Chapter 325 - Test Before the Departure

There was only one night left until the birthday banquet when Lin Yun returned to the Locket Mountain. His harvest over the past seven days of bitter cultivation was great. The Aquaselenic Sword had reached greater mastery and he had grasped the essence of it. 

In addition to that, his cultivation improved thanks to the astronomical sum of second-grade spiritual jades that he won. All of this was possible because his aptitude was the eighth grade spiritual physique, which was rare, even in the Sword Firmament Pavilion.

With the Iris Sword Sutra, his cultivation could improve at a rapid speed as long as he had sufficient resources. And in the last seven days, he used 2,000 second-grade spiritual jades. The sect’s elders would be shocked to hear about this huge exhaustion of resources.

The current plan was for the group to depart tomorrow. If it was someone else who was about to meet the princess, they would surely feel nervous about it. After all, the four prestigious sects, the Heavenly Qin Institute, and the nobles of the capital were going to be in attendance. This was a great event, one that would shake the empire.

If they were lucky, they might even catch the princess’ attention. Although the odds weren't high, there was no harm in imagining it. But Lin Yun did not have such thoughts. After all, if it weren’t for Guardian Plum, he might not have been willing to go.

But since he had already decided to go, then he wouldn’t treat the event lightly. He expected that there would be a fight since many geniuses were gathered, not to mention that Lin Yun was currently in the limelight. He was the reason why the Phoenix Plum rang and he was the Alliance-Union Battle’s champion. His name had spread beyond the sect for a long time now.

With so many geniuses gathered, he wouldn’t have to challenge them, they would challenge him. If he lost from those challenges, he would be humiliated. Lin Yun took out a dozen second-grade spiritual jades and started cultivating in the courtyard.

His cultivation was at the late phase fifth stage of the Profound Martial Realm, so he was only one step away from the sixth grade. Although he couldn’t make a breakthrough anytime soon, he still wanted to give it a try. After all, the second-grade spiritual jades he had weren’t something that others could enjoy.

Furthermore, the disadvantage with his cultivation was too obvious compared to other inner disciples. Although he could fend off disciples in the seventh stage with the Iris Sword Sutra, he would have a higher chance of winning if he was in the sixth stage.

It didn’t take long for the second grade spiritual jades in his hand to shatter. Lin Yun sighed in his heart; he felt conflicted. He was happy that the Iris Sword Sutra had evolved to the eight stage because it was only a matter of time before he caught up to everyone. But he was worried because the second grade spiritual jades that he had wouldn’t last him long. Once he exhausted them, it would be harder for his cultivation to improve in the future.

After he exhausted a hundred second grade spiritual jades, he was only one step away from the sixth stage. If someone else exhausted that many second grade spiritual jades, they would have reached the sixth stage by now.

“This won’t do. I have to reach the sixth stage before dawn tomorrow.” Lin Yun made a resolution. A brief moment later, a crimson fruit appeared in his hand. It was the Dragonflame Fruit that he got back then.

Four of the eight titles in the Great Qin Empire gathered for the Dragonflame Fruit, but it ultimately fell into his hand. He initially wanted to give it to Xin Jue, but it was shoved back to him by Xin Yan. This was a fruit that could increase one’s chances of stepping into the Violet Palace Realm by 30%.

If any one of the eight titles reach the Violet Palace Realm, they’ll become the strongest in the Great Qin Empire. This fruit would increase the odds of their breakthrough by 30%. So it should have a hundred percent chance of helping Lin Yun reach the sixth stage.

But the only flaw in his plan was that it was wasteful for him to use it to make a breakthrough to the sixth stage. If the eight titles knew that he was using it to reach the sixth stage, they would probably skin him alive.

“I should use it when I need to.” Lin Yun’s eyes flashed. He tossed the Dragonflame Fruit into his mouth without hesitation. When the fruit entered his system, it turned into a crimson liquid that coursed through his body.

It made Lin Yun feel as though he was burning. Lin Yun was a little shocked. If this carried on, he would be enveloped by the Dragonflame Fruit’s spiritual energy. He didn’t dare to be careless and started circulating the Iris Sword Sutra.

Lin Yun’s cultivation soared. He had no obstructions and easily made a breakthrough to the sixth stage a brief moment later. After forming the sixth vein, the energy coming from the Dragonflame Fruit didn’t decrease and continued to course through his body.

His origin energy was like a sword that went through a refinery and the situation soon stabilized. After reaching the sixth stage, Lin Yun circulated the Iris Sword Sutra. There was a second where Lin Yun regretted using the Dragonflame Fruit.

As dawn approached, Lin Yun opened his eyes and let out a breath. His eyes glowed brightly and he emitted a powerful aura, which made him seem a little unfathomable. He was at the pinnacle sixth stage of the Profound Martial Realm.

After consuming the Dragonflame Fruit, his cultivation increased from the fifth stage to the pinnacle sixth stage. The Dragonflame Fruit was truly worthy to be fought over by four of the eight titles. Lin Yun guessed that the effects would be better if he was in the late phase of the Profound Martial Realm because his strength would be boosted by two times over a period of one night.

Even with Lin Yun’s composure, he still found this unbelievable.

“Junior Brother, it’s time to leave.” Xin Yan’s voice sounded out, which jolted Lin Yun awake. He responded to Xin Yan and washed up before leaving through the door. When he pushed the door apart, Xin Yan’s clothes couldn’t conceal her breathtaking figure.

“Our Junior Brother seems to be getting more handsome.” Xin Yan examined Lin Yun. He was donned in azure clothes with refined features. She smiled, “Hehe, perhaps the princess might take a liking to you.”

Lin Yun had undergone a transformation in six months. He looked more mature now.

“Senior Sister, you stop messing with me,” replied Lin Yun.

The princess was known to be the most beautiful woman in the Great Qin Empire, she was the dream lover of countless cultivators. But to Lin Yun, Su Ziyao or Yue Weiwei were more breathtaking. He didn’t think that the princess’ beauty could surpass those two.

“Wait up.” Xin Yan sensed that there was something unusual in the atmosphere and she smiled, “Junior Brother, you made a breakthrough?”

Lin Yun replied by nodding his head.

“I’m not surprised. After all, you have 6,000 second grade spiritual jades from the Alliance-Union Battle. It’s not surprising that you made a breakthrough with so many resources,” smiled Xin Yan.

Lin Yun had nothing to hide from Xin Yan. He revealed, “I also refined the Dragonflame Fruit.”

Xin Yan was shocked when she heard that. But she didn’t blame Lin Yun for being wasteful. She merely smiled, “Wow. No matter. Let’s get going. Big Brother is still waiting for us.”

The two rode their horses towards the Sword Firmament Pavilion. When they arrived, there were five people waiting for them. Luo Feng and Xin Jue were among their ranks, along with three disciples whose cultivation weren’t any weaker than Xin Yan. They must be elites on the Earth Ranking. Lin Yun even recognized one of them as Tang Tong who proceeded to smile at Lin Yun.

“Greetings, Elder Luo Feng, Senior Brother Xin Jue.” Lin Yun cupped his hands together.

Luo Feng stroked his beard and nodded his head with a smile, “Lin Yun, how’s your cultivation after seven days?”

After Luo Feng asked, the gaze of everyone fell onto Lin Yun. They had long heard of Lin Yun and how he defeated the Eight Vajra a few days ago. This junior brother of theirs just joined the Earth Ranking and he lived up to the description of a monster.

“I made some improvement in my sword technique. I also made a considerable improvement in my cultivation,” said Lin Yun.

“A considerable improvement in your cultivation?” Luo Feng was shocked before he smiled, “Good! It has only been a few days, yet you’re already at the sixth stage.”

His words left Tang Tong and everyone else shocked. Now they knew why they felt Lin Yun was different from before. When they thought of Lin Yun’s gains in the Alliance-Union Battle, their hearts jolted.

If they had 6,000 second-grade spiritual jades, they could also easily make a breakthrough to the sixth stage. Rather than feeling shocked, they felt envious. The 6,000 second-grade spiritual jades wasn’t a small sum even for an elder.

Luo Feng wasn’t surprised. He gave it to Lin Yun because he noticed that Lin Yun’s foundation was lacking.

“Good. Come, throw a punch at me,” said Luo Feng. Lin Yun might have just made a breakthrough, but his new strength shouldn’t be just for show. Luo Feng wanted to test Lin Yun to see if Lin Yun ruined his foundation for the sake of a new cultivation level. He wouldn’t let Lin Yun join the banquet if Lin Yun didn’t satisfy him.

After all, Lin Yun’s fame was at an all time high and many people would definitely challenge him. If his foundation wasn’t sturdy enough, he would become a laughingstock.

Lin Yun nodded his head and took a deep breath. All eyes were on him. Many people were discussing among themselves and looked at Lin Yun with envy and jealousy.

“His cultivation improved real quick. He’s already in the sixth stage…”

“But won’t it ruin the stability of his foundation? Isn’t his cultivation improving a little too quickly?”

“It’s a little too fast. Elder Luo Feng probably has this concern and wants Lin Yun to throw a punch at him to see.”

“Does that mean that Elder Luo Feng won’t let him go to the banquet if he is dissatisfied with Lin Yun?”

“Let’s just watch.”

Many people were looking forward to Lin Yun failing. With Lin Yun’s cultivation, he could naturally hear the surrounding discussion. However, his confidence didn’t waver. After all, they didn’t know that he made his breakthrough using the Dragonblood Fruit and not the second-grade spiritual jades.

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