Chapter 324 - Practicing Sword Technique

The Crimsonblood Fiendwolf was split into two, while the Demonrunic Leopard was shredded apart. Lin Yun fell into deep thought when he saw this scene. It looks like he was right. The fluctuation in the sword wasn’t the Aquaselenic Sword’s weakness, but part of its merit. 

This meant that the Aquaselenic Sword was filled with changes. It could be powerful like the mountain that crashed down in waves or weak like drizzling rain. This was a sword technique filled with many variations. How could his opponents defend themselves if it was filled with many changes?

Lin Yun could feel a headache coming on when he placed himself in his opponent’s shoes. This was the true might of a transcendent spiritual sword technique. The Aquaselenic Sword wasn’t weak. On the contrary, it should be the strongest transcendent spiritual sword technique in the Sword Firmament Pavilion.

Tang Tong must’ve taken the wrong path for it to seem so common. As Lin Yun’s eyes flashed, he fell into deep thought, “There’s four days left. After I gain complete control of the chilling sword aura, the Aquaselenic Sword will reach greater mastery.”

He had to grasp the intent behind the sword so that practicing it would become easier. It was just like finding the right path among countless paths. Not only was it more efficient, but he wouldn’t be trapped or led down the wrong path.

The Dragon Blooded Horse ran over and grinned before heading for the two beast cores. It was especially excited since one of the cores was a variant beast core. The two beast cores would be a fulfilling meal for the Dragon Blooded Horse.

The Dragon Blooded Horse possessed a trace of the true dragon’s bloodline. This meant that its cultivation was even more terrifying than Lin Yun. It was already at the sixth stage of the Profound Martial Realm and it could reach the seventh stage after devouring the two beast cores.

Lin Yun didn’t disrupt the Dragon Blooded Horse with its meal. He sheathed his sword and turned his gaze towards the core region of the Extermination Mountain Range. He could sense heavy pressure coming from the core. Rumor had it that there were demonic beasts in the Heavenly Soul Realm there.

Demonic beasts in the Heavenly Soul Realm were unimaginable existences to Lin Yun. Encountering them would only mean certain death for him. Not only him, but even the sect’s elders would die if they weren’t careful. But it shouldn’t be a problem for Lin Yun as long as he didn’t go too deep. With the Scarletflame War Flag, he was capable of escaping if he encountered demonic beasts in the Violet Palace Realm.

Lin Yun took one more glance at the Dragon Blooded Horse before he left it alone. He was here to train himself and it was more efficient for him if he was by himself.

There were many demonic beasts in the mountain range and he would encounter a battle every few steps. Lin Yun didn’t think too much about it and a path of blood was left in his wake. Occasionally, he would use the Seven Profound Steps to escape if he encountered powerful demonic beasts.

He had nothing to fear with the Seven Profound Steps that was approaching complete mastery. No demonic beasts could catch him if he was determined to leave.

Half a day later, Lin Yun saw a waterfall. The waterfall was over three kilometers long and formed a lake beneath it. This made Lin Yun’s eyes light up because this was the first time he saw a lake after spending days in the Extermination Mountain Range.

“Looks like I’m staying here.” Lin Yun spread his arms apart and landed on the lake as gentle as a feather. The origin energy within his body fluctuated and he walked on the surface of the lake like it was land. There was nothing special about this. Cultivators in the Profound Martial Realm could easily accomplish this with their origin energy.

“Soft like water, cold like the moon. The moon’s reflection in the water is like the sword…” Lin Yun closed his eyes and thought back to the sword technique’s mantra in his mind. The surroundings became quiet. Only the sound of splashing water could be heard as a faint breeze swept over the water.

When Lin Yun calmed down completely, even the sound of water crashing had disappeared. Lin Yun suddenly opened his eyes and stabbed with the Flower Burial Sword. A torrential sword aura gushed out like a geyser on top the lake.

Lin Yun continued to swing his sword. In the blink of an eye, two days had passed without him knowing. Unbeknownst to Lin Yun, he had entered a special state. He was only focused on practicing the Aquaselenic Sword.

Aside from the formless sword aura, the Aquaselenic Sword also contained chilling and aloof characteristics. Lin Yun managed to comprehend the Aquaselenic Sword fully, but he was still somewhat lacking.

“It’s still not enough…” Lin Yun didn’t know how many times it had been since he swung his sword. He was completely consumed with practicing his sword, but it still wasn’t enough.

Lin Yun roared in his heart. Honestly speaking, his sword technique had improved by a lot over the past two days and his sword even emitted a terrifying chill aura. Under the Iris Sword Sutra, the chilling sword aura only grew more terrifying.

The waterfall fell down like snow. Lin Yun swung his sword and the Aquaselenic Sword released a chilling attack. However, Lin Yun didn’t notice it and he continued swinging his sword.

Suddenly, the sword aura started to accumulate violently. Lin Yun was briefly shocked before he instantly comprehended what was going on. He closed his eyes to focus on the sword aura. When he reopened his eyes, it had already been four hours.

His eyes were glowing and he mumbled, “I see…”

Lin Yun swung the Flower Burial Sword. When he swung his sword, it produced a thunderous roar that echoed over the lake. At the same time, the Flower Burial Sword merged with the surroundings perfectly. In the next second, the surface of the lake began to tremble as dozens of splashes shot into the sky like arrows.

Lin Yun swung his sword again. When he swung his sword this time, dozens of water splashes froze into ice, forming ice pillars. The Aquaselenic Sword finally stepped into initial greater mastery. It would still take some time for him to reach true greater mastery. He still had to digest his insights over the past few days.

If someone else were in Lin Yun’s shoes, they would have rejoiced because of the speed that Lin Yun comprehended the technique. Lin Yun clearly knew that he didn’t have much time to progress and that he should be satisfied with how far he reached.

The Aquaselenic Sword would be enough for Lin Yun until Guardian Plum gave him the Overlord Sword’s complete book. At the very least, the Aquaselenic Sword was stronger than the Dragon-Tiger Fist. Most importantly, it was a perfect match for the Iris Sword Sutra.

Although he could fuse his sword intent into his fist, the Iris Sword Sutra still needed the sword to unleash its true might. He still had two days until the Princess’s birthday. Cultivating the sword technique had gone smoother than he had imagined. On his way back to the sect, he researched the Azure Transcript.

The Azure Transcript came from someone powerful. There were thirty-six pages written with spiritual runes. The spiritual runes were profound and Lin Yun couldn’t understand them. But they gave him a certain feeling. The reason why he could see what was in the painting differently than Senior Hong was because the painting was made of spiritual runes. It was just that it was more profound than normal.

This meant that Lin Yun had to slowly increase his insights of the Azure Transcript if he wanted to understand the Rose Painting.

In a secret pavilion located at the Great Qin Empire’s capital stood Wang Yan. Wang Yan looked nervous as he looked at the mysterious youth behind the crystal bead curtain. He had been summoned here, but for the whole hour that he was here, the youth didn’t utter a single word.

Behind the crystal bead curtain, the youth placed his wine cup on the table heavily. He looked at Wang Yan through the curtain indifferently and said, “Wang Yan, you’re a disappointment. You even managed to fail at something like this?”

Wang Yan’s face was drained of color. He dropped to his knees and replied, “Your Highness, you can’t blame me for this. Who could’ve expected him to be so powerful? Even Chu Haoyu and Chang Wu were defeated by him…”

The youth behind the curtain sighed and toyed with the cup in his hand. He smiled, “You told me last year that he was just a sword slave from a small place and that there was no need to trouble me with it. But now, he crippled the Chu Haoyu that I had my eyes on. This is the first time the Azure Association has suffered such a terrible loss.”

Although the youth was smiling, his gaze made Wang Yan feel a chill down his spine. Wang Yan gnashed his teeth. It was all because of Lin Yun. If it wasn’t for Lin Yun, he wouldn’t be so pathetic before the crown prince.

“Forget it. There’s no need for you to follow up on this matter anymore. I’ll see how capable he is to cripple someone from my Azure Association.” The youth smiled and waved his hand, which made Wang Yan feel greatly relieved.

Wang Yan immediately replied, “It’s all my fault. I’m willing to be punished for it.”

Filling up his cup, the youth looked at Wang Yan. He then asked with a grave expression, “How is Bai Lixuan doing?”

“Based on what I heard from the elders, Bai Lixuan has a high chance of achieving the Saint Physique. The reason why he isn’t out is that he has been accumulating his strength. I believe that he will soar into the sky when he comes out,” replied Wang Yan.

“What about Xin Jue?” he asked.

Wang Yan’s face turned ugly upon mentioning Xin Jue. He lowered his voice, “He reached the tenth stage some time ago and the elders are placing great importance on him. They even expect him to obtain first place in the Dragon Gate Competition.”

“First?” The youth’s face sank with a murderous flash in his eyes. “So he isn’t giving up. The champion of the Dragon Gate Competition can make a request. I believe the goal of the two siblings is becoming the champion.”

“There’s no way he can become the champion with Your Highness around. The siblings have the Sword Firmament Pavilion supporting them, but they are too naive to think that they can escape your control,” replied Wang Yan.

“No one can stop me from doing what I want,” said the youth. He continued, “Xin Jue seems to be leading the team for the Princess’s birthday in two days' time, right?”

“That’s right. I heard that Lin Yun is coming along as well,” responded Wang Yan.

“Is that so? Then I’ll be able to take a look at the new monster of the Sword Firmament Pavilion.” The youth revealed a playful smile.

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