Chapter 238 - No Fear

The elder did not bother concealing his voice and everyone in the Martial Hall clearly heard it. They all looked at Lin Yun, who stored the jade token, with envy on their faces. There were even some whose eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

“The Seven Profound Steps! That’s a martial technique from the fifth level. It’s extremely suitable for disciples who are lower than the third stage of the Profound Martial Realm.”

“There won’t be much effect if you cultivate it after passing the third stage of the Profound Martial Realm.”

“I heard that this movement technique was derived from the Divine Sunchasing Art.”

“The so-called Sunchasing means chasing after the Golden Crow. I heard that upon reaching the highest level, you can even manifest the aura of a Golden Crow. I wonder if that’s true…”

“But this movement technique has a high requirement on comprehension and origin energy. Ordinary people can’t learn it.”

Lin Yun left the Martial Hall satisfied. The elder was right, the Seven Profound Steps and Fierycloud Steps were similar in that they were both explosive movement techniques. But it seems that the Seven Profound Steps was better in comparison.

Using it would make his speed comparable to lightning, which matched the Dragon-Tiger Fist well. At the same time, he cultivated the Iris Sword Art and the Age Sutra, so his origin energy was stronger than those in the same cultivation as him. He could sustain the horrifying exhaustion that came with it.

My strength will go up by at least 30% with the Seven Profound Steps. After all, the Dragon-Tiger Fist is useless if I can’t touch my enemies. But with a movement technique, even those in the fourth stage of the Profound Martial Realm will have to be careful when facing me. Lin Yun was filled with joy and expectation for the Seven Profound Steps.

What made him even more satisfied was the fact that there was a Violet Palace Realm version of the Seven Profound Steps. This meant that he could keep using this movement technique after reaching the Violet Palace Realm as long as he found the strengthened version of the Seven Profound Steps.

However, it wouldn’t be easy to cultivate the Seven Profound Steps. The elder told him that it was hard and that it wouldn’t be any easier than the Overlord Sword. But wouldn’t that be interesting? Lin Yun wore a smile. He loved challenges as they riled up his fighting spirit.

But just when he was returning to the Locket Mountain, a group of people from the Gentlemen Union blocked his way. Lin Yun’s face instantly sank when he saw them. He had an irreconcilable feud with the Gentlemen Union and these people were Wang Yan’s lackeys. Not to mention that he even killed Ye Liuyun.

Back then, in the Myriad Sword Diagram, these bastards nearly destroyed Huangfu Jingxuan’s sword intent. There really weren’t any good people in the Gentlemen Union.

These people were also looking at Lin Yun coldly and wished to kill him on the spot. What happened three days ago was a resounding slap to their faces, which built resentment in their hearts. But what made them even more furious was the fact that Wang Yan had his limbs broken because of Lin Yun. This struck an even heavier blow to the Gentlemen Union’s reputation.

This caused them to lose the respect of the ordinary disciples, who were usually afraid of them. They had always been the ones bullying others and they had never suffered so badly.

“A mere disciple in the Mortal Ranking actually obtained Guardian Plum’s attention. Lin Yun, you’re pretty amazing.” The leader, a youth donned in blue, sneered at Lin Yun while saying this. If it weren’t for the Sword Firmament Token that Luo Feng held belonging to Guardian Plum, Wang Yan wouldn’t have succumbed.

“You lackeys from the Gentlemen Union are really annoying. And here I thought that you guys would behave yourselves, what with Wang Yan having his limbs broken and all that,” Lin Yun replied with a cold flash in his eyes. The Locket Mountain’s base wasn’t far from here, so he only had to wait a little longer for backup to arrive.

DAMN IT! The youth in blue was furious, but he didn’t dare to be too unrestrained. If anyone dared to call him a lackey in the past, he would’ve broken their legs by now. But he knew that he couldn’t touch Lin Yun.

He had no idea how someone who used to be a sword slave could attract Guardian Plum’s attention, nor could he figure out how Lin Yun had managed to learn the Overlord Sword, a sword technique that no one had managed to learn in the past thousands of years.

“The Gentlemen Union isn’t as simple as you think. You would l be lying in the ground right now if it wasn’t for Guardian Plum.” The youth took a step forward and unleashed his aura.

The sixth stage of the Profound Martial Realm! Lin Yun was shocked and took three steps back. At the same time, the roar of a dragon and tiger echoed from his body. He was using the Dragon-Tiger Might to boost his aura. Lin Yun ultimately managed to stabilize himself.

“This is the Great Qin Empire, the capital! You will eventually know that there are some people that you cannot afford to offend, no matter how talented you are. Don’t think that you can stay arrogant for long even with Guardian Plum protecting you!” The youth snorted and took another step forward, creating cracks on the ground when his foot fell. His horrifying aura was like a sharp sword that fell on Lin Yun. “The Great Qin Empire doesn’t belong to the Sword Firmament Pavilion!”

The youth suddenly dashed forward and his palm aimed at Lin Yun. He condensed his aura into swords. But in the blink of an eye, Lin Yun threw a punch, creating the dragon and tiger phenomenon that was infused with sword intent.

The collision made Lin Yun take another three steps back as his face paled. The youth also felt his blood boiling and a sharp pain in his chest that left him briefly shocked. But just when he was about to take another step, a roar suddenly rang out from the rear, “Fu Lingtian, are you courting death?”

A robust figure was dashing over from the Locket Mountain’s direction. It was Mo Cheng, one of the experts under Xin Yan. When the youth saw Mo Cheng, his face changed, and he spoke out in a solemn voice, “Let’s go!”

The Gentlemen Union group left without any hesitation and disappeared by the time Mo Cheng got close, leaving behind a confused Lin Yun and a concerned Mo Cheng.

“Lin Yun, are you alright?” asked Mo Cheng.

Wiping the blood off his lips, Lin Yun smiled, “I’m fine.”

Mo Cheng examined Lin Yun and only felt relieved when he affirmed that Lin Yun only suffered some light injuries. He smiled, “It’s good that you’re fine. You scared the crap out of me. Do you know who that person was?”

“Who is he?” asked Lin Yun.

“Fu Lingtian, the Eight Vajra’s leader. He’s ranked in the top 200 of the Earth Ranking. His cultivation is in the pinnacle sixth stage of the Profound Martial Realm. He has taken over the Gentlemen Union’s management since Wang Yan is so heavily injured,” Mo Cheng explained.

Lin Yun finally knew why Fu Lingtian looked so familiar. He was one of the eight who blocked his way on the Life-Death Stage and was knocked away by the Dragon Blooded Horse.

“Does he have a screw loose? Why did he come only to run off?” Lin Yun was confused.

“The Gentlemen Union took a huge blow to their reputation after Wang Yan underwent his punishment. They were used to being tyrannical and they’ve never suffered such grievance. Everyone looks down on them right now and there are even those who have targeted them..” Mo Cheng smiled. “The Gentlemen Union has decided to retreat from the sect for the time being in order to wait for Wang Yan’s recovery.”

“So they wanted to teach me a lesson before they left?” Lin Yun asked.

“That must be it. But it’s a pity for Fu Lingtian. He never imagined that wouldn’t be an ordinary second stage Profound Martial Realm cultivator. His palm only tickled you at best.” Mo Cheng paused briefly and continued, “But you can’t afford to be careless. He won’t try to do anything to you with Guardian Plum protecting you, but the Gentlemen Union isn’t simple. They will stage a comeback sooner or later.”

“I know,” Lin Yun smiled. His gaze had endurance and sharpness. There wasn’t the slightest trace of fear in his eyes. What Guardian Plum said to him was correct. The world had always been fair in the eyes of the strong and despite Mo Cheng’s concern, Lin Yun was looking forward to the day they staged their comeback. After all, Lin Yun could convert all the pressure into motivation.

“Where’s Senior Sister?” asked Lin Yun to change the topic. He had just obtained the Seven Profound Steps from the Martial Hall and he wanted to ask Xin Yan about it.

Mentioning Xin Yan, Mo Cheng replied, “She went to clean the tomb. She never takes anyone there with her and she usually stays there for days. Is there something important that you need her for?”

Lin Yun fell into deep thoughts when he heard Mo Cheng’s words. He never expected that Xin Yan had a deceased relative. But since that was the case, he wouldn’t go and disturb her.

“I’ll be returning then. Anyways, thank you for today, Big Brother Mo Cheng,” Lin Yun smiled.

“Why are you so polite? Come, let’s go back together!” said Mo Cheng.

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