Chapter 336 - Challenging Zuo Yun

The bald-headed elder’s confidence left everyone shocked. Could it be that Han Lan had a trump card?

Han Lan threw out a series of ten punches, each filled with astonishing might. It was as if he was the manifestation of a Vajra. But it was a pity that all his attacks were blocked by Xin Jue.

As lightning rumbled, Xin Jue’s attacks started getting faster and faster. His attacks were like bolts of lightning and the terrifying turbulence caused by their attacks left everyone shocked.

Han Lan’s figure flashed and he stood firmly on the ground. He spoke out coldly, “You’re worthy of me getting serious now.”

“Is that so? Then you better get serious then. After all, you might lose your life from my next attack if you’re not serious.” Xin Jue’s eyes flashed. He took a step forward as his entire figure was enveloped by purple lightning. His sword aura crackled as he was basked in lightning. When he flicked his wrist, he unleashed a blinding sword gleam that shocked everyone.

The purple lightning shot out, tearing apart the resisting air in its path and suppressing Han Lan. In that instant, everything within the purple lightning’s path was consumed, only leaving behind a void.

“What a powerful sword technique!”

“It seems like he’s reaching complete mastery in the Thunderclap Sword. It’s truly worthy of being a transcendent spiritual sword technique.”

“This attack seems to be even more powerful than those executed by Violet Palace Realm elders.”

There was an exclamation coming from the surrounding. Lin Yun knew that the Aquaselenic Sword wasn’t inferior to the Thunderclap Sword, but he didn’t have enough energy to support an attack of this scale. Lin Yun rejoiced that he didn’t pick the Thunderclap Sword because he made the better choice for his situation.

“What a pitiful trick,” said Han Lan while he started gathering his origin energy. When the sword gleam was about to reach him, he slowly lowered his center of gravity and threw a punch out. When his fist collided with the bolt of lightning, the force between the collision actually caused cracks to appear in the air.

But the sword still descended ruthlessly at Han Lan. This made Han Lan’s face turn dark as he roared, “Falling Demon’s Rage!”

A huge rumble echoed from within his body and his buddhist aura suddenly erupted like a volcano. Under his buddhist aura, the descending sword aura shattered. But Xin Jue’s sword had also forced Han Lan to use his trump card.

“Blazing Buddhism Aura?” Lin Yun was shocked by Han Lan. The Heavenly Profound Sect truly had a deep foundation to be so powerful. So it turns out that they had many secret techniques aside from the Dragon-Tiger Fist.

“I was planning to use this during the Dragon Gate Competition. But you can be proud to force me to use it.” Han Lan’s aura surged as he threw out a barrage of punches at Xin Jue.

Wielding into his sword, Xin Jue didn’t take a step back and swung his sword out like bolts of lightning.

“Falling Demon Slash! Xin Jue, go down!” Han Lan roared and stomped his foot on the ground. He leaped into the air and the buddhist aura around his fist manifested into a dorje. The dorje was shrouded in buddhism scripture.

Han Lan was confident about this punch. He once used this technique to push back an elder in the Violet Palace Realm back in the sect.

“How naive!” Xin Jue snorted at the attack. The lightning around him suddenly converged and formed into a dragon.

“Firmament Tribulation, Manifesting Dragon!” The lightning dragon instantly grew in size and coiled around Xin Jue. The dragon looked so vivid that it was even covered in scales.

“This is the power that’s comparable to the eight titles? How terrifying!”

“Xin Jue and Han Lan are already so powerful. Just how powerful are the eight titles?!”

“They’re too strong. No wonder people on their level usually won’t fight on the princess’ birthday. Only the Dragon Gate Competition is a stage befitting them.” The two phenomena caused by the two attacks left all the disciples shocked. It was unimaginable how they managed to execute such an attack while only being in the tenth stage of the Profound Martial Realm.

Everyone’s gaze was fixed on the stage, hoping to see an outcome from the fight. They were anxious to know who the last one standing was. Even the stage trembled from their attacks. Cracks started to spread out on the stage and just when the stage was about to split into two, Han Lan roared, “Falling Demon Claw!”

Han Lan cursed inwardly. He changed his fist to a claw and grabbed at the lightning dragon’s neck, which made the lightning dragon wail out in pain.

“Break!” Han Lan’s claw crushed the lightning dragon.

“So what if you managed to break it? Even a remnant of the attack is more than enough to deal with you!” Xin Jue stabbed his sword out.

Han Lan was struck and threw up a mouthful of blood. He was blown away while Xin Jue merely took three steps back and sheathed his sword. Looking at Han Lan coldly, Xin Jue spoke up, “You lost!”

Han Lan’s face was pale. He wanted to fight again, but the lingering sword aura and lightning in his chest made his body stiffen up.

“Han Lan, come back.” The bald-headed elder’s face was unsightly. He called Han Lan back before he snorted coldly, “So what if you win now? Say something after you win in the Dragon Gate Competition!”

Xin Jue’s eyes glowed as he declared with pride, “We’ll wait and see then. But Han Lan won’t be my opponent anymore. My opponents will be your sect’s Trueorigin and Drifting Goblet!”

His words instantly caused a commotion in the surrounding.

“Can it be that Xin Jue wasn’t fighting at full strength?”

“That’s highly possible. He must’ve practiced secret techniques given his position in the Sword Firmament Pavilion. But he has only been using the Thunderclap Sword, while Han Lan was forced to reveal his trump cards.”

“It looks like you can’t underestimate the Sword Firmament Pavilion. They have Xin Jue for this Dragon Gate Competition and Lin Yun for three years later.”

Luo Feng’s face was filled with smiles because Lin Yun and Xin Jue took back all the face they lost previously.

“The Sword Firmament Pavilion’s Xin Jue wins,” announced the princess.

The battle was too intense and the tense atmosphere was still lingering in the hall after the battle ended. Right at this moment, a figure flew out from his seat and landed on the stage with a spear.

This person looked familiar to Lin Yun. When he tried to recall him, he remembered that this person was Lin Lan of the Lin Clan. Lin Yun had defeated him once in Bai Qiushui’s escort mission. The two had an enmity previously, but by this point, Lin Yun had already forgotten about it. 

Lin Lan’s appearance confused Cao Jie. Didn’t Lin Lan want him to make a move against Lin Yun? Then again, he didn’t have the guts to do that.

“Zuo Yun of the Primal Origin Sect, do you dare to fight me?” Lin Lan’s gaze fell onto Zuo Yun. He knew that he couldn’t defeat Lin Yun after witnessing the previous fight and Situ Yi also wasn’t an easy opponent. So he decided to pick a pushover like Zuo Yun instead.

Lin Lan’s action surprised Lin Yun. He thought that Lin Lan was going to issue him a challenge, but Lin Lan went for Zuo Yun instead. This made the banquet even more interesting because it was an opportunity for him to gauge Zuo Yun’s strength.

Without any expression on his face, Zuo Yun replied, “You really know how to pick your opponent.”

“Cut the crap and answer my challenge. Let me experience your Dracophant Battle Physique!”

His spear technique was overbearing and paired well with the Lin Clan’s cultivation technique. It could enable him to fight for a long period of time. This was why he was confident in dealing with Zuo Yun’s Dracophant Battle Physique. The Primal Origin Sect was also one of the four prestigious clans, so defeating Zuo Yun could spread his fame throughout the Great Qin Empire.

“I’m afraid that you’ll be disappointed. After all, I won’t give you a chance to attack!” Zuo Yun descended on the stage and drew his saber. His saber intent soared into the sky like a dragon, making everyone’s eyes light up.

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