Chapter 226 - Perfect Pellets

Even Drifting Goblet was shocked by Lin Yun’s fury. He had no idea that Lin Yun was involved with the Greater Profound Pellets. Li Wuyou on the other hand knew that although Lin Yun seemed to have a good temper, he would not tolerate being slandered. What Fu Guang did had touched Lin Yun’s reverse scale.

After all, the Greater Profound Pellets were made by Lin Yun, so how could he endure the old man     slandering him without even taking a look at the pellet?

“You’re saying that these pellets are fake?” Lin Yun looked at Fu Guang with 

Fu Guang noticed that Lin Yun’s gaze was cold and the guards of the Myriad Treasure Pavilion were also looking at him coldly. He instantly knew that he had caused big trouble this time. However, he did not panic and sneered, “That’s right. I’m only stating my doubt. What’s the matter? Can’t I sound my doubt with my status? What qualification do you have to stand before me?”

“You’re claiming that it’s fake without even looking at it. Is that still considered having doubts? How interesting. Are you afraid that someone will snatch your popularity? You yourself know if you’re stating your doubts as an alchemist or if you’re simply slandering,” Lin Yun said coldly.

Fu Guang’s face turned dark when his intentions were exposed. He argued, “There’s a high possibility that these Greater Profound Pellets were made by heretic means or maybe some catalytic herbs were added to it. There will definitely be side effects for consuming them and I will give my evaluation after appraising them!”

“What if there isn’t?” Lin Yun questioned.

“If there isn’t, then there isn’t. I’m just logically stating my doubts as an alchemist. What, do you want me to kill myself for it? I will restore the Myriad Treasure Pavilion’s reputation if there’s nothing wrong. Speaking of which, Hall Master Wei should thank me for it instead,” Fu Guang sneered.

WELL, THANK YOU, ASSHOLE! Wei Yue cursed inwardly. Fu Guang’s words viciously attacked the Myriad Treasure Pavilion by saying that they sold fake medicine. These words caused everyone to doubt the Myriad Treasure Pavilion.

If it wasn’t for Lin Yun, Fu Guang would continue to run his mouth and the consequences would be unimaginable. Even Drifting Goblet nearly spat out the wine in his mouth. He had to give it to Fu Guang’s shamelessness.

Of course, there wasn’t anything wrong with Fu Guang’s words since his argument was logical. And if he verified that there were no problems with the pellets, it would be equivalent to boosting the Myriad Treasure Pavilion’s reputation.

Looking at Wei Yue on the stage, Fu Guang smiled,” Brother Wei, you don’t mind me appraising these, do you? It just so happens that the capital’s elites are all gathered here today. I believe you won’t refuse my suggestion, right?”

Wei Yue’s body trembled. He was a talented merchant, and he knew that Fu Guang would definitely find flaws in the pellets even if there weren't any. It was disadvantageous for him to let Fu Guang appraise the pellets, but it would only show that he’s guilty if he refused.

“Please, go ahead!” Wei Yue forced the words out through his teeth.

Fu Guang sneered inwardly. He had handled the Greater Profound Pellets for decades, so he could find flaws that others wouldn’t notice. There was no way the Myriad Treasure Pavilion could get out of this situation. Most importantly, he was confident that it was impossible for the Greater Profound Pellets to exceed 70% medicinal effects without using catalytic herbs.

When he raised his brow, he looked at the indignant Lin Yun standing before him. With a hint of loathsome flickering through his eyes, Fu Guang barked coldly, “Why the hell are you still standing in my way? Didn’t you hear Hall Master Wei accept my terms?  Are you confident that I won’t kill you with a single palm strike and that someone will speak up for you?”

He was more experienced in life than Lin Yun, so there was no way Lin Yun could compete with him. Being hot-blooded would achieve nothing.

“Why don’t you try it?” Li Wuyou lost it when he heard Fu Guang’s threat.

Then, Drifting Goblet’s voice sounded out, “I suggest you don’t do that. After all, I haven’t had enough of Brother Lin’s wine.”

When he placed the cup down on the table, two roars echoed out from Drifting Goblet. It sounded like a dragon and a tiger. When the roars echoed out, the hall lamps started to sway, leaving everyone astonished.

Everyone knew that despite wearing a smiling face all day long, Drifting Goblet was still one of the eight titled figures in the capital. He was unrivaled in the Great Qin Empire with his Dragon-Tiger Fist.

The wine that splashed from the cup soared in the air like a dragon. But when the wine returned to the cup, the aura coming from Drifting Goblet disappeared.

“Master Fu Guang, if you dare even to lay a hand on Lin Yun here, I guarantee that you won’t be able to step out of the Myriad Treasure Pavilion alive. It wouldn’t matter even if everyone from the Sword Firmament Pavilion was here!” Wei Yue’s voice also rang out.

Lin Yun wanted to laugh. An alchemist from the Sword Firmament Pavilion tried to kill him, but those who helped him were outsiders. He knew that it was useless trying to talk to someone as shameless as Fu Guang. The best way was to slaughter him and make him beg after feeling pain.

But he required strength to accomplish that. Right now, Lin Yun was filled with an unprecedented urgency to go to the Sword Burial Woods.

When Fu Guang saw Wei Yue and Drifting Goblet become furious, he knew that he had taken it too far. He immediately smiled, “Why are the two of you so nervous? I’m just talking about it. Isn’t he still standing here?”

“Does that mean that I have to thank you, just like Hall Master Wei? Well, I’ll thank you, your mother, your father, and your ancestors!” Lin Yun smiled.

His words instantly drew a burst of laughter from the surrounding. If Lin Yun hadn’t said that, perhaps Fu Guang might really get Lin Yun to thank him. Because, according to Fu Guang’s logic, he should be thanked for not making a move against Lin Yun.

But there was nothing Fu Guang could do with Drifting Goblet and Wei Yue supporting Lin Yun. He had to bear with it even if Lin Yun slapped him. Fu Guang’s face began to change. He even started to tremble from his rage.

Beside him, Liu Yue spoke out anxiously, “Master, let’s just leave them alone and appraise the pellets. If there’s really a problem with the pellets, we’ll see how they settle this matter!”

“Go ahead. I’ll see what tricks you can play now. I’ll even give you my head if there’s a problem with the pellets,” said Lin Yun.

“How arrogant. You’re just an apprentice under that piece of garbage, Ku Yun. So what do you know? Let me show you what a true master looks like!” Fu Guang sneered. He then took out a Greater Profound Pellet from the jade bottle.

Everyone in the hall held their breath while they looked at him. Although everyone despised Fu Guang, they still felt nervous now that he was appraising the pellets. Many people here had bought from the auction, so they were naturally concerned if the pellets were real. There were even those like Feng Jue who had refined the Greater Profound Pellets.

They were afraid that there would be some side effects to the Greater Profound Pellets. The Myriad Treasure Pavilion was well lit and the Greater Profound Pellet was glittering from the reflection when it was taken out of the jade bottle. The perfect Aquacloud Spiritual Rune inscribed on it emitted spiritual energy, as if the pellet was shrouded in a hazy mist.

“How beautiful!”

“It simply looks like a divine pellet. How can there be such a perfect Aquacloud Spiritual Rune?!”

“I’ve seen plenty of Greater Profound Pellets, but this is the first time I’ve seen an Aquacloud Spiritual Rune like this.”

Everyone exclaimed with admiration when they looked at the Greater Profound Pellet. They were shocked by how it looked under the reflection of light. Fu Guang was also surprised when he saw the pellet. He was a two star alchemist, so he understood the Aquacloud Spiritual Rune better than anyone here. This Aquacloud Spiritual Rune was nothing like what he had seen in his life.

How could this be possible? His confidence gradually collapsed when he saw the pellet. Perhaps this pellet could really achieve 90% medicinal effects, but there was no way he could give up now.

He tossed the pellet into his mouth and circulated his origin energy to refine it. He was extremely focused, not daring to miss any detail. He had to find some flaws no matter what or he would be placed in a difficult position today. But to his disappointment, there wasn’t any flaw in the pellet.

In fact, the flaws that should exist in the Greater Profound Pellet couldn’t be found. He could now announce that there wasn’t a single flaw in the Greater Profound Pellet. At the very least, he couldn’t find any right now. But he wasn’t willing to let it go so easily and continued his inspection of the Greater Profound Pellet.

Everyone in the hall was staring at him, waiting for an outcome. As time continued to pass, Fu Guang instantly looked a lot older when he opened his eyes. He had lost his composure and his hands were trembling.

“Master Fu Guang, are there any heretic means or catalytic herbs used in the Greater Profound Pellet?” Wei Yue instantly knew the outcome when he saw Fu Guang’s expression.

Fu Guang’s lips were trembling. He couldn’t say anything even if he wanted to. He spent decades researching the Greater Profound Pellets, so he could instantly tell if there were any catalytic herbs added into the pellet by consuming it. Even the flaws that should exist in the Greater Profound Pellet were gone, which exceeded his understanding.

“Master, are there really no flaws in this Greater Profound Pellet?” Liu Yue asked reluctantly.

Fu Guang wore a bitter face and did not dare to utter another word. After all, he couldn’t continue to slander without any evidence.

“Hall Master Wei, I only want to know who refined this Greater Profound Pellet?” Fu Guang looked at Wei Yue with deep resentment in his eyes. He did not answer Liu Yue. Right now, he really wanted to know who the alchemist was.

“Actually, the alchemist has some connection with you. The two of you are from the same sect,” Wei Yue smiled.

“Same sect? Could it be one of the three hall masters? No, wait. The three hall masters have high attainments in the ways of spiritual runes and can’t be bothered to spend time on one star spiritual runes. Even the three hall masters wouldn’t be able to inscribe the Aquacloud Spiritual Runes better than I can!” Fu Guang rebuked, “It’s impossible for it to be an alchemist from my sect. Hall Master Wei, are you trying to lie to me?”

“Lie to you?” Wei Yue sneered. “I wouldn’t waste my time doing that. I would’ve already invited him out if you hadn’t been causing a scene. Master Ku Yun, please come out and get to know everyone here.”

When the curtain opened, a familiar face appeared before Fu Guang. It was Ku Yun!

Fu Guang heard a buzzing noise in his mind before he raged, “That’s impossible! You’re lying! How can this piece of trash possibly be better than me at making Greater Profound Pellets! I refuse to believe it!”

He couldn’t accept the fact that Ku Yun could produce better Greater Profound Pellets than him. He had just called Ku Yun garbage, so if Ku Yun refined the pellets, wouldn’t that make him worse than garbage?

But the Greater Profound Pellets were truly refined by Ku Yun along with Lin Yun. Without Lin Yun, there was no way Ku Yun could refine such excellent pellets. As long as Lin Yun was willing, Ku Yun would have the qualification to stand on the stage and bask in everyone’s attention.

“Let’s thank Master Fu Guang for clearing up the Myriad Treasure Pavilion’s name! Now, let’s have someone show him out!” Wei Yue declared without any emotion on his face.

Two cultivators in the eight stage of the Profound Martial Realm swiftly appeared and escorted Fu Guang out forcefully. After today, Fu Guang would never be able to show his face ever again in the capital. He had been reduced to a laughingstock.

After Fu Guang left, Wei Yue smiled, “Refining the Greater Profound Pellets with 90% medicinal effects is too taxing, so Master Ku Yun won’t refine anymore for the time being. But he will still be in the Myriad Treasure Pavilion to provide Greater Profound Pellets with 70% medicinal effects. So we welcome everyone to visit us anytime!”

The Myriad Treasure Pavilion dared to kick Fu Guang out, but they didn’t dare to touch Liu Yue. When Liu Yue saw Ku Yun standing on the stage and her eyes were filled with disbelief. Her heart sank when she thought of Ku Yun’s relationship with Lin Yun. Didn’t that mean that the 40,000 spiritual jades she spent to pay for the pellets would go straight to Lin Yun? Her face immediately changed when she thought of that and turned to look at Lin Yun.

Lin Yun was raising his cup in her direction with a smile, “Lady Liu, thank you for the spiritual jades. I’ll remember your grace if I don’t die at the end of this month!”

Liu Yue’s eyes immediately turned red and she threw the jade bottle containing the pellets to Lin Yun, “Feed them to the dogs!”

Li Wuyou’s eyes immediately lit up. He grabbed onto the bottle and smiled, “Big Brother, the pellets came back to us!”

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