Chapter 227 - Race Against Time

Lin Yun and Drifting Goblet were both surprised. They were shocked by Liu Yue’s temper and how she threw something she spent 40,000 spiritual jades on so casually. On the other hand, everyone in the hall didn’t dare to speak. Everyone knew that Liu Yue was tricked by Lin Yun and Li Wuyou today. They could guess that the two of them had plotted to increase the Greater Profound Pellets’ price.

Liu Yue glanced at Lin Yun coldly before she left.

“Hehe. It looks like she really doesn’t want the pellets,” Li Wuyou chuckled and handed the bottle to Lin Yun. Due to his cultivation technique, he couldn’t consume any pellets if he wasn’t in the Profound Martial Realm.

Shaking his head, Lin Yun replied, “I don’t need it. Give it to Young Master Drifting Goblet then. The Sky Breaking Seal he gave me was a great help.”

“You don’t need it?” Drifting Goblet was shocked.

“I don’t. I already have so many spiritual jades, so there’s no need for me to consume any pellets.” Lin Yun nodded.

“You’re smart. Then I’ll accept this.” Drifting Goblet accepted the bottle straightforwardly. He could give it to the disciples in the Heavenly Profound Sect.

However, Li Wuyou was still holding onto the bottle and smiled, “But Brother Baldy, Liu Yue told you to feed them to the dogs.”

“I take no offense to a child's words.” Drifting Goblet smiled and reached out to Li Wuyou.

“Here.” Li Wuyou ultimately gave it over, looking at the smile on Drifting Goblet’s face. The latter wouldn’t react no matter what he said. Ignoring the heartache on Li Wuyou’s face, Drifting Goblet toyed around with the bottle before storing it.

“Huh? There’s no more wine…” Drifting Goblet frowned when he saw the empty jar.

“No worries! I’ll give you ten jars of it since you like it so much.” Lin Yun took ten jars of wine out of the thousands in his interspatial pouch.

Drifting Goblet’s eyes lit up when he saw the jars of wine. His smile was wider than when he had obtained the Greater Profound Pellets. He replied, “Brother Lin, you’re really generous.”

Almost everyone had left the hall, but the three of them remained there, drinking and chatting.

“I’ll be taking my leave now.” Drifting Goblet stood up and smiled, “You put on a  great show today and I’ve also had a great time drinking. However, Brother Lin, I have nothing in return for your pellets and wine. I guess I’ll be leaving this jade strip here.”

“Brother Baldy can’t seem to hold his alcohol well. Look at him, does he look like a monk with how he’s laughing right now? Hehe, let me see what this jade strip is…” Li Wuyou reached out for the jade strip left by Drifting Goblet with glowing eyes.

Lin Yun, on the other hand, looked at Drifting Goblet’s silhouette in deep thought. For some reason, he could sense the burden on Drifting Goblet’s mind despite his unrestrained appearance.

“This jade slip!” Li Wuyou’s face changed and he immediately handed the jade strip over to Lin Yun. “Big Brother, take a look at it yourself. He’s not really drunk, is he…?”

Lin Yun immediately took the jade strip and placed it on his forehead. In the next second, a huge load of information flowed into his mind.

“The complete Dragon-Tiger Fist!” When Lin Yun placed down the jade strip, he could no longer see Drifting Goblet’s silhouette. The Dragon-Tiger Fist uniquely belonged to the Heavenly Profound Sec, and disciples who weren’t part of the sect couldn’t learn it. It was a serious crime to divulge any sect’s techniques, not to mention the Dragon-Tiger Fist.

“You don’t have to worry much since Drifting Goblet gave it to you. Honestly speaking, the Heavenly Profound Sect can’t interfere with him. He probably believes in your character that you will not leak it,” said Ku Yun.

“They can’t interfere with him?” Lin Yun asked in doubt.

“That’s right. He has a mysterious background. I don’t know about the specific details, but I’m sure Liu Yue will know more about it,” Ku Yun explained.

The more Lin Yun thought about it, the more Ku Yun’s words made sense. After all, not even Liu Yue or Fu Guang dared to provoke Drifting Goblet.

Thinking about that, Lin Yun stored the jade slip and turned to Li Wuyou, “Wuyou, are you going to stay here or are you coming with me to the Sword Burial Woods?”

“Lord Thirteen will probably skin me alive if I go back and take his carps. I’ll stay here to help master Ku Yun and I will wait for your return.” Li Wuyou, who was usually fearless, cringed the moment Lord Thirteen was mentioned.

Lin Yun did not force Li Wuyou and looked at Ku Yun. He smiled and asked, “You’re not confident in yourself?”

Ku Yun replied with no confidence, “Although I know how to inscribe the Aquacloud Spiritual Rune and can achieve 70% medicinal effects, you have guided me this far. But alone, I’m…”

“You can do it. Believe in yourself. After returning to the Pellet Hall, you will be able to inscribe two star spiritual runes for real. I’ll give you some advice at that time.” Lin Yun was full of confidence in Ku Yun.

“This is the proceeds from today’s auction. There are still 30,000 spiritual runes after splitting it with the Myriad Treasure Pavilion.” Ku Yun handed an interspatial pouch over.

Lin Yun glanced at it casually. He knew that most of it came from Liu Yue. He spoke out, “Alright, I’ll be leaving now.”

“Let us send you off.” Li Wuyou and Ku Yun watched Lin Yun riding on the Dragon Blooded Horse to the Sword Burial Woods.

Lin Yun was only left with twenty days until the deadline. He was under tremendous pressure because he knew that his opponent wouldn’t stay stagnant. Since he promised Senior Sister Xin Yan that he would kill Ye Liuyun, he had to keep his promise.

The Firmament Realm was an isolated realm, but the Sword Burial Woods existed in both the Firmament Realm and in reality. Aside from the Sword Firmament Pavilion’s branch, there was another hidden entrance.

The entrance was a lake covered in heavy fog and anyone who tried to enter would get lost. No one could enter the Sword Burial Woods through the entrance, except for Lin Yun. He had a friendship with Lord Thirteen, so he could naturally enter as he pleased.

Ye Liuyun was practicing his sword technique in the spacious field of the Wang Clan. His sword was filled with explosive power every time he brandished it, giving off a domineering pressure. When Ye Liuyun brandished his sword, it would produce a series of huge explosions.

The sword in his hand gradually got faster and faster. In the end, the power emitting from his sword even vaguely showed an aura of the fourth stage of the Profound Martial Realm, which took shape as a rumbling echo.

“Liuyun, your Brokenstar Sword Art isn’t far from greater mastery now.” Wang Yan showed up with a smile as he led everyone from the Gentlemen Union behind him.

Sheathing his sword, Ye Liuyun looked proud of his achievement and replied, “It’s difficult to grow a Transcendent Profound Martial Technique into greater mastery. But I have already found some ways. Speaking of which, why did you come here?”

The smile on Wang Yan’s face disappeared and he spoke out, “I have two pieces of news for you.”

“Oh?” wondered Ye Liuyun.

“Let’s have Leng Mo tell you about the first one.” Leng Mo stood up and told everything he saw in the Martial Hall to Ye Liuyun. Then again, he naturally skipped the part where he was humiliated by Lin Yun.

“As if the elder would grant him access to the fourth level. It’s not easy for a disciple in the Mortal Ranking to increase their Sword Firmament Token to the fourth grade. It’s impossible to get it through spiritual jades. I nearly lost my life a few times by completing missions for the sect,” Ye Liuyun snorted with disdain.

“As long as he’s not in the fourth level, he can only pick Advanced Profound Martial Techniques and none of them can be comparable to your Breakingstar Sword Art!” Leng Mo sneered.

“That’s for sure.” Ye Liuyun smiled. “What about the second news?”

“The second one is somewhat more troublesome. Lin Yun seems to be connected with Ku Yun and has obtained a large amount of resources. There’s a high possibility that he might reach the second stage of the Profound Martial Realm at the end of the month.” Wang Yan frowned.

“So what? Do you think he can win against me? I have also been using resources here for the past ten days,” Ye Liuyun smiled.

“I just don’t want any accidents. He has to die at the end of this month and I can’t allow any accidents. I have to prepare another trump card for you…” Wang Yan’s words made Ye Liuyun’s eyes narrow into slits. Ye Liuyun could only see the murderous aura in Wang Yan’s eyes.

“What do you think?” Wang Yan asked.

Ye Liuyun hesitated. The trump card that Wang Yan prepared for him was a little too ruthless. But after briefly pondering, he replied, “Alright!”

“Very well. The Wang Clan will owe you one as long as you kill Lin Yun. You can state your request at that time.”

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