Chapter 224 - Dare To Compete

“The two of you are pretty bold!” Drifting Goblet raised his cup with a smile.

“This is the Myriad Treasure Pavilion. Would that old foggy even dare to make a move here?” Li Wuyou curled his lips.

“Thank you for your help earlier,” said Lin Yun. He raised the cup in his hand and gulped it down. It was somewhat dangerous for them to humiliate Fu Guang in public. This might be the Myriad Treasure Pavilion, but Fu Guang was clearly so angry that he nearly retaliated earlier.

It would be troublesome if Fu Guang attacked. But he instantly changed his mind when Drifting Goblet spoke out. It was to the point that nearly everyone here had forgotten his existence. This sort of humiliation was on a whole new level compared to the humiliation dished out by the two of them.

After all, Drifting Goblet was one of the eight titled figures in the capital and everyone naturally had to give him some face. Aside from him, who could get everyone to drink solely because of face?

“No worries. Fu Guang will be finished sooner or later. He has been leading a glorious life in recent years because of his Greater Profound Pellets. There might be other two star alchemists stronger than him, but none of them could achieve what he could. Otherwise, how would a mere two star alchemist dare to host a ceremony?” Drifting Goblet smiled.

“Young Master Drifting Goblet, you seem to be pretty familiar with Fu Guang?” Lin Yun asked.

“Do you have any wine?” Drifting Goblet replied with a mysterious smile.

“Of course I do.” Lin Yun naturally knew Drifting Goblet’s taste and took out a jar of monkey wine.

“Great!” Drifting Goblet took a sip and continued, “He has been getting more arrogant in recent years because of his Greater Profound Pellets. If it weren’t for the fact that the clans needed his pellets to groom their people, how could they allow him to get so full of himself? After all, he was the only one who could produce Greater Profound Pellets with 70% medicinal effects.”

“But things are different now. The Myriad Treasure Pavilion even has Greater Profound Pellets at 90% medicinal effects, so who will put up with his temper now? Didn’t you see that no one attended his ceremony? It would have been fine if he sucked it up, but he came to seek humiliation instead. He will become a laughingstock after today and he won’t be able to make a comeback in the future…”

Lin Yun immediately understood what was going on after listening to Drifting Goblet’s words. He now knew why Fu Guang came with his face covered. So it turns out that Fu Guang was afraid of his identity being exposed and his conscience felt guilt from offending too many people.

Suddenly, Lin Yun could sense a cold glare staring at him. When Lin Yun turned around, he saw Fu Guang glaring at him with hatred.

However, Lin Yun did not put it in his heart and snorted inwardly. Back then, when Fu Guang insulted Ku Yun as a piece of garbage, he should’ve been prepared for karma. If he didn’t come today, Lin Yun wouldn’t have been able to do anything. However, since he had come of his own volition, how could Lin Yun not take advantage of this opportunity?

Not only was Fu Guang arrogant, but he was also rude to those from his own sect. When he ridiculed Ku Yun back then, his words were worse than those lackeys of the Glittering Pavilion. Sweeping his glance over Liu Yue, Lin Yun also noticed that she was looking at him coldly.

Fu Guang and Liu Yue were fittingly similar - like master, like disciple. At this moment, Hall Master Wei came out and smiled, “I have to thank everyone for coming today. The rules will be the same as previous auctions. The pellets will go to those who offer the highest price. After the auction today, you guys will have to wait for more Greater Profound Pellets with 90% medicinal effects. Make sure you seize this opportunity!

“Well then, the first set of pellets. One Greater Profound Pellets with 90% medicinal effects and ten Greater Profound Pellets with 70% medicinal effects!”

Despite only having one Greater Profound Pellet with 90% medicinal effects, there were ten others with 70% medicinal effects. This set was very attractive to the crowd and it made sense that the prices began to quickly soar.

However, Fu Guang’s face was dark with uncertainty. Aside from him, only two others could produce Greater Profound Pellets with 70% medicinal effects, but one of them had gone into seclusion for years, while the other one had left the Great Qin Empire.

Logically speaking, he was the only one left with the ability to do this. But now, an unprecedented Greater Profound Pellet with 90% medicinal effects appeared! That was at a level that he would never be able to reach. This was why he believed that the effects must be fake.

Despite researching for years, he wasn’t able to increase the Greater Profound Pellet’s medicinal effects by another 10%. So how could there be one with 90%?

A cold light flashed through his eyes. He was greatly humiliated by Lin Yun and Li Wuyou, who repeatedly spit in his face. So he knew that he would become a laughingstock if he did nothing. His only opportunity would be to find the flaws in the Greater Profound Pellets with 90% medicinal effects.

“Master, do you want to participate in the auction?” Liu Yue asked.

Fu Guang glanced at Lin Yun and spoke in a deep voice, “Not now. Do it when Lin Yun is trying to auction for them. That fellow is definitely here for the final item, the fifty Greater Profound Pellets with 90% medicinal effects.”

Liu Yue’s eyes lit up and she smiled, “That must be it! He must be trying to use those Greater Profound Pellets to form the second profound vein. Otherwise, he will have no hope in defeating Ye Liuyun. But he can give up on it since I’m here!”

“What is she thinking?” Li Wuyou asked when he saw the chill flickering through Liu Yue’s eyes.

“Who knows.” Lin Yun curled his lips. The auction continued smoothly and it didn’t take a while before the final item of this auction came out.

“This bottle of Greater Profound Pellets is this auction’s finale. I believe everyone knows about it by now. There are a total of fifty pellets and all of them have 90% medicinal effects. The bidding will start at 5,000 first grade spiritual jades!”

Wei Yue was pretty confident that this bottle could fetch a high price. The previous items were all insignificant compared to this bottle with fifty pellets.

In the end, it went just as he expected. The auction exploded in an uproar when he introduced the last item. What did fifty pellets represent? It represented a breakthrough for someone in the late phase of the Profound Martial Realm. This meant that cultivators in the sixth, seventh, or even eighth stage of the Profound Martial Realm could obtain a breakthrough in a month.

Then again, it was only a one-off breakthrough. In the future, the effects of the Greater Profound Pellets would decrease. But even so, it was extremely attractive for those in the late phase of the Profound Martial Realm, especially for those who were stuck in their cultivation for many years.

15,000!” A calm voice rang out the moment Wei Yue announced the start. It was a young man clad in a black robe with his face covered.

“That voice sounds familiar. He must be an elite from some prestigious clan!” Everyone began cursing him inwardly. After all, raising the price by ten thousand at one go was equivalent to pouring a bucket of cold water on everyone. But it didn’t stop there.



The bidding immediately calmed down after three bids.

“Our mercenary group can probably earn about 10,000 spiritual jades over a year…” sighed a guest as they attracted a lot of attention. After all, there were too many tycoons in the capital and their bids were terrifying.

Even Lin Yun sighed. It seems like he couldn’t speculate about the Great Qin Empire with common sense. He might even have an opportunity to inscribe spiritual runes in the future.

But he soon dispelled that thought. His main focus was still on his cultivation and it was just a coincidence that he caused a sensation in the capital. Over time, the prices for the Greater Profound Pellets would surely fall.

“Master, Lin Yun seems to be intimidated by the bid. He hasn’t bid yet.” Liu Yue frowned. Her focus was entirely on Lin Yun. When she saw no response from Lin Yun, she guessed that he must be intimidated by the high price.

If Lin Yun knew what Liu Yue was thinking, he would smile. He made the Greater Profound Pellets, so he naturally wanted more people to bid for it. After all, the higher the bid, the more money he received. Why would he be intimidated by the astronomical price?

“I seem to have overestimated him. In the end, he’s just a poor bloke. He’s just lucky to be here, so how can he possibly compete with us in terms of wealth? Let’s start bidding. I must get these fifty Greater Profound Pellets!”

“28,000!” Liu Yue spoke out. The hall became quiet the moment she gave her bid. After all, the price was a little outrageous. Theoretically speaking, a Greater Profound Pellet’s price with 90% medicinal effects would only cost 200 spiritual jades on average, which meant that fifty would cost 10,000 spiritual jades. But the price offered by Liu Yue was nearly three times that!

Every pellet and artifact had a market price. So, generally speaking, it was already a loss to bid for something at twice its market price. Only a fool would offer an amount three times the price.

Everyone began wondering if offering three times the price was worth it. But as everyone was pondering, Liu Yue suddenly stood up and unleashed her aura. Looking around coldly, she spoke out, “I’m Liu Yue, so please give me some face. I will definitely be grateful if you guys let me have this bottle of pellets.”

“Lady Liu is the daughter of the Flying Dragon General and we’ve long heard of your accomplishments in alchemy. It’s impressive that you’re able to become a one star alchemist at such a young age,” said the old man who previously placed a bid.

She was the beloved daughter of the Divine Guard’s Commander and she had already stated her determination in buying the pellets. So competing with her would be the same as not giving her any face. This made the few who wanted to compete for the pellets sigh and ultimately give up.

Wei Yue, who was on the stage, was feeling unhappy with what Liu Yue did. He initially wanted to sell the pellets for at least four times the market price. After all, the Greater Profound Pellets would depreciate over time and he had been building momentum to try and set an unbreakable record.

This was the best opportunity for him to maximize the Greater Profound Pellets, but he didn’t expect to sell it at a mere price of 28,000 spiritual jades. But he couldn’t afford to provoke this woman.

“28,000 going once…going twice… If no one else bids, this final item will go to Lady Liu!” Wei Yue announced, squeezing out a reluctant smile.

Liu Yue smiled. She finally regained the feeling of being fawned by everyone. After all, who would dare to compete with her?

Lin Yun placed the cup down and gave a signal to Li Wuyou. Li Wuyou smiled and reached his hand out, “This young master here offers 30,000 spiritual jades!”

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