Chapter 225 - Scram

Everyone had already given up competing with Liu Yue. After all, she was the beloved daughter of the Divine Guards’ commander. Furthermore, 28,000 spiritual jades were a little on the high side.

However, no one had expected that Li Wuyou would suddenly stand out and increase the price to 30,000 spiritual jades. 

Liu Yue’s face immediately turned cold. Turning over to look at Li Wuyou, she barked, “Li Wuyou, what are you trying to do here?!”

“What? You don’t own the Myriad Treasure Pavilion. Are you saying that you’re the only one allowed to bid?” Li Wuyou raised his brow. He was rejoicing inwardly when he saw how furious Liu Yue was.

“30,000 spiritual jades going once!” Wei Yue immediately called out right before Liu Yue lost it, attracting everyone’s attention.

“Hehe. Don’t look at me. If you don’t make another offer, the fifty pellets will go to me. It just so happens that I can give them to my Big Brother to reach the second stage of the Profound Martial Realm!” Li Wuyou laughed casually.

“I don’t believe that you guys have that many spiritual jades!” Liu Yue’s face turned dark. She turned to look at Qing Mei to make her intentions clear.

Qing Mei smiled, “You don’t have to worry about that, Lady Liu. I can vouch that Young Master Lin can afford it.”

The Myriad Treasure Pavilion gave Ku Yun 50% of the Greater Profound Pellets’ sales over the past few days, which totalled to an astronomical number. Furthermore, even if Lin Yun and Li Wuyou couldn’t afford it, Qing Mei would still help them. After all, she had been unhappy with Liu Yue’s rudeness for some time now.

“31,000!” Liu Yue raised her voice after glaring at Qing Mei.

“32,000!” Li Wuyou called out.

“33,000!” The two continued to compete, causing the price of the fifty Greater Profound Pellets to soar.

Lin Yun looked satisfied by the price and turned to the surprised Drifting Goblet with a smile, “Come, let’s drink!”

Drifting Goblet smiled and asked, “You’re not playing any tricks, right? Don’t provoke Liu Yue recklessly. It’s fine if you’re in the Sword Firmament Pavilion, but it’ll be troublesome otherwise.”

Lin Yun smiled, but he did not give a reply. His grudge with Liu Yue went deep and he was sure that Liu Yue would kill him if she had the chance. After all, he was nearly degraded to a herb slave back in the Pellet Hall.

Lin Yun wouldn’t kill her unless there was a strong reason for him to do so. But he wouldn’t mind teaching her a lesson. Then again, there was no need for him to tell Drifting Goblet about that.

“40,000!” Liu Yue’s eyes were blazing with flames. Under the insane bidding war between Li Wuyou and Liu Yue, the price of the fifty Greater Profound Pellets climbed to an astronomical amount of 40,000.

But just when Li Wuyou was about to continue, Lin Yun coughed. Li Wuyou immediately smiled, “You’re truly the beloved daughter of the Flying Dragon General. This young master is incomparable to you, I admit my loss.”

“This young master here is even more incomparable to you.” The masked youth who bid first sneered coldly. His voice made the entire hall go silent. Everyone looked at the masked youth as a chill ran down their spine.

Li Wuyou chuckled. It seemed like things became more troublesome. After all, who dared to offend Liu Yue to this extent?

“Lin Yun, I’ll settle this with you sooner or later!” Liu Yue swept her gaze coldly at Lin Yun. She wasn’t stupid and she had already found out that Lin Yun was the mastermind behind Li Wuyou’s actions.

“Whatever. It doesn’t matter if we have another grudge between us.” Lin Yun drank his wine with his back to Liu Yue. The entire hall became silent the moment he spoke out. Li Wuyou’s actions were shocking, but Lin Yun’s indifferent attitude left them even more shocked. Judging from his tone, it seemed like there was an existing grudge with Liu Yue from long ago.

“Lady Liu, here are your Greater Profound Pellets.” A servant came up with a tray.

Liu Yue took out a purple crystal card from her interspatial pouch and handed it over, “Does your hall master know how to retrieve spiritual jades from the Heavenly Dragon Card?”

“Naturally. Everyone knows about the credibility of the Heavenly Dragon Card,” replied the servant.

After the servant left, Liu Yue turned and handed the bottle to Fu Guang. At this moment, everyone finally realized that Liu Yue bought this bottle of Greater Profound Pellets for her master. After all, there was no way Fu Guang could research the Greater Profound Pellets on his own.

Fu Guang received the bottle and said faintly, “I wonder what will be the outcome of the famous Myriad Treasure Pavilion if word gets out that they are selling fake pelles?”

“What is he talking about?”

“Is he insane?”

Fu Guang’s words instantly caused an uproar in the Myriad Treasure Pavilion. Up on the stage, Wei Yue’s face changed with a trace of killing intent flickering in his eyes. He barked, “Fu Guang, do you think you can bully us just because you’re a two star alchemist? The Myriad Treasure Pavilion isn’t a pushover!”

Fu Guang’s words were too vicious to declare that the Myriad Treasure Pavilion was selling fake pellets in public. Wei Yue would naturally not be bothered if it was someone else who said that. But Fu Guang was a two star alchemist from the Sword Firmament Pavilion’s Pellet Hall.

Even if he was reduced to a laughingstock by Lin Yun and Li Wuyou, he was still a two star alchemist. So people would naturally believe in his words.

Fu Guang sneered inwardly and couldn’t be bothered to pay any attention to Wei Yue’s threat. He had been greatly humiliated today and reduced to a laughingstock. If the Greater Profound Pellets with 90% medicinal effects were genuine, he wouldn’t have any footing in the capital anymore.

After all, he relied on the Aquacloud Spiritual Rune to have his name spread throughout the capital. But now, an alchemist stronger than him had appeared. How would he host a ceremony in the future? Not to mention that the prestigious clans would also treat him differently.

So Fu Guang had no choice but to stand out at this moment. Even if there were no problems with the Greater Profound Pellets, he still had to find some flaws with it. He spoke out coldly, “Hall Master Wei, why are you so nervous? I never said that these pellets are fake, it’s just that there have never been any Greater Profound Pellets with 90% medicinal effects in the capital. Not even three star alchemists from the royal clan and four great sects have achieved this. 

“I have been inscribing the Aquacloud Spiritual Rune for two decades, so I have naturally grasped every single detail well. Isn’t it normal that I express doubt? Or are you trying to hide the heretical tricks used on the Greater Profound Pellets?”

His words instantly caused an uproar, especially for those who had consumed the pellets like Feng Jue. Their faces changed because they found some logic in Fu Guang’s words. The consequences would be dire if some heretical tricks were used to refine the pellets as they would leave some sort of hidden ailments in the body.

“Rubbish!” Wei Yue roared.

Seeing that everyone had been riled up, Fu Guang continued coldly, “I’m only speaking the truth. The Myriad Treasure Pavilion alone is doubtful. Why haven’t you guys revealed the identity of this alchemist to everyone over the past ten days?”

“What nonsense! I already have intentions of inviting the alchemist over. I can call him out immediately if you’re not convinced!” Wei Yue replied coldly.

“Don’t be in such a hurry. You can do it after my appraisal,” Fu Guang smiled while he touched his beard.

“Fu Guang, your face is really thick!” Lin Yun stood up coldly. He finally couldn’t hold it back anymore because he didn’t expect Fu Guang to be so shameless.

Ku Yun had already checked Greater Profound Pellets and he was certain that there were no issues with the pellets. So much so that there were no flaws after the age energy’s reforging.

Ku Yun and the Myriad Treasure Pavilion had also invited alchemists to conduct an appraisal on the pellets. After all, how could the Myriad Treasure Pavilion not take any precautions? Fu Guang sounded righteous and logical, but he didn’t even take a look at the pellet itself. He was clearly trying to create trouble here. Lin Yun couldn’t figure out how a two star alchemist had such a flawed character.

“Sword slave, show some respect for my master!” Liu Yue rebuked.

“Scram!” Lin Yun cursed. “Who the hell do you think you are, calling me a sword slave? I don’t wish to waste my time with you. If it wasn’t for your father’s protection, killing you would be as easy as slaughtering a pig! You’re not even worthy of being called garbage!”

“You’re scolding me?!” Liu Yue immediately lost it and even wanted to attack.

“So what if I’m scolding you? Did you forget the three whips I gave you some time ago? Get lost if you don’t want to be humiliated. There’s no place for you to talk here!” Lin Yun looked at Liu Yue coldly. The murderous aura emitting from him intimidated Liu Yue.

At the same time, she could feel the stinging pain on her back. She immediately became frightened when she thought of how Lin Yun even dared to kill Wang Ning. Who knew if Lin Yun really dared to kill her right now. With a trace of fear flickering through his eyes, Liu Yue’s face turned pale and she took several steps back obediently.

Everyone in the hall that saw this was taken aback. They couldn’t believe that this was the same arrogant Liu Yue from a moment ago. She was completely intimidated by Lin Yun. And judging from Lin Yun’s words, he really did whip her three times.

This alone had left everyone terrified. After all, Liu Yue was the Flying Dragon General’s beloved daughter.

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