Chapter 244 - Beast Core, Blood Essence

“Senior Brother Zuo!” The Primal Origin Sect’s disciples had a flash of joy in their eyes when they saw Zuo Yun. When Lin Yun turned around, he saw Zuo Yun’s upper body covered in injuries. The wounds left on him by the Bloodwolf King were so deep that his bones were showing.

His face was drained and a trace of blood leaked out of the corner of his lips. He was gasping for his breath as he stood there. Anyone could tell that he was seriously injured, which showed how dangerous it was when he fought with the Bloodwolf King.

If it was someone else without the Dracophant Battle Physique, they would’ve already died by now. Zuo Yun looked at Lin Yun before he turned to look at Zhang Ping, “Zhang Ping, why are you so heavily injured?”

“Junior Brother Zhang was injured by him!” The other disciples immediately spoke up to explain what happened.

Lying on the ground Zhang Ping looked at Lin Yun with reluctance, “If it wasn’t for the fact that I was injured from the battle with the wolves, there’s no way someone like him could defeat me!”

On the other hand, Zuo Yun was shocked. Zhang Ping’s ribs were fractured from one kick? Zhang Ping was also someone who had practiced the Dracophant Battle Physique and it was rumored that his attainments in it weren't far from Zuo Yun’s.

But his ribs were broken with just a kick? Wasn’t the Sword Firmament Pavilion known for their sword techniques? Not to mention that Lin Yun was only in the second stage of the Profound Martial Realm. For a brief moment, Zuo Yun’s eyes were filled with confusion. He couldn’t figure out Lin Yun at all.

He was focused on escaping earlier, so he only could vaguely sense a powerful outburst of sword intent from his rear, which only lasted a brief moment. He was heavily injured, so his consciousness was somewhat blurred. He honestly wasn’t sure if those events were from Lin Yun.

That aside, Zuo Yun looked at Lin Yun and spoke, “He might be someone from the Sword Firmament Pavilion, but don’t misunderstand him. He didn’t attack me. Let’s leave that aside for now and help Junior Brother Zhang Ping with his ribs. We’ll deal with our injuries right after.”

He must’ve held command over the group because everyone followed his instructions when he spoke. He then walked over to Lin Yun and he asked, “You must be the one spying on me when I fought with the Bloodwolf King, right?”

“I don’t think I’m obligated to answer you.” Lin Yun was secretly alarmed by Zuo Yun’s perception. The way Zuo Yun behaved made Lin Yun feel uncertain about him. Lin Yun even wondered if Zuo Yun could still put up a fight.

“You’re right.” Zuo Yun smiled. He then swallowed a pellet and started recovering from his injuries.

“Why the hell are you still here? Do you want to adventure with us? We, from the Primal Origin Sect, don't need garbage in the second stage of the Profound Martial Realm around us.”  Zhang Ping was in a much better state after taking a pellet for his injuries and began ridiculing Lin Yun. But the moment when he finished speaking, a black figure bolted over and swiftly kicked his chest.

Zhang Ping’s ribs that had just been fixed were broken again. He cried out in pain, but the intense pain immediately knocked him unconscious.

The other disciples from the Primal Origin Sect turned to look at Lin Yun with their mouths wide open. They were shocked because they couldn’t see how Lin Yun attacked. A trace of fear flashed in their eyes as they turned to look at Zuo Yun, who was recovering from his injuries with his eyes closed. It was as though he didn’t sense the commotion at all.

“That’s so much better.” Lin Yun narrowed his eyes into slits and smiled, “The Bloodwolf King might have been killed by me, but I won’t take advantage of others. Your Senior Brother contributed to the killing of the Bloodwolf King, so I’ll leave after he recovers and we split the spoils.”

Aside from Zuo Yun, no one here caught Lin Yun’s attention. Lin Yun wouldn’t be afraid even if they weren’t injured. But Zuo Yun was someone in the fourth stage of the Profound Martial Realm and he was the only one who could pose some threat to Lin Yun.

As for Zhang Ping, fools like him had to be taught a lesson or they would get full of themselves. While the others from the Primal Origin Sect had no idea how to react to this situation, Lin Yun retreated to a tree and laid down to rest.

The disciples from the Primal Origin Sect then felt relieved when they saw that. A few minutes later, Lin Yun opened his eyes and Zuo Yun had also opened his eyes when he looked over.

Zuo Yun’s body was overflowing with the power of dracophant and he had already recovered from his injuries. Lin Yun was shocked by how fast Zuo Yun recovered.

The other disciples from the Primal Origin Sect also opened their eyes. They had more or less recovered from their injuries as well. Seeing the Dracophant Battle Physique in action was eye opening for Lin Yun.

But Zuo Yun was the one who shocked him the most. Just a moment ago, Zuo Yun was in a near death state, but he recovered to his peak so quickly. Although it was impossible for Zuo Yun to recover fully, he should still be able to recover most of his strength. Lin Yun determined all of this in an instant.

“You’re so mysterious. You’re able to kill the Bloodwolf King with a single punch, which is impressive. If possible, do you think we can spar?” Zuo Yun looked at Lin Yun.

“There will be an opportunity for us to fight.” Lin Yun smiled. Zuo Yun might have a higher cultivation, but Lin Yun wasn’t afraid. After all, Zuo Yun’s strength was only equivalent to those within the top 10 on the Mortal Ranking.

When the other Primal Origin Sect disciples heard what Lin Yun said, they began to sneer inwardly. They were sneering at how arrogant Lin Yun sounded. After all, Zuo Yun was a genius in the Primal Origin Sect.

“I still haven’t caught your name.” Zuo Yun looked at Lin Yun with interest in his eyes. Couldn’t this fellow tell that he was just trying to be polite? There was no way that he, Zuo Yun, could do something like take advantage of others and fight with someone in the second stage of the Profound Martial Realm. He couldn’t help feeling interested in Lin Yun now.

“Sword Firmament Pavilion, Mortal Ranking’s Lin Yun,” Lin Yun replied.

“Lin Yun…” Zuo Yun muttered to himself. He couldn’t recall this name. Since when was there such a figure among the Sword Firmament Pavilion’s outer disciples? So Zuo Yun deduced that Lin Yun must be a rookie.

“Okay, I’ll remember that. You previously said that I have a share in the Bloodwolf King’s corpse. So I wonder which part you are planning on giving me?” Zuo Yun’s words caused the countenances of his companions to change. They never expect that Zuo Yun would let Lin Yun distribute the corpse.

That was the Bloodwolf King after all, a demonic beast in the pinnacle fourth stage of the Profound Martial Realm who had condensed King Aura. There might only be a wisp of King Aura, but the beast core that contained the Bloodwolf King’s essence could be considered a treasure. If they were to refine it, it could greatly improve their cultivation.

“I’ll take the beast core and blood essence. Everything else goes to you.” Lin Yun already knew how he wanted to divide the corpse.


“The beast core is the most valuable item on this Bloodwolf King and it’s something that even Violet Palace Realm cultivators would pay a huge price for.”

“The Bloodwolf King’s blood essence isn’t cheap either. It’s purer than the blood essence of ordinary Bloodwolves.”

“You want the most valuable items of the Bloodwolf King while giving us the trash?” The Primal Origin Sect’s disciples turned red with anger when they heard Lin Yun’s plan.

Lin Yun didn’t reply, but he sneered inwardly. These people had no share in the Bloodwolf King, only Zuo Yun had a claim. So there was no way he would let these people have a share in the Bloodwolf King. Furthermore, the other parts of the Bloodwolf King weren’t useless and he wouldn’t mind taking it all if Zuo Yun didn’t want them.

“Let’s go with that.” Zuo Yun nodded his head. He had no opinion against Lin Yun’s distribution method.

While others were unhappy about the method of separation, Zhang Ping, who had just woken up spoke out, “If it wasn’t for this brat being lucky, how would he be able to kill the Bloodwolf King? Senior Brother, I’ll slaughter him if you’re unwilling to make the move!”

“Even if you recover from your injuries, you’re not his opponent. Don’t embarrass yourself here. Split up the Bloodwolf King’s corpse. It’s still worth a lot of spiritual jades after all,” Zuo Yun said with a dark face.

“But…” replied Zhang Ping.

“That’s enough. No matter what, it was this brother here who saved my life and I have no opinion even if he wants the entire Bloodwolf King’s corpse. Don’t mention it anymore.” Zuo Yun had seen this through. It didn’t matter if Lin Yun had the advantage or how strong his strength was. The truth was that Lin Yun killed the Bloodwolf King and saved him. Zuo Yun could still differentiate between right and wrong.

Everyone shook their heads when they heard what Zuo Yun said. A brief moment later, they handed the beast core and blood essence over to Lin Yun with reluctance. 

The fist-sized beast core was filled with boundless demonic aura and a wisp of black aura could be vaguely seen in it. On the other hand, the blood essence was like a gem, dazzling like when the stars shined down from the sky. Lin Yun accepted the two most valuable items on the Bloodwolf King without feeling any shame.

“Then I won’t bother you guys any longer and I’ll take my leave now.” Lin Yun smiled and walked away.

Right at this moment, a series of heavy clattering could be heard echoing from the mountains and forests. The ground began to tremble under this enormous impact. At the same time, there was also a surge of demonic aura that swept out.

“What powerful demonic aura! Everyone watch out!”

“What demonic beast is that? Why have I never seen it before?” The countenance of the Primal Origin Sect’s disciples changed.

On the other hand, Lin Yun smiled when he heard the clattering. Looking at the nervousness on everyone’s faces, he smiled, “Relax. It’s a friend of mine.”

“Friend?” Zuo Yun looked at Lin Yun in doubt. A brief moment later, a crimson bolt of lightning dashed over, raising a cloud of dust behind it. It had four robust limbs that were accompanied by a powerful surge of demonic aura. The Dragon Blooded Horse appeared before everyone’s eyes.

“The Dragon Blooded Horse?”

“My heavens, it’s really the Dragon Blooded Horse! Why does this Dragon Blooded Horse that only seems to be in the third stage of the Profound Martial Realm feel even more terrifying than the Bloodwolf King?”

“Look at that horn! This is a Dragon Blooded Horse with its dragon bloodline awakened. But I wonder what kind of dragon it is.” The sudden appearance of the Dragon Blooded Horse shocked everyone.

“Fine!” Lin Yun smiled bitterly and tossed the beast core over. When Zhang Ping and the rest saw this scene, their chins nearly fell off. The beast core that they dreamed of obtaining was so casually given to a horse by Lin Yun. That was the beast core that even someone in the Violet Palace Realm would be tempted by!

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