Chapter 326 - Turbulence

Everyone’s gaze fell on Lin Yun in anticipation. Although Luo Feng maintained his composure, he was feeling uneasy in his heart. The reason why he asked Lin Yun to throw a punch at him was to test the latter. He wanted to see if Lin Yun’s foundation was unstable before they made their plans.

Simply based on Lin Yun’s cultivation, there were many inner disciples that were stronger than him. For example, there were many seventh stage inner disciples among the disciples who were sending them off. Which of them didn’t want to visit the banquet? Unfortunately for them, the quota was limited.

Even if Guardian Plum designated Lin Yun to participate, he still needed to convince the masses. In Luo Feng’s view, it would be sufficient if Lin Yun could exert strength in the sixth stage. After all, Lin Yun had just been promoted to the sixth stage, so it was normal that he wouldn’t be able to face those in the same stage. But that didn’t matter. After all, Lin Yun had a decent aptitude and the eighth grade spiritual physique was rare even in the Sword Firmament Pavilion.

“Let’s begin.” Luo Feng nodded his head uneasily at Lin Yun.

Lin Yun’s eyes glowed. The six profound veins in his body triggered as origin energy fluctuated from within. Lin Yun’s temperament changed when the origin energy within his body surged. His origin energy roared making him like a drawn sword filled with explosive power.

“What powerful aura!” The disciples who were sending the team off had a drastic change on their faces when they saw this scene.

Lin Yun balled his fist together and threw out a punch. After being refined by the Dragonblood Fruit, Lin Yun’s aura was denser than before without any stains. When his origin energy flowed within his body, he emitted a faint radiance.

Faint violet flickers shined from his body as Lin Yun threw out a punch. His punch produced a thunderous explosion in the air, which robbed everyone of their hearing for a brief moment. 

Before the surrounding aura dissipated, a wave of aura swept out from Lin Yun’s body. The shockwave raised a cloud of dust. They looked at the long-haired youth after they recovered and were shocked.

This was a punch that not even those in the seventh stage could unleash. Lin Yun’s origin energy was so dense and they couldn’t imagine that he was only in the sixth stage of the Profound Martial Realm. It clearly was an ordinary punch that had not accumulated, but it shut the mouths of those who doubted him.

Even though he was an elite in the eighth stage on the Earth Ranking, Tang Tong also had to suck in a cold breath. He realized that he had underestimated Lin Yun. This punch couldn’t be underestimated. As for Xin Yan, she didn’t look shocked. She only had a smile on her face.

She wasn’t surprised by the density of Lin Yun’s origin energy because she knew he refined the Dragonflame Fruit. She guessed that Lin Yun’s origin energy must’ve reached the seventh stage. And if his cultivation technique could refine the Dragonflame Fruit completely, not even Tang Tong, who was in the eighth stage, could suppress him.

The Dragonflame Fruit and the thousands of second-grade spiritual jades that Lin Yun refined gave him confidence.

On the other hand, Xin Jue fell into deep thought. He had guessed something, but he didn’t want to expose Lin Yun. In terms of shock, Luo Feng was the most shocked. He only wanted to test Lin Yun’s strength to convince everyone else. He never expected that the punch from Lin Yun surpassed the sixth stage of the Profound Martial Realm.

“You’re still alright.” Luo Feng smiled. He rejoiced inwardly while maintaining a calm composure on the outside.

Lin Yun smiled. He didn’t argue with Luo Feng.

Xin Jue smiled, “That’s one powerful fist. I believe you’ll be able to shine in the banquet.”

“I heard that you chose the Aquaselenic Sword from the Martial Hall,” said Luo Feng.

“That’s right. This sword technique is good for my cultivation technique,” said Lin Yun.

When he spoke, everyone wore a playful smile on their faces. Who in the Sword Firmament Pavilion didn’t know that the Aquaselenic Sword was known for its fluctuation? It merely had the name of a transcendent spiritual sword technique without the power to back up. It was even weaker than advanced spiritual sword techniques.

“Go and pick another one when we’re done. The Aquaselenic Sword isn’t a good choice. Tang Tong is a good example of this. He didn’t take the advice given to him and his cultivation got dragged down in the process.” Luo Feng shook his head because he didn’t believe Lin Yun’s words.

As the protagonist, Tang Tong smiled bitterly. Lin Yun wanted to perform the Aquaselenic Sword, but he gave up on it after looking at Luo Feng. He wasn’t in a rush and Luo Feng would get to see it sooner or later. The Aquaselenic Sword was already at greater mastery, so there was no way he would change it.

“Let’s go.” Everyone rode on their horses and headed to the capital under the gazes of the surrounding disciples. Luo Feng and Xin Jue took the lead, while Lin Yun followed behind along with Tang Tong.

“Lin Yun, let me introduce you. This is Senior Brother Wang Zhen. He’s ranked ninth on the Earth Ranking. This is Senior Brother Yan Ding, ranked eighth on the Earth Ranking.

Lin Yun was shocked because the top rankers looked so ordinary.

When Wang Zhen saw Lin Yun’s facial expression, he wasn't offended. “That’s normal. The Earth Ranking isn’t so obvious. The experience of an inner disciple isn’t comparable to the outer disciples. People like us will set our goals in the Great Qin Empire instead of the sect.

Lin Yun fell into deep thought. Wang Zhen’s words made sense. The outer disciples were too weak, so they would naturally pay attention to the Mortal Ranking. On the other hand, the inner disciples were stronger and they had more experience. They only had the Great Qin Empire in their eyes and nothing else. This also meant that Lin Yun couldn’t afford to look down on these two.

There must be a reason why Xin Jue chose the two of them for the birthday banquet.

Tang Tong looked at Lin Yun, and he smiled, “Everyone’s attention will be on our rankings in the Great Qin Empire.”

“Junior Brother Lin, do you know about the four sequences in the Great Qin Empire?” asked Tang Tong.

“I’m all ears,” said Lin Yun. Bai Qiushan talked to him briefly about how elites in the Great Qin Empire were ranked according to the sequences. The first sequence was naturally the eight titles and they were role models for everyone.

The second sequence represented the core disciples of the various sects. They were mostly all in the ninth stage of the Profound Martial Realm. In many people’s view, the second sequence was comparable to the eight tiles, so the Dragon Gate Competition was an opportunity for them. The third sequence was the fifth stage of the Great Qin Empire.

Wang Zhen hesitated briefly, “If Junior Brother Lin didn’t cultivate the Aquaselenic Sword, he might be now qualified for the third sequence.”

“That’s right. Judging from the aura of Junior Brother Lin’s punch, his origin energy isn’t any weaker than the seventh stage of the Profound Martial Realm. He’ll be able to make it into the third sequence with another sword technique.” Yan Ding nodded.

Throughout the Great Qin Empire, there were only about three thousand who reached the seventh stage of the Profound Martial Realm. And there were only about a hundred qualified to make it into the third sequence. But they were saying that Lin Yun could make it into the third sequence with his current cultivation?

This was a high evaluation. Lin Yun merely smiled in response. I’ll make it into the third sequence if I practiced another sword technique? Is there really a sword technique more suited for me?

I wonder what’s the strength of those in the third sequence… Lin Yun became curious. This was a great opportunity for him to learn more.

“I wonder if there are any powerful ones outside the third sequence.” Lin Yun expressed his curiosity. This was an opportunity for him to learn more about the other sects’ geniuses.

“The third sequence has four infamous figures - the Demonic Moon Villa’s Feng Haoyu, the Primal Origin Sect’s Bo Yuwen, and the Heavenly Profound Sect’s Wang Han. And…” Tang Tong smiled while he looked at the graceful figure riding a demonic horse.

So it was Xin Yan? Lin Yun fell into deep thought. He never expected that Xin Yan would have such a high position.

Fear flashed in Wang Zheng’s eyes. He spoke out, “There are many newcomers in the third sequence, so someone will try to challenge Senior Sister Xin Yan’s position. Big Brother Xin Jue is probably coming along because he’s worried about Xin Yan.”

“Everyone heard of the four masters and many people will definitely pay attention to them.” Yan Ding’s expression turned grave. 

Indeed, the first and second sequences can be merged together. Someone like Xin Jue could only take another step through the Dragon Gate Competition. The birthday banquet wasn’t attractive to someone in the first and second sequence. The ones who will go on the stage were all the elites of the third sequence.

“It looks like Senior Sister is in a troublesome spot,” commented Lin Yun.

Tang Tong patted Lin Yun’s shoulder. He smiled, “Junior Brother, you just have to be worried about yourself. You’ve been in the limelight recently, so now everyone knows that there’s someone powerful like you in the sect.”

In their view, Lin Yun’s trouble was even greater than Xin Yan. After all, Xin Yan had the three of them helping her. On the contrary, Lin Yun had no one to depend on. After all, he couldn’t possibly get his senior brothers in the eighth stage to help him, right? They had a feeling that the birthday banquet wouldn’t be peaceful.

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