Chapter 247 - Assemble of the Titles

Heartcliff and the other four were surprised when they saw this scene. They couldn’t believe that an outer disciple of the Sword Firmament Pavilion in the second stage of the Profound Martial Realm could slaughter two cultivators in the fifth stage of the Profound Martial Realm.

“If I’m correct, that should be the Overlord Sword, right?”

“Bravo. The Sword Firmament Pavilion seems to be experiencing a surge of geniuses recently. First, it was Bai Lixuan, and now, there’s another genius in Sword Dao.”

“No wonder Brother Xin said to wait and see how things go.” The five of them were absolute elites of the Great Qin Empire and they were all showing interest in the same person.

“What is so great about that? He’s just relying on his pet. If the poisonous snake didn’t bite Zuo Yun, those two cultivators wouldn’t be able to do anything to him,” Heartcliff said indifferently.

Everyone merely smiled and brushed it off. They knew that Heartcliff was naturally unhappy that his fellow disciples came out inferior compared to Lin Yun.

“It’s hard for Mo Luo not to notice this from the huge commotion. He might even come to take a look. We have to change our plan now,” said Xin Jue. Everyone got serious as they proceeded with their business. Lin Yun and Zuo Yun were two juniors, while the five of them stood on top of the Great Qin Empire’s pyramid.

Zhang Ping and the others felt relieved. What they experienced earlier was traumatizing. They felt like they took a brief trip to hell. After all, they were immobilized by the ominous aura and their lives were in their opponents’ hands.

Retrieving the interspatial pouches from the two middle-aged men, Lin Yun tossed a Greater Profound Pellet to the Dragon Blooded Horse. Lil’ Red was exhausted and it needed a short rest.

As for the poisonous snake? The Dragon Blooded Horse ate almost everything in the Demoncloud Mountain Range, so the poisonous snake could only be considered an appetizer. There was no way it could poison Lil’ Red.

“Brother Zuo, are you alright?” Lin Yun asked. Zuo Yun was injured, but he also took a punch from the middle-aged man. Lin Yun guessed that Zuo Yun’s injuries must be pretty serious, but it shouldn’t be lethal with Zuo Yun’s physique.

“It won’t kill me, but I won’t be able to recover anytime soon. The poison is somewhat troublesome.” There were traces of black lines on Zuo Yun’s face, which showed that the situation wasn’t exactly too optimistic.

Zhang Ping and the others looked at Lin Yun with shock. They couldn’t believe that Lin Yun killed two cultivators in the fifth stage of the Profound Martial Realm by himself.

“It’s all thanks to you. Otherwise, we would’ve died here.” Zuo Yun was furious the moment he mentioned those two wandering cultivators. This experience had taught him a lesson not to believe in the words of wandering cultivators, especially those with ominous aura.

Lin Yun merely replied with a smile. Wandering cultivators were known to be cunning and some of them even possessed ominous aura. But aside from that, they had nothing compared to sect disciples. This applied to eyesight and martial techniques. The only thing they could rely on was their experience and ominous aura to immobilize others.

Lin Yun’s face changed when he suddenly thought of something. He spoke out, “Brother Zuo, get on the horse. Let’s leave this place quickly. I’m afraid that this place isn’t safe and that those two people must have more companions around.”

“Alright.” Zuo Yun did not hesitate when he recalled the conversation between the two wandering cultivators and got on the horse. Lin Yun would never be careless when it came to safety.

But right when they were about to leave, a cold snort echoed out as a terrifying aura emitted from the depths of the Bloodwolf Tribe. When that aura approached, it was accompanied by a heavy pressure that made everyone’s countenance in the group change.

“Did you people think that you can leave after killing my men?” A silhouette descended from the sky and appeared before everyone as the pressure of his cultivation was released.

Zhang Ping and the others spit out a mouthful of blood and were sent flying. The Dragon Blooded Horse was also frightened and nearly dropped Zuo Yun.

“Mo Luo?” Zuo Yun had fear flashing through his eyes as he whispered, “Lin Yun, this is a wandering cultivator ranked on the Great Qin Empire’s Great Thief Ranking. He was already in the ninth stage of the Profound Martial Realm one year ago.”

Mo Luo was lean, but he had a sinister scar that stretched from the left side of his face. His gaze fell onto Lin Yun. The huge difference in their cultivation made Lin Yun’s face turn grave. He knew that he had no odds of winning and that he had no other way out aside from running for his life.

“You smell like blood.” Mo Luo’s eyes flickered. He instantly determined that Lin Yun was the murderer.

Without any hesitation, Mo Luo’s bony hand reached for Lin Yun.

It was fast and Lin Yun immediately executed the Seven Profound Steps. But just when he took a step out, the afterimage that he left behind was instantly crushed by Mo Luo and the pursuit continued. Lin Yun would be torn apart due to the huge difference in their cultivation.

Mo Luo’s hand was simply too quick for the naked eyes and continued to crush the afterimages left behind by Lin Yun. Before the fourth afterimage could even manifest, Mo Luo’s claw was already reaching for Lin Yun’s head.

Lin Yun immediately executed the Seven Profound Steps—Golden Crow Wings and soared into the sky with his arms wide open like a Golden Crow, dodging the claw that was about to reach him.

“You’re courting death!” Mo Luo lost it and his murderous aura swiftly condensed into an ominous aura. His ominous aura was even more terrifying than the two middle-aged men from before. It even showed signs of manifesting.

Lin Yun did not panic. He was still executing the Golden Crow Wings, so he hadn’t landed on the ground. While he was in the air, he threw out the Flicking Divine Sword and the Iris Flower in his Dantian budged half an inch with great difficulty.

Ten sword gleams shot out from his fingers with every single gleam containing his sword intent along with sword energy from the Iris Sword Sutra.

“Weak!” Mo Luo sneered. He didn’t believe that a piece of garbage in the second stage of the Profound Martial Realm could harm him with his cultivation. But when the ten sword gleams got closer, Mo Luo suddenly felt a trace of unknown fear.

His face changed and he swiftly took three steps away. He appeared a hundred meters away and dodged the ten sword gleams. The ten sword gleams shot into the surrounding trees, turning the colossal trees into specks of dust.

Mo Luo took a deep breath and looked at Lin Yun with narrowed eyes. As for Lin Yun, he had exhausted most of his origin energy. He looked disappointed when he saw this scene. If the ten sword gleams were to hit Mo Luo, he would be half-crippled even if he wasn’t dead.

But it was a pity. In the end, Mo Luo had experienced too many battles, so his senses were keen. Of course, it was easy for him to dodge the attacks the moment he sensed them.

On the other hand, Zhang Ping and the others, including Zuo Yun, were dumbfounded. They were scared silly when they saw Mo Luo, not to mention his retaliation. However, Lin Yun did not have any trace of fear and actually swapped moves with Mo Luo.

“I nearly fell for it!” Mo Luo did not dare to be careless anymore and charged at Lin Yun with a cold flicker across his eyes.

“Get lost!” Right at the crucial moment, a figure descended from the sky with a boundless sword aura. He sent a palm out, catching Mo Luo by surprise.

“Senior Brother Xin Jue.” Lin Yun was shocked. He never expected to see Xin Jue here.

“Another one coming to die.” Mo Luo sneered.

“Great Thief, Mo Luo, don’t you know that you’re going to die soon?” A sneer sounded out as a person wielding a long spear appeared. His existence was so dazzling that just looking at him alone would sting the eyes.

Zuo Yun, who was on horseback, exclaimed out, “Heavenly Qin Institute’s Everluck!”

But before the shock in his eyes could calm down, a graceful figure descended like the moonlight. It was a stunning woman, causing Zuo Yun to exclaim once again, “Demonic Moon Villa’s Aquaselenic!”

Another two flashes came from Mo Luo’s rear that completely sealed off his path of retreat. It was the Primal Origin Sect’s Heartcliff and the Divine Guards’ Egret!

Half of the eight titled figures were here and they were coming for Mo Luo. Zuo Yun and the others could feel their blood boiling at the opportunity to witness four titled figures together.

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