Chapter 232 - Killing You Doesn’t Require A Sword

Lin Yun’s words instantly caused an uproar. The crowd shook their heads inwardly, wondering if Lin Yun took the wrong medicine today. Only Xin Yan’s eyes lit up briefly before the concern gradually disappeared on her face. She knew Lin Yun’s temperament well. He was unpredictable when he was calm, but if he showed his fangs, he was confident of winning.

“You’re courting death!” Ye Liuyun waved his hand and unsheathed his sword. The moment Ye Liuyun held onto his sword, a powerful gale swept out and targeted Lin Yun.

“Break!” Lin Yun threw out a punch that combined the sword and the fist. Accompanied by a dragon and tiger roar, his fist shattered the incoming gale.

“The Dragon-Tiger Fist?” Ye Liuyun sneered. “You want to fight me with that half-baked Dragon-Tiger Fist of yours? How impudent! I, Ye Liuyun, will be claiming your head today! STARLIGHT!”

Ye Liuyun soared into the sky as a cold gleam reflected from his sword. The tip of his sword exploded with dazzling light. With a flash, the Life-Death Stage plunged into darkness while the radiance from Ye Liuyun’s sword shined like a star. It was truly worthy of being a transcendent profound martial technique. Everyone was shocked by Ye Liuyun’s attack.

They all felt that there wouldn’t be any suspense to this battle. Among the profound martial techniques, the difference in grades was enormous. In fact, the Breakingstar Sword Art was one of the best transcendent profound martial techniques.

While the crowd clamored, the sword shot towards Lin Yun like a meteor.

“You call that Starlight?” Lin Yun’s crimson eyes glowed in the darkness. His body was like a beautiful jade that could be faintly seen in the darkness. Currently, Lin Yun was wondering how strong the Dragon-Tiger Fist would be after combining the perfect Thunderblitz Battle Physique with his origin energy that had been refined by the age energy. He was filled with expectation for the results.

Dragon-Tiger Might!

The Iris Flower blossomed in his Dantian. Then, his origin energy surged and the roars of a dragon and tiger could be heard. Lin Yun’s aura rose and he stepped forward, pushing back the sword aura from Ye Liuyun. But Lin Yun was trembling and his forehead was covered in sweat. His shaking hands tried to form seals. The origin energy within his body frantically compressed like a volcano that was about to erupt.

However, Lin Yun knew that this wasn’t enough. With a roar, blood started to ooze out from his skin despite his perfect Thunderblitz Battle Physique.

“Undying Vajra Seal!” When Lin Yun finally formed the seals, a bright radiance exploded that expelled the darkness enveloping the Life-Death Stage. At the same time, violent energy from the seal collided with the sword.

The collision caused a huge buzz and the tiles around Lin Yun shattered. The sheer force from the crash also raised a cloud of dust on the stage.

“What a powerful shockwave!”

“I can’t see anything. What’s going on?”

“It doesn’t make any sense. Lin Yun should’ve lost…” No one had expected that a single move could create such a terrifying aftermath. Everyone was in shock. Most importantly, they couldn’t see anything because of the cloud of dust.

When the cloud of dust finally settled down, an unbelievable sight awaited the onlookers. Lin Yun’s clothes were ripped and he had sword wounds all over his body. However, he still stood firm with brightly shining eyes.

On the other hand, Ye Liuyun’s face was pale as he supported himself on the ground with one hand while his sword was stuck in the ground. 

They are evenly matched? The Sword Firmament Pavilion’s transcendent profound martial technique was evenly matched with Lin Yun’s half-baked Dragon-Tiger Fist? This outcome made no sense.

“What’s going on?” Leng Mo, who was standing beside Wang Yan, was shocked. Even the Eight Vajra had locked their brows tightly.

“Ye Liuyun, how does it feel?” Lin Yun laughed. “Again, come on!”

Lin Yun’s fists were tightly clenched. He was still under the empowerment of the Undying Vajra Seal. The origin energy around his body fluctuated as he charged at Ye Liuyun.

“Impudent!” Ye Liuyun wiped the blood off his lips and roared, charging at Lin Yun with his sword.

Lin Yun had infused his sword intent into his fist, which surged like a violet wave. Although he was using his fist, it was more ferocious than the sword. He was using his fist as his sword. Even Ye Liuyun, whose cultivation was comparable to the fourth stage of the Profound Martial Realm, couldn’t hold any advantage in the battle under Lin Yun’s attacks. No matter how he  tried, he couldn’t suppress Lin Yun.

Everyone was shocked. They had expected Ye Liuyun to overwhelm Lin Yun, but the two were evenly fighting back and forth. Furthermore, with careful observation, it was evident that Lin Yun held a slight advantage. The crowd was truly shocked by how refined Lin Yun’s origin energy was.

In the blink of an eye, Lin Yun and Ye Liuyun were already exchanging their twentieth move. The quick attacks created a loud rumble and a cloud of dust rose into the sky. Ye Liuyun’s hand trembled and he retreated a few hundred meters away from the center of impact. On the other hand, Lin Yun only took ten steps backward. It was at this moment that everyone noticed the advantage that Lin Yun had due to his physique.

“DIE! STAR SLASHER!” A trace of ferocity flashed in Ye Liuyun’s eyes. He soared through the sky and charged at Lin Yun.

“DRAGON-TIGER STEPS!” Lin Yun did not wait for Ye Liuyun to come and charged forward. When Lin Yun charged forward, the image of a dragon and tiger could vaguely be seen. The images alternated between the tiger and dragon steps.

In the past, Lin Yun struggled to execute the Dragon-Tiger Steps. But now, he could use it as easily as he wished. There were nine steps in total, but to the audience, it looked like he reached Ye Liuyun with a single step. When he finished taking the ninth step, the dragon and tiger images appeared on Lin Yun simultaneously.

A powerful aura rose from Lin Yun’s body as he gave everything he had along with the Undying Vajra Seal’s remnant power. The dragon and tiger manifested before turning into a crimson light that poured into Lin Yun’s fist.

Ye Liuyun tried to retaliate with his sword, but he failed to break Lin Yun’s attack. Instead, he was sent flying away by Lin Yun’s fist.

“W-w-what? His origin energy is stronger than mine?” A trace of shock flickered through Ye Liuyun’s eyes. He never would have expected that wouldn’t hold any advantages in the fight. And he most certainly did not expect to be in a disadvantageous position. 

The fist that could shatter a mountain faced the sword that could cut down a star. Explosions repeatedly rung out from the stage, turning countless tiles on the ground into fragments. The Life-Death Stage had become a mess.

Lin Yun suddenly soared into the sky and executed Soaring Dragon from the Dragon-Tiger Fist that was further empowered by the Sky Breaking Seal. The stage began to tremble as fragments were flying around. When Lin Yun threw his punch, it was like time had stopped. “SKY BREAKING SEAL!”

Ye Liuyun’s face changed. That was the Sky Breaking Seal that belonged to the Heavenly Profound Sect. How did Lin Yun learn it? Ye Liuyun instantly felt as though he plunged into quicksand since he couldn’t use his movement technique anymore.

Lin Yun roared and threw another punch, “Pouncing Tiger!” His left fist that had been accumulating power had an image of a tiger crossing the mountains and rivers. With the empowerment of the Sky Breaking Seal, the tiger and dragon reflected upon each other. The sky began to change colors upon their presence and even the dust and tile fragments that flew around were completely crushed.

The Dragon-Tiger Fist that was famous throughout the Great Qin Empire was fully displayed by Lin Yun. The stage was suddenly cleared. It was as though someone had cleaned the Life-Death Stage.

But the scene of Ye Liuyun spitting out a mouthful of blood on the stage was even more shocking. No one had expected that the battle would turn out this way. No one had anticipated that the ferocious Lin Yun who killed Wang Ning and dominated everyone in the Nine-Star Contest would know such a powerful fist technique.

Liu Yue, who stood beneath the stage, turned pale. This wasn’t what she wanted. The one who should be throwing up blood should be Lin Yun.

“Damn it! Why is he so powerful? Did he really refine all the spiritual jades he got from Liu Yue? There were tens of thousands of spiritual jades. Just what sort of cultivation technique does he have to consume all that?!” Fu Guang’s voice trembled.

Liu Yue nearly spit up a mouthful of blood when she heard Fu Guang’s words. Did Lin Yun really use her spiritual jades to become so powerful?

“The Sky Breaking Seal… But even if it was the Sky Breaking Seal, it wouldn’t be so powerful!” Ye Liuyun muttered to himself while he struggled to get up. His hair was a complete mess, making him look like a madman.

“Ye Liuyun, it’s like I said. I don’t need to draw my sword to defeat you,” said Lin Yun. Fifteen minutes ago, everyone was laughing when Lin Yun said that. But who dared to laugh at him now?

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