Chapter 245 - Heartcliff

The Dragon Blooded Horse happily chewed on the beast core. At this moment, the Dragon Blooded Horse went from looking majestic and mighty to a cheap chowhound with buck teeth popping out. It was a completely different image than before.

Zhang Ping’s lips twitched because he couldn’t bear to look at this scene. The chewing sounds produced by the Dragon Blooded Horse made everyone’s heart ache. It was a waste. They couldn’t believe that Lin Yun gave such a precious beast core to a mount. Who would use such a valuable beast core on a demonic beast?

As the Dragon Blooded Horse refined the beast core, its aura began to surge in front of everyone. It was increasing at a speed visible to the naked eye, skyrocketing to the pinnacle third stage of the Profound Martial Realm. Everyone from the Primal Origin Sect was dumbfounded.

Not only that, but they could even feel a strand of King Aura coming from the Dragon Blooded Horse. It was weak, but they could clearly sense it in the Dragon Blooded Horse.

Damn it! That should be mine! Zhang Ping cursed inwardly. With Zuo Yun’s bearing, there was no way he would fight with them for the beast core, so there was a high possibility that it would fall on him. But when he saw how the Dragon Blooded Horse grinned while revealing its bucktooth, Zhang Ping couldn’t help cursing softly.

But the moment he was done cursing, the Dragon Blooded Horse spat out a mouthful of saliva at him along with the beast core’s fragments, which made Zhang Ping feel great pain.

“Senior Brother, this beast spat on me!” Zhang Ping wiped his face furiously.

The Dragon Blooded Horse began to giggle, revealing its bucktooth smile. 

Zhang Ping was on the verge of blowing his top. How was that a horse? It actually laughed at him? This bastard was the same as its master. Not only did Lin Yun kick him twice, but his horse also did the same.

“This horse is intelligent, so it will naturally spit at you for cursing it. Why didn't anyone else get spit by it aside from you?” Zuo Yun smiled.

“That’s true… We’re so crowded together, but only Junior Brother Zhang Ping got spat on…”

“Oh yeah. Only Junior Zhang Ping was insulting it.”

“I really have nothing to say about this Dragon Blooded Horse. It’s unique!”

Everyone from the Primal Origin Sect looked over and had their eyes opened by such an intelligent demonic pet. The Dragon Blooded Horse began to chuckle when it heard someone praising it.

When Zhang Ping saw that no one was helping him, he felt so depressed that he wanted to die.

“Stop laughing, you fool.” Lin Yun patted the Dragon Blooded Horse’s neck and mounted it, preparing to leave.

Zuo Yun took a deep look at Lin Yun and said, “No wonder Brother Lin dares to venture in the Demoncloud Mountain Range with cultivation in the second stage of the Profound Martial Realm. With the Dragon Blooded Horse around, even if you encounter an enemy that you can’t fight, you can still run. With the horse’s speed, who can catch up to you in the mountains?”

Lin Yun replied with a smile. Zuo Yun wasn’t exactly wrong, but he was only half right. The Dragon Blooded Horse was indeed one of his biggest assets, but he had only been relying on himself in the Demoncloud Mountain Range. He would even deliberately send the Dragon Blooded Horse away to train alone.

“I’ll be going now. Brother Zuo Yun’s Dracophant Battle Physique and sabre technique was an eye opener for me. I will seek you for advice if there’s an opportunity in the future.”

“Wait up!” Zuo Yun called out to him. “If I’m right, you must be on the same mission as us, right? Hunting the Bloodwolves and retrieving their blood essences.”

“How do you know about that?” Lin Yun asked.

“The blood essences are located between the Bloodwolves’ brows. Not only do they contain vigorous vitality, but also the sun and moon essence. It’s the best material used to forge artifacts and they’re extremely expensive,” smiled Zuo Yun.

“This mission was issued by the Spiritualist Association to the Primal Origin Sect and Sword Firmament Pavilion. So I guessed that you must be on the same mission as us.”

“So?” nodded Lin Yun.

“Since that’s the case, why don’t we cooperate together? There are over a hundred Bloodwolves out there, so it’s enough for us to split them up. Furthermore, it will also increase our efficiency to work together.” Zuo Yun gave his reason and waited for Lin Yun’s reply.

Zhang Ping and the rest were dumbfounded. They had no idea why Zuo Yun wanted to cooperate with Lin Yun all of a sudden. In reality, Zuo Yun and Lin Yun had underestimated the Bloodwolf King’s strength. If it wasn’t for Lin Yun, there was a high possibility that Zuo Yun would be killed.

He didn’t know what kind of person Lin Yun was previously, but he made up his mind when he saw the Dragon Blooded Horse. After all, Lin Yun couldn’t be terrible since he could even befriend a demonic beast. The human heart was always more terrifying than a demonic beast’s, so they wouldn’t come in contact with humans easily.

Lin Yun pondered Zuo Yun’s suggestion atop of the Dragon Blooded Horse. The alliance didn’t sound so bad to him and it was certainly more efficient than him hunting alone. At the same time, he could use this opportunity to understand Zuo Yun’s strength. After all, he was interested in Zuo Yun’s Dracophant Battle Physique and sabre technique.

“Alright, let’s work together then.” Zuo Yun smiled. “It’s for the best. With Brother Lin’s help, I believe that we’ll be able to intercept all the Bloodwolves before they make it back to their tribe.”

Over the next few days, Lin Yun mingled with the group and hunted the Bloodwolves. With the Bloodwolf King gone, the Bloodwolves couldn’t pose any threat to them. Zuo Yun was strong and his strength was fully revealed in this hunt.

With Zuo Yun’s sabre technique, Lin Yun didn’t have any opportunity to reveal his strength, which made the Primal Origin Sect’s disciples unhappy that Lin Yun was taking advantage of them.

However, Lin Yun smiled it off. He wasn’t too bothered by their thoughts. He also didn’t beat up Zhang Ping again. After all, he had to give Zuo Yun some face.

The group harvested greatly over the span of seven days and made rapid progress in their mission. Lin Yun had already gathered forty-five blood essences, so he could already complete his mission if he included the Bloodwolf King’s blood essence. However, he wasn’t in a rush because he wanted to keep the Bloodwolf King’s blood essence for himself.

On the seventh day, the group chased after five wounded Bloodwolves. But just when they were about to catch up, Zuo Yun’s face changed. He immediately called out to the group, “Stop! We can’t chase them any further. We’ll reach the Bloodwolves Tribe if we go any further!”

“Bloodwolves Tribe?” 

“That’s right.” Zuo Yun explained to everyone that there was a massive Bloodwolves Tribe in the Demoncloud Mountain Range. There were thousands of Bloodwolves in the tribe and they even had Bloodwolf Elders comparable to the Violet Palace Realm. Their death was guaranteed if they waltzed right in.

Whenever the Bloodwolves Tribe gave birth to a new king, the king would leave with a group of Bloodwolves to venture the Demoncloud Mountain Range. The Bloodwolves would return when the king was killed, but they would leave again once a new king was born.

“The Bloodwolves Tribe is up ahead?” Lin Yun looked towards the distance. There was a spacious valley up ahead permeated by an unusual aura.

Zuo Yun nodded his head, “It will be fine as long as we keep our distance.”

“Damn it, we’re just three blood essences away from completing our mission… We have to look for a new pack now…” Zhang Ping’s face flashed with reluctance and he slammed his fist on a tree.

His action immediately made Lin Yun’s brow jump because the Aurora Dragon within his body started feeling uneasy. Lin Yun immediately executed the Seven Profound Steps. He dashed forward and dragged Zhang Ping away before turning around to run, leaving behind an afterimage.

“Lin Yun, what the hell are you doing. Let me down…” Zhang Ping yelled out.

Lin Yun released his grip and threw Zhang Ping on the ground. But just when Zhang Ping was about to lose it, an arrow shot over, shattering Lin Yun’s afterimage with heavy toxin. The huge impact from the arrow buzzed and caused the ground beneath their feet to tremble.

Zhang Ping’s face was drained of all color from this scene. He knew that he would be a dead man if Lin Yun hadn’t intervened. The arrow plunged into the ground and caused a wisp of black smoke to rise. It was the toxin at work, which instantly caused the surrounding trees to wither.

The countenance of everyone in the group changed and they subconsciously took a few steps back.

“Sect disciples? How interesting. A few disciples in the third stage of the Profound Martial Realm also dare to come near the Bloodwolves Tribe?” A middle-aged man appeared in the dark forest with a cold grin.

“Hmph, why don’t you look at who they belong to…” An eerie voice sounded out and a middle-aged man in black clothes walked out. This man’s gaze was like a viper staring at Lin Yun’s group.

The middle-aged man’s eyes lit up, “So it’s the Primal Origin Sect. No wonder… What delicious meat. Big brother, you won’t mind letting me have them, right?”

“Deal with them quickly. Don’t leave them alive since they’ve discovered us.” The middle-aged man in black said coldly.

The two had casually determined the life and death of Lin Yun’s group with a few words. Their aura in the fifth stage of the Profound Martial Realm fully displayed their strength.

At the same time, there were four men and one woman far away in several trees. Suddenly, the woman spoke out, “Heartcliff, that looks like your junior brother…”

Zuo Yun would be shocked if he was here. Heartcliff was the Primal Origin Sect’s Chief Disciple and he was also one of the eight titled figures in the Divine Capital. The few people who were together with Heartcliff weren’t any weaker than him and they were all at the same level as the eight titled figures.

One of them smiled, “Now this will be difficult. We will be ruining our plan to deal with Great Thief Mo Luo if we act now.”

“One of them isn’t a disciple from my sect. Brother Xin Jue should know about him. Let Brother Xin Jue make the decision,” Heartcliff said unhappily.

“Let’s just wait for now.” Xin Jue did not speak out the answer that Heartcliff wanted, which made the few others seem surprised. “Interesting…”

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