Chapter 231 - Battle Begins

Three days later, on the Bloodbanner Peak, the Life-Death Stage.

The Sword Firmament Pavilion forbade any form of killing between disciples and whoever dared to violate this rule would be killed. But if there were unresolvable grudges between disciples, they could resolve it on the Life-Death Stage, granted there must be mutual agreement between the parties to do so. Once on the stage, life and death would be out of one’s control. All grudges would be resolved on the stage, which meant that the winner lived while the loser died.

People rarely came to the Bloodbanner Peak, but it was crowded today because of the Life-Death Stage between Lin Yun and Ye Liuyun. Two months ago, Lin Yun’s fame spread throughout the Sword Firmament Pavilion after killing Wang Ning. But no one had expected him to conduct a battle on the Life-Death Stage with Ye Liuyun right after he got out from the Herbal Hall.

A lot of people heard what happened at the Nine-Star Contest, but they didn’t get to witness it themselves. So the news of Lin Yun fighting with Ye Liuyun had caused a great commotion in the Sword Firmament Pavilion. Besides the disciples that were out of the sect, almost everyone was gathered here.

Despite the crowd, the group from Locket Mountain had attracted many people’s attention. Xin Yan was leading the party, displaying her perfect figure. She had a pair of chilly eyes like a blood rose that swayed in the wind and captivated people’s hearts.

Suddenly a violent gale appeared and a majestic Sword Condor descended from the sky. Wang Yan jumped off the Sword Condor with a dozen people.

“Senior Brother Wang!” Many members of the Gentlemen Union immediately got up.

“Holy! The Eight Vajras are all here!”

“I heard that they were sparring with Ye Liuyun for the past three days. I wonder how strong Ye Liuyun is right now!”

“Look, that’s Ye Liuyun!”

Ye Liuyun was the last to get down from the Sword Condor. Looking at Xin Yan on the opposite side of the Life-Death Stage, he asked, “He’s still not here? He didn’t run away, right?”

“The battle still hasn’t started yet, so what are you worried about? Lin Yun will be here on time!” Xin Yan said coldly.

“Haha! It’s hard to say. I heard that he obtained an astronomical sum of resources in the Myriad Treasure Pavilion and even took the bottle of pellets I intended to feed to the dogs. Who knows if he already fled from the Great Qin Empire? Xin Yan, it’s not good to be too confident right now. After all, it’ll be embarrassing if he doesn’t show.” A burst of laughter rang out as Liu Yue and Fu Guang stepped out from the crowd.

“Oh? I heard that you contributed a great portion of his resources. I’m surprised that the two of you dare to show up here after embarrassing yourselves so badly in the Myriad Treasure Pavilion!” Xin Yan smiled.

“What blasphemy! On what basis are you poking your nose into my business?” Fu Guang barked.

“That’s right. Why don’t I share about what happened back in the Myriad Treasure Pavilion? After all, I personally witnessed it myself. Hehe.” Li Wuyou appeared at the foot of the mountain together with Lin Yun on the Dragon Blooded Horse.

“Senior Sister Xin Yan, I’m not late, right?” Lin Yun walked towards Xin Yan.

“Second stage of the Profound Martial Realm!” Lin Yun’s cultivation attracted many people’s attention. After all, he had only used one month to make a breakthrough in his cultivation. They were all surprised by his cultivating speed.

“You made a breakthrough?” Xin Yan’s eyes lit up with joy.

“It’s all thanks to the resources from Lady Liu. Otherwise, I might not have been able to make a breakthrough,” replied Lin Yun.

“I’ll see how long you can last. So what if you’re in the second stage of the Profound Martial Realm? Ye Liuyun is in the pinnacle third stage of the Profound Martial Realm!” Liu Yue snorted and retreated to the side with Fu Guang. Their eyes were filled with hatred when they looked at Lin Yun. Since Lin Yun came for the battle, they naturally wanted to watch and enjoy Lin Yun's death today.

The atmosphere was already so intense even before the battle started. At this point everyone began discussing the fight. No one had expected that Lin Yun would make a breakthrough in a month. Since that was the case, then it wouldn’t be a one-sided battle anymore.

But everyone still felt that Ye Liuyun would win the battle. After all, Ye Liuyun was ranked 36th in the Mortal Ranking and he had been in the sect for two years.

Right at this moment, an old man donned in a crimson robe silently descended on the stage. His cultivation was unfathomable. He was the Life-Death Stage’s judge. Taking out the challenge from his shirt, he declared, “Lin Yun, Ye Liuyun, get up on the stage. You guys won’t be able to go back now that your challenge is in my hand!”

“Lin Yun, remember what you promised me. I don’t wish to see you die.” Xin Yan looked at Lin Yun with a complicated gaze.

Her words made Lin Yun pause his steps before he continued walking onto the Life-Death Stage with resolution in his eyes. Simultaneously, a silhouette descended on the stage like a meteor, producing a huge explosion as his aura swept out in the surrounding. This made Lin Yun’s face change slightly before he jumped to avoid the aura wave.

“What powerful aura!”

“It’s Ye Liuyun!”

“Judging by his aura, I’m afraid that he’s not any weaker than ordinary cultivators in the fourth stage of the Profound Martial Realm!” Everyone was shocked when they saw his face after the cloud of dust settled down.

Ye Liuyun’s hair was fluttering in the wind as he said, “Where did you get the confidence to stand before me? Then again, it’s good that you’re confident. Otherwise, Senior Brother Wang, Lady Liu, and Master Fu Guang will be deeply disappointed.”

Lin Yun raised his brow and swept his gaze at the surrounding.

When Liu Yue noticed Lin Yun’s provocation, she gnashed her teeth, “What a loathsome fellow!”

“Oh? He can still smile despite facing death?” Wang Yan snorted when he saw Lin Yun’s provoking gaze directed over.

“Let’s start. There are no rules on the Life-Death Stage. The winner will live, while the loser dies!” The crimson elder swept a glance at the two challengers before he disappeared. The moment he disappeared, a murderous aura enveloped the entire Life-Death Stage.

Ye Liuyun plunged his scabbard into the ground. “Draw your sword! Otherwise, don’t blame me for not allowing you to draw your sword later!”

His voice was accompanied by a powerful sword aura that cracked the tiles on the stage. He was Ye Liuyun, 36th on the Mortal Ranking. He did not rely on any heretical means to obtain his ranking and everyone in the surrounding could sense his arrogance and pride.

“What confidence!”


“But then again, it makes sense for him to be arrogant. I heard that his Breakingstar Sword Art is ferocious. In the past, it only took him a single sword to defeat those on the same cultivation as him.”

“How can Lin Yun possibly win? Ye Liuyun doesn’t even consider him to be a genuine opponent.” Whispers began to sound from the crowd, which made Lin Yun narrow his eyes. Ye Liuyun was really arrogant, but did he really think that making a breakthrough in his cultivation was all Lin Yun had done?

“I don’t need to draw my sword to kill you!” Lin Yun replied coldly. If Ye Liuyun were arrogant, then he would be more arrogant than him. Since he dared to stand on the stage, he naturally had the confidence to kill Ye Liuyun.

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