Chapter 316 - Ancient Southern Domain

“Guardian Plum?” Lin Yun was shocked. He remembered that Xin Yan was carrying him when he fell unconscious. So why was Guardian Plum here when he woke up?

Just when he was about to give his greetings, Guardian Plum stopped him and smiled, “The Dracophant Battle Physique is impressive since it allowed you to recover from such injuries in three days.”

Guardian Plum sat down and continued, “This is actually quite hilarious. So it turns out that the champion of the Sword Firmament Pavilion practiced the Primal Origin Sect’s Dracophant Battle Physique and Heavenly Profound Sect’s Dragon-Tiger Fist.”

“Guardian Plum, you’re exaggerating. If it wasn’t for the Seven Profound Steps and Overlord Sword, there’s no way I could become the Champion.” Lin Yun bowed to Guardian Plum.

When Lin Yun mentioned the Overlord Sword, Guardian Plum looked gratified and smiled, “I told you that I would have a present for you after your Overlord Sword reached greater mastery. I wonder if you still remember that?”

Of course Lin Yun remembered it, but he didn’t expect that the Overlord Sword would be so hard. After all, it wasn’t difficult for the Seven Profound Steps to reach greater mastery and the Golden Crow Seal could reach complete mastery any time now.

When Guardian Plum mentioned the gift, Lin Yun couldn’t help feeling eager. Guardian Plum was someone with the highest authority in the Sword Firmament Pavilion. Lin Yun had no idea what present Guardian Plum had in mind for him.

Seeing the expectation in Lin Yun’s eyes, Guardian Plum replied, “It’s not an impressive gift. I’m just going to give you the full book of the Overlord Sword.”

“The Overlord Sword’s complete book? The one I practiced isn’t the complete one?”

“Of course not. The one I gave you was only the introduction,” smiled Guardian Plum. He knew that Lin Yun already guessed that the book wasn’t complete seeing that Lin Yun wasn’t shocked. He didn’t wait for Lin Yun to speak and continued, “Lin Yun, the Overlord Sword was left behind by the Sword Firmament Pavilion’s ancestor, Jian Wuming. I’m giving you the complete book for no reason. After all, you will shoulder the Sword Firmament Pavilion’s burden once you have it. Then again, I will naturally not force you to take it. You can change it to another reward if you’re unwilling. You can just continue to be an ordinary disciple as long as you’re loyal to the sect.”

Guardian Plum’s words left Lin Yun stunned. Then again, they made sense. The Overlord Sword was powerful with just the introduction. He could imagine how powerful the complete book would be. There was no reason for Guardian Plum to give something so precious to him for no reason. In the end, it was an equivalent exchange where he had to contribute to the sect.

It was rare for Guardian Plum to speak such heavy words. Thoughts flashed in Lin Yun’s mind and he soon made his decision, “There’s no need to swap. I want the Overlord Sword’s complete book.”

“You know, I’m more nervous about this than you. The Overlord Sword’s importance towards the Sword Firmament Pavilion is more important than you think. Ever since I gave you the Overlord Sword’s introduction book, I’ve been observing you. If you weren’t someone who was loyal to your friends, I wouldn’t give you the complete book.” Guardian Plum looked to be in a good mood. He waved his hand, “Sit down.”

“With your talent and comprehension, it’s just a matter of time before you to reach the Violet Palace Realm. At that time, you’ll definitely leave the Sword Firmament Pavilion and the Great Qin Empire. There’s no way you can be restrained to this small world here,” continued Guardian Plum.

Lin Yun wore a grave expression as he listened. There was no way the Great Qin Empire would be his final stop. He would leave this place sooner or later to find Su Biyao. He didn’t want to owe Su Biyao anything. He wanted to repay her and make things up to her.

He was ambitious and he wanted to stand at the peak of the mountains. But to do that required strength. So he had no reason to refuse the Overlord Sword.

Guardian Plum dipped his finger in the tea before he gently tapped on the table. The tea then turned into a massive map, which forced Lin Yun to narrow his eyes into slits. He had no idea what this map was.

“This is the Ancient Southern Domain and the Great Qin Empire is just a small kingdom in it. The Great Qin Empire’s existence barely exists in the west, so it can basically be neglected.” Guardian Plum pointed at the Great Qin Empire and there were dozens of other similar kingdoms around it.

“There are two superpowers in the west of the Ancient Southern Domain, the Profound Sun Palace and Violetmoon Sect. They’re the two overlords in the west and there are seven other equivalent forces in the entire Ancient Southern Domain. These overlords can easily level the Great Qin Empire to the ground with just their words. But they transcended the kingdoms, so they naturally won’t bother the kingdoms.” Guardian Plum’s words made Lin Yun’s heart jump.

Even the Great Qin Empire was nothing before these overlords. Could it be that Su Biyao came from one of these nine forces? After all, Su Biyao even transcended the eight titles. For a moment there, Lin Yun’s thoughts were chaotic and he felt the huge pressure. He could faintly sense that what Guardian Plum wanted him to do was harder than he had imagined.

“I want you to walk out of the Great Qin Empire and contend with the monsters of the overlord forces,” said Guardian Plum.

Lin Yun smiled bitterly. He didn’t even dare to say that he had nothing to fear in the Great Qin Empire. Guardian Plum was too ambitious, wanting him to compete with the geniuses of the overlord forces. Lin Yun asked, “I’d like to know something.”

“Go ahead,” said Guardian Plum.

“Generally speaking, Bai Lixuan’s talent isn’t weaker than mine, not to mention that he might even form the Saint Physique after his seclusion. So why didn’t you hand the Overlord Sword to him?” Lin Yun asked.

“Do you know this?” Guardian Plum’s eyes flashed with a trace of helplessness when Bai Lixuan was mentioned. He took out a jade plaque, which seemed familiar to Lin Yun. Lin Yun’s eyes flashed before he turned to look at Guardian Plum, “I once saw a similar jade plaque on Chu Haoyu.”

“This is from Chu Haoyu,” said Guardian Plum.

“How is he?” Lin Yun did not hate Chu Haoyu. That person was arrogant, but he was also a person of character. Not to mention that there was no choice but for them to fight for their positions. Lin Yun only remembered that Chu Haoyu was on the verge of dying to his last attack.

“His Martial Soul is injured. Although I gave him a third-grade spiritual pellet, it’s still impossible for his martial soul to recover completely. I’m afraid that he won’t be able to step into the Violet Palace Realm in his lifetime. He’s prideful, so he left the sect since he can’t accept this outcome. Before he left, he gave all his resources back to the sect, including this jade plaque,” sighed Guardian Plum. “The Alliance-Union Battle might be brutal, but everyone who’s injured can be treated. But the damages to his and Chang Wu’s martial souls are eternal. Oh, he told me to tell you to help him finish his fight with Bai Lixuan if possible.”

Lin Yun was speechless by Chu Haoyu’s stubbornness. The sect knew about Chu Haoyu’s grudge with Bai Lixuan, so he naturally knew that there was no way he could defeat Bai Lixuan now since he wouldn’t be able to step into the Violet Palace Realm anymore in his lifetime. But why did Chu Haoyu want him to fulfill this goal for him? Was it just because Chu Haoyu lost to him?

Then again, Chu Haoyu had no idea that Lin Yun also had some grudges with Bai Lixuan. Lin Yun and Bai Lixuan were destined to fight.

Holding onto the jade plaque, Guardian Plum continued, “What I wanted to say is that wielding this jade plaque means that you’ve entered a certain social circle. Chu Haoyu naturally knew that he’s useless now, so he left this social circle. There are many monstrous geniuses among the four great sects who received this jade plaque. Bai Lixuan is one of them.”

Lin Yun was shocked by Guardian Plum’s words. Just who was this person to form such a massive network of elites? The sects naturally knew about it, but since the four sects didn’t do anything, this meant that the person was someone that even the sects feared.

“Who is he?” asked Lin Yun.

“Who else isn’t afraid of the four great sects in the Great Qin Empire?” Guardian Plum smiled bitterly at Lin Yun.

“The royal family? This person is the prince!” Lin Yun was shocked. He soon figured it out.

“That’s right. It’s the crown prince, one of the eight titles, Qin Yu. The royal family secretly formed the Azure Association and it reached new heights in Qin Yu’s hands. He can be considered a boss hiding in the Great Qin Empire. Wang Yan is also someone from this association. This is why there’s nothing the sect could do when he violated the rules previously. Our concerns are with the Azure Association, not the Wang Clan,” sighed Guardian Plum. “Now do you understand why I can’t give the Overlord Sword to him even after he forms the Saint Physique?”

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