Chapter 223 - Slapping Face

There was a long queue outside the Myriad Treasure Pavilion and no one knew how long they would have to wait. With Liu Yue’s reputation in the capital, there was naturally no need for her to line up. After all, who would try and make things difficult for the Divine Guard’s commander’s daughter?

The Divine Guards was the capital’s sharpest sword of the royal clan. They represented the emperor’s authority. In the capital, no one dared to challenge the Divine Guards aside from the princes. Even the four prestigious clans were insignificant to the Divine Guards.

Fu Guang covered his head with a hood out of embarrassment before entering the Myriad Treasure Pavilion with Liu Yue. In the main hall, the four floors were filled with people. Lin Yun and Li Wuyou were sitting together chatting casually.

After all, they couldn’t stay in the Myriad Treasure Pavilion forever, and they would leave as soon as Lin Yun gathered enough resources. The life and death battle with Ye Liuyun was the top priority and the Myriad Treasure Pavilion was just a means for him to achieve his goal.

“Big Brother, it’s really lively today. We’ve been holed up in the alchemy chamber the whole time. It really was a waste of time,” Li Wuyou said with excitement while he looked around.

Today was the last auction and everyone here were elites in the Profound Martial Realm. Some famous people were unwilling to reveal their identities and hid their faces. After all, those who came today must have reached a bottleneck in their cultivation and their reputation would take a hit if this was discovered.

But some didn’t care about it—for example, Drifting Goblet. He was wearing his monk robe as usual, which attracted many people’s attention. He was just sitting there drinking and anyone who saw him would step forward to greet him.

“Young Master Drifting Goblet, are you here for the Greater Profound Pellets?”

“Nah. I’m just here for the fun of it,” Drifting Goblet smiled indifferently without giving a certain answer. No one dared to press him for an answer. After all, he was one of the eight titled figures in the capital. Just being able to speak with him was an honor itself.

“This bald donkey is really open when it comes to drinking and eating meat, not shying away from the eye of the public,” Li Wuyou laughed. But right after he spoke, Drifting Goblet looked over and raised his cup with a smile.

“Can’t you keep your voice down?” Lin Yun felt a little embarrassed and raised his cup in return.

“Hehe. My bad, my bad!” Li Wuyou laughed casually.

“Little sword slave, you’re actually here!” Liu Yue didn’t expect to see Lin Yun and Li Wuyou in the Myriad Treasure Pavilion. She was shocked to see them for a moment, thinking that she had come to the wrong place. She looked around and sneered, “The two of you are qualified to be here?”

This place was for those with noble status and being here meant that you either had wealth or influence, like Feng Jue and Drifting Goblet. In Liu Yue’s view, there was no way Lin Yun had the qualifications to be here.

Li Wuyou did not have a good impression of Liu Yue at all and smiled, “Why are you questioning if we’re meant to be here? Come and chase us away if you have the ability!”

“You don’t think I dare to do it?” Liu Yue raised her brow after seeing Li Wuyou’s scornful attitude. Her gaze then turned to Qing Mei, “Call your Hall Master out. How can a mere sword slave sit together with us? Is the Myriad Treasure Pavilion trying to say that we’re all comparable to a sword slave?”

Liu Yue could be regarded as a celebrity in the capital, so everyone naturally knew her. Her father, Liu Feilong, was powerful and had the status of a noble. He was an empirical general who commanded the Divine Guards, so he was equivalent to the emperor’s sword.

She didn’t have any authority back in the Sword Firmament Pavilion since it was a place that was dependent on strength. But in the capital, nearly everyone wanted to get on her good side.

But just when everyone felt that something was wrong, Drifting Goblet suddenly spoke out, “Liu Yue, you and Lin Yun are both from the same sect. If you’re talking about status, you might not even be able to compare to him in the Sword Firmament Pavilion.”

With just one sentence, Drifting Goblet had resolved Lin Yun and Li Wuyou’s awkward positions. Not only that, but he even mocked Liu Yue. She called Lin Yun a sword slave and Drifting Goblet said she couldn’t even be compared to a sword slave.

An uproar exploded in the crowd with everyone looking at Lin Yun.

“So it’s him!”

“This young man is a ruthless figure. Not only did he defeat everyone during the Nine Stars Contest, but he even killed Wang Ning.”

“The Wang Clan’s elders nearly went insane!”

“I heard that he’s in trouble recently. He’s going to engage in a life and death battle with Ye Liuyun who is 36th on the Mortal Ranking.”

“He probably won’t survive it though.”

“It’s strange that Drifting Goblet is actually speaking up for him…”

The discussion in the surrounding made Liu Yue’s face turn cold from the anger burning in her chest. However, there was nothing she could do. There was no way she could be compared to Drifting Goblet in terms of strength, background, or influence. Staring at Qing Mei, she roared in rage, “Why are you standing there?! Didn’t I tell you to call your Hall Master out?!”

Qing Mei smiled bitterly in her heart. She knew that she would be scolded if she reported this to Wei Yue. Others wouldn’t know anything, but she knew it well. Even if Liu Yue was the Flying Dragon General’s daughter or even if a prince came to visit personally, there was no way the Myriad Treasure Pavilion would chase Lin Yun and Li Wuyou out. After all, no one would be stupid enough to say no to money.

“Lady Liu, these two are distinguished guests of the Myriad Treasure Pavilion. The Hall Master has instructed us that we can’t make them unhappy. Why don’t I arrange you a spot on the top floor if you’re unhappy?” Qing Mei tried her luck.

“You’re asking me to leave?” Liu Yue was furious. Not only was Qing Mei refusing to kick Lin Yun out, but she even wanted her to leave.

“I don’t dare.” Qing Mei felt bitter in her heart. In her heart, she found Liu Yue ridiculous. Wouldn’t it be better to invite Liu Yue to the top floor if she didn’t want to see Lin Yun?

But her words had an entirely different meaning in Liu Yue’s eyes. The Myriad Treasure Pavilion actually wanted her to make concessions for a sword slave!

“Sit down, my disciple.” Fu Guang spoke out when he saw that Liu Yue was going to continue. He was afraid that his identity would be revealed.

Letting out a sigh, Liu Yue sat down coldly. Looking at Li Wuyou, who was smiling at her, she nearly exploded with anger. At this moment, she really regretted entering the Myriad Treasure Pavilion. Not only did she see someone she hated, but she even suffered a grievance. She was fine with Drifting Goblet’s mockery, but what distinguished status did those three have in the capital?

“Master, Lin Yun is coming over…” Liu Yue’s face changed when she saw Lin Yun walking over in their direction.

“Let him be.” Fu Guang covered himself tightly with the hood. He was feeling somewhat nervous, wondering if Lin Yun had discovered his identity. Thinking that there was a possibility of his identity being revealed, Fu Guang couldn’t help but panic.

He finally couldn’t hold it back anymore when he saw Lin Yun coming over. He knew that he had to change his seat. But before he could get up, Lin Yun laughed, “Master Fu Guang, aren’t you supposed to be hosting the Pellet Opening Ceremony in the Glittering Pavilion? What are you doing in the Myriad Treasure Pavilion?”

Lin Yun’s words instantly drew everyone’s attention onto Fu Guang, who was hidden under a hood. His words weren't loud, but everyone clearly heard it. They were shocked when they looked at Fu Guang, wondering if it was really him.

Fu Guang was famous in the capital and he was the distinguished guest in every clan. Many people here had a deep friendship with him and they had been invited to his Pellet Opening Ceremony. So they couldn’t help but feel awkward that Fu Guang was here.

Many people here promised to attend his Pellet Opening Ceremony, but they ended up in the Myriad Treasure Pavilion instead. Furthermore, they didn’t expect that Fu Guang would come. After all, who would come to embarrass themselves? But Fu Guang really came, which immediately made the situation awkward.

Those who were holding onto Fu Guang’s invitation nervously looked at the mysterious hooded man. The more they looked at the hooded man, the more they felt that it was Fu Guang.

Fu Guang wanted to die because of the stares. In his whole entire life, he had never been placed in such a humiliating situation. His face was dark under the hood. Being placed in a dilemma, Fu Guang could only curse Lin Yun inwardly before he helplessly removed his hood.

But when he removed his hood, his expression was calm and he smiled, “I initially wanted to keep a low profile and see who refined these Greater Profound Pellets. However, I never expected to be recognized by this young lad over here. How shameful.”

Everyone was taken aback. But they soon reacted and laughed, “Master, you’re too humble.”

“Master Fu Guang is really humble. He never forgets to learn even after becoming famous.”

“Yes, that’s right. Master Fu Guang, do visit my manor when you’re free. We’ll have a drink or two!”

Many guests gave Fu Guang face to resolve the awkward situation.

“Master? How is someone who hides around deserving to be called a master? What a joke. In my opinion, he’s just a thieving old man,” Li Wuyou mocked. His voice instantly caused the hall to be silent. At the same time, everyone felt depressed by how ruthless Li Wuyou was.

Wasn’t he just making it more embarrassing for Fu Guang? Everyone knew that it was uncomfortable enough for Fu Guang, but they didn’t want to rub salt in his wound as they were acquaintances. But Li Wuyou and Lin Yun did not have such concern!

Liu Yue’s gaze turned cold, “Li Wuyou, are you courting death?”

“What’s the matter? Did I say anything wrong? Didn’t he humiliate someone from his own sect ten days ago?” What happened ten days ago was still vivid in his mind. They were tired and exhausted, but they were driven out of the Glittering Pavilion.

It was this damned alchemist. They were both from the same sect, but not only did he not speak up for Ku Yun, he even joined Hall Master Mo to bully them. Thinking about it made Li Wuyou even more furious and he slapped the table, “Master Fu Guang, let’s be honest in front of everyone here. Did I tell the truth? How did Master Ku Yun treat you? He treated you with respect! But what about you? You called him a piece of trash and trampled on his dignity!”

The Myriad Treasure Pavilion instantly became silent. Everyone had their mouths wide open in shock. No one had expected that Li Wuyou would be so ruthless.

At this moment, Fu Guang could no longer maintain the smile on his face and he raged, “I won’t quarrel with a brat like you. Disciple, let’s go.”

“Go?” Lin Yun drank the wine in the cup and sneered, “Where are you going? Back to your Pellet Opening Ceremony? I heard that there wasn’t even a single soul in the Glittering Pavilion. Are you going to host the ceremony for no one?”

His words made Fu Guang stagger and nearly vomit blood.

But Li Wuyou was even more ruthless. He smiled, “Who knows. Since Master Fu Guang came to the Myriad Treasure Pavilion acting like a thief, who can guarantee that he won’t hold a grand ceremony to the air?”

The two of them cooperated and humiliated Fu Guang greatly. Everyone in the hall was speechless. No one dared to talk right at this moment. Today, they witnessed the might of the two youths who dared to kill Wang Ning.

“Great!” Someone’s voice suddenly echoed out in the hall. Liu Yue directed her gaze over ferociously and saw that it was actually Drifting Goblet who spoke. Drifting Goblet raised his cup and smiled, “Lady Liu, I’m just saying that the wine is great. Don’t misunderstand me.”

His words made Liu Yue’s expression mellow out. But in the next second, Drifting Goblet’s tone changed, “Then again, what my two brothers here said is even better! Haha! Come, let’s drink everyone!”

“Right, right, right! Let’s drink!” The atmosphere was awkward, but everyone laughed after Drifting Goblet raised his cup. It was as if all the unhappiness was gone.

Everyone was laughing and only Fu Guang wore a miserable expression. Clearly no one cared about him. He was disconnected from everyone in the hall and no one took another look at him. He collapsed on the chair like a helpless abandoned child.

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