Chapter 236 - An Acquaintance?

Everyone watched while Wang Yan was forcibly taken away by Luo Feng. This was the first time anyone had seen him suffer such a huge loss. All of a sudden, everyone looked at Lin Yun in a completely new way. This lunatic youth would most likely become a monster in the future and attract the upper hierarchy’s attention.

The scene of Lin Yun soaring into the sky and executing the Overlord Sword was still fresh in everyone’s mind. It was very impressive and it was unprecedented for any outer disciples to show such excellence.

They still couldn’t believe that Lin Yun killed Ye Liuyun and the Sword Condor. The sword that he wielded was something they probably wouldn’t forget for the next decade. When Xin Yan looked at Wang Yan, who was taken away, there was a hint of concern on her face. What Wang Yan said was like a thorn that stabbed into her heart.

“Senior Sister, what are you thinking about?” Lin Yun asked as he hopped off the Dragon Blooded Horse.

“I heard that you had a hard time obtaining the Overlord Sword,” Xin Yan smiled.

When Lin Yun recalled what happened that day, he couldn’t help feeling sour in his heart. No one could understand how he felt when he was on the ground with one knee and bleeding from his seven orifices. No one knew that he was doing it because of a promise.

“Since I promised you that I would kill Ye Liuyun, I had to uphold my promise,” replied Lin Yun.

“Well done! The Gentlemen Union has been suppressing us for some time, but you made them suffer a huge loss today!” said Mo Cheng, a core member of the Locket Mountain.

“That’s right. You’ve vented out all our pent up resentment!” The other Locket Mountain’s disciples spoke out as well. All of them had a good impression of Lin Yun.

Lin Yun merely responded with a smile and he didn't say much. For him, it had only been about keeping a promise, since Xin Yan had stepped in and saved him. So he had to kill Ye Liuyun, regardless of whether it was due to personal reasons or logic.

“Go back to Locket Mountain and rest well. I’ll take a look at your injuries there.” Xin Yan could tell that Lin Yun wasn’t exactly in good shape and the foremost important thing right now was to treat his injuries.

When Lin Yun returned to Locket Mountain, he finally released the tension in his heart and fell asleep after having his injuries checked. Although he seemed invincible when he charged through the Gentlemen Union’s crowd, he was just barely holding on when he killed Ye Liuyun.

He was already overwhelmed by his injuries and exhaustion when he executed the Overlord Sword. As a result, he slept for three whole days. During the three days, the Sword Firmament Pavilion was swept by a huge wave. Almost all the outer disciples were talking about Lin Yun’s battle with Ye Liuyun.

It was a battle filled with many twists and turns. But what caused such a huge commotion was the last sword used by Lin Yun, the Overlord Sword. It was a forbidden technique that only a few had managed to learn in the past thousand years. Many people who tried to learn this sword technique were crippled from learning it. However, this time, someone actually managed to use it.

Three days later, Lin Yun woke up feeling refreshed. He could sense that his cultivation had improved as he examined the origin energy surging through his veins. It looks like he had benefited from the battle immensely.

“My clothes!” Lin Yun looked to see that he had changed his clothes. When he raised his head, he saw Li Wuyou napping in the room. He called out, “Wuyou.”

Li Wuyou immediately woke up and rejoiced, “Big Brother, you’re finally awake!”

“You changed my clothes?”

“Don’t get it twisted, I’m straight!” smiled Li Wuyou.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Lin Yun frowned.

“Hehe, nevermind. It was actually Senior Sister Xin who changed your clothes. We were even asked to leave… How envious… I wonder if I will get similar treatment if I’m injured one day.”

Lin Yun suddenly felt that this was possible based on Xin Yan’s style. But Li Wuyou must’ve forgotten the lesson back in the snowy barren because Xin Yan wasn’t someone you could take advantage of.

After some chit chat, Li Wuyou’s expression became solemn and he said, “Big Brother, I plan to go into seclusion.”

“Did the sun come out from the west today? Now you’re going to cultivate? You know, I urged you to do so countless times.” Lin Yun smiled in surprise.

“My old man told me that it’s fine for me to stay in the Xiantian Realm for a while. After all, the Astral Star Art isn’t like other cultivation techniques. I’ll soar after reaching the Profound Martial Realm, so there’s no hurry for me to cultivate…” Li Wuyou sighed. “But it felt terrible knowing that there was nothing I could do during the challenge. I could only watch since my cultivation is only in the seventh orifice of the Xiantian Realm.”

“Don’t overthink it. The battle between two Alliance-Unions is basically made up of only the elites. Plus, Senior Sister Xin Yan would get worried if you really went up to fight,” Lin Yun said with a grave expression.

“That’s right. Well, I’ve made up my mind to go into seclusion, so I’ll only come out after reaching the Profound Martial Realm. After all, I can’t always be the one dragging everyone down.” Li Wuyou said with a rare serious look on his face.

“Based on the potential shown by the Astral Star Art back in the test, I’m really looking forward to how powerful you will become after reaching the Profound Martial Realm. I’m also looking forward to the day you become the strongest swordsman in the Great Qin Empire,” Lin Yun smiled.

“It’s a promise! I’ll give you a surprise when I come out of seclusion!” Li Wuyou scratched his head.

“What are you guys chatting about?” Xin Yan suddenly walked in wearing a cheongsam. A breeze of aromatic fragrance accompanied her entrance. She was even enveloped by a layer of radiance from the sunlight. Looking at her, Lin Yun and Li Wuyou were briefly stunned before they recovered.

“I’ll take my leave first. You guys talk,” Li Wuyou said with a smile. He gazed at Xin Yan in reluctance before gulping down a mouthful of saliva and departing. 

“That brat is still the same. But he’s a friend you have to cherish. He even stayed with you for the past three days,” Xin Yan said with a smile.

“I know. He’s actually being sensible this time around,” said Lin Yun. The two of them came a long way and shared many life and death experiences together. Their relationship ran deeper than mere friends.

“You seem to be in good spirits. You can get out of bed, right?” Xin Yan asked.

“Yeah.” Lin Yun nodded.

“Great. Elder Luo, you can come in now.” Xin Yan called out and Luo Feng walked in with a bright smile.

Lin Yun immediately greeted Luo Feng with a bow. Luo Feng was an elder with a high status in the sect, so Lin Yun naturally had to be polite.

Luo Feng immediately dismissed it with a smile, “There’s no need for you to be so polite. I’m only here under someone’s instructions. There is someone that wants to see you, so I asked Xin Yan to come in first, fearing that it might be inconvenient due to your injuries.”

“Who wants to see me?” Lin Yun asked doubtfully.

“Don’t bother asking. Elder Luo didn’t even tell me about it. It must be someone important,” smiled Xin Yan.

“We’re not in that much of a hurry. First, let me tell you some good news. Wang Yan has been punished and his limbs have been broken!” Luo Feng waved his hand and smiled mysteriously.

Lin Yun’s face changed before he soon regained his composure.

“This is a heavy punishment, but it means nothing given the Wang Clan’s foundation. At best, it means that he will spend the next few months lying in bed,” sighed Luo Feng, “after all, we can’t really cripple him. This is a lesson for him. At the very least, he won’t dare to act against you in the sect anymore. But that’s not too important. This is just to show our stance, warning the Wang Clan to rethink messing with you!”

Lin Yun was stunned before he soon understood the meaning behind it. The Wang Clan was the reason why Wang Yan wanted to kill him. He had to take revenge for Wang Ning. If it wasn’t Wang Yan, then there would be someone else from the Wang Clan that would do the same.

The Wang Clan was filled with many experts and they would definitely find the opportunity to kill him if he left the Sword Firmament Pavilion. But he should be safe for the time being, especially since the Sword Firmament Pavilion was intimidating the Wang Clan on his behalf.

“Come with me.” Luo Feng knew that Lin Yun understood. The two then left the Locket Mountain, crossing through several peaks and walking past several halls that were forbidden to disciples. They finally arrived at a mysterious peak covered in plum trees. Someone was standing on the edge of the cliff, overlooking the entire Sword Firmament Pavilion.

“I’ve brought Lin Yun.” Luo Feng bowed and immediately left.

“Come here.” That person called out.

Lin Yun immediately walked over. When that person turned around, Lin Yun could see that this was a man younger than Luo Feng. He even had the temperament of a scholar around him. This middle-aged man was looking at him with a smile.

When Lin Yun saw this person’s appearance, he was shocked, “Y-y-y-you’re that deacon who gave me the Overlord Sword back in the Martial Hall!”

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