Chapter 229 - Final Preparations

Before he even realized it, his cultivation had improved from practicing the Dragon Tiger Fist. A satisfied look was on Lin Yun’s as he looked at the surroundings with a smile. He only had two more seals to go. If he was successful, the Dragon-Tiger Fist would evolve to a whole new level.

The four seals by themselves could be used as martial techniques, but he could also use them to empower the fist techniques. Furthermore, they could also be utilized for different combinations. For example, the Undying Vajra Seal could combine with the Demon Vanquishing Seal to form the Demon Vanquishing Vajra Seal. It could also connect with the Heavenly Seal to form the Undying Heavenly Seal.

As long as his body could handle it, he could combine three or four seals in various ways.

“The Heavenly Profound Sect elites would first cultivate the four seals before moving onto the fist techniques. But I’ve done it backwards.” Lin Yun felt enlightened after mastering the two seals.

“It might only seem like four seals, but there were many changes. It might seem to be a fist technique, but it’s extensive…” Lin Yun began punching in the woods once again after being enlightened. His punches were like bolts of lightning that were filled with sword intent. 

By combining the fist and sword, Lin Yun could use his fist as a sword and his sword as a fist. Gradually, his Dragon-Tiger Fist began to grow more comparable to Drifting Goblet’s. The technique was the Dragon-Tiger Fist, but the one performing it was Lin Yun, a swordsman!

He wasn’t just swinging his fists but he was using them like swords. Under his punches, the Sword Burial Woods began to faintly glow.

“Demon Vanquishing Seal! By using the virtue and might of Buddhism to eradicate demons. I don’t know Buddhism, nor can I join Buddhism. But I have a sword, one that has gone through countless life and death situations with me!” Lin Yun ultimately abandoned Buddhism in this seal and replaced it with his sword intent.

As golden radiance dazzled behind him, the boundless sword intent formed into a gigantic sword. Lin Yun wasn’t a buddhist and instead he had a sword that didn’t fear death or demons. With his sword, he would vanquish all demons.

With a solemn expression, Lin Yun made seals with his hands and a hundred-foot sword was formed in his palm. Lin Yun threw a punch and the origin energy throughout his body manifested into a sword.

“Great! This is the Dragon-Tiger Fist that solely belongs to me! With this sword, I will fear no evil or demons. As long as my enemy’s momentum shows a slight flaw, I can force it to collapse instantly.” Lin Yun couldn’t hide the joy on his face. After comprehending the Sky Breaking Seal, it was much easier to comprehend the Demon Vanquishing Seal.

His Demon Vanquishing Seal was different from Drifting Goblet’s, but it was the most suitable version for him.  Empowered by the Demon Vanquishing Seal, he was having a great time swinging his punches.

The days gradually passed and Lin Yun was fully immersed in cultivating. During this time, he noticed a small secret. He didn’t know if it was because of the Sword Burial Woods’ spiritual runes, but his origin energy actually improved.

It felt weird, so Lin Yun made up his mind to ask Lord Thirteen about it once he was done cultivating.

“The Heavenly Seal, the last and most profound seal…” Before he knew it, seven days had already passed. During this period, Lin Yun had learned the Undying Vajra Seal, Sky Breaking Seal, and Demon Vanquishing Seal. He could freely use them as he wished.

However, he was still helpless when it came to the Heavenly Seal. To be honest, he was captivated by the thought of four seals. The Heavenly Profound Sect only required you to learn one seal to cultivate the nine techniques. Lin Yun had gone above this and actually comprehended three seals.

Even a genius like Drifting Goblet had to spend a lot of time learning the three seals and only learned the fourth seal after spending lots of time on it. Another three days passed and the Undying Vajra Seal, Sky Breaking Seal, and Demon Vanquishing Seal nearly reached complete mastery. He was still left with the Heavenly Seal, but it was something he could give up on for the time being.

He wouldn’t give up something so easily. It didn’t matter if he couldn’t comprehend it for the time being. It would only be troublesome if he got himself trapped in it.

“Relying on the three seals, I have a 70% chance of winning against Ye Liuyun after reaching the second stage of the Profound Martial Realm.” Lin Yun had a deep understanding of the three seals, not to mention that the age energy was currently cleansing his origin energy.

He was confident that he wouldn’t lose to Ye Liuyun. But was he satisfied with just 70%? Definitely not. He promised Senior Sister Xin Yan that he would kill Ye Liuyun, so he needed absolute confidence. He had to cultivate the Overlord Sword. Many people cultivated this sword technique in the Sword Firmament Pavilion, but they all suffered the backlash of this technique. Back then, the elder didn’t want to give it to him because the elder did not want him to destroy his future. 

Lin Yun placed the jade strip on his forehead and a painting instantly appeared. It was a majestic painting with rivers, cities, kingdoms, and empires. But there was always a person with a sword who swept through everything with absolute dominance and made the world tremble.

Lin Yun’s eyes began to bleed when he saw that sword. His face was pale as he muttered to himself, “How terrifying. I haven’t even started, but I’m already having difficulty enduring the power in the jade slips. If I can grasp just a little bit, I’ll be able to kill Ye Liuyun!” Lin Yun held onto the jade slip and started comprehending it.

The Overlord Sword was a forbidden technique in the Sword Firmament Pavilion that was made up of only one sword. Lin Yun recalled what the deacon on the third floor said: the Overlord Sword had one sword, not one move.

But what’s the difference between one sword and one move? Was there a deeper meaning to it? Time gradually passed and days slipped away in the Sword Burial Woods. But Lin Yun did not allow any other thoughts to cross his mind. He was fully focused on comprehending the Overlord Sword.

His eyelids suddenly trembled and he opened his eyes. “It’s indeed a sword and not a move. But this sword is a little too long.”

Lin Yun stood up and snapped a bamboo to use as a sword. One move meant one move and there would only be one move no matter how you changed it. This was different from one sword. You can use it to sweep through everything or use it to split the heavens into two.

The bamboo in his hand began to slow down. As he slowed down, the Sword Burial Woods’ spiritual runes began to tremble with the ground. It felt like a year had passed, but it was just a sword for Lin Yun.

Suddenly, a boundless domineering aura burst out from his body as the Iris Flower radiated in his Dantian. When he stabbed out, the bamboo in his hand suddenly exploded into the surrounding.

A breeze of wind blew past the building. Lord Thirteen suddenly opened his eyes and smiled, “Overlord Sword? This fellow seems to have reached the threshold… But that’s still far from enough.”

When his voice fell, a violet gale swept over the lake. Cracks began to spread out on the cold lake like a mirror with huge waves rising. Even after the wind stopped, the turbulence on the lake did not stop.

Back in the Wang Manor, the hatred in Wang Yan’s heart had accumulated even more now that a month had passed. On the field, Ye Liuyun was fighting three opponents with an ancient sword in his hand. Those three were disciples of the Wang Clan and they were all in the third stage of the Profound Martial Realm.

But they couldn’t even retaliate against Ye Liuyun’s sword. His sword was radiating brightly like the sun. An explosion suddenly broke out and the three elites from the Wang Clan were sent flying. When they fell onto the ground, they spit out a mouthful of blood and fell unconscious.

“Haha! He has actually reached greater mastery! Ye Liuyun is truly a talent. It was worthwhile for us to spend so many resources on him. The Breakingstar Sword Art specializes in damaging the internal organs and ignores physical strength. It’s hopeless for Lin Yun if he only has a powerful physique!” Wang Yan sneered.

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