Chapter 333 - Fight Me

Tang Tong was defeated in barely ten moves. No one heard of Chen Yan’s name prior to this, but now they knew why he was so confident to take the lead. He was even challenging Xin Yan right now. If Xin Yan refused to come out, then it would strike a deadly blow to the Sword Firmament Pavilion’s reputation.

If one of the four experts in the third sequence was forced to fight by a nobody, it would prove that the Sword Firmament Pavilion had no one else capable. But if they refused, Chen Yan’s fame would soar and the Sword Firmament Pavilion’s prestige would be crushed.

The Primal Origin Sect’s Wen Yanbo revealed a gratified smile. He never expected that Chen Yan, whom he had never placed any importance on, would give him such a surprise.

“As you wish!” Xin Yan soared into the sky from her seat.

When Chen Yan looked at Xin Yan’s voluptuous figure from ten steps away. He licked his lips at her. God knows how many men had dreamed of pressing her beneath them. But it was a pity that all of them died under her sword. This was how Xin Yan got her nickname, Bloody Rose.

“Xin Yan is fighting!”

“I never expected that the Sword Firmament Pavilion would actually be forced to this state by a nobody. How pitiful…”

“Let’s just enjoy the fight. No matter what, Xin Yan’s strength is publicly acknowledged.”

Xin Yan’s fame wasn’t just restricted to the Sword Firmament Pavilion, but she was famous throughout the entire Great Qin Empire. So she instantly became the center of attention when she made her appearance.

“I’ve long admired you. It’s my honor that I can fight you today. My trip won’t be in vain even if I lost. But if I manage to win, then I’ll be fulfilling a wish of mine,” smiled Chen Yan with a pair of blazing eyes. He first praised Xin Yan saying that it wasn’t embarrassing for him to lose. But then, he mentioned that if he won, Xin Yan would be a stepping stone for his fame to grow to new heights.

“Cut the crap. Let’s start the fight,” barked Xin Yan coldly with her brows knitted.

“Alrighty. Please go easy on me!” Chen Yan chuckled as the dracophant energy spread throughout his body. When his origin energy and physical strength fused, he threw out a punch. Fire blazed on him, which formed cloud of flames. When he threw his punch out, he actually looked like an ancient Dragonhorse with a terrifying aura emitted from him.

“Holy!” Everyone in the surroundings took in a cold breath as shock was written on their faces. Chen Yan said to go easy on him, but he instantly threw out his strongest attack. He clearly did not want to give Xin Yan any time and wanted to disrupt Xin Yan’s rhythm.

Everyone thought about it and found Chen Yan to be smart. His fighting experience was naturally inferior to Xin Yan’s, so he could only make use of his own advantage to try and win the fight.

However, Xin Yan’s gaze remained indifferent as a surge of cold aura surged from her body. In the blink of an eye, she swung out three swords paired with a cold bloodflame that blazed on her sword.

Before Chen Yan’s punch could even get close to Xin Yan, he was already covered in wounds. His punch might seem powerful in the eyes of others, but it was nothing to Xin Yan.

“Damn it!” Although Chen Yan never expected that he could disrupt Xin Yan’s rhythm with one punch, he never expected that his attack would be filled with so many flaws in Xin Yan’s eyes. But this was what made the battle even more interesting.

A cold smirk rose on Chen Yan’s lips and he took a step forth to charge at Xin Yan from a tricky angle. When he dashed forward, his bones crackled and his aura surged even higher. His dracophant energy and origin energy converged together to leave behind an afterimage in the air. Anyone could imagine that Xin Yan wouldn’t be in a good state if she took this punch even with her cultivation.

But Xin Yan was faster than him. In just half a breath’s time, Xin Yan had already adjusted herself and stabbed her sword forward. When the sword and fist collided together, Chen Yan issued out a groan and was pushed back.

A similar scene had just happened previously, when Chen Yan defeated Tang Tong. Xin Yan’s sword might seem innate and weaker than Chen Yan’s punch, but only Chen Yan knew how powerful it was after colliding with it.

Chen Yan couldn’t describe the shock in his heart. He had defeated many enemies with a higher cultivation based on the Dracophant Battle Physique in the past.

When a crimson brilliance shone on Xin Yan, Chen Yan’s face sank. He no longer had a smile on his face and threw his punches out frantically. But he would take a step back every time he threw a punch forth.

Lin Yun looked at this scene and fell into deep thought. So this is the Bloodflame Sword? The reason why he didn’t pick this sword technique was due to the fact that the killing intent contained in this technique was too heavy and it was easy for him to run amok. But he now realized that despite the flaws, this sword technique was truly terrifying. Even the Dracophant Battle Physique was nothing compared to it.

“You want to defeat me? It won’t be that simple!” Chen Yan finally unleashed his trump card. Flames blazed on his body and he was covered in flames. It was like a heatwave that was being released into the surroundings.

“Dracophant Flame!” Chen Yan threw his punches out, which contained the momentum of volcano eruptions. This scene had shocked Lin Yun because he didn’t know that the dracophant energy could be ignited. It looked like the Dracophant Battle Physique he had wasn’t the complete copy or else there would be another secret technique about it in the Primal Origin Sect.

“This Chen Yan is truly terrifying. He even managed to learn the Dracophant Battle Physique’s secret technique, the Dracophant Flame. Although he only reached lesser mastery in it, he still made a decent accomplishment.” Wen Yanbo revealed a smile when he saw this scene.

It didn’t matter if Chen Yan could defeat Xin Yan. He would be the winner no matter what, not to mention that Yuwen Bo and Zuo Yun still hadn’t made their moves.

After Chen Yan executed the secret technique, Xin Yan’s sword was somewhat suppressed. This made Tang Tong and the others looked worried because Chen Yan’s strength had exceeded their expectations.

“There’s no need for you guys to be worried. This secret technique is terrifying, but he won’t be able to last long with it. He’ll reach his limit in another ten moves,” said Lin Yun. After all, he had also learned the Dracophant Battle Physique.

“What is a sword slave like you talking about?” Many people were unhappy when they heard what Lin Yun said. Chen Yan had clearly suppressed Xin Yan. So they felt that Lin Yun was just rambling nonsense by saying that Chen Yan would reach his limit soon.

“Don’t mind him. What does a sword slave know? In my view, Xin Yan will most likely lose this fight.”

“Xin Yan is clearly being caught by surprise. She probably never expected that Chen Yan would perform such a secret technique.”

“That’s because she was overly confident. She shouldn’t have given Chen Yan the time to execute his secret technique.” The disciples in the hall discussed among themselves.

“Get down.” But something no one had expected occurred. The crimson threads waving about in the air suddenly converged onto Xin Yan’s sword along with a towering killing intent. At the same time, the Dracophant Flame on Chen Yan’s body dimmed down.

When the sword stabbed into Chen Yan’s body, Chen Yan threw up a mouthful of blood. At the same time, the Dracophant Flame on his body was extinguished.

“Chen Yan, come back,” smiled Wen Yanbo. “You’ve already done well by forcing her into this position being a nobody among the third sequence.”

“Why don’t you get Yuwen Bo to come and fight me?” Xin Yan barked coldly.

“Alright, let’s stop the sparring here. The Sword Firmament Pavilion wins. Elder Wen, it’s best if you take a look at your disciples’ injuries.” The princess’ voice sounded out just when Wen Yanbo was about to accept the challenge. It was a pity. Because if they were to carry on the next fight without giving Xin Yan any time to rest, Yuwen Bo could defeat her in just three moves.

This battle was brilliant, which widened everyone’s horizon. But no one expected that everything would turn out exactly as Lin Yun had predicted it.

Among the Heavenly Qin Institute’s disciples, Cao Jie’s cold gaze fell onto Lin Yun. He was wondering if he should issue a challenge to Lin Yun. Then again, he could predict that he would become a laughingstock if he did.

“Your Highness, I would like to challenge Lin Yun of the Sword Firmament Pavilion.” Bai Yu of the Heavenly Profound Sect cupped his hands together.

The princess’ eyes flashed with a peculiar light before she spoke out, “The two of you might be close in terms of your age, but your cultivation is higher than him. It’s inappropriate for you to challenge him, but it’s a different story if he accepts your challenge. You can ask him yourself.”

Bai Yu raised his brow. He turned to look at Lin Yun and asked, “Sword Slave Lin Yun, do you dare to accept my challenge?!”

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