Chapter 242 - Seven Punches in One Step

Lin Yun opened his eyes when sunlight lit up the dark skies. Despite the arrival of dawn, the Demoncloud Mountain Range still looked dark. But it wouldn’t impede the vision of cultivators in the Profound Martial Realm.

Lin Yun was fully recharged after a full night’s rest and the meat of demonic beasts. The Dragon Blooded Horse was nowhere to be seen when he looked around, so Lin Yun knew that it must have gone to look for other demonic beasts. After all, the Dragon Blooded Horse was too quick to be caught and it had no natural predator in this forest. This was the best training ground for the Dragon Blooded Horse.

“Time to look for the Bloodwolves. This place has no challenge for me.” Lin Yun tapped his foot on the ground and dashed out like a Golden Crow spreading its wings. He was smoothly executing the Seven Profound Steps.

Lin Yun’s silhouette flashed past the towering trees and as he proceeded further into the forest, the gloominess in the atmosphere became denser. Dangers resided in this mountain range at every possible moment, so there was no way he could drop his guard. At the same time, Lin Yun’s experience increased his vigilance.

Suddenly, Lin Yun could hear the sounds of a fight taking place along with the roars of demonic beasts.

“A battle between demonic beasts? Now, that’s rare. Time to take a look!” Lin Yun suddenly turned his head in a direction and headed over. A brief moment later, Lin Yun was standing on a towering tree and looking down. “Woah, that’s brutal.”

It was a battle between an Ironback Bear and a Bloodlust Fiendape. The Ironback Bear was three meters tall, with solid fur that formed natural defences. It was one of the strongest demonic beasts that could be found at the edge of the Demoncloud Mountain Range with powerful strength and defense. Its defence was so powerful that not even someone in the fourth stage of the Profound Martial Realm could do anything to it.

But it was in a terrible state due to the Bloodlust Fiendape. The Bloodlust Fiendape was about six meters tall and was covered in black long fur with bulging muscles full of explosive power. The Ironback Bear looked like a child compared to it.

The Ironback Bear that was famed for its defence was being trashed by the Bloodlust Fiendape’s fists. The Ironback Bear was covered in injuries, but the Bloodlust Fiendape was just toying with it.

Lin Yun watched the entire battle from the tree. The Bloodlust Fiendape suddenly raised the Ironback Bear using its claws to dig into its flesh and tore it into two.

When blood splattered from the Ironback Bear, the Bloodlust Fiendape opened its mouth and began drinking the blood in mouthfuls. This made the sinister ape look even more sinister.

“This Bloodlust Fiendape should be from the depths of the Demoncloud Mountain range, so no demonic beasts from the border can fight with it. It truly is brutal.” The Bloodlust Fiendape then grabbed onto the Ironback Bear’s beast core and started chewing on it.

Even after devouring the beast core, the Bloodlust Fiendape still looked unsatisfied and trampled on the Ironback Bear’s corpse. It didn’t take long for the corpse to turn into a pile of mush.

Suddenly, the Bloodlust Fiendape turned to look at Lin Yun’s direction as a surge of murderous aura permeated its eyes.

Just when Lin Yun was wondering if he was discovered, the Bloodlust Fiendape roared. Its roar caused a violent storm, which blew away the leaves around Lin Yin and revealed his figure.

“I got caught. It really has a keen sense…” Lin Yun did not panic on the tree. He looked at the Bloodlust Fiendape and smiled, “You’re treating me as prey?” The Bloodlust Fiendape grabbed onto the Ironback Bear’s head and tossed it in Lin Yun’s direction.

Lin Yun gently jumped and landed on the ground. When he landed on the ground, a huge explosion came from his rear. The tree branch that he was previously standing on was reduced to dusts. Shortly after, Lin Yun found himself enveloped by a shadow.

A fist that was larger than Lin Yun’s head came bolting towards him. The pressure from the punch swept up the surrounding leaves on the ground.

With a gentle sway of his body, Lin Yun easily got around the Bloodlust Fiendape. The Seven Profound Steps was too profound and there was nothing the Bloodlust Fiendape could do to Lin Yun.

The Bloodlust Fiendape roared furiously and stomped in Lin Yun’s direction, but Lin Yun avoided it easily. Lin Yun also easily dodged the next few attacks from the Bloodlust Fiendape, which infuriated the Bloodlust Fiendape.

The Bloodlust Fiendape lost it and frantically brandished its fists and claws. At the same time, a wisp of demonic aura emitted from the Bloodlust Fiendape.

“Going berserk? Now that’s interesting…” Lin Yun smiled as a trace of fighting spirit burned in his eyes. In his opinion, only a demonic beast in the third stage of the Profound Martial Realm who had gone berserk would be worthy of being his opponent.

Lin Yun’s hands suddenly rippled with origin energy. His fingers began changing and his origin energy was constantly being compressed. Suddenly, he pushed his hands forward and executed the Undying Vajra Seal.

The colossal Bloodlust Fiendape was suddenly sent flying away, knocking down tree after tree. The demonic traits of the Bloodlust Fiendape were thoroughly triggered as it charged towards Lin Yun.

Lin Yun took a step forward and used the Dragon-Tiger Might, unleashing a powerful aura that instantly broke through the second stage of the Profound Martial Realm’s and into the fourth stage of the Profound Martial Realm.

Sky Breaking Seal! Lin Yun threw out a punch, which sent the Bloodlust Fiendape flying again. Lin Yun bolted forward, leaving behind afterimages where he stood.

Before the Bloodlust Fiendape landed on the ground, Lin Yun’s punch flew out again, empowered by the Sky Breaking Seal. He used his fist like a sword, taking seven steps and throwing seven punches.

Due to the Seven Profound Steps, all of this took place in an instant. When the seven punches landed on the Bloodlust Fiendape, the Bloodlust Fiendape began to tremble violently in the air. It was the origin energy and sword intent from Lin Yun causing havoc for it.

In the next moment, the Bloodlust Fiendape exploded before it even reached the ground. When the Bloodlust Fiendape’s blood rained down, Lin Yun reached out to grab onto the beast core without a single droplet of blood landing on his clothes. The Bloodlust Fiendape was severed into several pieces.

“The Dragon-Tiger Fist is ferocious and it is perfectly matched with the Seven Profound Steps. Creating seven afterimages in a single step and allowing me to throw out seven punches in an instant. I believe that even elites in the fourth stage of the Profound Martial Realm won’t be able to compete with me.” Through this fight, Lin Yun realized how powerfully the Dragon-Tiger Fist paired with the Seven Profound Steps.

But this was only the beginning. When the Seven Profound Steps reached greater mastery, he would be able to condense the Golden Crow Seal. That was when this movement technique that was derived from the Divine Sunchasing Art could bring out its true might.

“Time to look for the Bloodwolves.” Lin Yun felt nothing after defeating the Bloodlust Fiendape. Compared to the Bloodwolves pack, the Bloodlust Fiendape was just an appetizer.

In addition to the alpha, the pack of Bloodwolves definitely exceeded fifty. The Bloodwolves alone were elite demonic beasts in the third stage of the Profound Martial Realm. Three to five of them could hunt a demonic beast in the fourth stage of the Profound Martial Realm. As for the alpha, it was in the pinnacle fourth stage of the Profound Martial Realm with terrifying strength and wit.

If the entire pack mobilized, even fifth stage Profound Martial Realms would be turned into prey.

“I have no odds of winning unless I defeat the alpha within ten moves. But demonic beasts aren’t cultivators, so my odds of winning should be at about 60%.” Lin Yun made his calculation based on the information on the mission token.

But he wasn’t anxious. As Lin Yun proceeded deep into the Demoncloud Mountain Range, he would kill every demonic beast in his path. The demonic beasts in the depths of the mountain range were at least at the Bloodlust Fiendape’s level, so they were great opponents for Lin Yun to train against.

Lin Yun had also undergone great changes over the past few days in his temperament. His gaze became sharper and the murderous aura around him became denser. Now, all he needed was to glance at the demonic beasts for them to tremble in fear. Weaker demonic beasts would flee at the sight of him. Through the constant fighting, the Seven Profound Steps grew more compatible with the Dragon-Tiger Fist.

Five days later, Lin Yun arrived at an empty ground in the forest and discovered traces of the Bloodwolves. But he didn’t seem lucky because this pack had about a hundred wolves. The wolves had crimson fur which made them stand out in the forest.

“They’re hunting!” Lin Yun’s eyes lit up. If the Bloodwolves were hunting, the alpha definitely had to control the entire pack, so the number of Bloodwolves around it would be much smaller. It seems that he wasn’t entirely unlucky after all.

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