Chapter 233 - Vanquishing Demon with the Sword

No one dared to laugh at Lin Yun now. The thousands who were gathered here were deeply shocked that the youth on the stage relied on his fists to put Ye Liuyun in such a terrible condition. Even the disciples who felt that Lin Yun would get lucky did not anticipate him to win like this.

“Is that really the Dragon-Tiger Fist? Why is it so terrifying? It seems so different from the ones I’ve seen...” Xin Yan fell into deep thought. She had witnessed the Dragon-Tiger Fist and she had even personally witnessed Drifting Goblet use it. But Lin Yun’s Dragon-Tiger Fist seemed entirely different. “Suppressing the pinnacle third stage of the Profound Martial Realm while in the second stage. I wonder how this brat managed to do it…” 

Lin Yun’s clothes were riddled with holes, but there was an unruly arrogance on his face when he stood on the stage with his hair fluttering. Xin Yan was deeply shocked by this scene before she smiled.

“What a terrifying fist. It’s like the dragon and tiger, except it’s stronger and more ferocious. It might seem like a fist, but it’s actually a sword. He’s using his fist as his sword!” A Sword Firmament Pavilion’s disciple exclaimed.

“That’s terrifying indeed. Ye Liuyun has really underestimated his opponent by calling him half-baked. I’ve seen elites from the Heavenly Profound Sect executing this technique, but the power of their fists didn’t even reach a tenth of Lin Yun’s!”

“Ye Liuyun isn’t going to lose, right? He must be seriously injured with how he’s struggling to get up.”

“Oh, yeah. Ye Liuyun seems to be losing.” The disciples were shocked by Lin Yun’s Sky Breaking Seal’s power before they realized something even more horrifying. Ye Liuyun was going to lose?

This sudden realization caused an uproar in the surrounding. This was an outcome that no one had expected. As for the Gentlemen Union, everyone’s faces were dark, including the Eight Vajra.

“Lose?” Wang Yan snorted, “There’s no way Ye Liuyun will lose!”

Everyone was shocked when they heard that. Could it be that Ye Liuyun still had a trump card?

Up on the tattered stage, Ye Liuyun sneered, “You want to kill me? I was caught by surprise when you combined the Dragon-Tiger Fist with your sword. But don’t think that you can win by relying on the Dragon-Tiger Fist alone!”

“How curious. Where do you get that confidence from?” Lin Yun replied.

“Hehe. I just want to tell you not to underestimate the four prestigious clans. You were already doomed to die the moment you cut down Wang Ning.” Ye Liuyun suddenly plunged his five fingers into his chest. Blood started to flow from the wound before forming a blood seal.

All of a sudden, a terrifying aura emitted from him. It was as if the demon within him was being released. In just an instant, his aura rose back to its peak. But the changes didn’t stop there. His aura even surpassed his current cultivation limits and was comparable to someone in the fourth stage of the Profound Martial Realm.

“Bloodthirst Mark?”

“Isn’t that the Wang Clan’s Bloodthirst Mark? It’s said that it can allow someone to reach their pinnacle for a short period of time and help them unleash their full potential.”

“But the Bloodthirst Mark is the Wang Clan’s secret! Even many direct descendants aren’t able to learn it. Only the elders are qualified to!” Everyone’s hearts trembled because they were shocked by the aura coming from Ye Liuyun.

“Wang Yan!” Xin Yan turned to look at Wang Yan coldly.

“This is just the beginning. Do you really think that this is all of Ye Liuyun’s strength? I’ve already said that Lin Yun will die today and that no one can change the outcome!” Wang Yan replied indifferently.

“Sword!” roared Ye Liuyun. His aura began to rise while his sword intent started to gather and grow.

“Something’s wrong…” Lin Yun frowned with a strange flicker in his eyes.

Ye Liuyun suddenly stabbed out with his sword, creating a phenomenon of shattering stars. Ye Liuyun’s sword intent wreaked havoc as explosions created clouds of dust. Even Lin Yun wasn’t able to avoid it completely even though he had detected it in advance.

When Lin Yun landed on the ground, a surge of sweetness rose from his throat and he spit out a mouthful of blood.

“Starlight as brilliant as the sun… That’s the sign of the Breakingstar Sword Art reaching greater mastery!”

“Ye Liuyun’s Breakingstar Sword Art has reached greater mastery! This is a transcendent profound martial technique that we’re talking about!”

“He must’ve made a breakthrough recently. Otherwise, he would be in the top ten of the Mortal Ranking by now.” The sudden increase in the Breakingstar Sword Art’s power had shocked everyone.

People generally wouldn’t go for transcendent martial techniques because they had a high comprehension requirement. It was already difficult to reach lesser mastery in a transcendent martial technique and those who could reach the greater mastery couldn’t just be described as a genius.

“How does it feel?” Ye Liuyun laughed when he saw Lin Yun throwing up a mouthful of blood. “If I wasn’t careless, I wouldn’t have to use this forbidden technique. You should be proud that you forced me this far. I guess I’ll give the Earth Ranking a try after killing you. Today, you will become my stepping stone!”

Ye Liuyun’s aura continued to rise under the Bloodthirst Mark and every swing of his sword was accompanied by explosive strength. Every sword was equivalent to a volcano eruption and the pressure coming from the sword even made the audience feel suffocated.

Lin Yun wore a grave expression. While he dealt with Ye Liuyun’s attacks, his gaze was on the Bloodthirst Mark. Even with the Bloodthirst Mark and cultivation that increased to the fourth stage of the Profound Martial Realm, it was nothing to Lin Yun. In the end, he made a mistake by underestimating his opponent and was caught by surprise.

But then again, what was the point of winning if his opponent wasn’t strong? Lin Yun faced Ye Liuyun’s attacks without any expression on his face. He made himself look to be in the disadvantageous spot and even allowed Ye Liuyun to leave several cuts on his body.

But within his body, his origin energy was violently surging like a boiling river as the Iris Flower slowly bloomed.

“Let’s finish this!” Ye Liuyun grinned. He did not want to drag the battle out any longer and the crimson radiance from the Bloodthirst Mark also enveloped his body.

This scene made everyone from Locket Mountain, including Li Wuyou, nervous. They could feel their hearts tighten. But Lin Yun’s eyes glowed just before Ye Liuyun’s sword was about to reach him. He soared into the sky and charged at Ye Liuyun. At the same time, he formed a seal with his sword intent.

A burst of golden radiance exploded from his back and slowly formed into a gigantic sword. Lin Yun wasn’t a Buddhist, but he had a sword that didn’t fear death or the demons. He would vanquish all demons with his sword. This was the Demon Vanquishing Seal.

“Vanquishing demons with his sword? Holy shit. What kind of martial technique is this…”

“Don’t tell me that it’s the Demon Vanquishing Seal?”

“What kind of monster is this Lin Yun!” The Demon Vanquishing Sword behind Lin Yun had startled everyone and even many elders were taken aback.

Lin Yun threw out his punch. The Demon Vanquishing Sword that was morphed from the origin energy in his body was a sword that would vanquish all demons and evil.

Under the Demon Vanquishing Sword’s suppression, Ye Liuyun’s sword aura began to crumble. He even took a step back when descended. Every single time Ye Liuyun took a step back, he would also spit out a mouthful of blood.

“GO DOWN!” The aura coming from the Demon Vanquishing Sword reached a new pinnacle when Lin Yun landed on the ground. His fist bombarded Ye Liuyun’s chest and sent him flying away. At the same time, the Bloodthrist Mark also collapsed.

“Die!” Lin Yun’s eyes flashed with murderous aura before Ye Liuyun could get back on his feet. He charged across the stage, causing the stage to tremble with every step he took. He was determined to kill Ye Liuyun today and it didn’t matter if it was for the humiliation he suffered back then or for his promise to Xin Yan.

When he ran, his murderous aura had also reached an unprecedented height. When Ye Liuyun saw Lin Yun running over, his face had turned pale and fear spread in his heart.

“Get lost!” But just when Lin Yun’s fist was about to hit Ye Liuyun, a silhouette suddenly appeared before Ye Liuyun and sent a palm at Lin Yun’s fist.

When the fist and palm connected, Lin Yun’s face sank and he took three steps back. When he raised his head, he was shocked to see who was blocking him. It was Wang Yan!

“You already won. You can get lost now,” Wang Yan replied.

He was greatly humiliated when he witnessed Wang Ning being killed. If Wang Yan allowed Ye Liuyun to be killed today, he would surely take another hit to his reputation. He had to protect Ye Liuyun no matter what.

On the other side, Xin Yan was briefly surprised before she roared, “Wang Yan, on what basis are you interfering with the challenge!”

“Hmph. He’s one of my Gentlemen Union’s elite, so how can his life be compared to someone as cheap as this brat over here? Bring Liuyun away quickly. With me here, no one can touch him!” Wang Yan sneered. Everyone from the Gentlemen Union immediately acknowledged the order and rushed onto the Life-Death Stage and formed a human wall defending Ye Liuyun.

“But I must kill him today!” Lin Yun was furious. An eight amber radiance burst out and the Primordial Chaotic Soul, the Aurora Dragon, was summoned. It had a human face and a dragon body with an ominous aura that shocked everyone.

“Get lost!” Lin Yun roared and kicked Wang Yan, who was lost in his thoughts, before charging at the Gentlemen Union with the Dragon-Tiger Fist empowered by the Demon Vanquishing Seal. He charged at Ye Liuyun with great determination. He would send those who stood in his way flying.

“Disciples of the Locket Mountain, charge!” Xin Yan roared and hundreds of people responded to her. She landed on the Life-Death Stage and clashed with the Gentlemen Union. Under the battle between the two Alliance-Unions, the stage that was already damaged finally shattered.

The challenge had suddenly turned into a messy battle. No one expected this to happen.

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