Chapter 235 - The Mysterious Sword Firmament Token

Lin Yun looked domineering when he stood at the peak as the blood of Ye Liuyun and the Sword Condor rained down behind him. He killed them both with just one swing. There wasn’t any hesitation in his attack, even against someone who Wang Yan wanted to protect. With the sun shining behind him, Lin Yun looked like a deity who descended from the heavens.

“The Overlord Sword?”

“Is that the Overlord Sword that no one has succeeded in practicing for the past thousands of years?”

“I heard that many people hurt their foundation and cultivation from practicing this sword.”

“Unbelievable! That sword even killed the Sword Condor!”

“I heard that this sword technique is extremely odd. It only has one sword and it’s hard to comprehend.” Everyone who saw this scene was greatly shocked.

In the end, Ye Liuyun wasn’t able to escape. Fu Guang’s jaw dropped at this scene. He was cursing Lin Yun to fall off the peak because he couldn’t believe what he just saw.

Liu Yue was also slightly stunned. Lin Yun’s sword had caught her by surprise. After all, no one had expected something like this to happen. Just a moment ago, everyone was still laughing at Lin Yun for how foolish he was to chase after the Sword Condor. But in the blink of an eye, Lin Yun had slapped them on their faces.

Everyone from the Gentlemen Union was dumbfounded. Meanwhile, Wang Yan’s face turned black. His hands trembled while he held onto his long sword. Looking at the cloud of blood raining down, Wang Yan cried with heartache, “MY SWORD CONDOR!”

It wasn’t easy to obtain a Sword Condor in the Sword Firmament Pavilion, not to mention the work involved in nurturing it to the Profound Martial Realm. Sword Condors were prideful demonic beasts that would die if they failed to make a breakthrough.

They were also extremely loyal to their masters, so it wasn’t easy for anyone to subdue such a demonic beast in the Great Qin Empire. Furthermore, Sword Condors could be used to travel and fight.

It was said that only cultivators in the legendary Heavenly Soul Realm could fly. He initially wanted to use the Sword Condor to take Ye Liuyun away, but he never expected that he would lose the Sword Condor.

“What a pity. A Sword Condor was killed because of someone’s shamelessness.” Xin Yan smiled, looking at the heroic figure. She inwardly marveled at how shocking Lin Yun’s sword was. So it turns out that the martial technique he wanted from the Martial Hall was the Overlord Sword.

She even heard that an elder caused Lin Yun to bleed from his seven orifices while being forced to the ground on one knee. But in the end, he managed to leave with the cultivation technique. Did this fellow do all of this because of his promise? Did he really need to take it so far?

“Xin Yan!” Wang Yan coldly turned.

“Wang Yan, this is no longer something as simple as the death of a Sword Condor. You interfered with the Bloodbanner Peak’s challenge and violated the sect’s rules. You should be thinking about the trouble you’ll be facing instead!” Xin Yan replied coldly.

“You don’t have to worry about that. On the other hand, I’m interested in finding out what the sect will do to Lin Yun, who killed a fellow disciple outside the Life-Death Stage!” Wang Yan rebuked.

“Wang Yan, you don’t have to lie to yourself. Junior Brother Lin even used the Overlord Sword. There’s no way the sect will do anything to him even if he kills another person. As for you? Well, the sect might not dare to do anything to you…” Xin Yan sneered, “But how are you going to explain another failure to the Wang Clan?”

Wang Yan’s face was dark after having his sore spot jabbed by Xin Yan. 

After Lin Yun executed the Overlord Sword, the Iris Flower instantly dimmed and closed. He had exhausted all the origin energy in his body. He could feel the exhaustion screaming from every single cell in his body. He was feeling dizzy and he could easily fall asleep at any time.

However, he gnashed his teeth and changed his posture several times in the air before he landed on the Dragon Blooded Horse. In the next second, the Dragon Blooded Horse brought Lin Yun over to Xin Yan.

“Senior Sister, I’ve killed Ye Liuyun just as I promised!” said Lin Yun.

“Junior Brother Lin, do you recognize this person?” Xin Yan smiled and pointed at Wang Yan.

Lin Yun naturally recognized Wang Yan. He was the one who instructed Ye Liuyun to cause Lin Yun so much trouble and forced him into a corner. Earlier, Lin Yun took advantage of Wang Yan being intimidated by the Primordial Chaotic Soul to kick him away. Due to the massive gap in their cultivation, a kick was all he could give.

“Of course. He is Wang Yan, the Gentlemen Union’s Union Master, the Wang Clan’s direct descendant and Wang Ning’s elder brother,” replied Lin Yun.

“Well, do you know what he said three days ago?” Xin Yan asked.

“What did he say?” asked Lin Yun.

“Our Senior Brother Wang here said that he would take your head to his younger brother’s grave,” said Xin Yan. She was using Wang Yan’s words to slap him in his face.

Wang Yan’s face turned red when he heard that, but there was nothing he could say in the face of Xin Yan’s humiliation and he barked out coldly, “Return to the Gentlemen Union headquarters!” His only option was to leave with the Gentlemen Union right now.

“Who says that you’re allowed to go?” A cold snort sounded out just when Wang Yan turned around. Luo Feng was seen walking over slowly.

Wang Yan’s expression froze before he turned around, “Greetings, Elder Luo.”

“How dare you interfere with the Life-Death Battle in the Bloodbanner Peak. Are you disregarding the Sword Firmament Pavilion’s rules?” Luo Feng reprimanded.

“I know that I’ve made a mistake and I will personally plead guilty to Elder Bai Ting!” Wang Yan replied.

“Come with me to the Sword Bearing Hall.” Luo Feng stepped forward and reached out to Wang Yan. This scene shocked many people, including Xin Yan. Wang Yan’s backing wasn’t limited to just the Wang Clan. After all, he couldn’t hold such authority with that status alone. 

In the past, he wouldn’t be punished as long as he didn’t kill anyone, even if he violated the sect’s rules. But something different was going on today. The faces of everyone from the Gentlemen Union changed. They immediately stepped forward, wanting to protect Wang Yan.

“Outrageous!” Luo Feng’s eyes flickered with a trace of rage and he raised his hand, unleashing his cultivation in the Violet Palace Realm. In the next second, everyone from the Gentlemen Union was sent flying as they threw up blood.

“I want to see Elder Bai!” Wang Yan gritted his teeth with an unsightly expression.

“I know that you prepared for today and you greeted Bai Ting beforehand. You even wanted him to preside over the challenge. Sorry to disappoint you, but he won’t be coming today. So you’ll obediently come with me!” Luo Feng sneered while he took out a Sword Firmament Token. It was an ordinary token with a plum engraved on it.

Wang Yan’s face changed drastically and he started to panic, “I know my mistake. Please hand your punishment to me.”

“At least you’re tactful!” Luo Feng stepped forward and placed a palm on Wang Yan’s shoulder. Wang Yan’s face instantly turned pale and he threw up a mouthful of blood. “This is to teach you a lesson. The Sword Firmament Pavilion’s rules aren’t something that you can trample on as you wish!”

Wang Yan’s face was grave, but he did not dare to complain. Everyone from Locket Mountain was happy with this scene. Wang Yan had been arrogant for many years, but no one had seen him suffer as badly as he did today.

“Let’s go. The Sword Bearing Hall’s elders are waiting for you.” Luo Feng grabbed onto Wang Yan.

Right at this moment, Wang Yan turned to Xin Yan, “Xin Yan, don’t forget your identity. He won’t have a good outcome if you protect him!”

“Care about yourself right now. I will naturally protect him since I brought him into the sect,” Xin Yan replied coldly.

No one had expected that the arrogant Wang Yan would end up like this. Even Lin Yun felt curious about the token Luo Feng brought out.

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