Chapter 237 - Seven Profound Steps

The middle-aged man was the deacon who showed him the Overlord Sword back in the Martial Hall, but his identity was naturally fake. After all, how could a deacon have such a high position in the Sword Firmament Pavilion that even Luo Feng had to be respectful?

“It looks like you still remember me.” The middle-aged man smiled.

“How can I possibly forget you so quickly?” replied Lin Yun. So many things were beginning to make sense. When the elder saw him, the first thing he asked was who gave him the Overlord Sword. Lin Yun didn’t pay much attention to that question back then, but now that he thought about it again, the Overlord Sword should have been located in a secret place in the third level

“May I ask how I should address you?” Lin Yun asked cautiously.

“I haven’t used my name for a long time. I go by a one-word name now, Plum. You may call me Mister Plum.” The middle-aged man paused briefly before he smiled, “Perhaps you’ve heard of me…”

Lin Yun instantly felt a bolt of lightning strike him. There were four Guardians beneath the Pavilion Lord - Plum, Orchid, Bamboo, and Chrysanthemum. Those four held high positions in the Sword Firmament Pavilion, second only to the Pavilion Lord himself.

But the Pavilion Lord rarely showed himself, so the four Guardians practically managed the Sword Firmament Pavilion. Seeing how Luo Feng was respectful to this middle-aged man, this man must be Guardian Plum. This made Lin Yun even more curious. There was a huge difference in their status, so Lin Yun wondered why Guardian Plum was interested in him.

“You must be wondering why I gave you the Overlord Sword, right?” Before Lin Yun could reply, Guardian Plum continued, “I knew that you had a chance in learning it since you grasped your sword intent in the Sword Burial Woods. The sect doesn’t lack geniuses, so do you know why only a few manage to learn the Overlord Sword? That’s because they did not grasp their sword intent in a life and death situation. That’s why they still don’t understand the true fangs of the sword. If they don’t know, how can they possibly control the dominance of the sword?”

He turned around and looked at Lin Yun, “I’m not lying to you, right? It’s a sword, not a move.”

“Indeed. It’s a sword, not a move.” Lin Yun nodded.

“Go back.” Guardian Plum was satisfied with Lin Yun’s reply.

Lin Yun was instantly stunned. He had no idea why Guardian Plum wanted to dismiss him so quickly.

“I’m only showing my stance in meeting you. You can think more about the meaning behind it later. The sect is fair. Since Wang Yan can force you into a dead-end, you can also kill Wang Ning or the other fellow disciples. You can even have Wang Yan suffer the pain of having his limbs broken. Many people might find it unfair, but how many of them can convert that into their motivation? The sect doesn’t like Wang Yan or cowards. We won’t take pity on the weak,” said Guardian Plum.

Lin Yun fell into deep thought before he replied, “I understand.” No matter what Guardian Plum said, the reason why Guardian Plum wanted to meet him was to reveal that the Sword Firmament Pavilion valued Lin Yun greatly. People would have to reconsider if they wanted to take action against him.

“I like people who are strong and loyal. I personally admire you and I’ll give you a surprise if you can get the Overlord Sword to greater mastery,” said Guardian Plum. “As for right now, there’s nothing much I can give you. Cultivate well. In the path of cultivation, you have to rely on yourself.”

“Thank you for your teaching!” Lin Yun was grateful that Guardian Plum, the head of the Guardians, would say so much to him. Furthermore, Guardian Plum had already helped him greatly by giving him the Overlord Sword back in the Martial Hall.

“You can leave now,” said Guardian Plum.

“Yes sir, I’ll be going now.” Lin Yun turned around and left with a smile on her face. He knew that starting today, he had finally gained a footing in the Great Qin Empire. Shortly after Lin Yun left, three people appeared - two men and one woman.

“Big Brother Plum, he really looks like you when you were young.” The woman sighed, looking at Lin Yun.

“He’s young and frivolous, yet he’s also loyal and righteous… But his composure seems lacking.”

“Big Brother, are you trying to get him to complete what you failed? But it seems a little too far away…”

Guardian Plum sighed, “It’s indeed far away, but there’s still hope. No matter what, he’s worthy of the Sword Firmament Pavilion grooming him.”

Lin Yun did not return to the Locket Mountain after leaving and headed to the Martial Hall instead. Previously, he came in a hurry and only picked out one sword technique. Now that Ye Liuyun was dead, it was time for him to be methodical about his cultivation. 

He already had a sword and fist technique, but he still lacked a movement and body-refining technique. It wouldn’t be easy to find a decent body-refining technique, but he urgently needed a new movement technique.

“Lin Yun!” Many people recognized him the moment he entered the hall.

“He recovered in just three days? Wang Yan suffered greatly this time. I heard that his limbs were broken and that he’ll have to spend the next few months in bed.”

“The Sword Firmament Pavilion values him greatly, so it’s natural that Wang Yan suffered greatly.”

“He’s simply a monster!”

“Well, you will also be valued by the sect if you have the talent and strength. Even someone like Wang Yan can only suffer.”

Many people were whispering among themselves while looking at Lin Yun with reverence. Many people at the bottom of the food chain saw Lin Yun as a beacon of hope. He wasn’t afraid of power and he managed to gain a footing in the sect relying on himself.

Lin Yun quickly arrived at the third level. He came with a clear objective this time and looked through the jade tokens. The Great Goose Art was no longer enough for him, so any single token here could greatly boost his strength.

“I have to find a movement technique that goes well with the Dragon-Tiger Fist. I don’t need a movement technique with many changes. I just need one that’s fast and ferocious.” Lin Yun set a requirement and swiftly eliminated token after token… The Fallen Leaf Steps, Wind-borne Art, Lightcloud Soar…

“The Fierycloud Steps, an advanced profound martial technique. At greater mastery, you will be as quick as a bolt of lightning, soaring through the clouds like a fireball…” Lin Yun made up his mind and went down to the first level without any hesitation. He handed the jade token over respectfully, “Elder, I wish to have the Fierycloud Steps.”

Lin Yun was respectful to the elder. When the elder took the token, he gave a deep look at Lin Yun, which made the latter feel uncomfortable. The awkward silence lasted for a long time before he asked, “You really managed to learn the Overlord Sword?”

“It was only a fluke. I can barely swing the sword.” Lin Yun nodded.

“A hero emerges while he’s young. I nearly ruined you.” The elder sighed.

“Elder, please don’t say that,” said Lin Yun.

“The Fierycloud Steps? This is compatible with the Dragon-Tiger Fist, but it’s ultimately still an advanced profound martial art. Let me give you another movement technique. It’s similar to the Fierycloud Steps. Consider it my compensation to you.” The elder handed another token to Lin Yun instead.

“The Seven Profound Steps, a transcendent profound martial technique. In ancient times, people created the Divine Sunchasing Art by observing the Golden Crow. But this martial technique was ultimately lost and became lacking. The later generations created many movement techniques based on the incomplete Divine Sunchasing Art. The Seven Profound Steps is one of them.” Lin Yun’s face changed when he saw the Seven Profound Steps. It was a transcendent profound martial technique!

It was something that you could only obtain by going to the fourth level. But his Sword Firmament Token was only in the third grade, so logically speaking, it shouldn’t be possible for him to obtain this martial technique.

“The Seven Profound Steps is extremely difficult to cultivate and it’s not easy to reach greater mastery with it. It might be a transcendent profound martial technique, but it’s from the fifth level, together with other spiritual profound martial techniques,” said the elder.

Lin Yun’s brows twitched. The fifth level of the Martial Hall had utterly exceeded his expectations. “Senior, this…”

“Don’t worry about it. You’re definitely worthy of the Seven Profound Steps since you’re a monster who learned the Overlord Sword. I made you suffer a month ago, making you bleed from your seven orifices. If it weren’t for your powerful physique, that alone would’ve left you lying on the bed for a month,” said the elder.

“Thank you, Senior!” thanked Lin Yun solemnly.

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