Chapter 168 - Choice

The interspatial pouch was filled with an incredible amount of Xiantian pellets. Looking at the sheer number of pellets, Lin Yun’s heart began to speed up. There was too much…

“This is…?” Lin Yun asked, suppressing the astonishment in his heart.

“110,000 Xiantian pellets.” Ming Ye calmly smiled.

“That many? Do you need my help with something?” Lin Yun did not dare to take so many Xiantian pellets.

“Do you remember the two sects’ branches? Well, these are the spoils of war. You were the one who killed them and the Radiant Pavilion was only responsible for the clean up. So we only took 10% of it and gave the rest to you.” Ming Ye smiled.

Listening to Ming Ye’s explanation, Lin Yun no longer hesitated and cupped his hands together, “Then, I won’t be polite.”

The Sky Devourer Art was powerful, but yin energy and yin-attributed flames weren’t things that he could find anywhere. So Lin Yun required many resources and he very much needed these 110,000 Xiantian pellets.

After adding the 20,000 Xiantian pellets from the Ominous Three’s interspatial pouch and another 20,000 Xiantian pellets that he originally had, he now had an astonishing wealth of 150,000 Xiantian pellets. It was shocking for someone in the fifth orifice of the Xiantian Realm to possess so much wealth.

“No need to be polite.” Ming Ye looked relieved, seeing that Lin Yun did not refuse. He was really afraid that Lin Yun wouldn’t take it.

“So, where are you going next?” With Lin Yun’s talent and young age, Ming Ye knew that Lin Yun wouldn’t stay in the Azure Sun County for long. So he was curious where Lin Yun would go next.

“To be honest, I don’t know. Why don’t you help me analyze things?” Lin Yun smiled bitterly and rubbed his nose.

He would have headed to the Sword Firmament Pavilion if he didn’t have a grudge with Bai Lixuan. But he and Bai Lixuan were now enemies. So he couldn’t head to the Sword Firmament Pavilion.

Ming Ye lowered his head to ponder briefly before replying, “The Great Qin Empire is vast and many established forces exist. But those that can be considered transcendent are the Sword Firmament Pavilion, Primal Origin Sect, Heavenly Profound Sect, and the Demonic Moon Villa.

“Definitely not the Sword Firmament Pavilion. As for the Demonic Moon Villa, it’s a unique sect as it never recruits disciples openly. You’re only left with the Primal Origin Sect and Heavenly Profound Sect. Oh wait, there’s also the Heavenly Qin Institute.”

“Heavenly Qin Institute?” Lin Yun had never heard of the Heavenly Qin Institute.

Ming Ye explained, “It was established by the Great Qin Empire’s royal family. It’s meant to keep the four sects in check. Over the years, they’ve nurtured many outstanding talents. But if you accept their resources, you will have to swear your allegiance to the empire. It has less freedom than the sects.

“So now that we talked about it, the Heavenly Qin Institute is also out. No one is willing to join the Heavenly Qin Institute if they can join the sects. That is, aside from the royal families and descendants of aristocratic clans…”

After a brief pause, Ming Ye continued, “Why don’t you join the Heavenly Profound Sect.”

“Do you mind explaining why?” asked Lin Yun.

“Do you know that the famous Dragon-Tiger Fist originated from the Heavenly Profound Sect? I can tell that you’re pretty talented in fist techniques. So it’s a pretty good choice since you can’t join the Sword Firmament Pavilion.” Ming Ye analysis had widened Lin Yun’s understanding.

The Dragon-Tiger Fist that he cultivated was actually a fist technique that belonged to the Heavenly Profound Sect. Hearing this had piqued his interest.

“Furthermore, the Heavenly Profound Sect’s strength and foundation aren’t any worse than the Sword Firmament Pavilion.” Ming Ye then thought of something and smiled, embarrassedly, “We’re talking as if you can pick from any transcendent sect that you want.”

Lin Yun also smiled when he heard that. The four sects held a transcendent position with a deep foundation. The Great Qin Empire had a vast territory. The size of the Azure Sun County alone was several times that of the Aquasky Nation.

There were over a hundred counties in the empire and countless cultivators were at the right age. Everyone would want to join the four sects, so one could imagine the intense competition.

Just take a look at those Sword Firmament Pavilion’s disciples back in the Azure Sun Realm. Aside from Bai Lixuan, all of them were stronger than Mei Zihua and Xue Tu. So the threshold to join the four sects would definitely be ridiculously high.

“Brother Lin, I’ll let you make the choice. Don’t be polite with me if you need my help.” Ming Ye smiled and bid his farewell.

After Ming Ye left, Lin Yun began to ponder. The Azure Sun County was only a temporary transfer point for him. Regardless of how anyone looked at him, his goal was the four sects. Since he couldn’t join the Sword Firmament Pavilion and Demonic Moon Villa, he was only left with the Primal Origin Sect and Heavenly Profound Sect.

“It’s not a bad idea to get the complete Dragon-Tiger Fist. But the Sword Firmament Pavilion is huge... I wonder if I can get in by disguising myself…” He was ultimately a swordsman, so he was naturally interested in the Sword Firmament Pavilion. But the choice was a difficult one.

The night was as calm as water and the crescent moon hung high in the sky. Lin Yun was practicing the Thunderclap Sword Art in the courtyard.

Violent Wind! Drifting Flowers! Descending Snow! Moon Chasing!

Lin Yun was casually performing the four forms of the Thunderclap Sword Art. His sword was giving off a faint glimmer, dancing in the night.

Lin Yun had entered a tranquil state in his psyche, gradually forgetting about his own existence. He had perfectly fused with his sword. In the nightscape, only the glimmering sword dance and Lin Yun’s eyes could be seen. However, his eyes showed a hint of restlessness.

Bai Lixuan… His heart was stirred. It was a huge blow to Lin Yun that he couldn’t enter the Sword Firmament Sect as a swordsman. It was all because of Bai Lixuan. If it wasn’t for him, things wouldn’t be so troublesome.

The smooth flow in his swordplay suddenly became a little messed up. But just when Lin Yun felt vexed in his heart, he suddenly heard a flute that calmed his heart down.

Following the flute, the sword in his hand also calmed down. Under the flute’s guidance, his incomplete sword intent gradually fused with the Thunderclap Sword Art.

As his heart grew calmer, Lin Yun’s psyche soon entered a profound state. His swordplay also became more delicate. He was fully focused on the music and at the same time, his comprehension of sword dao rose once more. He could see a barrier around his incomplete sword intent and if that barrier was broken, he would complete his sword intent.


The nine shackles that bound the mysterious broken sword appeared once more. There was a tiny crack on the shackles, but it soon calmed down.

Lin Yun withdrew his sword and focused on his martial soul. Aside from the gleam that shrouded the sword, there were no other changes.

“Was that a misperception? But I clearly sensed something breaking…” Lin Yun withdrew himself from his martial soul.

Everyone’s martial soul was filled with mystery and it wasn’t easy unfolding the mystery. At the very least, Lin Yun couldn’t discover the mystery of his martial soul.

Forget it. At least my comprehension of sword dao increased.

It was just a matter of time for him to reach the full sword intent. Back then, the reason why Bai Lixuan could easily defeat Quasi-Profound Martial Realm cultivators was mainly because of his full sword intent.

It was impossible to grasp a full sword intent unless you were absolutely talented. Otherwise, you would only spend time comprehending sword dao. For Bai Lixuan to grasp sword dao before he reached 20 spoke volumes about his talent.

When Lin Yun looked around, the music had already stopped. It looks like Yue Weiwei was around, but she did not show herself for some reason. Now he was certain that Yue Weiwei had killed the two Profound Martial Realm elders.

“Hehe! Don’t bother looking for me, Big Brother Yun.” A woman’s voice sounded out as Lin Yun was looking around.

“There’s a difficulty that caused me to leave in such a hurry. I will become quite scary when the restriction in my body dissolves and I didn’t want to scare you. I actually had no intention of disturbing you, but I could sense that your heart was disturbed…” Yue Weiwei’s voice sounded out by his ears. It felt like she was right beside him, but he couldn’t find her anywhere.

“It’s fine. I have already made a choice. If I have the heart of a tiger, I can sniff roses wherever I go.” Lin Yun smiled.

Yue Weiwei paused briefly as if she was pondering over the profundities in Lin Yun’s words.

“Hehe, I know. It looks like I’m worried for nothing. If I had known that’s how you felt, I wouldn’t have appeared. After all, a lady can’t be too proactive with guys.”

Lin Yun couldn’t help laughing. Just where was this topic going?

The crescent moon still hung high in the sky, but Yue Weiwei’s voice disappeared. It looks like she was gone for good this time. Their conversation did not last long, but Lin Yun already knew his choice.

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