Chapter 246 - Is that so?

Outside the Bloodwolf Tribe in the Demoncloud Mountain Range. Zuo Yun and his party didn’t expect to encounter two wandering cultivators in the fifth stage of the Profound Martial Realm. Furthermore, their ominous aura was so dense that only those who had killed thousands of people could accumulate such ominous aura. 

Ominous aura wasn’t the same as murderous aura. If you took too many lives, an ominous aura would gradually form around you. It was commonly found on demonic beasts. Demonic beasts were violent and they knew how to convert their murderous aura into ominous aura since birth.

However, cultivating ominous aura was a path of no return. After all, you wouldn’t find it on sect disciples or on righteous cultivators.

The middle-aged man with a longbow on his back grinned while looking at the crowd with squinted eyes. The other middle-aged man stood in the shadow like a viper. It seemed like he didn’t have any plans to take action.

Zuo Yun locked his brows together. Ordinary wandering cultivators wouldn’t dare to provoke sect disciples, but it seems that the two of them had done such things in the past from how fearless they looked.

They were in the fifth stage of the Profound Martial Realm, so Zuo Yun knew that aside from him, no one here would be able to escape if a battle broke out. Lin Yun would also be in danger.

“It just so happens that my ominous aura seems to have regressed recently. You sect disciples possess vigorous vitality, so I will likely make progress in my ominous aura after killing you guys.” The middle-aged man grinned.

“S-S-Senior Brother, what should we do?” Zhang Ping and the others trembled in fright. The middle-aged man’s cultivation was twice their own and the tension made them feel suffocated. Furthermore, the disciples who had never experienced such a scene in the past had their faces drained of all color.

They were actually having a tough time circulating their cultivation under the ominous aura. Zuo Yun snorted and took a step forward, “If you guys are seeking wealth, we can hand over our spiritual jades. But if you guys insist on doing this the hard way, the Primal Origin Sect isn’t a pushover!”

The power of dracophant emitted from Zuo Yun and his aura began to rise. At that moment, his aura was on par with the middle-aged man’s ominous aura, reducing the pressure that Zhang Ping and the others felt.

The middle-aged man raised his brow in surprise. The smile on his face slowly disappeared and was gradually replaced with a grave expression.

Seeing that the other party seemed intimidated, Zuo Yun finally regained his confidence and spoke, “I’m still confident that I can make it out of the mountain range alive even if you insist on fighting. If the Primal Origin Sect comes to know about this matter, they will definitely hunt you guys down!”

“Are you threatening me?” The middle-aged man became furious and his ominous aura grew stronger.

“I’m not threatening you but offering you a transaction. Each of us will give you 1,000 spiritual jades and in return, you’ll let us go. We’ll pretend that none of this took place.” Zuo Yun’s confidence died down when he saw the middle-aged man getting angry.

The middle-aged man fell silent. He seemed to be hesitating as he turned to look at the black-clothed middle-aged man. The latter nodded inadvertently in the shadows.

The middle-aged man then turned back and said, “Okay. But I want 2,000 spiritual jades each. No negotiation!”

“2,000?” Zuo Yun’s face turned dark. It was a large sum, but it would be worth it since he could protect Zhang Ping and the others’ lives. Gnashing his teeth, he replied, “Deal!”

“Then you come over.” The middle-aged man demanded.

Zuo Yun patted his interspatial pouch and wanted to take out the spiritual jades, but right when he was slightly distracted, he suddenly felt a wisp of threat. A black shadow dashed out and bit down on his neck before he could even respond. It was a poisonous snake and Zuo Yun instantly felt weak when the poison kicked in.

“Hahaha! Sect disciples are as naive as ever!” The middle-aged man laughed. His aura suddenly surged wildly and doubled in size.

“Senior Brother!” Zhang Ping and the others exclaimed. “What a bunch of garbage. Kneel and die obediently!” His ominous aura was intense and the pressure made those in the third stage of the Profound Martial Realm like Zhang Ping drop to their knees with blood leaking from their lips. The ominous aura was like an invisible mountain crashing down on them. 

The middle-aged man had a trace of disdain in his eyes and he cursed, “What a bunch of garbage. It’s a waste for the sects’ resources to be used on the likes of you guys.”

“Is that so?” Right at this moment, a sneer sounded out.

When the middle-aged man raised his head, he saw a fist coming right at his face. When he recovered from the shock, it was already too late for him to dodge the fist that was infused with sword intent. The fist was like a sword, leaving behind afterimages.

The roars of dragon and tiger echoed out, leaving behind seven afterimages that overlapped together and slammed onto the middle-aged man’s chest. The middle-aged man was sent flying, spitting up a huge mouthful of blood before he fell onto the ground.

When the middle-aged man tried to get up on his feet, the cracking noise coming from his ribs made him collapse back onto the ground. The seven fists overlapped with sword intent wreaked havoc in his body that immobilized him.

He had fear pouring out from his eyes as he muttered, “H-h-how is that possible?! How can you defeat me with just one punch?!”

The youth before him was only in the second stage of the Profound Martial Realm. Right at this moment, a black shadow quietly bolted at Lin Yun’s neck. However, Lin Yun didn’t seem to have noticed it and continued walking towards the middle-aged man.

When the other middle-aged man in black clothes saw this scene in the shadows, he sneered. Right at this moment, a surge of demonic aura exploded from the Dragon Blooded Horse. Like a bolt of lightning, it dashed forth, biting on the snake and chewing.

The Dragon Blooded Horse grinned at the middle-aged man donned in black clothes, revealing its bucktooth while it chewed on the snake.

“My Blackloop Snake!” The black-clothed middle-aged man’s eyes nearly fell out of their eye sockets. He had the Blackloop Snake for nearly a decade and it killed many people for him. But today, it was actually eaten by a horse…

Then, the Dragon Blooded Horse executed the Thunder Charge, turning into a dazzling bolt of lightning with a wisp of dragon aura. Before the middle-aged man in black could respond, he was hit by the Dragon Blooded Horse’s horn and a hole was drilled into his chest.

This Thunder Charge was a lot more powerful than when it was used on Lin Yun. The middle-aged man in black was sent flying. When he fell onto the ground, he immediately got up and began to run for his life. He no longer had the arrogance he had before.

“Can you even escape?” Lin Yun sneered after killing the other middle-aged man. He raised his hand and opened the sword box. Petals revolved around him like a tornado and he grabbed onto the Flower Burial Sword.

When he grabbed onto the Flower Burial Sword, a boundless domineering aura gushed out from Lin Yun’s body, and he executed the Overlord Sword. Along with the flower petals, Lin Yun soared into the sky, reducing everything in his path into fragments.

The running middle-aged man in black suddenly felt his heart sinking because he felt threatened. But the moment he turned around, he was split into two. It all happened before he could see anything.

Lin Yun returned his sword to its sheath while he stood under the rain of blood without getting any on his clothes. When the Primal Origin Sect’s disciples saw this scene, they were dumbfounded with disbelief, especially Zhang Ping.

Zhang Ping’s mouth was so wide open that he could even stuff an egg in it. He never expected that the person he had been looking down on would be so powerful. When he thought of how he provoked Lin Yun over and over again, Zhang Ping couldn’t help feeling a chill run down his spine. If Lin Yun had an easily irritated temper, he would’ve died over nine times by now!

The thought of this made Zhang Ping tremble while he muttered, “Holy shit… Just what kind of mess did I get myself into…”

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