Chapter 243 - Bloodwolf King

The crimson shape of the wolves could be seen bolting through the hills. Lin Yun hid himself on a tree and did not make his move carelessly.

“Something doesn’t seem right…” The wolf pack was behaving abnormally. Before he could get a clearer view of what was going on, a wolf howled. The howl was full of fury, alarming countless demonic beasts in the mountain. Even Lin Yun’s ears were hurt from the roar.

“That was the Bloodwolf King?” Lin Yun was shocked. The Bloodwolf King was a demonic beast in the pinnacle fourth stage of the Profound Martial Realm. It was more terrifying than demonic beasts outside the mountain range since it had basked in the demonic traits of this mountain range for a long time.

Previously, he thought that no matter how powerful the Bloodwolf King was, it was only a demonic beast. Afterall, it couldn’t execute any martial techniques. But the howl made Lin Yun realize that the Bloodwolf King was stronger than he had imagined.

Lin Yun poured his origin energy into his eyes and his vision immediately expanded. He saw a crimson wolf nearly ten meters large in size with a spot of white fur like the moon between its brows. It emanated an air of kingly prestige. Naturally, it was the overlord of the wolf pack, the Bloodwolf King.

The Bloodwolf King was a lot bigger than ordinary Bloodwolves and the lunar mark on its forehead made it look even more prestigious than the others. When it howled, it released a terrifying aura that instantly enveloped the forest in a twenty miles radius.

Countless demonic beasts trembled under the Bloodwolf King’s aura.

“I don’t believe that you’ll come back alive!” Zhang Lei’s words resounded in Lin Yun’s mind. This wasn’t an easy mission and it was laughable that Lin Yun thought of killing the Bloodwolf King in ten moves.

If he really went up against the Bloodwolf King with that mindset, he would probably be dead by now. The aura of the Bloodwolf King alone was several times stronger than the Bloodlust Fiendape.

“Damn it! Run! The Bloodwolf King actually possesses the King Aura and it’s equivalent to a demonic beast in the fifth stage of the Profound Martial Realm!” Eight youths with cultivation around the third to fourth stage of the Profound Martial Realm ran away in panic.

“Don’t panic! I’ll tie up the loose ends. Don’t separate!” A robust youth with a sabre on his back stood out. When the Bloodwolf King pounced forward, the youth roared and his clothes burst into pieces, revealing a majestic body. An ancient diagram of a dracophant, a fusion beast of dragon and elephant, was exposed on his back. When he threw out a punch, the crimson wolf was actually blown backwards.

“How powerful… That’s the Dracophant Battle Physique, the body-refining technique of the Primal Origin Sect!” Lin Yun was shocked when he realized that these people were disciples of the Primal Origin Sect.

It was one of the four great sects on the same level as the Sword Firmament Pavilion and there were some conflicts with the pavilion. However, all the conflict had been under control. Granted, the senior disciples between the two sects weren’t exactly friendly. Unfortunately, Lin Yun had no idea of the exact reason for it.

The Primal Origin Sect was one of his choices before he stepped into the Great Qin Empire, but he didn’t have much information about it. The youth that was fighting was powerful, but there was a drastic gap between him and the Bloodwolf King. On top of that, his companions were injured. So he had no choice but to tie up the loose ends and stay behind.

“Get lost!” The youth furiously pulled out his sabre, unleashing his blade aura at the Bloodwolf King. When his sabre came into contact with the Bloodwolf King’s abdomen, the youth revealed a trace of joy in his eyes.

“Senior Brother Zuo Yun, watch out!” His companions yelled out.

The youth was briefly shocked when he realized that his attack only drew a long wound on the Bloodwolf King. The Bloodwolf King did not suffer any real damage.

“The King Aura is actually so refined…” Lin Yun watched everything from the tree. He estimated that even he would be seriously injured if he took on that sabre. But when the sabre came into contact with the Bloodwolf King, a black demonic aura gathered on its abdomen and negated most of the sabre’s attack.

The Bloodwolf King let out a furious roar and began its retaliation. It opened its mouth, where the demonic energy gathered and compressed like a crimson sun. Before the youth named Zuo Yun could react, he was struck by the crimson sun.

Zuo Yun fell to the ground and spit up a mouthful of blood. Amazingly, he forcefully stood up and started running, displaying the prowess of his physique.

If someone else had taken that hit, they would be dead or at the very least crippled. Zuo Yun was injured, but he didn’t lure the Bloodwolf King toward his companions. He was actually using a movement technique to run in Lin Yun’s direction.

“He discovered me?” Lin Yun was shocked because Zuo Yun shouldn’t be able to discover him. Not to mention that he was fighting with the Bloodwolf King, so how could Zuo Yun afford to be distracted? In the end, Lin Yun could only come into a conclusion that it was all a coincidence.

Lin Yun immediately made up his mind and closed his eyes. The Iris Flower began to blossom deep in his Dantian as origin energy fluctuated within his body.

“Damn it! Quick, save Senior Brother!” The eyes of the group from the Primal Origin Sect turned red when they saw Zuo Yun leading the Bloodwolf King away on his own. They instantly ignored their injuries and ran over.

The Bloodwolf King bolted through the forest, causing dust and stones to fly around like snow. It released quite a terrifying aura in the forest. The distance of seven miles was nothing for Zuo Yun and the Bloodwolf King. 

Lin Yun’s hair fluttered in the wind and he suddenly opened his eyes. His black pupils flashed and he moved like a sword exiting the sheath.

“Die!” Lin Yun jumped up before descending down like a Golden Crow as the Iris Flower blossomed in his Dantian. He threw out a fist that was infused with his sword intent. This caught the Bloodwolf King by surprise because it didn’t expect there to be someone else.

Before the Bloodwolf King could gather its King Aura, Lin Yun’s fist landed on the injury left behind by Zuo Yun. The fist instantly penetrated through the Bloodwolf King and tore a huge wound on its chest before sending the Bloodwolf King flying away. The Bloodwolf King died in front of the Primal Origin Sect’s disciples, shocking them greatly.

“It’s dead?” They turned to look at Lin Yun after recovering from their shock. Seeing the Sword Firmament Pavilion’s emblem on Lin Yun’s clothes, their faces changed instantly.

“A disciple from the Sword Firmament Pavilion?”

“The Sword Firmament Pavilion is shameless! They only know how to take advantage of others! Where’s our Senior Brother?” A youth stood out, barking at Lin Yun.

Take advantage? Lin Yun rubbed his nose. Well, he had nothing to say about that. The Bloodwolf King was already injured from its fight with Zuo Yun and Lin Yun made full use of that.

His fist might seem simple, but he made use of the fact that the Bloodwolf King still hadn’t condense its King Aura to pierce through its body. In the end, it was only a demonic beast in the fourth stage of the Profound Martial Realm.

But this only applied to Lin Yun. If it had been any of these six standing before him, none of them could have accomplished what he did. Henceforth, Lin Yun did not want to debate with them. Then again, what did their Senior Brother have to do with him?

“He should be alive, I guess.” Lin Yun replied. He didn’t see Zuo Yun earlier because he was accumulating his power with his eyes closed. He could only sense Zuo Yun passing below him, but he didn’t seem to be in a good condition.

“What do you mean?!” The violent youth was enraged when he heard Lin Yun’s casual tone. “You’re just a mere second stage of the Profound Martial Realm. Are you courting death?!”

“Junior Brother Zhang Ping, calm down. Don’t be impulsive…” A female disciple stood out.

“What else is there to say? This fellow must be trying to kill Senior Brother and take the Bloodwolf King’s corpse for himself. But he didn’t expect us to follow, so he doesn’t dare to reply to us!” Zhang Ping replied coldly. He had recreated the entire scene in his mind.

When he finished speaking, the other disciples looked at Lin Yun coldly. But for some reason, the female disciple could sense that something wasn’t right and wanted to explain, “But…”

“We’ll find out the truth after teaching him a lesson!” Zhang Ping charged towards Lin Yun. But before he could even get close, Lin Yun sent him flying with a kick, breaking several of Zhang Ping’s ribs. As a result, Zhang Ping laid on the ground, groaning out in pain.

Everyone was shocked when they saw how easily Lin Yun defeated Zhang Ping, who was in the third stage of the Profound Martial Realm.

“Argggh! My ribs broke and you injured my heart and lungs.” Zhang Ping laid on the ground, looking at Lin Yun with hatred.

“Junior Brother Zhang!” Immediately, the rest of the group became enraged. They never expected that Lin Yun would be so ruthless.

But just when they were about to retaliate, a cold bark sounded out, “All of you, stop it!”

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