Chapter 234 - Hot Pursuit

The Bloodbanner Peak was instantly left in ruin. Screams and roars echoed out from the Life-Death Stage. The two Alliance-Unions - Gentlemen Union and Locket Mountain - started fighting without any warning.

Even the Bloodbanner Peak’s judge was dumbfounded by this scene. He clearly did not expect this scene. First, Lin Yun surpassed everyone’s expectations and defeated Ye Liuyun using the Dragon-Tiger Fist. The same Ye Liuyun that was ranked 36th on the Mortal Ranking. Then, Wang Yan ignored the rules of the challenge and forcefully rescued Ye Liuyun. Xin Yan quickly followed this by stirring the members of Locket Mountain into war against the Gentlemen Union.

The battle was chaotic and one judge wasn’t enough to intimidate everyone.

“You must be courting death to attack me!” Wang Yan had lost it. He felt greatly humiliated to be kicked by Lin Yun and summoned his Martial Soul.

A Ninth Grade Amber Martial Soul appeared and Wang Yan’s Demon Runic Tiger’s colossal figure unleashed its aura into the surrounding. Wang Yan’s anger reached the limit as he looked around. He immediately spotted Lin Yun charging through the Gentlemen’s Union with an aura that violently fluctuated like a dragon and tiger.

“Wang Yan, I’m your opponent!” But just when Wang Yan was about to make a move, a figure charged over after sending two people flying with her sword. Xin Yan appeared in a fiery red dress like a crimson rose in the middle of all the chaos.

Her Martial Soul, the Aquamoon, was hovering around her. It circulated and raised a powerful gale into the surrounding. It even made her clothes flutter in the wind, causing her to look gallant.

“Aquamoon!” Wang Yan was stunned when he saw the droplet of water. A trace of fear flickered through his eyes as he coldly spoke out, “Xin Yan, you want to become enemies with me for a rookie who just entered the sect? I’m taking Ye Liuyun with me right now!”

“How shameless. You can only blame yourself for what happened today. Act like a man. You should’ve been prepared for this outcome when you forced Lin Yun into the corner back then,” Xin Yan replied coldly.

“Very well. Don’t blame me for being rude!” Wang Yan replied as his face darkened and a slender sword appeared in his hand. He drew the sword and charged over without any hesitation.

“You think I’m afraid of you?” snorted Xin Yan. She drew her sword and charged over. With that, the battle between the leaders of Gentlemen Union and Locket Mountain broke out.

They were both experts in the Earth Ranking and their battle instantly brought the intensity of war to a whole new level.

“Get lost!” The Iris Flower blossomed in Lin Yun’s body and his origin energy that was combined with the age energy fluctuated. In addition to the Demon Vanquishing Seal, Lin Yun was invincible.

No disciples in the Mortal Ranking could last more than three moves against him, all the while he would avoid experts from the Earth Ranking. His concentration was entirely on Ye Liuyun, who was running away.

Ye Liuyun’s face was unsightly. He never expected that Lin Yun would be insane enough to go against the entire Gentlemen Union just to kill him.

“Damn it! What a lunatic!” Ye Liuyun gnashed his teeth. Despite the pain he felt all over his body, he still ran for his life. Since Wang Yan had stepped up to protect him, he knew that he would be safe as long as he made it out of this place alive.

Suddenly, a series of screams came from behind him. When Ye Liuyun turned around, he saw Lin Yun and this terrified him greatly. He never expected that Lin Yun would catch up to him so quickly. 

Not giving him an opportunity to speak, Lin Yun’s fist smashed into Ye Liuyun’s face and sent him flying. His nose was instantly broken.

“Ye Liuyun, did you ever think that you would be in this situation after you chased me back then?” Lin Yun was furious. After all, it was natural that they had to follow the rules since Ye Liuyun had gone up the Life-Death Stage. In fact, he wouldn’t have any complaints even if he was the one who lost.

But what was Ye Liuyun doing now? If Ye Liuyun got away with this, wouldn’t all the hard work he put in over the last month go down the drain? Before Ye Liuyun could react, Lin Yun raised his leg and kicked Ye Liuyun’s chest.

Ye Liuyun was sent flying and he spit out a mouthful of blood. He was on the brink of death when he fell onto the ground. This scene scared everyone from the Gentlemen Union. They never expected Lin Yun to be so violent. Not only him, but the disciples who were standing far away from the Life-Death Stage were also dumbfounded.

Wang Yan’s face changed when he saw this scene and he roared, “Where are the Eight Vajra! Stop him!”

Eight powerful auras exploded from the Gentlemen Union. The Eight Vajra summoned their martial souls instantly. They exuded powerful auras as they soared into the sky. They descended in front of Lin Yun like a wall.

Lin Yun was caught by surprise and took several steps back to stabilize his footing. A trace of blood leaked out of the corner of his lips from this encounter

“There’s a Sword Condor over there! Quickly mount it and return to the Gentlemen Union!” The leader of the Eight Vajra said.

Ye Liuyun’s eyes immediately lit up and he ran towards the Sword Condor. This scene made Lin Yun furious. He wanted to barge through the wall formed by the Eight Vajra, but there was nothing he could do to the eight experts in the Earth Ranking.


“Get lost. You won’t be able to take another step with the eight of us here.” The Eight Vajra looked at Lin Yun with disdain. They blocked Lin Yun like a towering mountain and all Lin Yun could do was watch as Ye Liuyun smugly ran towards the Sword Condor.

“It’s impossible for Lin Yun to make it past the Eight Vajra that are blocking his way.”

“In the end, Ye Liuyun still managed to run away…” Everyone found this to be pitiful.

Lin Yun looked at the eight standing before him with a grave expression. But just when he was about to draw his sword, a crimson streak suddenly bolted over.

“What speed!”

“What the hell is that?!” The Eight Vajra’s faces changed as the streak charged into the eight of them before they could react. Instantly, four of the Eight Vajra were sent flying and each of them spit up mouthfuls of blood. Even the remaining four were sent a hundred meters backwards.

With that, the Dragon Blooded Horse drilled a hole in the impenetrable wall. Lin Yun tapped his foot on the ground and jumped onto the Dragon Blooded Horse, “After him!”

The Dragon Blooded Horse began galloping and every caused earth tremors. The Eight Vajra recovered from the impact, but it was already too late for them to chase after Lin Yun.

Ye Liuyun got on the Sword Condor when he saw Lin Yun rushing over. His facial expression changed, but he soon regained his composure and sneered, “Lin Yun, I will repay what you’ve done today. You want to kill me? Dream on! Fly!”

The enormous Sword Condor flapped its wings and soared into the sky. Ye Liuyun immediately collapsed on the Sword Condor’s back as soon as the condor took flight. His life was hanging by a thread.

“Senior Sister, the Sword Condor flew away!” Li Wuyou yelled out when he saw the Sword Condor flying into the sky.

Xin Yan raised her head to see the Sword Condor flying into the distance with Ye Liuyun, her face changed drastically at this. She immediately wanted to disengage her fight with Wang Yan and summon her Sword Condor over.

“Xin Yan, stay here obediently. Like I said, no one can touch Ye Liuyun no matter what!” Wang Yan sneered while holding Xin Yan back.

“Damn it!” Xin Yan grew anxious. She couldn’t think of any ways to help Lin Yun now. However, the galloping sounds never stopped. The Dragon Blooded Horse seemed to sense Lin Yun’s rage. Its galloping sounded like war drums that even drowned out the fight between the two Alliance-Unions.

“What’s going on?” Xin Yan and Wang Yan were stunned and turned around. The disciples from the two Alliance-Unions also did the same. They were all shocked by the unfolding scene. Lin Yun was like a blade, cutting through the wind to chase after the Sword Condor.

“Is he insane?”

“How can he possibly catch up to the Sword Condor…”

“What an idiot. Does he think that he can fly?” Liu Yue gnashed her teeth.

“It’s best for that brat to fall off the Bloodbanner Peak and die!” Fu Guang sneered.

Suddenly, the Dragon Blooded Horse came to a stop and issued a loud neigh. It was like a land condor due to its speed, so it nearly caught up to the Sword Condor. The morning sun cast a brilliance on it, making its coat look like a ball of crimson flames.

“That horse is really unique.”

“Everything would be worth it if I could get one...”

“But it's a pity that it’s not a real dragon horse and that Ye Liuyun still managed to get away…” Everyone was amazed by the Dragon Blooded Horse, who broke through the Eight Vajra’s formation and nearly caught up to the Sword Condor.

But just as everyone was sighing, a domineering aura surged from the Dragon Blooded Horse. To be exact, it came from the youth on the horse. The sword box behind the youth opened and flower petals started dancing around him. The youth drew his sword and soared into the sky, brandishing a swing. Although it was only one swing, it could sweep through the mountain and river.

Ye Liuyun, who was resting on the Sword Condor, suddenly felt that something was amiss. But when he opened his eyes, he was met with a stinging pain in his eyes. It wasn’t because of the sunlight, but because of a sword that was brighter than the sun. He could see a face in the bright light and he was greatly terrified when he got a clearer view of the face. He exclaimed, “Lin Yun!”

Under that domineering sword, Ye Liuyun and the Sword Condor were reduced to a blood mist that sprinkled the ground under the sunlight.

“T-t-that’s the Overlord Sword!” The Bloodbanner Peak’s judge exclaimed out. His voice was trembling with disbelief in his eyes.

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