and yet so terrifying when Lin Yun uses it?”

Lin Yun shocked everyone the moment he made his move. He kept swinging his sword at his opponents, which caused the two to panic when facing his attacks. Paying no attention to his surroundings, Lin Yun swung his sword out again. The surroundings instantly looked like a forest of peach blossoms as petals rained down.

The fluctuation in Lin Yun’s attacks made Zuo Yun and Yue Qing’s faces look unsightly. Just when the two broke free from Lin Yun’s attacks, they were enveloped by another storm of swords. But that wasn’t all because Lin Yun’s sword was coming for them again.

It didn’t matter if he used scattered sword rays or drifting mist, all of these were poured into his sword. Then, the Flower Burial Sword started to buzz as Lin Yun charged at Zuo Yun and Yue Qing, destroying everything that stood in his way.

His sword was like a reflection of the moon in the lake as he gathered the three previous attacks together. The sword clashed with the spear and saber. The two took several steps back with grave expressions. They were bleeding from their palms and the shockwave from the attack covered their bodies in wounds.

Zuo Yun and Yue Qing exchanged a glance. Both of them knew that they couldn’t carry on like this any longer. They knew that they wouldn’t be able to unleash their prowess if they allowed Lin Yun to carry on with his sword technique. In the end, they would just be hacked to death.

But Lin Yun didn’t give them the chance to retaliate. Before they could even attack, a sudden phenomenon occurred with the sky turning dark.

What was going on? Before the two of them could recover from their shock, Lin Yun had already accumulated his sword intent. Suddenly, there seemed to be two moons in the world, one in the sky and the other reflected in the water.

The night was no longer dark when the moon broke apart the clouds. A boundless and pure sword intent exploded from Lin Yun’s body. Before any of the disciples who wielded swords could respond, their swords flew out from their scabbards and flew into the sky, resonating with Lin Yun’s sword.

Zuo Yun and Yue Qing both took the attack and fell onto the ground, clutching their chests as they threw up mouthfuls of blood. When they raised their heads, they looked at Lin Yun in shock as they saw Lin Yun sheathing his sword. The hundreds of swords in the surroundings looked as if they had sworn allegiance to him.

“Xiantian sword intent!”

“So it was him last night!”

The faces of the elders from the various sects changed. They stood up and stared at Lin Yun as their eyeballs nearly fell out of their sockets. After all, the trace of sword intent last night had imprinted shock in their hearts. However, they never would have expected that the sword intent came from Lin Yun.

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