Chapter 315 - Well-deserved

Lin Yun’s attack was horrifying. It actually made two monstrous geniuses fall to their knees. They didn’t even have the time to execute their Martial Souls before they fainted.

At the border of the Sword Tomb, Ye Xiu sucked in a cold breath with deep fear in his eyes. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to take that attack.

Everything within a thousand meters was wiped out, including the sea of flames. It drained Lin Yun’s origin energy completely. He was struck with endless exhaustion.

Lin Yun threw up a mouthful of blood and his body started to sway. His face was pale with bloodshot eyes. He could feel weakness assaulting him. Coming this far in the Alliance-Union Battle, Lin Yun was completely drained. But the spectators were all looking at him with revere.

“The Alliance-Union Battle has concluded! Our champion is Lin Yun!” Luo Feng’s voice echoed out, which instantly caused a wave of commotion. The Alliance-Union Battle was filled with ups and downs. But no one imagined that Lin Yun would become the champion. He joined the sect half a year ago and he wasn’t even eighteen.

The leaders of the various alliance-unions wore an unsightly expression, especially Wang Yan. His face was pale. He spent so much effort and even went as far as poaching Chu Haoyu.

In the end, not only did Chu Haoyu fail to kill Lin Yun, but he even failed to become the champion. Even the bounty he issued on Lin Yun became a source of embarrassment. He paid such a huge price to search for Lin Yun’s tracks, only to watch Lin Yun obtain first place and the cosmic artifact.

Lin Yun let out a breath of relief when he heard that the Alliance-Union Battle finally came to an end. A smile rose on his lips. His effort wasn’t for nought and he was satisfied with the outcome. Since he had decided to compete, then he had to become the champion.

Suddenly, two Flaming Souls dashed out from the Sword Tomb and charged towards the only living creature left in the Sword Tomb.

Many people exclaimed at this and their faces changed. This had caught them by surprise. Bai Ting smiled, “Interesting… The Flaming Souls actually spawned. Lin Yun’s palm seems to have shaken the flame vein underground.”

Luo Feng’s face changed. He wanted to help, but Bai Ting would naturally not give him the opportunity. With a cold light flashing through his eyes, Bai Ting stood before Luo Feng and chuckled, “It looks like this is heaven's will. Don’t fight it.”

“Get lost!” yelled Luo Feng. The two of them unleashed their aura, but right at this moment, Xin Yan charged forward and drew her sword. Her sword emitted a violent aura. Drawing her sword, she unleashed her strength in the eighth stage of the Profound Martial Realm.

With a roar, Xin Yan stabbed and killed the two Flaming Souls. With that, she ended the two Flaming Souls. Sheathing her sword, she arrived before Lin Yun and looked at his injuries with heartache.

“Big Sister, here, this is for you.” Lin Yun squeezed out a smile and handed the Scarletflame War Flag over.

Xin Yan’s eyes became teary. She did not accept it and replied, “Come, I’ll bring you out.”

She carried Lin Yun on her back and left the Sword Tomb. Lying on Xin Yan’s back, Lin Yun’s mind relaxed and he whispered, “Big Sister, you saved my life again…”

“What the hell are you talking about? Do you want me to throw you away?” asked Xin Yan.

“Okay, I won’t mention it anymore,” smiled Lin Yun before he fell into slumber.

When Xin Yan felt Lin Yun’s heavy breathing, she squeezed out a gentle smile. It was a completely different expression compared to how she killed the two Flaming Souls.

“What a lucky fellow…”

“Yeah, she’s the sect’s bella, the Bloody Rose. God knows how many people she’s killed with her sword. No one dares to take advantage of her and yet she’s actually willing to piggyback Lin Yun in public.”

“Damn it. This fellow only joined the sect for six month, but it seems like Senior Sister Xin Yan is going to fall for him.”

This scene had also exceeded everyone’s expectations. Many people clicked their tongues with jealousy for Lin Yun. They were more disappointed with this than Lin Yun becoming the champion.

“Haha, why are you jealous? Why don’t you try becoming the champion and gift the Scarletflame War Flag to Senior Sister Xin Yan?”

“Yeah. If you could do that, then I’d be willing to piggyback you out as well if I was Senior Sister Xin Yan.” The female disciples became unhappy when they heard the male disciples’ grumbling. It caused a small commotion, which eased the tense atmosphere in the Alliance-Union Battle.

On the observation platform, Liu Yue’s face was cold. There were rumours that Lin Yun wouldn’t be able to get through the first round, but not only did Lin Yun get through the first round, he even gave everyone a slap to the face. Not to mention that he suppressed Chu Haoyu, Chang Wu, and Ye Xiu in the second round and became the champion.

This wasn’t what she came for. She stood up in fury and greeted the surrounding elders before looking at Lin Yun on Xin Yan’s back with a complicated expression. The more she looked at him, the more furious she became. Damn it! I’ll deal with you one day!

While some were unhappy, there were naturally those who rejoiced. Lin Qiushan and her party wore smiles on their faces, except for Li Wuyou who wore a pitiful smile, “Boss is really lucky. When can Senior Sister piggyback me too?”

Lin Yan burst into laughter at how goofy Li Wuyou was. But when she turned around, she became concerned, “Big Sister, there’s nothing seriously wrong with Big Brother Lin, right?”

Although Lin Yun won the Alliance-Union Battle, he was covered in wounds. Lin Qiushan fell into deep thought before she replied, “He should be fine. After all, he practised the Dracophant Battle Physique. But it won’t be easy for him to recover from his injuries, especially the two wounds left by Chu Haoyu and Chang Wu.”

Lin Yan smiled when she heard Lin Qiushan’s words. The two swords left a fatal wound on Lin Yun and he would’ve lost his life if he was half a step slower.

But fortunately, he bore the pain and knocked the two of them back. There was no luck factor in how Lin Yun became the champion. In this fight, Lin Yun convinced everyone that he fully deserved being the champion.

When Lin Yun woke up, three days had passed. Opening his eyes took great effort since he slept for too long. When the surrounding view started becoming clearer, he realized that he wasn’t in the Locket Mountain. There was a faint aroma in the room that made him feel refreshed.

He looked around and discovered that the source was an incense burner. Beside the incense burner laid an ancient war flag with spiritual runes engraved on it. Occasionally, the spiritual runes would flash and emit a shocking aura.

Isn’t that the Scarletflame War Flag? Lin Yun clearly remembered that this flag was his reward for becoming champion. He got down from the bed and walked over to grab the Scarletflame War Flag. It was indeed the Scarletflame War Flag. Then, he looked around in curiosity.

“Brat, you woke up pretty quickly!” A voice sounded out and a middle-aged man came in. It was the leader of the guardians, Guardian Plum.

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