Chapter 323 - Aquaselenic Sword

The back of the Sword Firmament Pavilion was decorated with a mountain range. It was known as the Extermination Mountain Range. The mountain range was famous in Heavenly Qin County. The three other sects were also built by the borders of the mountain range, only their location was different.

The Extermination Mountain Range was filled with demonic beasts and the mountain range was so massive that it was connected to a few surrounding empires.

Many disciples would train themselves there by hunting demonic beasts, practicing martial techniques, or accumulating bloodlust. But most of them would stay by the borders due to the dangers inside the mountain range. The core region of the mountain range was somewhere that not even the sect’s elders with cultivation in the Violet Palace Realm dared to step in.

Furthermore, it was shrouded in miasma throughout the years, froming a poisonous barrier. Beastial roars could be heard there from time to time. Although it was dangerous, the poisonous miasma looked gorgeous when the sunlight shined on it. It would create a scene of a rainbow that surrounded the miasma.

The miasma was one of the reasons why no disciples dared to step in. They wouldn’t be able to last long in the miasma if their cultivation was lacking, not to mention that it was fatal if they stayed in there for too long.

Within the poisonous miasma stood Lin Yun on a lone peak with his hands behind his back. He didn’t rest after bidding farewell to the siblings and left on the Dragon-Blooded Horse.

The birthday banquet was seven days away. Lin Yun naturally couldn’t resort to normal means if he wanted to make some progress in the Aquaselenic Sword. This was the reason why Lin Yun had to defy logic and find a dangerous place to practice his sword technique. This was why he chose the Extermination Mountain Range.

Before he knew it, three days had already passed. Lin Yun had been practicing the Aquaselenic Sword the whole time without any rest. The transcendent spiritual martial technique was impressive and it displayed astonishing might upon reaching initial mastery.

But it was just like what Tang Tong had said. Its strength would fluctuate, which made this sword technique very odd. Anyone else would curse when they encountered this and try to find an alternate sword technique. But Lin Yun spent the last three days comprehending this sword technique.

“The wind is formless, the cloud is endless; the mountain is majestic, the water is shapeless.” Lin Yun vaguely sensed that the fluctuation in the Aquaselenic Sword wasn’t its flaw, but its merit instead. It had the aloofness of a mountain and flexibility of water. It could contain anything.

There must be a trick behind the Aquaselenic Sword, unlike what Tang Tong said. Tang Tong managed to stabilize the fluctuation after reaching greater mastery, but it was weaker than other transcendent spiritual sword techniques. This meant that Tang Tong must’ve made a mistake somewhere.

Lin Yun’s gaze fell upon the poisonous miasma a thousand meters away. There were two shadows clashing within the miasma and the intensity of their fight was causing a huge commotion.

A demonic beast tore apart the poisonous miasma, knocking down dozens of towering trees before appearing in front of Lin Yun. The demonic beast was covered in black fur. It looked extremely ugly and was thirty meters tall. It had crimson sinister fangs and violet pupils.

“It’s the Crimsonblood Fiendwolf, a pinnacle sixth stage demonic beast.” A clear wind blew past and the ground trembled. A beast way larger than the Crimsonblood Fiendwolf appeared. It had the shape of a leopard and was blazing with flames while staring at the wolf.

Its gaze swept past Lin Yun with contempt. Letting out a roar, the fire energy in the atmosphere gathered towards Lin Yun. Then, it started to approach and a dazzling fireball descended, releasing a massive heatwave into the surroundings.

Lin Yun’s eyes glowed. He now knew why the Crimsonblood Fiendwolf lost. It was the Demonrunic Leopard, a rare demonic beast with excellent control over fire elements. 

“Are you threatening me with this measly fireball?” Lin Yun shook his head. “I’m not here to take advantage of the situation.”

The Demonrunic Leopard must’ve thought that Lin Yun was here to take advantage of the situation, trying to snatch its prey. Lin Yun was here to practice his sword and test his comprehension of the Aquaselenic Sword that he had practiced for the past three days.

Origin energy fluctuated as a dragon and a tiger roar echoed in the mountain peak. Lin Yun balled his fists together and smashed the fireball apart. When the fireball was smashed apart, it blew up like fireworks. This shocked the two demonic beasts as they turned to look at Lin Yun.

A youth stood at the top of the mountain. Fear flashed in the pupils of the Crimsonblood Fiendwolf. Its instinct told it that this youth was even more dangerous than the Demonrunic Leopard and that it would be killed if it was careless.

Even the Demonrunic Leopard that looked at Lin Yun with disdain earlier became serious. The two demonic beasts seemed to have silently formed an alliance.

Flames blazed on the Demonrunic Leopard. The leopard suddenly charged forward like a streaking meteorite. As for the Crimsonblood Fiendwolf, it also began to charge over like a bolt of lightning.

“You guys are just in time!” Lin Yun summoned the Flower Burial Sword. Drawing it out from its scabbard, Lin Yun swung his sword at the Demonrunic Leopard, sending it flying. The shockwave from this attack created cracks on the ground.

The Crimsonblood Fiendwolf took advantage of this and swiped with its claws. Lin Yun gently maneuvered through the shattered rocks in the air with great agility while retaliating with his sword. After Lin Yun resolved the Crimsonblood Fiendwolf’s attack, he dived down with the Seven Profound Steps.

He swung his sword with the might of a tsunami, which caught the Crimsonblood Fiendwolf by surprise. It was startled by the might of Lin Yun’s sword, so it backed down. Lin Yun’s attack didn’t deal any fatal attacks on the wolf, but it left a huge cut on its body.

When Lin Yun landed on the ground, the scattered leaves flew around. Right at this moment, the Demonrunic Leopard charged over once more, accompanied by rippling heatwaves. The blazing temperature even distorted the air, burning up the oxygen so that it was hard to breathe.

Lin Yun swung his sword backwards. But just when he was about to stab out, the aura in his sword changed. If his attack on the Crimsonblood Fiendwolf was like a tidal wave, then this sword was like a small creek.

But there weren't any changes on Lin Yun’s face. He got wounds on his body while trying to comprehend the Aquaselenic Sword in battle. Over the past three days, he became used to the fluctuation of this sword technique. So, he wanted to test out what he learned right now.

When the sword fell on the Demonrunic Leopard, Lin Yun was knocked back. This made the Demonrunic Leopard shocked because Lin Yun’s attack was a lot weaker than before. But before the Demonrunic Leopard recovered from its shock, Lin Yun charged over. He was like a small flowing creek. The sword might be weak, but he kept swinging it around and left wounds on the leopard.

His attacks were endless and after ten-odd attacks, the sword energy left in the leopard’s body began to converge and tore a huge wound on the leopard. The leopard let out a loud wail in pain as it rolled on the ground.

Suddenly, a violent aura swept over as the Crimsonblood Fiendwolf charged over.

“The sky is full of leaves, with soft sounds like the rain. Clouds and moon become water and flow into the sword!” Lin Yun swung his sword, annihilating everything in his path. This sword was like the moon and cloud that was reflected in the water. Compared to the small creek earlier, this attack was filled with dominance.

The sword aura and the Crimsonblood Fiendwolf’s claws clashed together. In the next second, the black claws shattered while the power behind Lin Yun’s sword stayed. When the sword cut through the claws, the wolf was split into two.

When the Demonrunic Leopard finally got on its feet and saw the Crimsonblood Fiendwolf’s corpse, it was so terrified that it fled. It had a powerful defense, so there was no way ordinary sword aura could harm it. But Lin Yun’s sword aura was weird. It was like an endless spring rain. By the time the leopard noticed it, it was already too late. It had never seen such a weird sword technique before and so it fled when it saw the wolf’s miserable death.

“I didn’t say that you can leave! Converging River!” Lin Yun fiercely ran after it as the ground trembled from his steps. His sword aura was boundless like the ocean, overlapping and destroying all the surrounding trees. Lin Yun stabbed his sword out and then sheathed his sword. When the Flower Burial Sword returned to its sheath, the Demonrunic Leopard was swallowed up by the sword aura, not having an opportunity to cry out.

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