Chapter 338 - Total Defeat

Cao Jie’s palm was shrouded in demonic aura and the gale created by his attack made it difficult for the audience to open their eyes. No one could imagine what would happen if that palm landed on someone’s head.

Even the four experts in the third sequence would have to avoid this attack. But everyone was shocked when they saw Lin Yun remained where he was. When the palm was about to land, Lin Yun suddenly clenched his fist together and threw out a punch.

“You’re courting death!” Cao Jie revealed a sinister laughter. When the palm and fist collided, it caused an invisible shockwave in the air that left cracks on the ground.

But the scene that everyone expected to occur didn’t occur. Lin Yun’s body emitted a purple glow as dracophant energy spread around his body, forming a layer around his body. At this moment, he looked like an ancient war cauldron with a dracophant engraving, making him stand out even more.

Lin Yun and Cao Jie both took three steps back. At this moment, Lin Yun was like a beast that was filled with dracophant energy.

Shock briefly flashed in Cao Jie’s eyes before he spoke out in disdain, “You dare bring out a half-baked Dracophant Battle Physique before me? You must be courting death!”

A crimson ray flashed and Cao Jie swung his fists down at Lin Yun, which Lin Yun faced head-on. As he executed the Seven Profound Steps, Lin Yun also threw out his own punches. In the blink of an eye, the two had exchanged over fifty moves. They were both evenly matched. This scene surprised everyone because it seemed unbelievable for Lin Yun to take Cao Jie’s demonic beast cultivation technique head-on.

“The Dracophant Battle Physique!” Wen Yanbo’s face was dark because Lin Yun was using the body-refining martial technique unique to their sect. Furthermore, Lin Yun’s Dracophant Battle Physique was better than many of their disciples.

The face of the Heavenly Profound Sect’s bald-headed elder also looked ugly because Lin Yun’s punches were accompanied by the manifestation of a tiger and a dragon. It was clearly the Dragon-Tiger Fist that belonged to their sect.

Lin Yun was using the Dracophant Battle Physique, Dragon-Tiger Fist, and Seven Profound Steps. These were techniques from three different sects. Relying on the three martial techniques, Lin Yun was evenly matched with Cao Jie, who was two stages above him.

After a hundred moves later, the two figures separated. Lin Yun raised his brow, “The demonic beast body-refining technique isn’t as powerful as I imagined it would be.”

Before anyone could process what Lin Yun said, they saw him taking a step forward, leaving nine afterimages in the air. Each afterimage threw out a punch with the true strength of a cauldron since it was accompanied by saintly music.

When Lin Yun’s nine punches overlapped together, the ancient saintly music echoed in the hall like a war song. At the same time, a dracophant war cauldron also manifested in Lin Yun’s fist.

The two attacks clashed and Cao Jie took several steps back with shock in his eyes. He was shocked by the strength behind Lin Yun’s punch.

The Primal Origin Sect’s Yuwen Bo’s face changed and he exclaimed, “The fourth stage in the Dracophant Battle Physique?!”

After reaching the fourth stage in the Dracophant Battle Physique, one’s body would be filled with dracophant energy and their bodies wouldn’t need to fear cosmic artifacts. Judging from the power behind Lin Yun’s punch, he had clearly reached the fourth stage.

Normal viewers could only sense Lin Yun’s torrential energy, but the Primal Origin Sect’s disciples could see the truth and they were shocked. There weren’t many in the Primal Origin Sect who could bring the Dracophant Battle Physique to the fourth stage. In fact, there were less than ten of them. So they couldn’t imagine how Lin Yun managed to cultivate it to this level by solely relying on his comprehension.

“Again!” Lin Yun spread his arms apart and soared into the sky before punching downwards. His punch was like a cauldron that hammered down at Cao Jie. Being forced to constantly retreat, Cao Jie’s body started to be covered in wounds.

“Get lost!” Cao Jie no longer held back and gathered all his origin energy to throw a punch. “Fiendape Dragon Manifestation!”

When the surrounding spiritual energy gathered into Cao Jie’s arm, he threw a punch out. The punch not only contained spiritual energy from the surrounding that was being suppressed, but it also contained his own origin energy.

“You’re finally bringing out your strongest attack?” Lin Yun flashed and he appeared a few dozen meters away.

Cao Jie laughed. He soared into the sky and his punches rained down on Lin Yun. Each of his punches contained energy that he condensed. Cao Jie was bringing out the advantage he had in his cultivation. For a time, the pressure suffocated the audience.

“Holy crap! This must be his true strength! Lin Yun might have had a chance if he was also in the eighth stage, but he’s clearly being suppressed right now.”

“This is the first time I’m seeing such a domineering fist technique.”

“I wonder how many punches Lin Yun can take. After all, dodging isn’t the solution.”

Xin Yan and everyone else from the Sword Firmament Pavilion were worried for Lin Yun.

“Let’s see how you dodge this! Bloodthirst Fiendape!” Cao Jie was starting to get annoyed by the Seven Profound Steps and finally revealed his trump card. His bones started to crackle and he underwent another state of being demonized. Now, he truly looked like a genuine fiendape.

Cao Jie opened his mouth and revealed his fangs. His aura had reached the pinnacle and the entire hall began to tremble. His demonic aura was domineering, which instantly devoured Lin Yun. Cao Jie sneered and threw another punch at Lin Yun.

Not bad. Cao Jie was the only opponent that brought him the most pressure through fist techniques so far. But how can a firefly compete with the moon in radiance? 

Sword! Lin Yun grabbed onto the Flower Burial Sword and a domineering aura exploded out from him. The spiritual energy that was suppressed in the surroundings suddenly broke free and started pouring into his body. Just when Cao Jie’s punch was about to reach him, a surge of sword intent suddenly rose from Lin Yun’s body.

The Flower Burial Sword buzzed. Enveloped by countless crimson petals around him, Lin Yun swung his sword out. No one could describe how powerful this sword was. At this moment, Lin Yun was like a dazzling sun when he swung his sword out.

Before this domineering sword, the domineering aura of Cao Jie was simply a joke. The sword drew a deep and long gash on Cao Jie’s chest. When he dropped onto the ground, he was returned to his human form and blood flowed out of his wounds.

Everyone in the surrounding looked at this scene silently. Countless people still had the domineering sword imprinted in their mind. After all, it didn’t seem like a sword that a disciple in the Profound Martial Realm could execute.

“That’s the Overlord Sword!” Yuwen Bo said with his teeth gnashed and eyes wide open.

“The Overlord Sword? Isn’t that the forbidden technique that the Sword Firmament Pavilion once used to sweep through the Great Qin Empire? I heard that no one in the last century managed to learn it!”

“That’s indeed the Overlord Sword. Lin Yun once used it in the Alliance-Union Battle to become the champion.”

“It’s more powerful now that he reached the pinnacle sixth stage of the Profound Martial Realm.”

“Cao Jie has overestimated himself. He gave up on defence with his last punch. Otherwise, he might have had a chance to draw things out.” Everyone looked at Lin Yun with complicated gazes.

“How can this be…” Cao Jie looked at Lin Yun. Cao Jie was in the eighth stage and had a demonic beast cultivation technique. Yet he couldn’t beat Lin Yun?

On the other hand, Lin Yun’s face was pale. He had used up too much origin energy in this battle and lost control of his origin energy temporarily. There were signs that he had been trying not to lose control at the very end.

The remnant energy from the Dragonflame Fruit also started to stir in his body. After he cast a glance at Cao Jie, Lin Yun no longer paid any attention to this person. Since the beginning, Lin Yun had no regard for this person. Cao Jie really thought that Lin Yun was courting death by accepting his challenge, but he never thought that confidence was the reason why Lin Yun accepted the challenge.

“Lin Yun, do you dare to fight me?” Zuo Yun’s eyes were filled with fighting spirit. At this moment, he finally couldn’t hold back anymore and jumped up. But since he stood up, he naturally intended to give Lin Yun some time to rest. Otherwise, his win would be pointless.

However, a figure also dashed out from the Divine Guards at the same time as Zuo Yun. When he landed on the ground, he looked at Lin Yun, “I am the Divine Guards’ Yue Qing. I would like to challenge you.”

This was the first time that two people had challenged the same person.

“Interesting… Zuo Yun, why don’t we fight and the loser will have to step down?” Yue Qing looked at Zuo Yun.

Zuo Yun began to hesitate. He knew Lin Yun, so he was looking forward to fighting Lin Yun in this banquet. But if he fought Yue Qing beforehand, he would have to reveal his trump cards.

“No need. The both of you can come together,” said Lin Yun.

Yue Qing’s eyes instantly turned dark when he heard that. He roared, “Lin Yun, I admit that you’re strong. But do you have to be so arrogant?”

“Arrogant? You’re so certain that I don’t have the capital to be arrogant?” Lin Yun sheathed his sword. The remnant energy from the Dragonflame Fruit converged within his body. Under everyone’s gaze, Lin Yun’s hair fluttered as he made a breakthrough in his cultivation, going from the pinnacle sixth stage to the seventh stage.

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