Chapter 319 - Renowned in the Sword Firmament Pavilion

Lin Yun gently patted the interspatial pouch and took out the Scarletflame War Flag. The flag was nearly two meters in length, so it was taller than Lin Yun. When he stabbed it into the ground, it released a domineering aura and flames spread out. 

This was the first time he examined the Scarletflame War Flag. The flagpole was heavy and had golden spiritual runes engraved on it. When Lin Yun poured his origin energy into the flagpole, the runes shined like golden flames.

Lin Yun also knew how to engrave first grade spiritual runes thanks to the Age Sutra. However, he couldn’t see anything from the spiritual runes on this cosmic artifact. He guessed that at the very least, they must be third grade spiritual runes. When he looked at the spiritual runes, he could feel his consciousness being swallowed up.

However, there were many other spiritual runes on the flagpole that didn’t light up. This must be the damages that Guardian Plum talked about. The damaged portion included about one-third of the spiritual runes, which greatly decreased the artifact’s prowess. But it was still a cosmic artifact.

It was powerful and it could give Lin Yun the ability to protect himself in the Profound Martial Realm. Even if he encountered someone among the eight titles, he was confident of fighting them if they didn’t have any cosmic artifacts.

The spiritual runes on the flag fluttered like flames. Lin Yun could sense the violent energy coursing through the Scarletflame War Flag, with the spiritual runes in the flag acting as the core. The Scarletflame Runes should be made with the Scarlet Trueflame that Guardian Plum talked about. But it was difficult for him to try and use it right now.

There wasn’t any reaction to the Scarletflame Runes when Lin Yun tried pouring his origin energy into it. But as he continued and poured one-tenth of his origin energy into the flag, the Scarletflame Runes finally reacted.

The Scarletflame Runes blazed like magma that shined brightly. Before Lin Yun could even respond to it, a wisp of fire flew out. It exploded when it landed in the plum blossom garden, levelling it to the ground and reducing a large patch of plum blossom trees to ashes.

It was a lot more powerful than Lin Yun’s full strength and he couldn’t imagine how powerful it would be if he managed to release all the Scarlet Trueflames. Lin Yun’s eyes lit up with excitement. But he soon recalled that the plum blossom trees were probably loved by Guardian Plum, so he muttered, “I’ll try out the Scarletflame War Flag a little more and then leave immediately.”

Lin Yun waved his hand and two curved blades shot out from the flagpole, forming a triangular head at its tip. It could probably rip out a chunk of flesh if Lin Yun plunged it into someone’s body. Just thinking about it sent a chill down Lin Yun’s spine.

The flag could also transform into a blade, which made it even more terrifying. It was a curved blade, which meant that it would be transformed into a sickle. After going into close-combat mode, the Scarletflame War Flag became even more terrifying.

Although he could barely use the Scarlet Trueflame, there was no way he could use it easily. Luckily, the close-combat mode wouldn’t exhaust him much. Even without the Scarlet Trueflame, the cosmic artifact’s power alone was sufficient for Lin Yun, not to mention the triangle tip and blade. The blade could easily tear apart any origin energy around someone’s body.

When Lin Yun tightened his grasp on the Scarletflame War Flag, he could feel a terrifying bloodlust coming from it. He couldn’t help but frown at this. The cosmic artifact was an ominous weapon and many people died to it. So how many people would he kill with it?

As Lin Yun’s consciousness blurred out, he could see a path of blood that led to a pile of skeletons. But Lin Yun soon recovered from that state. When he swung the Scarletflame War Flag, it left a faint baleful aura in the air.

The Scarletflame War Flag transformed back into its flag mode. Lin Yun placed it back into the interspatial pouch and was prepared to leave this place. Over the past three days, he finally figured out what was going on.

He agreed to Guardian Plum without much thought. If he failed to make it through the Dragon Gate Competition and qualify for the Draconic Banquet, he would have to wait for another four years. This meant that he would be tied to the Sword Firmament Pavilion for the next four years. 

On the other hand, Guardian Plum promised him the complete book, but he still did not give him the Overlord Sword’s complete book. Guardian Plum only said that he would give him the complete book when the time was right. But Guardian Plum didn’t tell him what cultivation he had to reach. This meant that the Overlord Sword’s complete book wasn’t simple.

As for the cosmic artifact, the 6,000 second-grade spiritual jades, and the new identity as an inner disciple, they were his rewards for becoming the champion. The only benefits he received was to cultivate here for three days.

But he also had another opportunity to exchange a spiritual sword technique from the Martial Hall. Lin Yun immediately became energetic and smiled, “Even without the Overlord Sword, I will participate in the Draconic Banquet since I know about it now. I should head to the Martial Hall and get a spiritual sword technique.”

Lin Yun met Guardian Plum along the way down. After Lin Yun bowed, he immediately left because he thought about the ruined plum blossom garden.

When Guardian Plum returned to meet the sect master, he had a strange look and smiled, “That brat was really anxious. And to think that I thought that he would try and stay in the plum blossom garden for as long as he can.” But the smile on Guardian Plum’s face soon froze.

Lin Yun headed towards the Martial Hall and was shocked that he was bumping into disciples along the way. All of them bowed and addressed him as ‘Senior Brother Lin’ when they saw him. After all, Lin Yun shined brightly in the Alliance-Union Battle and became the champion.

Many people had only heard of him when the Phoenix Plum rang, but the Alliance-Union Battle caused his fame to spread throughout the sect. Now, almost everyone knew about him, especially with how he suppressed Chu Haoyu and Chang Wu.

Many people guessed that he might only be in the fifth stage of the Profound Martial Realm, but his strength could put him at least in the top two hundred on the Earth Ranking. His accomplishment wasn’t any inferior to Bai Lixuan back then.

Lin Yun was a little proud of the respect he garnered from the disciples. But he soon calmed down when he thought of the Dragon Gate Competition at the end of the year. When Lin Yun arrived at the Martial Hall, he ignored the commotion from the surrounding and headed to the elder.

“Disciple Lin Yun, pays his respect to the elder,” said Lin Yun respectfully.

The elder raised his eye to look at Lin Yun. His eyes lit up before he revealed a gratified smile, “We meet again. I heard that you shined brilliantly during the Alliance-Union Battle.”

He was the one who gave Lin Yun the Seven Profound Steps. So when Lin Yun used the Seven Profound Steps during the Alliance-Union Battle, it made the elder feel proud.

“I have already formed the Golden Crow Seal, so the Seven Profound Steps will reach complete mastery sooner or later.” The Seven Profound Steps might be tough to cultivate, but Lin Yun was confident in reaching complete mastery.

“Good!” The elder was happy when he looked at Lin Yun. This youth once suffered greatly from him and he even bled from his seven orifices. Later, the elder found out that Lin Yun was so persistent because he promised Xin Yan that he would kill Ye Liuyun.

This made the elder feel touched, causing him to finally relax his decision. The elder smiled, “I’ll preserve the Seven Profound Step’s Violet Palace Realm version for you. You can come and look for me when you reach complete mastery.”

“Thank you.” Lin Yun had joy flickering in his eyes. He knew that it wasn’t easy to obtain the Seven Profound Step’s Violet Palace Realm. He heard that only elders could obtain them or he could obtain it by swapping an astronomical sum of contribution points.

“Go ahead. Guardian Plum already told me that you’re here to pick a spiritual sword technique.”

Lin Yun bowed and immediately headed to the Martial Hall’s seventh level. Normally speaking, his sixth stage Sword Firmament Token only allowed him to reach the sixth level. But Guardian Plum gave him an exception this time. The surrounding disciples all felt envious when they looked at Lin Yun.

“Holy shit, the elder is even willing to give Lin Yun the Seven Profound Step’s Violet Palace Realm version.”

“I heard that the Martial Hall doesn’t contain any violet palace martial techniques. Those are extremely precious martial techniques that even elders will have a hard time obtaining them, not to mention disciples.”

“Not only that. Guardian Plum even allowed him to pick a spiritual sword technique. He’ll definitely pick one on the seventh level!”

“Who wouldn’t? I probably won’t be able to visit the seventh level in my lifetime…”

“Stop sighing. Lin Yun won it in the Alliance-Union Battle. Just think about what he went through.”

Everyone became excited when Lin Yun’s battle in the Alliance-Union Battle was mentioned. They could feel their blood boiling when they thought about it. It was an earth-shattering battle. Chu Haoyu and Chang Wu were even forced to summon their martial souls, but they were still defeated.

Even Lin Yun was dyed in blood. The battle was intense.

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