Chapter 307 - Sudden Change

No one had expected that Chu Haoyu would go after someone ranked at one thousand in the Earth Ranking. But what happened next shocked them even more.

Just when Chu Haoyu’s sword was about to hit Chang Wu, the laziness in Chang Wu’s eyes disappeared. It was replaced with sharpness. He slightly slanted his body to dodge the blow before flicking his finger.

When he flicked his finger, it sounded off like a bell against Chu Haoyu’s trembling sword. But Chu Haoyu wasn’t shocked. On the contrary, he smiled, “Again!”

He swung his sword, unleashing a sword gleam. Just when the sword gleam was about to split Chang Wu into two, Chang Wu tilted his body backwards to dodge it. The sword only managed to slice off a few strands of hair off his head.

But before Chang Wu could get up, Chu Haoyu chopped his sword down, unleashing an outburst of sword intent that caused the ancient swords in the ground to resonate.

Yet again, Chang Wu dodged the attack perfectly and landed on a sword a hundred meters away. He smiled bitterly, “You’re pretty ruthless!”

“As I expected!” Chu Haoyu narrowed his eyes into slits with a cold smirk. Seeing that Chang Wu was about to hide among the inner disciples, he roared, “Get lost!”

Clouds suddenly gathered in the sky and Chu Haoyu’s sword became a towering peak that pierced the horizon. Before the inner disciples standing in his way could scream, they were sent flying from the powerful gale.

“It’s the Cloudstun Sword and it’s in greater mastery!”

“To begin with, the Cloudstun Sword is comparable to spiritual martial techniques. But Chu Haoyu actually practiced it to greater mastery!”

“Judging from how fluently he is using it, he must’ve reached greater mastery a long time ago.”

“There’s no way Chang Wu can dodge this!”

A violent gale blew throughout the Sword Tomb and many people looked at Chu Haoyu with fear in their eyes. The first on the Mortal Ranking was ultimately still the first. His sword was so fast and powerful that there was no way Chang Wu could avoid it.

“Junior Brother Chu, you’re really leaving me in a helpless state,” smiled Chang Wu bitterly. He no longer avoided the attacks and gathered his origin energy that blazed like flames into his hand. Not only that, but even the sea of flames beneath his feet also blazed more ferociously.

Without any warning, Chang Wu suddenly swiped his right hand and blocked Chu Haoyu’s attack.

“Brother Chu, why don’t you take an attack from me too?” Chang Wu suddenly pushed his palm forward. His origin energy turned into a sea of flames that instantly devoured Chu Haoyu.

“This…” Everyone was shocked. No one had expected Chang Wu to be so powerful. The sea of flames devoured Chu Haoyu. Just when everyone was exclaiming, sword gleams flashed and severed the sea of flames into pieces.

“Take a sword from me! Peakshrouding Cloud!” The peak that was shattered by Chang Wu suddenly regathered itself and a vortex formed around it that pulled the surrounding sword intent over.

When Lin Yun saw this scene from afar, he was shocked. He knew that if the Overlord Sword didn’t reach greater mastery, it would be impossible for him to defeat Chu Haoyu’s Cloudstun Sword. It’s not inferior to my Overlord Sword in any way. It’ll be troublesome if his Cloudstun Sword reaches complete mastery…

Lin Yun’s Iris Sword Sutra had reached the eighth stage and the Iris Flower had undergone a huge transformation. So he wouldn’t lose out even if he faced disciples in the sixth stage of the Profound Martial Realm. That was a trump card of his. He also had the second stage of the Flicking Divine Sword–Graceful Moment, Absolute Hit.

The attack from Chu Haoyu was so fast that even Lin Yun couldn’t avoid it, not to mention those who didn’t practice the Seven Profound Steps. The peak was tens of thousands of feet tall and the sword intent rippling in the surrounding caused a huge commotion.

There wasn’t any shock when Chang Wu raised his head. He only had the lone peak in his eyes. There weren't any loopholes in the attack, which made Chang Wu sigh inwardly. But since there weren't any loopholes for him to take advantage of, he could only break it with brute force.

Chang Wu roared and soared into the sky with flames appearing on his skin. He threw out a palm without any tricks, but his palm managed to stop the peak and the shockwave from the collision created turbulence in the surrounding air. The ripples swept onto everyone in its path and those who were hit were heavily injured, forcing them to give up on the Alliance-Union Battle. For a split second, everyone was in danger. 

On the observation platform, everyone was shocked when they saw the swords buzzing in the Sword Tomb.

Lin Yun spread his arms apart and executed the Seven Profound Steps–Golden Crow Wings. He landed beside Lin Qiushan and Lin Yan. As he clenched his fist together, he gathered his origin energy and dracophant energy before throwing out a punch.

“Thank you, Junior Brother Lin,” thanked Lin Qiushan. She could only barely defend herself and Lin Yan would probably be forced to give up if she had to face the attack.

Lin Yan’s heart was throbbing violently, which shock plastered her face. What was happening before her was exceeding her expectations.

“Don’t worry about it.” Lin Yun looked at Chu Haoyu and Chang Wu. The phenomenon caused by their attacks had already dissipated and Chu Haoyu also managed to receive Chang Wu’s palm. But Chang Wu clearly had an advantage over Chu Haoyu with his origin energy.

“Chu Haoyu still underestimated Chang Wu…” muttered Lin Yun. If he wasn’t wrong, the sharp gaze he sensed previously must’ve come from Chang Wu. Chang Wu was also partly the reason why he displayed his strength previously.

Neither Chang Wu nor Chu Haoyu brought out their full strength. After all, they were just probing each other’s strength in the battle. Then again, they would be happy if their opponent revealed a weakness. After all, getting rid of each other would resolve their biggest threat.

The two exchanged over twenty moves in the sky and the ripples caused by their attacks caused a huge fluctuation. They were actually evenly matched. However, Chang Wu didn’t draw his sword, so it was clear that Chu Haoyu was at a disadvantage.

This scene shocked many people. No one had expected that someone like Chang Wu would actually turn out to be the biggest darkhorse in this Alliance-Union Battle. After all, no one paid any attention to him previously.

Chu Haoyu sheathed his sword and stabilized his figure on a sword. He looked at Chang Wu with shock in his eyes. Although he was just probing Chang Wu’s strength, it was undeniable that he was at a disadvantage. He only used half of his strength, but Chang Wu might’ve hidden his strength as well.

“Junior Brother Chu, do you want to carry on? I’m more than happy to entertain you!” smiled Chang Wu. One of them would definitely be injured if they continued fighting, so it was an unwise decision.

Just when Chu Haoyu was about to speak, Jiang Feng suddenly appeared behind him and threw his palm out. The horrifying aura of his Originmurk Art bolted towards Chu Haoyu from a few hundred meters away.

His origin energy was dense, which caught Chu Haoyu completely by surprise. After all, Jiang Feng didn’t reveal any murderous aura prior to this. By the time Chu Haoyu sensed the danger, Jiang Feng’s palm was only half a meter away.

However, Chu Haoyu had been on his guard. He stomped his foot on the sword he used as his footing and his body sank down. He avoided Jiang Feng’s attack and turned around to stab him. If Jiang Feng continued with his palm, he would be pierced by the sword even if he was able to injure Chu Haoyu.

Jiang Feng’s face changed and he retreated. He landed among the Asura Alliance’s disciples with an indifferent expression.

“Jiang Feng, you dare to launch a sneak attack on me?” Chu Haoyu’s eyes flashed coldly. Rage was blazing wildly in his heart while he had indifference written on his face. He was shocked by what happened earlier.

If he hadn’t been guarded, he would’ve been eliminated by now. After all, Jiang Feng wasn’t holding back in his attack.

The Gentlemen Union’s disciples roared, “Jiang Feng, you dare to go against the Gentlemen Union?”

“I don’t dare. But didn’t Senior Brother Chu say that the title of champion belongs to him and that he’ll kill whoever stands in his way? It just so happens that I’m also interested in the cosmic artifact,” replied Jiang Feng calmly. Then, a smirk rose on his lips. He continued, “Furthermore, Chu Haoyu, do you really think that everything will go as you wish? Chang Wu and Lin Yun, do you have the confidence to kill them? If you still have the mindset of not wanting to reveal your trump cards, then you better suck it up!”

Jiang Feng delivered a threat by using the names Chang Wu and Lin Yun. He thought that Chu Haoyu wouldn’t be willing to fight him right now with the others on the sidelines, but he clearly didn’t understand Chu Haoyu enough.

“I don’t need to reveal my trump cards to kill you!” snorted Chu Haoyu. Then, he dashed forward with his sword towards Jiang Feng.

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