Chapter 335 - Xin Jue Fights

Everything had happened too quickly. Just a moment ago, everyone was worrying for Lin Yun. But in the blink of an eye, they saw Lin Yun punch a hole in Bai Yu’s chest, causing him to fly away. Lin Yun’s fist had penetrated through Bai Yu’s body and everyone in the surroundings could even see his internal organs.

“Junior Brother!” The bald-headed elder and Han Lan from the Heavenly Profound Sect exclaimed with their worried faces. They immediately dashed towards Bai Yu to check on his injuries.

“What a terrifying attack. Didn’t that look like the Primal Origin Sect’s Dracophant Battle Physique?”

“Yeah, he really was using dracophant energy. Furthermore, it seems even stronger than Chan Yan’s…”

“Bai Yu really deserved that. He wouldn’t be in this state if he didn’t try to sneak an attack on Lin Yun.”

“I bet he’s crippled even if his life is saved. Lin Yun’s attack was too ruthless. If Lin Yun hadn’t avoided the heart on purpose, Bai Yu would be dead right now.”

“This child is truly formidable. Not only does he wield a powerful sword technique, but he even practiced the Primal Origin Sect’s Dracophant Battle Physique. A sword slave actually crushed a genius from the Heavenly Profound Sect completely…” Everyone looked at Lin Yun with a complicated gaze when they recovered from their shock.

All of them sighed when they recalled what Bai Yu said when he challenged Lin Yun. Bai Yu ended up becoming a laughingstock while Lin Yun asserted his dominance. Lin Yun was right, Bai Yu couldn’t even be considered third-rate. Everyone wondered what the Heavenly Profound Sect’s elder would think after seeing this situation.

On the Sword Firmament Pavilion’s side, Luo Feng finally smiled. He was gratified. Bai Yu might not be comparable to the four experts from the third sequence, but he was still a monster that the Heavenly Profound Sect had nurtured. So Lin Yun had done the Sword Firmament Pavilion proud by winning so easily.

At the Divine Guards’ location, Liu Yue and Yue Qing were both shocked. They didn’t expect Bai Yu to lose, and to lose so badly at that.

“Bai Yu was so arrogant a little while ago, and here I thought he was at least somewhat capable. So it turns out that he was just a piece of garbage,” commented Yue Qing with a cold face. “Miss, please be patient. Later on, I’ll act personally to teach Lin Yun a lesson.”

“I’m not anxious. Let him jump around for a little while longer. The higher he jumps, the more satisfying it will be when he’s dragged down,” smiled Liu Yue as she gritted her teeth.

The bald-headed elder and Han Lan’s faces both looked ugly. Lin Yun was too ruthless. He might not have killed Bai Yu, but that punch crushed Bai Yu’s internal organs. There was even a cold energy in Bai Yu’s body that destroyed his meridians. There was no way Bai Yu could continue to cultivate without special herbs. This was equivalent to being crippled.

“Damn it! Sword slave! How dare you cripple my junior brother. You must be tired of living!” Han Lan’s anger exploded. Before he even finished speaking, he clenched his fists together and threw a punch at Lin Yun.

His punch was quick and ruthless, which caused a violent tremor in the hall that forced Lin Yun to take a few steps back from the momentum alone. Han Lan was in the second sequence and had a cultivation in the tenth stage of the Profound Martial Realm.

But Lin Yun wasn’t a pushover and used his movement technique. The Golden Crow Seal flashed behind him and he dodged the punch with a blur. He had dodged the attack beautifully, which made many people in the hall exclaim with praise in their hearts.

Before Han Lan could follow up his attack, a figure flew out and stood before Lin Yun. That person stretched his hand out and easily crushed Han Lan’s attack. That person was Xin Jue. As a Heaven Ranking’s disciple, there was no way he could sit still and watch Lin Yun get injured.

With an indifferent expression, Xin Jue sneered, “Han Lan, you’re a core disciple in the Heavenly Profound Sect. Yet, you actually dare to attack my junior brother? Is the Heavenly Profound Sect full of shameless people like you? Come at me if you want a fight.”

“Who the hell do you think you are?! Get lost! I’ll take that brat’s life today!” The bald-headed elder’s face turned black when he heard Xin Jue’s insults. Bai Yu was his favourite disciple and he had high hopes for him. He was still looking forward to how Bai Yu would dominate the Dragon Gate Competition three years from now.

Bringing Bai Yu to the banquet was supposed to widen his horizon and to act as a stepping stone. But the elder never expected that Bai Yu would be crippled by Lin Yun. So one could understand the rage he was feeling right now.

“That’s enough.” The princess’ cold voice echoed along with a cold pressure. When the pressure descended, it made everyone feel a chill down their spines. Bloomphoenix Princess looked at the bald-headed man coldly and questioned, “The Heavenly Profound Sect can’t afford a loss? Your disciple was despicable to launch a sneak attack and failed. Yet, as an elder, you want to kill a junior in front of my eyes?”

Everyone laughed when they heard that. The Heavenly Profound Sect was known as the strongest sect in the Great Qin Empire, so they had been acting arrogantly. But now, they lost the fight and embarrassed themselves. This would be a topic for people to laugh at for a while.

The bald-headed elder gnashed his teeth and replied, “Your Highness is right. I was too irrational.” He then carried Bai Yu and left.

“Junior Brother, let us go.” Xin Jue also brought Lin Yun down from the stage.

“Xin Jue, stay where you are. Everyone has been saying that you have the closest strength to the eight titles among the second sequence, but it’s complete bullshit to me. Do you dare to fight me?” Han Lan looked at Xin Jue’s back coldly. His voice wasn’t loud, but his words caused a commotion in the surrounding.

Usually on the princess’ birthday banquet, only disciples in the third sequence would fight. After all, someone like Han Lan and Xin Jue had no need to make use of this event to increase their fame. After reaching their level, it was rare for them to fight unless they had enmity like the Primal Origin Sect and Sword Firmament Pavilion. Their stage was the Dragon Gate Competition, not the princess’ birthday banquet.

“Interesting… I never thought that Bai Yu being crippled could ignite a fight between two experts from the second sequence.”

“And here I thought that we would have to wait to see the fight between Xin Jue and the Primal Origin Sect’s Zhou Qin. I never expected that Han Lan would stand out instead.”

“They’re both in the second sequence. So who knows who will be the victor.” Everyone discussed among themselves with expectations flashing in their eyes. After all, the two were in the tenth stage of the Profound Martial Realm. Their battle would definitely be more exciting than Xin Yan’s fight.

Living up to everyone’s expectations, Xin Jue turned around and said, “I’ll play with you if you want a fight. You’ll find out if it’s bullshit or not.”

Lin Yun had already returned to his seat and his eyes flickered when he saw this scene. Was Xin Jue finally going to fight? He knew how powerful Xin Jue was and he knew the huge gap between them. So watching their fight was beneficial to him.

He turned to look at Xin Yan, but he didn’t see any concern on her face. This meant that she was confident in Xin Jue.

“Junior Brother, you were so powerful earlier,” smiled Xin Yan when she noticed Lin Yun’s gaze. “You don’t have to worry about my big brother. Defeating Han Lan won’t be difficult. After all, he’ll be taking first in the Dragon Gate Competition this year.”

Xin Yan’s eyes flashed with confidence when she mentioned the Dragon Gate Competition.

“Let’s see how much power you can bring out from me!” Han Lan roared. His body shined with golden brilliance that was accompanied by a buddhist aura. It made him look like a Vajra that came out of a painting. When he threw a punch, his aura burst forward along with buddhist aura and violent rage.

“Demon Falling Fist?” asked Xin Jue. “You really think highly of me. But don’t bother embarrassing yourself before me.”

A purple radiance shined from Xin Jue’s body, along with the crackling of lightning that echoed from his back. When he drew his sword, his figure suddenly became blurred. He was replaced by a dazzling bolt of lightning that shot out.

“The Thunderclap Sword!” Lin Yun’s eyes lit up. He instantly recognized it as one of the seven transcendent spiritual sword techniques in the Sword Firmament Pavilion. The power of this sword technique wasn’t any inferior to the Aquaselenic Sword. But Lin Yun didn’t choose it because it didn’t pair well with the Iris Sword Sutra’s ice attribute.

It was a powerful sword technique since it was a transcendent spiritual martial technique. But the power behind the sword heavily depended on its user. It was just like how Lin Yun and Tang Tong both practiced the same sword technique but the power was different.

Origin energy fluctuated and the bolt of lightning clashed with the golden buddhist aura. Every clash from them caused a jolt in the crowd’s heart. The disciples got nervous as they watched the battle. After all, this was a fight between two people in the tenth stage of the Profound Martial Realm.

Everyone from the Heavenly Profound Sect wore a grave expression. This was a battle that they couldn’t afford to lose. Bai Yu had already lost to Lin Yun, which struck a heavy blow to their sect’s reputation. So it would be embarrassing if they lost this battle.

The bald-headed elder looked at Bai Yu. With a grave expression, he said with unquestionable confidence, “Don’t worry about it. Han Lan won’t lose!”

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