Chapter 321 - Teach me how to Behave?

The one who attacked was in the sixth stage of the Profound Martial Realm. He was one stage above Lin Yun. As the wind blew, purple rays shot out from his body. He stomped his foot on the ground and left a few large cracks on the ground. When he attacked with his palm, his palm split the air and tore the air apart.

Lin Yun’s eyes flashed with cold light. He faced the attack head-on and the aura around him suddenly changed from indifferent to sharp. Waves of his aura from the Dragon-Tiger Might gushed out from his body like a volcano. He was like an ancient beast once he started accumulating his strength into his fist.

“Pitiful tricks!” Lin Yun threw his punch out.

“What cultivation technique is Lin Yun practicing?” With a huge clash, the attacker was sent flying, leaving the surrounding disciples shocked. The attacker was in the sixth stage of the Profound Martial Realm and his cultivation was higher than Lin Yun by one stage. The Profound Martial Realm had ten stages and every stage would strengthen a cultivator’s power several times. Especially after the fifth stage, the difference in every stage was great.

But not only did Lin Yun manage to take the palm, he even sent the attacker flying away. The face of the one who attacked looked ashamed as rage built up in his eyes.

“Let me handle it!” The playful expression on Fu Lingtian’s face disappeared. It was replaced with a cold grim look as he attacked Lin Yun. His aura swept out when he stepped forward. He was in the pinnacle sixth stage of the Profound Martial Realm and he was half a step away from the seventh stage.

“I once told you that the Sword Firmament Pavilion wasn’t the ruler of the Great Qin Empire. I don’t mind repeating it to you. No matter how brightly you shine in the Sword Firmament Pavilion, offending the Gentlemen Union will only result in death sooner or later!”

Fu Lingtian’s attack was aimed at Lin Yun’s head. In the past, Lin Yun did not understand what Fu Lingtian’s words meant. But after he got to know about the Azure Association from Guardian Plum, he knew that the crown prince was behind the Gentlemen Union.

These people wouldn’t dare to kill him in the Sword Firmament Pavilion. At best, they would only teach him a lesson. After all, there weren’t many people that they didn’t dare to offend. In the blink of an eye, Lin Yun executed the Seven Profound Steps and easily avoided Fu Lingtian’s attack.

“You think that you can avoid this?” Fu Lingtian laughed. His palm changed into claws as he tried to grab Lin Yun’s throat.

Lin Yun raised his hand and performed the Dragon Painting, unleashing a roar as he punched the  claw. When the punch and claw collided, an explosion like rumbling lightning sounded out. Fu Lingtian was surprised when he saw that Lin Yun was still standing there firmly.

“Firmament Sword!” Fu Lingtian joined his two fingers together to form a sword and tried to stab Lin Yun’s chest. Fu Lingtian’s aura erupted like a volcano as he stabbed at Lin Yun.

Many people’s faces changed when he saw this scene. The Firmament Sword was one of the forbidden techniques in the Sword Firmament Pavilion. Fu Lingtian truly deserves to be an inner disciple. His attainment in the forbidden technique wasn’t low.

His first attack was directed at Lin Yun’s head, his second attack was at Lin Yun’s throat, and his third attack was directed at Lin Yun’s chest. His attacks were fatal and they would cause heavy injuries if they struck Lin Yun.

However, Lin Yun faced the attacks calmly. Two rays burst from his eyes and a golden dragon manifested when his fingers moved. When he clenched his fist together, the dragon roared. Torrential energy poured out when he threw his punch.

When the two attacks collided, the ground cracked and the rocks flew around.

Fu Lingtian’s eyes widened with shock. He could sense the origin energy in his fingers sinking into a swamp, negated by Lin Yun’s punch.

But just when Fu Lingtian was about to step back, the energy behind Lin Yun’s punch surged forward once more. This time, blood oozed out of Fu Lingtian’s lips as he took a few steps back. When he landed on the ground again, his face was black.

“I’ll kill you!” Fu Lingtian flew into a rage.

“Big Brother, we’ll help out!” Two figures among the Eight Vajra dashed towards Lin Yun from the left and right, sandwiching him.

“Mountainbreaker Fist!”

“Bloodwolf Rage!”

“Cloudshattering Palm!”

Three attacks arrived at the same time as five other people watched by the side with murderous aura brewing in their eyes.

Even after Lin Yun sent Fu Lingtian flying with a punch, it didn’t change the situation. On the contrary, it made the situation worse. If the three attacks connected, they would tear Lin Yun into pieces.

“Great timing!” Lin Yun stood his ground with a dragon and a tiger manifesting in each of his fists. The forty-seven petals of the Iris Flower bloomed in his Dantian. Just when the three attacks were about to reach him, Lin Yun slammed his fists together, producing a lightning rumble.

A dragon mountain and a tiger mountain manifested before merging together into a colossal mountain that shrouded Lin Yun. It was the Hidden Dragon, Crouching Tiger.

The wind started to gather from the surrounding as the three attacks landed on Lin Yun. However, Lin Yun stood his ground firmly, unfazed by the attacks. Before the three of them could step down, Lin Yun’s aura exploded. His eyes glowed brightly as a colossal tiger manifested behind him with its eyes closed.

When Lin Yun threw his punch out, the tiger suddenly opened its eyes, unleashing the aura of a king. This punch contained the prestige of a king and Lin Yun poured his sword intent, origin energy, and physical energy into it. It might seem like a simple fist, but it was domineering with the might of a hundred beasts.

The three attackers were sent flying as they threw up blood. When they landed on the ground, their eyes radiated with fear.

On the other hand, Lin Yun stopped his attack and faintly released his aura. He looked around, and his gaze intimidated everyone he looked at.

“How is this possible…”

“Holy shit! Lin Yun just joined the inner sect and yet he’s already so powerful!”

“This is too unbelievable! The Eight Vajra are ranked in the top two hundreds and they’re not someone the disciples in the Alliance-Union Battle can be compared to!”

“Monster, he’s simply a monster! His strength improved again!”

“He probably benefited a lot from being the final winner of the Alliance-Union Battle.” No one had expected that the Eight Vajra would actually lose to Lin Yun. This made those who were worried for Lin Yun feel relieved.

It wasn’t difficult for Lin Yun to leave, but it would be troublesome if the Eight Vajra ganged up on Lin Yun. When they looked at Lin Yun, he still looked the same as before, without any changes.

Looking at the surrounding disciples pointing their fingers, Fu Lingtian’s face became unsightly. He felt humiliated. He had no idea how Lin Yun cultivated. Lin Yun only joined the sect for six months, yet he had already surpassed them.

Fu Lingtian then made up his mind that he couldn’t allow Lin Yun to leave today no matter what. Otherwise, the Eight Vajra’s reputation would be ruined.

“Lin Yun, you’re shameless!” Fu Lingtian’s sudden roar startled everyone. He continued, “We restrained our strength seeing that you’ve just been promoted to an inner disciple. We’ve barely used 30% of our strength, but you were so ruthless with your attacks. What are you trying to do here? Do you not have the Sect’s rules in your eyes? Are there any Sword-Bearing Elders around? If we weren’t strong enough, wouldn’t we be killed by you?!”

His voice left everyone in the surrounding shocked. They didn’t know what to say about Fu Lingtian’s shamelessness. After all, they had never seen someone as shameless as Fu Lingtian.

However, Lin Yun kept his silence and didn’t utter a single word.

“Kneel down and apologize. Otherwise, don’t blame us for teaching you how to behave today,” demanded Fu Lingtian

“Kneel down!” The Eight Vajra roared.

With a playful gaze, Lin Yun replied, “I wonder how you guys are going to teach me to behave?”

Fu Lingtian drew out his sword. It was clearly a transcendent grade profound artifact. The remaining seven also drew their swords as they separated themselves to surround Lin Yun. The eight swords were all transcendent grade profound artifacts, so the fluctuation coming from the spiritual runes was horrifying.

Fu Lingtian grinned. Even if Lin Yun had ten times the guts, there was no way he would dare to face the eight of them altogether.

But did Lin Yun really not have the guts? Lin Yun waved his hand and took out the Scarletflame War Flag from his interspatial pouch. He waved the flag in his hand and it transformed into the close-combat mode. The dual moon scythes at the tip of the flag looked terrifying.

“You want to teach me how to behave?” Lin Yun snorted and slammed the blade into the ground.

The Eight Vajra’s faces changed when they saw this scene. Their legs started to tremble as fear rose in their hearts.

“Then let me see how you are going to teach me to behave!” Lin Yun swung the Scarletflame War Flag at the eight of them.

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