Chapter 230 - Wuyou, Time to Leave

“The Breakingstar Sword Art can be considered one of the best among transcendent profound martial techniques that required a high level of comprehension. It’s impressive that Ye Liuyun could achieve greater mastery in it.” Aside from Leng Mo, there were eight other Sword Firmament Pavilion disciples next to Wang Yan.

The eight of them were the strongest in the Gentlemen Union and they were all experts in the Earth Ranking. They were known as the Gentlemen Union’s Eight Vajra. They were the Gentlemen Union’s core members besides the upper echelon. Their presence proved that the Gentlemen Union was very concerned with Ye Liuyun and Lin Yun’s battle.

“In time, Liuyun will become an expert in the Earth Ranking and his achievement won’t be any lower than ours. He might even have a chance to reach the Sky Ranking!”

“That’s right. He’s only seventeen, so he has a lot of potential. Senior Brother Wang, you have a good eye for finding people.”

“It’s a little overkill to have Ye Liuyun kill that sword slave.”

“Lin Yun will surely die!” The elites praised Ye Liuyun’s display of skill. As for Leng Mo, he did not have the authority to speak, so he could only look at Ye Liuyun with envy.

Wang Yan was giving Ye Liuyun an opportunity by letting him kill Lin Yun. Lin Yun was famous among this year’s newcomers, so everyone knew about him. The commotion he created in the Nine-Star Contest was unprecedented.

If Ye Liuyun killed Lin Yun, he could increase his reputation and bring glory for Wang Yan to cleanse the shame of Wang Ning’s death. Leng Mo had been following Wang Yan during this time and he could realize the deep foundation that the Wang Clan had in the capital.

But currently, Wang Yan was in an awkward situation with the Wang Clan. All the elders who saw him would reprimand him. It was easy for Lin Yun to kill Wang Ning, which had struck a heavy blow to the Wang Clan’s reputation and caused an uproar.

If Lin Yun didn’t have the Sword Firmament Pavilion’s protection, he would’ve already been killed by the Wang Clan. Naturally, the Wang Clan’s elders were filled with resentment, so they could only depend on Wang Yan to cleanse the clan of its shame.

“Greetings, senior brothers.” Ye Liuyun’s face changed when he saw the Gentlemen Union’s Eight Vajra. He was surprised by their presence. He never expected that Wang Yan would treat this life and death battle so seriously.

“Do you know what today is?” Wang Yan asked with an unpleasant tone in his voice.

“I do and I know that there are only three days left until the battle.” Ye Liuyun paused briefly before he continued, “And I will kill Lin Yun three days from now.”

Wang Yan smiled, “After witnessing your Breakingstar Sword Art, I’m sure that you can kill him. But he’ll be getting away with it too lightly if he dies easily. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“I understand. I will let him suffer and make him beg for mercy. I will humiliate him thoroughly before crippling his cultivation and meridians. I’ll hand him over to you after that,” Ye Liuyun said with a smirk.

“Hahaha!” Wang Yan laughed. He could practically imagine the scene of Lin Yun begging for mercy.

“Good. The sect won’t protect him if his cultivation is crippled. But his Martial Soul, the Aurora Dragon, can be a variable. The Aurora Dragon might only be at the Eighth Grade Amber, but you can’t afford to be careless since it’s a Primordial Chaotic Soul,” Wang Yan said with a grave expression while looking at Ye Liuyun.

Ye Liuyun nodded his head, “Don’t worry about it. With the trump card you have given me and the help the elders gave me, I’ll cripple him if he dares to bring out his Martial Soul. So what if it’s a Primordial Chaotic Soul? I’ll see just how ‘chaotic’ it can be!”

“Let’s go. There are only three days left, so you can wait in the Gentlemen Union until then. The Eight Vajra will spar with you during this period of time,” replied Wang Yan.

Ye Liuyun’s eyes immediately lit up when he heard that. The Eight Vajra were experts in the Earth Ranking and their time was precious. So how could they spend their precious time sparring with him? Ye Liuyun knew that they were only doing it to give Wang Yan face.

“Senior Brother, thank you. I won’t forget the favor that you’ve shown me.” Ye Liuyun got down on one knee and cupped his hands together.

“I’m grooming you to be my successor. The eight seniors have a high opinion of you, so this battle is a stepping stone for you. A mere Lin Yun is nothing in my eyes. I still need you for many things in the future,” said Wang Yan.

“We do have a high opinion of you. You can try making an attempt in the Earth Ranking after this battle. You should have a 50% chance of making it in.”

“I don’t think that he only has a 50% chance of making it into the Earth Ranking. By killing Lin Yun, he will be seizing Lin Yun’s fangs and luck. I’m afraid that he will become unstoppable when the time comes.”

“That’s right! This is a rare opportunity and we’re all envious of you.” The Eight Vajra smiled.

Their words made Ye Liuyun’s blood boil with excitement. Swordsmen cultivated their fangs, so he would be seizing Lin Yun’s fangs and luck by killing him.

“I, Ye Liuyun, won’t disappoint you guys!” Ye Liuyun said with a grave expression. The group then headed out of the Wang Manor. When they came out, there were several mighty Sword Condors waiting for them. 

But just when they were about to go, Wang Yan’s face suddenly changed when he saw a black carriage. Even the arrogance that he usually had on his face disappeared.

“You guys wait here for me. I’ll need to go and meet someone.” Wang Yan headed towards the carriage with a respectful expression. When Leng Mo saw the carriage, he immediately became excited and he exclaimed out, “Is that…”

“Hush!” The Eight Vajra looked over coldly. “Do you want to die?”

Leng Mo was instantly terrified. His face changed drastically and he covered his mouth. He already guessed who was in the carriage. It was the person that was Wang Yan’s true backing in the Sword Firmament Pavilion.

“I pay my greetings to the young master.” Wang Yan gave a deep bow to the carriage without any hesitation.

“I heard that you have encountered some trouble? Do you need my help?” Laughter could be heard from the carriage.

Wang Yan instantly fell on his knees and his face turned white when he heard that. He replied, “I dare not seek your help. This is only a trivial matter, so how can I possibly alarm you? It’s my fault for being useless to let you be alarmed by something so simple.”

“Hmph!” The person in the carriage harrumphed, which caused Wang Yan’s face to turn pale.

“And here I thought you didn’t want any face. I know that you’re having a hard time in the clan recently, but that’s nothing compared to the matter that I’ve instructed you on. Not only must you do it well, but you must also get it done beautifully. If you can’t get it done, then I’ll kill you anytime I please, even if you become the Wang Clan’s patriarch. But if you do it well, the position of the patriarch will be yours no matter what your cousins do!” The person in the carriage said all this and without waiting for Wan Yan’s reply, he gave an order, “Let’s go.”

Four silhouettes appeared out of nowhere. They carried the carriage and swiftly disappeared. It was as if the carriage had never been here.

Wang Yan only got up on his feet after a long time passed and muttered, “A sword slave actually attracted his attention… Well, that makes sense. I’m afraid that I will only be a piece of garbage to the young master if I can’t even deal with a sword slave.”

Suddenly, a murderous aura surged from his body, and he barked, “Return to the sect! Three days from now, I’ll have Lin Yun’s head in front of my younger brother’s grave!”

At the same time, someone visited the Locket Mountain back in the Sword Firmament Pavilion. It was a disciple on the Sky Ranking, Xin Jue.

“Big Brother, is there really no way to avoid this battle?” Xin Yan looked at her elder brother.

“Wang Ning’s death caused enormous pressure for Wang Yan, which nearly made him lose his position in the clan. There might have been a chance if Lin Yun did not accept the challenge back then, but Wang Yan has practically used all his connections for this life and death battle. Even Elder Luo Feng and Guardian Plum said that there’s no way to cancel this battle,” Xin Jue sighed.

“If he didn’t accept the challenge?” Xin Yan smiled bitterly, “With his personality, it would have been weird if he didn’ accept it. He would rather bear everything by himself than to drag the Locket Mountain and me down.”

“Well, it’s really troublesome this time. I heard that Ye Liuyun has practically been in the Wang Clan for the past month and got more powerful. I’m afraid that Lin Yun can’t escape his fate…” Xin Jue replied helplessly.

“No. He promised me.” Xin Yan gnashed her teeth with a hint of stubbornness in her eyes. “He’s someone who keeps his promise, just like how he came out of the Sword Burial Woods alive!”

Xin Jue fell silent. He did not know what to say. He could believe it if Lin Yun had a year to prepare against Ye Liuyun, but he only had one month. It was too unfair for Lin Yun to challenge someone ranked 36th on the Mortal Ranking when he had just joined the sect.

In the Sword Burial Woods, a shocked Lord Thirteen was looking at Lin Yun. Just a moment ago, he saw Lin Yun take out tens of thousands of spiritual jades like magic to form his second profound vein. It caused quite a commotion.

“Come, I’ll suppress my cultivation to the second stage of the Profound Martial Realm and spar with you. Let me see how much progress you’ve made during this time,” said Lord Thirteen.

Lin Yun thought it was a good idea and agreed, although he showed no emotions to it. He could make good use of this opportunity to see how much his age energy grew.

“You’ll have to excuse me then!” Lin Yun’s origin energy fluctuated within his body and he threw a punch at Lord Thirteen.

Although Lord Thirteen took the attack easily, there was a trace of surprise in his eyes. The clash between their fist and palm produced a loud rumble. Lord Thirteen even took two steps back since his cultivation was suppressed to the second stage of the Profound Martial Realm.

“Brat, you’re pretty ruthless with your attack.” Lord Thirteen was briefly shocked before he replied, “You should be proud that you made me take two steps back even if I did not use my full strength.”

“Actually, I didn’t use my full strength either. I only used...” Lin Yun smiled and raised a finger.

“Stinking brat, are you trying to embarrass me? Get lost!” Lord Thirteen barked with a dark face.

Lin Yun did not mind it and smiled, “Please don’t get angry. I’ll be going now! I’ll come again when I’m free!”

Lord Thirteen waved his hand to signal Lin Yun to get lost quickly. He was obviously still fuming with anger. But after Lin Yun boarded the boat and disappeared, Lord Thirteen slowly turned around with a hint of expectation on his wrinkled face.

Back in the Myriad Treasure Pavilion, Li Wuyou and Qing Mei were chatting. Qing Mei would occasionally let out a burst of laughter, but Li Wuyou was clearly distracted. He couldn’t help feeling worried because the deadline was approaching and Lin Yun still wasn’t back.

Many people were saying that Lin Yun must’ve run away. Even Liu Yue had come to ridicule how Lin Yun dared to take her pellets that were meant to feed dogs.

So Li Wuyou wasn’t in a good mood recently. Suddenly, Qing Mei’s laughter stopped, and she looked at the gate with astonishment on her face. When Li Wuyou turned around, he saw a handsome youth carrying a sword box on his back, riding on a crimson horse. Who else could it be if it wasn’t Lin Yun?

“Wuyou, time to leave.” Lin Yun smiled.

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