Chapter 337 - Death

“What powerful saber intent!”

“What speed! I can’t even see what’s going on!”

Lin Lan was shocked. He only saw a flicker when Zuo Yun drew his sword and then his opponent disappeared. When he recovered from his shock, he immediately raised his spear to defend himself. That’s when a saber gleam flashed before him.

The cold gleam flashed endlessly at Lin Lan. The audience could only hear the saber slicing through the air, they couldn’t find Zuo Yun anywhere. In Zuo Yun’s hands, the Coldlake Saber was executed to perfection. With the saber intent empowering Zuo Yun’s attack, Lin Lan couldn’t even defend himself.

Lin Lan couldn’t even bring out the true power of his spear. All he could do was defend himself. After ten moves, Zuo Yun sheathed his saber and returned to his seat. He placed his saber on the table and picked up a cup of wine while he looked at Lin Lan. Under everyone’s shock, cold gleams burst out from Lin Lan’s body as he threw up ten mouthfuls of blood.

“Lin Lan lost!”

“Lin Lan is an elite from the Heavenly Qin Institute, not to mention that he’s also a descendant of the Lin Clan. But he actually lost so quickly!”

“They’re not even on the same level.” A discussion rang out from the surrounding. Many people were shaking their heads with disdain in their eyes.

Although Zuo Yun was the reason why Lin Lan lost so quickly, Lin Lan was also a little too weak. The Primal Origin Sect’s Wen Yanbo revealed a smug look. What Zuo Yun did brought glory to the Primal Origin Sect’s reputation.

In his view, the graceful battle was much better than Lin Yun’s battle. The Heavenly Qin Institute’s Cao Jie sneered at the fact that Lin Lan was a piece of garbage. He couldn’t even take an attack.

No wonder Lin Lan was instigating him to make a move at Lin Yun. So it turns out that Lin Lan was just a piece of garbage. But that didn’t matter because no one could stop him from entering the Lin Clan, not even Lin Yun.

Just a moment ago, when Lin Yun defeated Bai Yu, he noticed that Lin Yan’s gaze was fixated on Lin Yun. Lin Lan might be a piece of garbage, but what he said was also true. Lin Yun might not have any interest in Lin Yan, but what if Lin Yan stuck to him?

A trace of killing intent soared in Cao Jie’s heart. He rose up from his seat and he spoke, “I’m impressed that there are so many geniuses in this banquet, especially Brother Lin Yun and his sword technique. I wonder if you’re willing to spar with me?”

Luo Feng frowned his eyebrows when he heard that. Even Xin Yan and everyone else was surprised. Cao Jie was famous in the third sequence and he wasn’t any weaker than Xin Yan. He had already reached the eighth stage of the Profound Martial Realm six months ago.

Logically speaking, his target should be someone like Xin Yan. After all, it was inappropriate for someone like him to go after Lin Yun, whose cultivation was two stages lower than him.

“What’s wrong with Cao Jie.” Tang Tong was confused by Cao Jie’s action.

Wang Zheng looked in the Heavenly Qin Institute’s direction and said,” It must be due to that lass Lin Yan. I heard that the Lin Clan has intentions of bringing Cao Jie into their clan, so they’re preparing for an engagement.”

Xin Yan narrowed her eyes into slits. She smiled, “Hehe, our junior brother’s charm is impressive. Do you need me to teach this Cao Jie a lesson?”

“No need.” Lin Yun turned to look at Cao Jie. “You want a fight? I’ll give you a fight.”

Lin Yun leaped in the air and landed at the center of the hall. His action made Xin Yan and everyone else’s face change. They never expected that Lin Yun would agree to fight. Cao Jie was two stages above him, so he was in a disadvantageous position for this battle. Even Wang Zheng and the others were prepared to help him face Cao Jie.

Luo Feng locked his brows together and he commented, “Lin Yun is too impulsive.”

“That might not be true,” said Xin Yan with interest in her eyes. “Lin Yun never does anything that he’s not confident in. Since he agreed to this battle, then he must be confident in winning. Cao Jie wanted to intimidate Lin Yun, but it’s a pity that he chose the wrong opponent.”

Xin Yan didn’t say anything else. Only she knew that Lin Yun refined the Dragonflame Fruit. Lin Yun’s cultivation might be in the pinnacle sixth stage, but the quality of his origin energy wasn’t any weaker than those in the eighth stage.

The elders of the various sects were stunned when they saw Lin Yun accepting the challenge. Clearly, this had also exceeded their expectations.

The Divine Guards’ Yue Qing sneered, “This brat might seem amicable, but I never expect him to be so arrogant deep in his bones. He clearly knows that this is a trap, but he still dares to jump into it.”

Liu Yue didn’t reply to Yue Qing. She had complicated feelings right now. She understood someone like Lin Yun. Lin Yun might seem to have a reserved personality, but he wasn’t someone to mess with when he was furious. After all, he even killed Wang Ning right in front of Bai Ting. “If he knew how to advance or retreat, he would've done that with me back in the Herbal Peak.”

Rage was burning in her heart whenever she thought about what happened back then.

Cao Jie sneered when he saw Lin Yun accepting his challenge. Did Lin Yun really think that he could defeat him despite the drastic difference in their cultivation? Or did Lin Yun think that he, Cao Jie, was also a piece of garbage like Lin Lan?

He was looking forward to seeing the surprise on Lin Yun’s face when he revealed his true strength. The two of them faced each other with sparks flying from their attacks.

“Brother Lin, we might be sparring, but I’ve always been a serious person. I won’t hold back against you. Please let me know beforehand if you can’t face my attacks,” smiled Cao Jie. The depths of his eyes flashed with killing intent. He was finding an excuse for himself in case he killed Lin Yun later. At that time, not even the Sword Firmament Pavilion could do anything about him.

Looking at Cao Jie, Lin Yun replied, “Go ahead. You might not be able to defeat me if you don’t bring out your true strength.”

“What arrogance!” Cao Jie laughed. The depth of his eyes glowed with disdain and he said, “You only defeated Bai Yu. Where the hell did you get your confidence from?!”

Cao Jie’s body suddenly grew in size and his clothes tore apart, revealing his crimson muscles covered in black markings. He also had similar black markings on his face, which made him seem ugly. At the same time, he also started to emit a demonic aura from his body.

“Demonic beast?”

“So it turns out that Cao Jie had a fortunate encounter and obtained a demonic beast cultivation technique. I’m afraid that this isn’t any weaker than the Dracophant Battle Physique.”

“No wonder the Lin Clan would pay attention to someone like him. Just the demonic beast cultivation technique is enough for them to recruit him into their clan by marriage.”

Cao Jie looked at Lin Yun with crimson eyes, “Lin Yun, there’s still enough time for you to beg. Otherwise, don’t blame me for what’s going to happen. I have no control over the Fiendape Battle Physique. I can only apologize to the Sword Firmament Pavilion if anything happens to you.”

“Cao Jie, don’t take it too far. This is just a spar. Don’t blame me for being impolite if you kill Lin Yun,” snorted Luo Feng.

“Tsk tsk, how are you going to be ‘impolite?’” Wen Yanbo sneered. “Old geezer, he already gave a disclaimer beforehand. You can only blame your disciple for being too confident about himself.”

“That’s right! Lin Yun was so impressive when he crippled that disciple, not to mention that Cao Jie has already given his disclaimer. So why are you threatening a junior here?” said the bald-headed elder from the Heavenly Profound Sect. He could sense the killing intent in Cao Jie’s eyes.

He knew that Cao Jie clearly wanted to kill Lin Yun, so he naturally needed an excuse for it. He was just helping Cao Jie to find an excuse.

“Hehe, it’s just a sword slave. He had already kneeled once, so what’s wrong if he kneels down again?” Wen Yanbo smiled. The two elders’ words made the atmosphere turn weird. All the elders present suddenly felt a chill down their spines. They could feel that the two elders were trying to set a death trap for Lin Yun.

Suddenly, the situation became awkward in that Lin Yun could only get out of this sparring match if he got down on his knees. This was equivalent to forcing Lin Yun into a dead-end. The audience from the other sects all wore a playful expression. None of them spoke out for the Sword Firmament Pavilion.

After all, a monster like Lin Yun wasn’t good news to any of them. So they were more than happy to see Lin Yun die.

“How noisy!” Bloomphoenix Princess spoke out, “Lin Yun, no one will stop you if you leave now. Get down on your knees? You don’t even need to kneel before me, not to mention Cao Jie. Is someone here saying that Cao Jie has a higher position than me?”

The princess’ voice contained a wisp of rage, which silenced the two elders from the Heavenly Profound Sect and Primal Origin Sect. Wen Yanbo glanced at the princess and his thoughts wandered. It seemed like the princess was interested in this lad. No one here could force him with the princess’ protection.

“Thank you for your goodwill, Your Highness.” Lin Yun’s brows jumped. “But I never mentioned anything about kneeling. Furthermore, I won’t be interested in this fight if Cao Jie doesn’t bring out his true power.”

His words shocked the crowd. No one thought that Lin Yun still dared to fight Cao Jie after he revealed his demonic beast cultivation technique. This made the two elders, who were disappointed, become excited.

“Then you can’t blame anyone for what’s going to happen next. Since you’re courting death, don’t blame me for being impolite!” Cao Jie laughed, which made his already ugly face look even more distorted.

Fearing that there might be a change in the situation, Cao Jie took a step forward and threw a palm out at Lin Yun. When he stretched his hand out, his arm started to expand and reached the size of a fiendape’s arm. This made Lin Yun’s figure seem tiny in comparison.

Everyone took in a cold breath when they saw this scene. They could imagine that palm crushing someone into meat paste. What awaited Lin Yun was death.

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