Chapter 309 - Decisive Battle Approaches

This scene left everyone shocked. Even Chu Haoyu, Ye Xiu, and Jiang Feng had their faces change. The Alliance-Union Battle would end with the last one standing, and the longer you stay here, the more stars you would have in the jade plaque.

The disciples would then be ranked based on their stars. Clearly, the crystal must be the reason why Chang Wu suddenly had a hundred stars in his jade plaque.

Lin Yun’s mind jolted. He recalled what Bai Ting said about the crystals. It was hilarious that he didn’t realise it back then. But thinking about it right now, this meant that obtaining a crystal would guarantee you into the inner sect.

After all, Chang Wu was fully qualified to become an inner disciple with his stars. Then again, he was already an inner disciple, to begin with. So being in the top hundred wasn’t attractive to him at all. If he didn’t have any intention to compete in the top ten, he would just leave after refining one crystal.

That old geezer really fooled them by saying things so half-baked. Lin Yun sighed because many disciples forfeited when the Flaming Souls appeared. If they knew that they could become an inner disciple by obtaining a crystal, they would probably die from regret.

“Let’s give it a try then.” Lin Yun’s eyes flashed and he retrieved the crystal he obtained previously. A surge of violent energy poured into his body, which enveloped him in dazzling flames.

“What pure energy!” Lin Yun was shocked. The energy within the crystal exceeded his expectations. In the next second, the Iris Flower opened and devoured the energy. The Iris Flower began to blaze with flames and something seemed to have exploded within the Iris Flower.

Lin Yun wasn’t too surprised, because he also had a similar experience when he refined the Swordcloud Core. He knew that the Iris Sword Sutra had no resistance to such treasures. But he didn’t notice that there were some differences between the crystal and core.

“Big Brother, there’s so many stars!” Li Wuyou was shocked. After Lin Yun refined the crystal, the number of stars in his jade plaque suddenly increased.

“A hundred. With these hundred stars, it’s more than enough for you to place in the top hundred,” said Lin Qiushan with a splendour shining in her eyes. The sea of flames already placed everyone in a tough position. Not only did they have to guard from sneak attacks, but they also had to be cautious of the Flaming Souls.

Everyone was feeling reluctant to give up the chance of becoming an inner disciple. But they suddenly had hope because obtaining a crystal would guarantee their path into the inner sect. Suddenly, the disciples remaining in the Sword Tomb’s eyes lit up and turned bloodshot.

“Kill!” The Flaming Souls that everyone was running away from a moment ago suddenly became high in demand. No one held back anymore and they attacked the Flaming Souls, which swept chaos in the Sword Tomb.

Cries constantly sounded out to remind everyone that the Flaming Souls were tough to deal with. But the battle was still brutal.

Just when Lin Qiushan and her party was about to make their move, they were stopped by Lin Yun, “Calm down for now.”

“Why? We’ll be able to become an inner disciple by obtaining a crystal and there aren’t many Flaming Souls available,” said Chen Ling and Gu Beixuan. The two grew a little anxious because everyone surrounded the Flaming Souls. They knew that they wouldn’t have any more chances if they didn’t go up now.

“Look at Chu Haoyu and the inner disciples. Did they move?” said Lin Yun as he pointed in a direction.

Not only Chu Haoyu, Jiang Feng, Ye Xiu, and Chang Wu, but many inner disciples also didn’t make any move except for the occasional violent flashing in their eyes.

“We got it!” One party managed to take down a Flaming Soul and reached out for the Flaming Crystal. Just when he had joy written on his face and wanted to retreat from the Sword Tomb, attacks suddenly swept towards him like a tidal wave and he lost the crystal.

“Hehe, it’s time!” The inner disciples smirked. To begin with, they were stronger than most of the outer disciples. They had been waiting for someone to obtain a crystal before they made their move.

“Damn it! What a bunch of assholes!” Gu Beixuan felt a chill run down his spine when he saw this scene.

On the other hand, Lin Yun reacted to this rather calmly. Compared to the outer disciples, the inner disciples were naturally more composed. They managed to maintain their calm despite the temptation of the crystals. This was the decisive battle, so any weakness revealed would be further amplified.

When the inner disciples joined the battle, Lin Yun spoke out, “We can make our move now. But be careful. It won’t be tough for you guys to obtain a few crystals with your strength. Let Wuyou come along with you guys.”

“Hehe, sure!”

“Thank you for your reminder, Junior Brother Lin!” Lin Qiushan’s party cupped their hands together. They didn’t go into the battle right away and waited for an opportunity. 

A newly formed Flaming Soul appeared a hundred meters away. Lin Yun's eyes flashed and he charged over. The stars came from the crystals wasn’t the only thing attracting Lin Yun, but also the massive energy contained within them. “It’s time to get moving.”

The dracophant energy spread out on his body and Lin Yun strode forward. He left behind seven afterimages along with saintly music and hammered the Flaming Soul. He didn’t bother dodging as he had nothing to fear with the Dracophant Battle Physique.

After ten moves, the Flaming Soul dissipated. But just when he was about to grab the crystal, a bolt of lightning shot over. It was the fifth on the Mortal Ranking, Yan Shigao.

Lin Yun did not panic and formed the Golden Vajra Seal before throwing out a punch with the Dragon-Tiger Fist. His dracophant energy and origin energy fused together, which shot out at Yan Shigao like a bolt of lightning after being empowered by the seal.

His fist tore through the air with the strength that could easily kill any ordinary fifth stage disciple. But Lin Yun was surprised when Yan Shigao didn’t avoid his move. On the contrary, Yan Shigao drew his sword and chose to face Lin Yun head-on.

When the fist and sword clashed, it caused the surrounding atmosphere to tremble. The powerful rebound from the clash caused them to take a step back before they regained their footing on the swords plunged into the ground.

Lin Yun was surprised that they were evenly matched. But Lin Yun was in an advantageous position since he took the initiative to attack. He didn’t encounter many people who could take the Dragon-Tiger Fist head-on.

Yan Shigao held onto his sword and sneered, “Lin Yun, you never expected that I also refined an Imperial Sword Herb, right? The benefits I received from it aren’t something you can imagine. I’ll defeat you first before taking the crystal!”

The clash boosted Yan Shigao’s confidence. He soared into the sky with his sword intent piercing into the horizon. Yan Shigao charged over and divided into four afterimages, with each afterimage swinging out a sword. The sword gleams then turned into black mists that roared towards Lin Yun.

“Beacon Mists. Impressive. You do have the qualification to be proud, but you’re still nothing in my eyes!” Lin Yun smiled and began to form seals. Just before Yan Shigao’s attack was about to reach him, a tiger and a dragon manifested in each of Lin Yun’s fists. He was executing the Dragon-Tiger Fist’s Flying Dragon, Leaping Tiger.

When the black mist dissipated, Yan Shigao’s ribs cracked and he was blown backwards, throwing up blood. He held onto his chest with disbelief and pointed at Lin Yun, “Your origin energy…”

Lin Yun didn’t allow him to complete his words and executed the Seven Profound Steps–Shadowverse. His punch sent Yan Shigao flying away before he grabbed onto the crystal in the air. Raising his eyelids, Lin Yun looked at Yan Shigao, “You’re on your own now.”

“Damn it…!” Yan Shigao’s face was pale. Lin Yun’s punch had shattered his ambitions of reaching the top ten. At the same time, Chu Haoyu and the other elites also made their moves, which threw the decisive battle into more chaos.

There were over two thousand participating in the second round, but there were only about a hundred left after the second round. This scene shocked the elders and disciples on the observation platform.

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