Chapter 241 - Demoncloud Mountain Range

Lin Yun turned around and looked at Zhang Lei. Their gazes collided like two swords clashing in the air.

“I’ll handle it personally.” Zhang Lei stopped his two companions who wanted to act against Lin Yun. He smiled, “It appears that you’re still unclear about the difference between our cultivation. Very well, I’ll let you experience it yourself.”

Zhang Lei suddenly released his aura in the fourth stage of the Profound Martial Realm and bolted out before anyone could react. He arrived in front of Lin Yun in the blink of an eye and threw a punch out. His punch blossomed with azure flames, which were so bright that it stung the eyes.

“What fast speed!” Huangfu Jingxuan was shocked. Relying on his cultivation, Zhang Lei’s speed with just a single step was faster than many movement techniques. No more than 10% of the people in the Contribution Hall were able to keep up with Zhang Lei’s punch.

Huangfu Jingxuan’s face changed. He knew that Zhang Lei’s punch couldn’t be avoided. Zhang Lei’s face was unsightly and he was so fast that he didn’t give Lin Yun any chance to respond. Not only him, but many people in the hall were covered in sweat for Lin Yun.

On the other hand, Zhang Lei’s two companions sneered at the fact that Lin Yun was so impudent to provoke Zhang Lei. Under the huge explosion from the punch, Lin Yun’s body shattered into pieces.

“Brother Lin!” Huangfu Jingxuan’s face changed drastically, but he suddenly paused because something didn’t seem right. Right after everyone’s initial shock, Lin Yun suddenly appeared before Zhang Lei. It was only at this moment did they realize that it was an afterimage.

“Pitiful tricks!” Zhang Lei snorted. His origin energy fluctuated within his body, displaying his cultivation in the top 10 on the Mortal Ranking. He suddenly charged forward and shattered Lin Yun’s three afterimages. But just when he was about to destroy the fourth, Lin Yun suddenly opened his eyes wide.

“Draw your sword. Your fist can’t pose any threat to me.” Lin Yun threw out the Dragon-Tiger Fist. Zhang Lei was blown away by the huge impact and took three steps back when he landed on the ground.

His body’s origin energy surged and crushed the energy from Lin Yun’s fist in his body. He wasn’t injured, but he was greatly humiliated from the clash.

“Not bad. You have some skills. No wonder you’re so arrogant after just three months.” Zhang Lei’s face was dark. He retrieved his artifact from his interspatial pouch.

Lin Yun’s face turned grave at this moment. He did not dare to look down on Zhang Lei at this moment. After all, there weren’t any weaklings among those in the top ten. From their previous clash, Lin Yun instantly knew that Zhang Lei was a lot stronger than Ye Liuyun.

The age energy had refined his origin energy, but he couldn’t obtain any advantage against Zhang Lei. After all, Zhang Lei wasn’t injured from their previous clash, but this had also aroused Lin Yun’s fighting spirit.

There was no way he could let go of the A-ranked missions, especially since these people had their current cultivation due to the second grade spiritual jade rewards. The two faced off under the tense atmosphere. A battle between them was unavoidable.

Zheng Lei drew his sword half an inch out of its sheath, lighting up the entire hall. But just when Zhang Lei was about to draw his sword out fully, the deacon from earlier knitted his brows together and snorted, “That’s enough! Are the two of you intending to host a Life-Death Battle in the Contribution Hall? Get out of here if you two want to resolve your grudges. There are still others who want to accept missions!” His tone was cold, filled with unquestionable prestige.

Zhang Lei gnashed his teeth and ultimately gave up. He didn’t dare to go against a deacon. He returned his sword into its sheath and left the hall. When he walked past Lin Yun, he snorted, “I hope that you’re this lucky all the time. Don’t think that it’ll be that easy to accept five star missions. I don’t believe that you’ll come back alive…”

Luck? Whatever. Lin Yun didn’t reply and left carrying his sword box. When he returned to the Locket Mountain, he greeted Xin Yan and made preparations to leave. Mo Cheng and Xin Yan looked at Lin Yun leaving on the Dragon Blooded Horse with complicated looks on their faces. A long time later, Mo Cheng sighed, “Senior Sister, isn’t he a little too impulsive?”

“Impulsive? Don’t be fooled by his appearance.” Xin Yan smiled, “He didn’t even use his sword when he defeated Ye Liuyun, which means that he can defeat Ye Liuyun without using the Overlord Sword. Do you know what that means?”

“What?” Mo Cheng was baffled.

“This means that although Junior Brother Lin isn’t in the top 10 on the Mortal Ranking, he has the strength equivalent to them. I believe that out of the top ten, only Zhang Lei couldn’t figure that out.” Xin Yan fell into deep thought and continued, “Junior Brother Lin has never been impulsive and he won’t accept any mission if he knows that he doesn’t have the strength to complete it. But since he has the strength, he naturally doesn't want to be restricted by the rules. He’s someone who even dares to kill Wang Ning, so why would he worry about such rules?”

Mo Cheng was shocked when he understood. He recalled how Lin Yun didn’t suffer any loss from Fu Lingtian’s palm. Perhaps Lin Yun already had the strength comparable to the top ten. Maybe he was just too lazy to challenge the rankings.

“But it’s still dangerous to take four A-ranked five star missions…” Mo Cheng said in a concerned tone.

“He ultimately has to rely on himself. Otherwise, how can he become stronger without experiencing life and death? The Great Qin Empire doesn’t only have the Sword Firmament Pavilion, so he still has a long way to go. It’s good that he can figure things out beforehand.” Xin Yan replied.

The Demoncloud Mountain Range was famed for being dangerous in the Great Qin Empire. The endless mountain range was enveloped in a demonic cloud, which was how the mountain range got its name.

The mountain range was enveloped in eternal darkness from the countless towering trees and demonic beasts living in it. Even the demonic beasts at the border were in the Profound Martial Realm. There were also Violet Palace Realm demonic beasts in the depths of the mountain range. Rumors had it that there were even Heavenly Soul Realm demonic beasts!

This added a mysterious veil over the Demoncloud Mountain Range. The demonic beasts also had a trace of demonic traits, so they were stronger than demonic beasts in the outside world. For example, a demonic beast here in the third stage of the Profound Martial Realm here was equivalent to a demonic beast in the fourth stage of the Profound Martial Realm in the outside world.

Then again, danger also represented an opportunity. The Sword Firmament Sect, Primal Origin Sect, Heavenly Profound Sect, Demonic Moon Villa, Heavenly Qin Institute, and elites of the various clans would often come out for an adventure in the Demoncloud Mountain Range.

At the Demoncloud Mountain Range border, a pitch-black mountain range appeared. Even cultivators in the Profound Martial Realm wouldn’t be able to see anything a thousand meters out. This was even after infusing origin energy into their eyes.

A youth and a crimson horse were eating roasted demonic beast meat under a towering tree. The youth’s facial features were reflected from the bonfire, it was Lin Yun. Relying on the Dragon Blooded Horse, he spent ten days getting here.

The Demoncloud Mountain Range was just like the rumors. There were Profound Martial Realm demonic beasts everywhere at the Demoncloud Mountain Range border and there was no place for cultivators in the Xiantian Realm. Even elites in the Profound Martial Realm would have to be careful here.

“You can really eat…” Lin Yun smiled, looking at the Dragon Blooded Horse. The horse ate nearly ⅓ of the Ironback Bear. When they were done eating, Lin Yun sat with his legs crossed and began digesting the food.

After a moment, he opened his eyes and smiled, “Lil’ Red, let’s spar.”

Over the past few days, they would occasionally spar whenever they got bored. It was helpful since the Dragon Blooded Horse had the true dragon bloodline that needed to be excavated. And under Lin Yun’s guidance over the past few days, the Dragon Blooded Horse had benefited from their sparring.

So the Dragon Blooded Horse would become excited whenever it heard about sparring and started grinning, revealing its iconic buck teeth. Before Lin Yun even got up on his feet, the Dragon Blooded Horse was already charging over.

“You playful fellow…” Lin Yun smiled. Ever since the Dragon Blooded Horse succeeded with a sneak attack, it fell in love with this tactic. Since Lin Yun had already fallen for it once, he wouldn’t fall for it again.

Lin Yun sent a palm out and broke a towering tree. This blow from Lin Yun was comparable to the fourth stage of the Profound Martial Realm.

“Not bad. Again!” Lin Yun landed on the ground and gave the Dragon BLooded Horse a goading smile. The Dragon Blooded Horse’s neighs could be heard along with resounding booms of trees toppling down.

Many demonic beasts heard the commotion, but they were too afraid to move. A lot of them had been bullied by the Dragon Blooded Horse over the past few days.

“It’s impossible for you to harm me with brute strength.” Lin Yun’s figure flickered around with the Seven Profound Steps. The Dragon Blooded Horse roared and lowered its head as lightning began to gather on its horn.

“Finally going for it?” Lin Yun’s expression became grave. This was the Dragon Blooded Horse’s ultimate move, Thunder Charge. It was an attack that could kill demonic beasts in the third stage of the Profound Martial Realm.

Simultaneously, a wisp of dragon aura came from the Dragon Blooded Horse, taking its aura to new heights. Like a bolt of lightning, the Dragon Blooded Horse charged towards Lin Yun.

Lin Yun immediately defended himself with the Iris Sword Box, but he was still knocked away and only stopped after breaking three ancient trees.

Wiping the blood off the corner of his lips, Lin Yun smiled bitterly, “You’re really ruthless, but at least you finally drew out a small portion of your bloodline.”

The Dragon Blooded Horse walked to Lin Yun and started grinning.

“I know. I know. You win this time.” Lin Yun smiled. He took out a spiritual jade and tossed it over.

The Dragon Blooded Horse caught it and ate it in a few chews. This was probably a unique cultivation method for the Dragon Blooded Horse.

Lin Yun took out the mission plaque after a brief respite and looked at it before muttering, “We should be able to find the Bloodwolves in two days, but it won’t be easy for us to gather fifty blood essences.”

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