Chapter 334 - Rumbling Lightning

Bai Yu’s voice instantly caused the entire hall to fall into silence. All the disciples had shock on their faces when they heard that. They were still discussing Lin Yun’s former identity as a sword slave privately. They’ve never said it blatantly, but Bai Yu just called him a sword slave.

Right now, Bai Yu didn’t have the composure of a prestigious sect’s disciple at all. Even Drifting Goblet who was seated behind the princess frowned his brows unhappily. He naturally knew why Bai Yu did that.

It was all because of what the princess said. Because Lin Yun’s cultivation was lower, he had the right not to accept the challenge. This was the reason why Bai Yu tried to provoke Lin Yun into accepting the challenge.

“This young man looks decent, so I never expected that he would be so dirty in his heart. He’s not giving Lin Yun any chance to reject.”

“He’s already forced to this extent. He’ll have to go up even if he knows that he will lose.”

“I heard that Lin Yun’s Dragon-Tiger Fist is extremely powerful, but many Heavenly Profound Sect’s disciples are unconvinced by the rumors. Bai Yu’s actions must be supported by the Heavenly Profound Sect’s elders.”

“That makes sense. The Heavenly Profound Sect must be unhappy that their unique martial technique was practiced by an outsider. They must be here to teach Lin Yun a lesson.”

“It looks like Bai Yu is pretty confident.”

Everyone turned to look at Lin Yun to see how he would respond. Liu Yue snickered with Yue Qing as she looked at Lin Yun. Lin Yun rang the Phoenix Plum and then won the Alliance-Union Battle. At this point, many people had heard of him.

But no one seemed optimistic about him in this battle. Lin Yun didn’t say a word and walked to the center of the hall with his sword box.

“At least you know what shame is. Unfortunately, you’re going to lose in this battle. You were destined to bear all of this ever since you cultivated the Dragon-Tiger Fist.” Bai Yu raised his head with pride. He was a genius in the Heavenly Profound Sect who was about the same age as Lin Yun. This was the reason why he was so competitive. When he received the orders from the elder last night to challenge Lin Yun, he didn’t have any hesitation.

“Don’t try and test my patience. You’ll regret it,” said Lin Yun.

“Do you think your half-baked Dragon-Tiger Fist can compete with mine? Haha, you have no idea how terrifying the orthodox Dragon-Tiger Fist!” Bai Yu sneered at Lin Yun.

“I don’t need the Dragon-Tiger Fist to beat you,” responded Lin Yun.

“Haha. Then you won’t even have the slightest chance of defeating me. Are you perhaps thinking of using your third-rated sword technique to defeat the Dragon-Tiger Fist? Why don’t you weigh your capabilities before doing that?” Bai Yu was speaking with confidence.

The Heavenly Profound Sect’s elder and disciples all smiled as they nodded their heads. The Dragon-Tiger Fist was famous throughout the Great Qin Empire. Naturally, the sword techniques of the Sword Firmament Pavilion couldn’t compare to it.

The Heavenly Profound Sect’s Wang Han sneered, “Alright. Junior Brother Bai, stop wasting time with him and defeat him in three moves.”

Three moves? Everyone was shocked when they heard that. After all, Lin Yun was still a genius in the Sword Firmament Pavilion. His cultivation might be weaker than Bai Yu, but he was still the champion of the Alliance-Union Battle.

Wasn’t it a little too arrogant to talk about defeating Lin Yun in three moves? It looks like Bai Yu was prepared for this battle. After all, no matter how they looked at it, they couldn’t think of how Bai Yu’s advantage in his cultivation could enable him to defeat Lin Yun in three moves.

A dragon and a tiger’s roar echoed from Bai Yu’s body all of a sudden. Bai Yu stomped on the ground, causing cracks on the tiles before he dashed over like an arrow. As his hair and clothes flutter in the wind, he snorted, “The first move!”

Everyone was shocked when Bai Yu made his first move.

“What powerful aura!”

“He doesn’t seem to be in the seventh stage of the Profound Martial Realm at all. It looks like he came prepared.”

“How frightening. No wonder Wang Han told him to defeat Lin Yun in three moves. Just this punch alone could face disciples in the eighth stage. I don’t think he’ll even need three moves at all.”

Bai Yu’s attack was powerful, which explained why he was so arrogant. Bai Yu truly had the qualification to be arrogant. After he took ten steps forward, a dragon and a tiger manifested and soared into the sky.

“The Dragon-Tiger Steps?” Lin Yun didn’t dodge this attack. On the contrary, his aura became even more refined and fluctuated from him in the form of ripples.

Lin Yun summoned the Flower Burial Sword from the sword box and executed Formless Water before Bai Yu’s punch reached him. At this moment, Lin Yun’s aura seemed illusory like formless water.

The punch brushed past Lin Yun. But when Lin Yun retaliated by stabbing his sword forward, it instantly caused a huge commotion like an enormous wave.

Bai Yu was shocked. He never expected that Lin Yun’s attack would be so bizarre. He clearly felt that his punch was about to make a contact earlier, but Lin Yun had dodged it so easily. It seemed as though Lin Yun remained where he was and dodged his attack. But the attack from Lin Yun was shocking after being empowered by his sword intent.

“Hidden Dragon, Crouching Tiger!” Bai Yu faced the attack in time with his left hand manifesting into a dragon mountain on his left and a tiger mountain on his right. Facing the sword stabbing at him, Bai Yu suddenly slammed his fists together.

The commotion that was created felt like two actual mountains were colliding together. The mountains fused and formed the Dragon-Tiger Mountain. This move was famed for its defense, so it managed to block Lin Yun’s attack.

“Demon Vanquishing Seal!” Bai Yu gritted his teeth and formed seals with his hands. He suddenly emitted a bright golden glow which formed into a revolving ‘卍’ Buddhist symbol behind him.

Lin Yun naturally knew how terrifying this move’s defence was since he had also practiced in the Dragon-Tiger Fist, not to mention that it was empowered by the Demon Vanquishing Seal. He didn’t choose to face it head on and spread his arms apart to soar into the sky. At the same time, the torrential sword aura retracted at will and suddenly became weak.

Bai Yu wanted to end the battle quickly when he executed the Hidden Dragon, Crouching Tiger and Demon Vanquishing Seal. But it felt as though his attacks landed into cotton. He couldn’t exert his strength no matter what. And as time slowly passed, it had already been ten attacks. It made the previous claim of defeating Lin Yun in three moves a joke.

Everyone from the Heavenly Profound Sect became nervous as they looked at this battle. They only hoped that Bai Yu could end the fight quickly. The Dragon-Tiger Fist had reached the height of artistic level when Bai Yu performed it. His every move was shocking.

But his attack failed to land on Lin Yun. No matter what he did, he couldn’t catch Lin Yun. Damn it! This damned sword slave only knows how to dodge!

Bai Yu had already lost his composure, so he didn’t notice the sword intent pouring into his body slowly. Even his powerful defence was ineffective against it. No matter how he attacked, his opponent would only run. But was Lin Yun really only running?

Lin Yun’s sword intent was slowly penetrating Bai Yu’s body like small creeks. After about ten more clashes, the sword intent in Bai Yu’s body suddenly converged together. By the time Bai Yu noticed it, it was too late.

Lin Yun gently landed on the ground and sheathed his sword. As he sheathed his sword, he spoke out, “You lost.”

Bai Yu’s face changed and he threw up a mouthful of blood. Bai Yu’s face was terrifyingly pale, and he asked, “What sword technique is this?”

“It’s just some third-rate sword technique, but it’s more than enough to deal with you. After all, you’re not even third-rate,” said Lin Yun as he turned around. He didn’t even spare a glance for Bai Yu.

It was a resounding slap to his face and Bai Yu could feel his face burning. He previously mocked the Sword Firmament Pavilion’s sword technique for being third-rate, yet those words were returned to him after he lost. There was nothing more embarrassing than this.

The Heavenly Profound Sect’s elder and disciples' faces were unsightly. They could no longer smile. Even Wang Han, who told Bai Yu to defeat Lin Yun in three moves, looked unsightly.

Xin Yan supported her chin with her right hand and looked at Lin Yun with an arc on her lips.

“You’re courting death!” Bai Yu finally lost it. He could no longer restrain his anger anymore and forgot that he was the one who started it when he called Lin Yun a sword slave.

Exclamations sounded out from the surroundings as Bai Yu soared into the sky and threw a punch at the back of Lin Yun’s head. This punch was heavy because Bai Yu didn’t hold back. No one could imagine what would happen if it hit.

But Lin Yun’s figure suddenly flashed. He turned around with a flash of killing intent in his eyes. The dracophant energy spread out on his body and he threw a punch out accompanied by saintly music. When Bai Yu’s fist was only half an inch away from Lin Yun’s head, he could no longer take another step forth because he was punched in the chest.

Lin Yun’s fist slowly sank into Bai Yu’s chest until it pierced through Bai Yu’s chest.

“I warned you not to test my patience. I told you that you would regret it.”

Bai Yu flew out like a sandbag before he collapsed onto the ground. The entire hall was silent when they saw this scene. Everyone could feel rumbling lightning roaring in their hearts. They were dumbfounded by what just happened. No one had expected this outcome.

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