Chapter 167 - Enormous Wealth

Yue Weiwei had always been around, observing Lin Yun from the dark. The strength she displayed was shocking, chilling even. She had probably suppressed her cultivation in the Azure Sun Realm, which was why she could roam the secret realm without being injured.

But Lin Yun wouldn’t be too surprised if he was here. He was already suspicious as to why Yue Weiwei possessed a forbidden technique like the Sky Devourer Art. He had already guessed that Yue Weiwei’s identity wasn’t simple.

Then again, Lin Yun, who was in the Radiant Pavilion’s branch, would never come to know what happened in the North Point Plaza.

Three days later, Lin Yun was practicing an Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique in the Radiant Pavilion, the Thunderclap Sword Art.

According to what Tong Hu told him, this sword had a total of five forms, namely the Violet Gale, Drifting Flowers, Descending Snow, Moon Chasing, and Divine Firmament. It was powerful, but it also had a harsh requirement for comprehension. Even after practicing it for such a long time, Lin Yun had only grasped the first two forms - Violet Gale and Drifting Flowers.

The two forms were powerful and he was already proficient with the Violet Gale. It allowed him to brandish 81 swords in the blink of an eye before they overlapped together like a thunderclap.

This sword emphasized on charging bravely. It was oppressive and lethal. It could allow Lin Yun to display the advantage of the Iris Sword Sutra to its limits.

The Drifting Flower was very different from the Violet Gale. It emphasized the mood. It might seem beautiful and fragile, but there was practically no chance of running away once you were locked-onto. When the Drifting Flower withered, it would cause either death or injury. It was perfect as an ultimate move.

Lin Yun was proficient with the first two forms and he could control them according to his will. So, the following three forms had been his main focus for the past three days.

The first four forms might seem refined and elegant as they represented the wind, flower, snow, and moon. However, in reality, Lin Yun had already comprehended the true concept of this sword technique and didn’t worry about what they represented. The Violet Gale and Drifting Flower emphasized speed, dealing a fatal move to your opponent by using extreme speed.

The Descending Snow and Moon Chasing were extensions of the first two forms, bringing the concept of speed to the limit.

Lin Yun had been entirely focused on comprehending the sword technique. Even if he had a powerful cultivation technique, it would be impossible for him to display his advantage if he didn’t have a sword technique.

In a training room in the Radiant Pavilion’s branch, Lin Yun was sparring with a puppet mechanism. Like the Azure Sky Sect, the Radiant Pavilion also had puppet mechanisms for disciples to practice their martial techniques. Except for the fact that their puppet mechanisms were at a whole new level.

This was just a branch, but they had puppet mechanisms that were as strong as Quasi-Profound Martial Realms. They were powerful and even had an intelligence comparable to demonic beasts.

Their entire body was made of a special metal, tempered through a thousand forges. Even Lin Yun had a hard time leaving a mark on the puppet. Over the past few days, he would only last for an hour before he was defeated.

The puppet mechanism’s defense was too powerful, so they were practically undefeatable. According to Ming Ye, even the Quasi-Profound Martial Realm’s elder would have a tough time lasting an hour with this puppet mechanism.

Violet Wind!

Lin Yun’s wrist trembled. His sword aura condensed into an incomplete sword intent that stabbed out 81 times. When the afterimages overlapped, a thunderclap echoed out in the training room.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Lin Yun stabbed out three times and each sword would contain 81 afterimages. It might only seem to be three swords, but they had overlapped with hundreds of sword rays. With the Flower Burial Sword, the puppet mechanism was struck three times and produced three deep sounds.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The puppet mechanism took more than ten steps back under this ferocious attack. Sword marks were even left on its body this time.


But when the puppet mechanism regained its stability, it swung its spear and charged over. In the blink of an eye, the speartip expanded in Lin Yun’s eyes.


Lin Yun parried with his sword and redirected the spear.


The spear stabbed forth once more, enveloped by a wild gust. Metallic collisions sounded out and Lin Yun took several steps back.


A figure appeared in the training room’s entrance. It was the young sect master of the Radiant Pavilion, Ming Ye. He was looking at Lin Yun with a smile on his face. Over the past few days, Lin Yun would challenge this puppet mechanism daily.

In the beginning, Lin Yun would lose immediately after receiving ten moves from the puppet mechanism. But now, he could hold his ground for an hour against the puppet.

An hour was Lin Yun’s maximum. Seeing that Lin Yun was about to lose, Ming Ye smiled and walked forward. He intended to share some news with Lin Yun.


Lin Yun’s aura suddenly changed, causing the puppet’s attacks to pause briefly.

“Is it snowing?” The temperature in the training room plummeted. The sword momentum emitted from the stage was like the clouds in the sky, constantly changing. Sword flashes began to dance with Lin Yun’s sword.

His sword seemed like the rising wind and drifting snow. It was the third form of the Thunderclap Sword Art, Descending Snow.


The sword in Lin Yun’s hand swept out with a sword ray that seemed like snowflakes. This move had the agility of snow and the vastness of the clouds. It forced the puppet mechanism to retreat.

“Mhm?” Ming Ye exclaimed with wide eyes. He had just witnessed the puppet mechanism being forced down the stage. Lin Yun was able to defeat the mechanism puppet after just three days?

The Thunderclap Sword Art’s Moon Chasing was the pinnacle of speed. After the puppet mechanism was forced back by the descending snow, Lin Yun roared and swung his sword out. He was like a crane, soaring into the sky at an incredible speed that couldn’t be followed by the naked eye.

The scene was still frozen as Lin Yun stood on the ground. But that was just an afterimage. Lin Yun had already reached the puppet mechanism with his sword.

It seemed as if his speed was so fast that he had thrown the moon behind him. The collision of his sword on the puppet left a deep mark.


When the puppet mechanism fell to the ground, it fell like a mountain in that it caused the stage to totter. Raising his head, Lin Yun looked at the puppet mechanism. The puppet mechanism was still half a step from falling down the stage.

Lin Yun smiled bitterly and returned to the ground. After three days, he had finally mastered the Descending Snow and Moon Chasing while barely reaching greater completion in the Thunderclap Sword Art. He only needed to master the last form to attain complete mastery in this technique.

The Divine Firmamentsword soaring through the clouds. Lin Yun felt that he was still lacking to accomplish that and it wasn’t something that he would be able to grasp anytime soon.

Lin Yun’s understanding of grasping a move meant that he could perform it as he wished, not just executing it.

“Congratulations, Brother Lin. You made an improvement in the Thunderclap Sword Art.” Ming Ye walked up while Lin Yun was wiping his sweat.

“You’re too polite. If I did not have this puppet mechanism as my sparring partner, I would not be able to make improvements so quickly.” Lin Yun returned his sword to the scabbard and smiled.

“Stop mocking me. I have no relationship with this puppet mechanism.” Ming Ye smiled before his expression turned grave, “I’m actually here to tell you something.”

“The Dragon Blooded Horse has recovered?” asked Lin Yun.

“It will still take a few more days for the Dragon Blooded Horse to recover. But there’s something else that even startled my father back in the main sect,” replied Ming Ye.

“Oh?” Lin Yun raised his brow. Ming Ye’s father was the Radiant Pavilion’s pavilion master. What news could shock such a great figure in the Azure Sun County?

“The Blood Cloud Sect and Golden Flame Sect both sent a Profound Martial Realm elder over to investigate. But they inexplicably died in the North Point Plaza. One of them was your enemy, the person who issued the Bloody Bounty against you, Yan Teng.” Ming Ye spoke with a grave expression.

When Lin Yun heard this, his face changed a little. He asked, “You guys didn’t do it?”

“No. It’s hard to kill Yan Teng with the Radiant Pavilion’s strength unless my father personally came. If the difference between cultivation isn’t too high, it’s hard to stop another Profound Martial Realm cultivator from escaping,” explained Ming Ye.

“So?” asked Lin Yun.

“My father suspects that there’s someone else protecting you in the dark,” replied Ming Ye.

Shaking his head, Lin Yun replied, “There shouldn’t be anyone. I’m alone by myself in the Azure Sun County and I’m not acquainted with anyone powerful.”

Suddenly, he thought of the young lady with crescent moon-like eyes. He was inwardly shocked. If someone were to help him, it could only be Yue Weiwei. But since this matter concerned her, it was best for him to keep it from Ming Ye.

“Well, that’s weird,” responded Ming Ye, “either way, it’s good news. The two sects lost a Profound Martial Realm elder and it will be harder for them to make a comeback.” Ming Ye wore a smile on his face.

“Oh, right. This is for you.” Ming Ye smiled and tossed an interspatial pouch over to Lin Yun.

Receiving the interspatial pouch curiously, Lin Yun looked inside to find that it was filled with Xiantian pellets! There were so many Xiantian pellets that it was difficult for Lin Yun to count them all.

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