Chapter 322 - The Princess’s Birthday

Who could block the might of a cosmic artifact? When Lin Yun swung the flag, it unleashed a violent aura. No one expected that Lin Yun would launch his attack so directly in the blink of an eye.

The faces of the Eight Vajra changed as they retreated without hesitation. When the dual moon scythe landed on the ground, it raised a pillar of flames. Even the ground trembled from this attack with flames rising like a volcanic eruption.

Even though the Eight Vajra retreated quickly, they were still affected by the ripples of the attack. The eight of them groaned as blood oozed down from their lips and the color on their faces paled.

“A cosmic artifact!” The eight of them had fear in their eyes. They suddenly recalled that Lin Yun obtained a cosmic artifact after winning the Alliance-Union Battle. It was simply a pipe dream for the eight of them to teach Lin Yun how to behave.

“Is that the power of a cosmic artifact?”

“Holy shit, that was just an attack… No wonder Lin Yun is so confident!”

“Hehe, now this is a show. The Eight Vajra have always been arrogant and bullied others. But they met a tough opponent today.” The surrounding disciples looked excited. When they felt the heat, they took several steps back with lingering fear in their eyes.

“I don’t believe that he can use that cosmic artifact with his cultivation!” Fu Lingtian’s eyes flashed with violence. He gnashed his teeth, “Let’s attack him together! Since we’ve already come this far, let’s settle our grudge with him!”

“Kill!” The Eight Vajra were used to being arrogant in the sect and they had never felt so humiliated before. It was especially humiliating since it was happening in front of the other disciples of the Gentlemen Union. After they recovered from the initial shock, the murderous aura around them surged.

With Fu Lingtian taking the lead, the eight of them attacked Lin Yun and origin energy fluctuated out. However, Lin Yun faced their attacks calmly. It was still too much for him to utilize the Scarlet Trueflame. But he had no trouble maintaining the close-combat mode. At the very least, it was more than enough for him to deal with these eight people.

The Eight Vajra flew through the air quickly. As for Lin Yun, he stood firmly on the ground swinging the Scarletflame War Flag. In his hands, the might of the cosmic artifact was fully brought out, easily dissolving the attacks directed at him.

The Eight Vajra did whatever they could do, but they couldn’t gain any advantage against Lin Yun. Lin Yun fended off the attacks directed at him, causing Fu Lingtian to roar and charge over with his attack.

However, Lin Yun snorted coldly and broke the attack forcibly. The tip of the war flag then landed on Fu Lingtian’s chest, producing a metallic sound. Fu Lingtian’s clothes ripped off and revealed black armor.

Fu Lingtian ignored the cosmic artifact’s impact and he sneered, “What can you do to me? This is a transcendent grade profound artifact. It can resist the attack of your cosmic artifact ten times!”

Fu Lingtian’s confidence was boosted when he saw that Lin Yun’s attack failed to penetrate through his armor. He charged forward once more while trying to drag Lin Yun down to create an opportunity for his companions.

Lin Yun’s eyes glowed when he saw the armor. It looks like even the lackeys of the Wang Clan were pretty well off. After all, defensive profound artifacts were rare to find. But it had encountered the Scarletflame War Flag.

Lin Yun stabbed out with the flag and struck the black armor. His attack produced a crack and the armor that Fu Lingtian was so proud of shattered into pieces. At the same time, Fu Lingtian’s ribs shattered and he was sent flying while throwing up blood.

“Let’s finish this.” Lin Yun’s aura exploded and he left seven afterimages in the air. Every single strike landed on the seven other attackers. None of them remained standing when he was done. Without any changes to his face, Lin Yun slowly approached Fu Lingtian, who was struggling to get up on his feet.

“Junior Brother Lin, let’s discuss things…” Fu Lingtian was terrified and he couldn’t stop trembling. He no longer had the arrogance from before.

The Scarletflame War Flag returned to its original form as Lin Yun placed it back into his interspatial pouch. Looking at Fu Lingtian, Lin Yun spoke out, “It’s true that the Great Qin Empire isn’t ruled by the Sword Firmament Pavilion, but clowns like you have no right to be arrogant in front of me in the Sword Firmament Pavilion.”

Then, Lin Yun kicked his leg twice on Fu Lingtian’s knees, drawing a loud cry from the latter.

“Kneel well.” Lin Yun left without turning back.

“Big Brother!” The seven other Eight Vajra got on their feet in fear as they wanted to help Fu Lingtian to his feet. But Lin Yun paused his footsteps. That alone sent a chill down their spines and they no longer dared to move. They waited for Lin Yun to leave before they helped Fu Lingtian up and fled.

The spectators in the surroundings laughed when they witnessed this scene. Many of them felt satisfied.

“That was great! Lin Yun really gave it to them!”

“Haha, just look at how terrified they were!”

“They deserve it. They should have been punished a long time ago. In the past, people feared the Gentlemen Union and did nothing. Unfortunately, they ran into Lin Yun this time.”

“Lin Yun has genuinely risen in status. He’s not any inferior to Bai Lixuan now. I’m really looking forward to the fight of these two monstrous geniuses when Bai Lixuan comes out.”

“The king never meets another king. After all, there’s no way the mountain can hold two tigers. There’s no doubt that there will be a fight between them.” Everyone continued their discussions after Lin Yun left.

They had finally witnessed Lin Yun’s strength today. Without the cosmic artifact, Lin Yun could defeat three of the Eight Vajra. This meant that his strength was in the top one hundred on the Earth Ranking or even higher.

There hadn’t been any changes to the top one hundred on the Mortal Ranking for a long time, so it was shocking for Lin Yun to have such achievements after he was just promoted to an inner disciple. Looking at Lin Yun, he naturally reminded many people of Bai Lixuan.

When Lin Yun returned to the Locket Mountain, he greeted those he was familiar with and headed to Xin Yan’s residence. But coincidentally, Xin Jue was also around. The siblings were casually chatting, so Lin Yun naturally took his leave since it wasn’t appropriate for him to interrupt.

“Why are you leaving? Stay behind. Big Brother was just talking about you earlier,” laughed Xin Yan as she dragged Lin Yun back.

Talking about me? Lin Yun couldn’t help feeling curious and he looked at Xin Jue. Lin Yun was filled with admiration for this person on the Sky Ranking. He couldn’t help feeling curious about what they were talking about.

Although Xin Jue’s aura still felt unfathomable, it felt different compared to before. Xin Jue’s aura was more condensed now, which gave Lin Yun enormous pressure.

“Big Brother Xin Jue, you made a breakthrough?” asked Lin Yun.

“I reached the tenth stage of the Profound Martial Realm half a month ago. There have always been rumors that I’m inferior to the eight titles. And now, I’m finally able to contend with them.” Xin Jue nodded with a smile.i

He might sound humble, but Lin Yun could sense Xin Jue’s confidence.

“You just fought?” Xin Jue frowned when he looked at Lin Yun. He could sense the disruption in Lin Yun’s aura.

Lin Yun nodded his head and told them honestly what just happened. When Xin Yan heard what happened, her face sank, “It’s good to teach them a lesson. Otherwise, they’ll think that you’re a pushover.”

On the other hand, Xin Jue’s eyes flashed. When he looked at Lin Yun again, there was a trace of surprise in his eyes. He finally spoke out after a long while, “I was still worried about you earlier, but it seems that there’s nothing for me to worry about.”

“Worried about me?” Lin Yun was baffled.

“I’m here to look for you. Bloomphoenix Princess’s birthday will be seven days from now and all the sects will send a representative over. Senior Brother Ye is in seclusion, so I’ll be leading the Sword Firmament Pavilion’s party,” said Xin Jue.

Lin Yun knew that the ‘Senior Brother Ye’ Xin Jue mentioned was the first on the Sky Ranking, Ye Feng.

“Guardian Plum requested me to bring you along to widen your horizon since there will be many experts. I was worried that you might suffer a little since you just joined the inner sect. But it looks like my concern was all for nothing,” explained Xin Jue.

“Speaking of which, it has been five years since Bloomphoenix Princess held a birthday celebration. I wonder what it will look like,” smiled Xin Yan.

Bloomphoenix Princess was known to be the Great Qin Empire’s Bella. Lin Yun felt that it would be a good idea for him to get to know her. But it was just as Xin Jue said. Conflicts would be unavoidable during this gathering. After all, everyone in the Great Qin Empire wants to be the best, which was just human nature. Lin Yun had a feeling that the birthday banquet would be interesting. 

Lin Yun chatted with the two of them. Aside from the birthday banquet, Lin Yun also sought Xin Jue’s advice on cultivation and the latter explained everything to him patiently. When Lin Yun left, he finally had an idea for the Aquaselenic Sword.

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