Chapter 248 - Crimson Fruit

Everluck was the strongest in the Heavenly Qin Institute and was famed for his spear technique. When it came to the spear, no one among the younger generation was comparable. 

Aquaselenic was the only female among the eight titles. Not only was she blessed with a stunning appearance, but she also possessed the unique techniques of the Demonic Moon Villa. She was the fastest disciple to attain the third stage in the Heavenly Lunar Art.

As for Heartcliff, he was the Primal Origin Sect’s chief disciple and he had the strongest physique among the Great Qin Empire’s younger generation. The force of his punch was over four thousand kilograms and he was only half a step away from having one cauldron’s strength.

Egret was groomed by the Divine Guards and unlike disciples from the sects, he was tempered on the battlefield. He was known as a young general and as a fiendgod among the younger generation.

The four were famous figures in the Great Qin Empire’s territory, and there wasn’t a single one who hadn’t heard about them. The names of the titled ones were deeply rooted in people’s hearts, and the appearance of any single one of them would stir a great commotion. It was even more shocking that four titled figures gathered together to deal with one person.

“You guys leave first. Otherwise, you might be dragged into the battle.” Xin Jue unleashed his aura just as Lin Yun was about to greet him. Xin Jue’s boundless origin energy sent Lin Yun and the others away.

They couldn’t put up any resistance in front of Xin Jue’s cultivation, so they landed a kilometer away. Even the Dragon Blooded Horse was forcibly moved. However, none of them suffered any injuries when they landed on the ground.

Before Lin Yun and the others could react, they suddenly saw all sorts of manifestations that blinded their eyes. A terrifying pressure swept out and caused the earth to tremble.

The four titled figures brought out their Martial Souls right away. A violent gale was created from their summons, forcing Lin Yun and the others to close their eyes. They even had difficulty getting on their feet.

“Hurry, let’s leave!” Lin Yun urged the Dragon Blooded Horse, Zhang Ping, and everyone else away. They immediately left without turning back.

The others had already started running away in shock before Lin Yun even said anything. Lin Yun turned around for a quick peak and saw more people joining the battle. They were Mo Luo’s subordinates and they were sent flying before they could even get close.

Seeing their bodies torn into pieces, Lin Yun turned his head away. He now understood why Xin Jue sent them flying away without even saying anything; a battle at this level was brutal. It even seemed like Mo Luo hadn’t used his full strength earlier.

If he had, Lin Yun wouldn’t have been able to avoid his attacks. Having seen the brutality, Lin Yun rejoiced at the fact that he was still alive. The group continued to run for half an hour without stopping. They didn’t dare to stop for even one second.

“Their strength is terrifying.” Zhang Ping said with lingering fear on his face. His heart was on the verge of collapsing after the many incidents he experienced today.

First, they encountered two wandering cultivators that nearly killed them. Then, Lin Yun displayed his true strength, shocking everyone. This was followed up by Mo Luo’s unexpected arrival after the two wandering cultivators were killed. To top it all off, four titled figures gathered together to kill Mo Luo. It was a pity that they couldn’t witness the fight with their own eyes.

Lin Yun sat down with his eyes closed, focusing on recovering his origin energy. Whenever he used the Iris Flower in his Dantian, his origin energy would be greatly drained. Then again, it was worth it since it increased the lethality to a whole other level.

With his current cultivation, he could only move his Iris Flower half an inch and he had no idea when he could make a full circulation with it. The true power of the Iris Flower would only show when he was able to make a full circulation. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be worthy of being an ancient cultivation technique.

Half an inch of movement was already enough to make Mo Luo feel threatened. Lin Yun looked forward to what he could do with it in the future. The four titled figures’ appearance finally made him realize their strength.

He was already so familiar with Drifting Goblet that he subconsciously forgot that he was also a titled figure. But at this moment, he finally knew just how powerful the titled figures were. So, it was natural that Lin Yun couldn’t help but feel curious about the battle. However, he wasn’t impulsive enough to run over.

After all, he believed that Xin Jue must have his reasons for sending them away. When Lin Yun reopened his eyes, his complexion had recovered. Shortly after, everyone else began to open their eyes. The trace of poison had disappeared from Zuo Yun’s face and there was even a slight improvement in his cultivation.

Lin Yun was surprised by this. The Dracophant Battle Physique can improve cultivation while resolving poison? It was an interesting technique and Lin Yun wondered if there was a similar one in the Sword Firmament Pavilion.

Zuo Yun’s gaze fell onto Lin Yun. He was certain that the boundless sword intent he felt during the fight with the Bloodwolf King was real.

“Brother Lin, you’ve hidden yourself well. If we did not run into Mo Luo, I’m afraid that we still wouldn’t know your true strength. It has far exceeded our expectations and I apologize if we were rude earlier.” Zuo Yun’s eyes blazed with a trace of fighting spirit. He now considered Lin Yun as a rival and no longer looked down on him.

The other Primal Origin Sect disciples were deeply stirred. They very much agreed with Zuo Yun’s words and they also had a trace of fear in their eyes when they looked at Lin Yun.

“I’m flattered,” Lin Yun replied.

“No,” said Zuo Yun, “I don’t praise people easily. I’m greatly shocked by your strength. Both killing the two wandering cultivators and defending us against Mo Luo have deeply surprised me.

Was it that exaggerated? He only managed to kill the middle-aged man by surprise because he combined the Seven Profound Steps and his punch empowered by sword intent. As for the other middle-aged man in black, it was all thanks to the Dragon Blooded Horse’s Thunder Charge that Lin Yun was able to finish him off.

As for Mo Luo, the former didn’t take him seriously when they fought. After all, Lin Yun’s origin energy was utterly exhausted after using the Flicking Divine Sword. Honestly, it was all thanks to Xin Jue’s timely arrival that they were fine.

Otherwise, he would have had to rely on the Dragon Blooded Horse to escape. Lin Yun had an exact gauge of his strength, meaning that he would never underestimate or overestimate himself.

“I’ll be taking my leave now if there’s nothing else,” Lin Yun replied with a smile and stood up.

“Wait,” Zuo Yun suddenly called out.

“What’s the matter?” asked Lin Yun.

“It’s fate that we met and we’ll probably meet again half a year from now. How do you feel about sparring for a little?” Zuo Yun’s eyes blazed with fighting spirit since he now considered Lin Yun a worthy opponent.

There might be a difference of two stages in their cultivation, but Lin Yun’s origin energy density wasn’t any weaker than his own.

Lin Yun got on the horse and smiled, “There’s no rush. You’ve just undergone a series of injuries, so I don’t wish to take advantage of you. We’ll fight again when we meet in the future.” Lin Yun patted the Dragon Blooded Horse on the back, causing it to dash into the forest.

“What an arrogant fellow.” Zhang Ping and the others commented out of indignance that Lin Yun did not give Zuo Yun the opportunity to spar. If others faced such a straightforward rejection, they would definitely not be able to take it well.

“He has the capital to be arrogant. We all underestimated him. Let’s find out more about him when we get back. He’s definitely not a nameless person in the Sword Firmament Pavilion,” smiled Zuo Yun.

Lin Yun did not stop after leaving. Zuo Yun wanted to fight him because the latter couldn’t see through him, which meant that Zuo Yun wanted to find out how strong Lin Yun was. But Lin Yun had already seen through Zuo Yun completely.

The two should be evenly matched if they fought and none of them would have an advantage in the fight. Furthermore, Zuo Yun might exhaust him purely by relying on his physique and cultivation. However, Lin Yun could also defeat Zuo Yun instantly with his strongest attack.

There were too many possibilities, so Lin Yun did not find any meaning in a fight. When night descended, Lin Yun jumped down from the Dragon Blooded Horse. With a smile on his face, he took out the two interspatial pouches that he had taken from the wander cultivators.

Mo Luo’s subordinates were strong, so their wealth should bring him a pleasant surprise. He didn’t spend too much time thinking about it and took everything out from the interspatial pouches.

There were many items in the pouches - martial techniques, pellets, spiritual jades, profound artifacts, and many other random things. Lin Yun wasn’t surprised by how messy everything was since wandering cultivators harvested their wealth by robbing others.

So it was troublesome for Lin Yun to sort through everything. But Lin Yun wasn’t complaining about this since he was broke. In fact, the thousands of spiritual jades made him rejoice.

“These fellows must have killed many different sect disciples.” Lin Yun exclaimed inwardly. It was easy to accumulate wealth by killing and taking other people’s pouches. It was no wonder that they would take the risk of being hunted down by the sects. Unfortunately for them, all their hard work belonged to him now.

“What’s this?” Lin Yun found a crimson fruit in the pile of miscellaneous items. The crimson fruit released a glow as if it was burning. Lin Yun could even vaguely sense a similarity it had with the Bloodwolf King.

His face turned grave when he saw it and wondered if it was obtained from the Bloodwolf Tribe. If it really was from the Bloodwolf Tribe, should this be with Mo Luo? What’s the story behind this? Lin Yun’s heart began to throb when he thought about it.

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