Chapter 166 - Bewitching Smile

The terrifying power of the Iris Sword Saint’s intent was unleashed through Lin Yun’s Iris Sword Sutra, which had been upgraded to the fourth stage. It only took one sword to slaughter all the Xiantian Realm cultivators who came for Lin Yun.

The death squads looked the most pitiful since they were all reduced to ashes.

As for Mei Zihua, Xue Tu, and the Quasi-Profound Martial Realm cultivators, no one knew where they were. Not a single one of their corpses remained.

In the future, there wouldn’t be a Golden Flame Sect or a Blood Cloud Sect branch in the Azure Sun City. The branch forces represented nearly a third of their respective main sect’s strength. After this huge loss, it would take them many years to recover.

If the Radiant Pavilion was ruthless enough, they could grasp this opportunity to rule the entire Azure Sun County.

“A-a-are they all dead?” Ming Ye’s voice trembled. He slowly got up and looked at the bloodbath. 

In the Azure Sun County, the strong preyed on the weak. It was a brutal competition. The complete annihilation of a sect had happened in the past, which Ming Ye had experienced before. But the scene before him had left him in great shock, forever etched into his mind.

Lin Yun was also shocked that the token would be so powerful. It had surpassed his imagination. That unbelievable sword had opened his eyes to a whole new world. But even so, he did not regret his decision.

If he hadn’t used the token, the Radiant Pavilion would have suffered a loss. Fighting the other two sects, even if the Radiant Pavilion managed to make it out alive in the end, would not have ended well. Many of the Radiant Pavilion’s disciples would have died. Lin Yun couldn’t let Ming Ye pay such a huge price since he had come to help him.

“Brother Ming, aren’t you going to clean up the battlefield?” Lin Yun nodded his head.

Who knew how many interspatial pouches and profound pellets were in this place. If all of them were gathered, one would end up significantly wealthy.

“Right. You’re right.” Ming Ye recovered from the shock and turned around, “The few of you clean up the place. Uncle Ming, I’m afraid that I’ll have to trouble you to make a trip to the two sects’ branches.”

With the elites, death soldiers, elders, and chiefs dead, the two branch sects had become empty shells. The Radiant Pavilion would definitely not let this opportunity go.

“Brother Lin, your horse’s injuries aren’t as serious as it looks. The reason why it’s not able to stand up is because of Bai Lixuan’s three palms.” Ming Ye sighed when he looked at the Dragon Blooded Horse lying on the ground.

When Ming Ye mentioned Bai Lixuan, Lin Yun’s face sank. With the Dragon Blooded Horse’s powerful bloodline, external injuries wouldn’t be able to make it suffer such heavy injuries. Lin Yun had also guessed that the Dragon Blooded Horse’s current state was due to Bai Lixuan.

Bai Lixuan was an elite of the Great Qin Empire and his name was known far and wide. Even with cultivation in the seventh orifice of the Xiantian Realm, Bai Lixuan could beat ordinary Profound Martial Realm cultivators.

However, Lin Yun despised him for making a move on a horse despite his status. Bai Lixuan had better hope that Lin Yun wouldn’t get a chance to pay him back.

“It has serious internal injuries. If you don’t mind, you can bring it to the Radiant Pavilion’s branch. We have professional tamers that can help it recover quickly.” Ming Ye looked at Lin Yun and suggested.

“Then I’ll have to trouble Brother Ming.” Lin Yun knew nothing about treating demonic beasts. So it was best to leave it to the professionals.

Lin Yun went up to comfort the Dragon Blooded Horse before it was carried away by the Radiant Pavilion in a cart.

“Judging from its injuries, I’m afraid that it won’t be able to recover any time soon. Brother Lin, why don’t you stay in the Radiant Pavilion’s branch for a few days? As for safety concerns, I will get my father to dispatch a Profound Martial Realm elder over.” Ming Ye wanted to increase his closeness to Lin Yun as much as possible.

From the potential shown by Lin Yun, there was a high possibility that he would grow into a monstrous existence. Thus, it shouldn’t be hard for Ming Ye to persuade a Profound Martial Realm elder from the Radiant Pavilion to come over.

Lin Yun pondered briefly and agreed to Ming Ye’s suggestion. He wanted to give the Dragon Blooded Horse as much time to recover as possible.

“Let’s go.” The two of them headed to the Radiant Pavilion’s branch.

Half the time it takes to burn an incense joss later, the Radiant Pavilion’s Xiantian Realm cultivators left the North Point Plaza. After they left, people began to gather. All of them were shocked by the corpses on the ground.

“This is too terrifying… Lin Yun actually possessed such means. No wonder he dared to face the two sects by himself.”

“If it wasn’t for that Dragon Blooded Horse, Lin Yun probably wouldn’t have any issues leaving. He might not even need to use the Cosmic Treasure.”

“The two sects’ branches are practically uprooted. It looks like the power distribution in the Azure Sun Realm will undergo a change.”

“There’s a high possibility that the Radiant Pavilion might rule the Azure Sun County!”

“This is why you can’t take things too far. Even if you’re an overlord force…”

Everyone discussed while they searched around for any items that were overlooked by the Radiant Pavilion. If they could obtain a Quasi-Profound Martial Realm cultivator’s interspatial pouch, it would be considered a windfall gain.

If anyone was feeling depressed, it would be the owner of North Point Plaza, North Point. All his efforts had gone down the drain. Additionally, one of his arms were crippled, which was a huge blow to him. If he had another choice, he definitely wouldn’t have helped the Ominous Three auction the Dragon Blooded Horse.

“Sir, should we chase them away?” His subordinates asked when they saw the crowd at the auction. The subordinates were feeling very unhappy.

Not only did the Radiant Pavilion plunder their the plaza, but these nobodies were also doing it.

“Forget it. This palace is already ruined. Pack your belongings and leave the Azure Sun City.” North Point had a streak of bitterness in his eyes. He had already made up his mind to leave during the night. With a crippled arm, there was no way he could establish a footing in the Azure Sun City unless he reached the Profound Martial Realm.

Three days later, the auction was still a mess that reeked of blood. This was once a flourished place, but now it was a deserted land. There was no sign of life anywhere. It was unbelievable how everything changed three days ago.


Three silhouettes descended from the sky and knitted their brows. They felt uncomfortable when they caught the scent of blood. The three of them wore the Blood Cloud Sect’s uniform and their leader was a middle-aged man. He emitted a deep and unfathomable aura.

If Ming Ye were here, he would definitely recognize this middle-aged man. It was the Profound Martial Realm elder who held the most authority in the Blood Cloud Sect, Yan Teng. It was the same Yan Teng who had issued the Bloody Bounty on Lin Yun’s head after Lin Yun killed his son.

“All dead…they’re all dead...not a single one is alive...”

“It’s brutal.”

The two subordinates standing beside Yan Teng pinched their noses and began to search through the corpses.

“Elder Yan, this seems to be Senior Xue’s corpse…” One of them stopped at a pile of torn corpses.

Yan Teng only cast his gaze over. He did not bother walking over. When he sensed the lingering sword intent in the atmosphere, he was inwardly shocked. Did that brat obtain the Iris Sword Saint’s inheritance?

“Are you sure that he’s still in the Radiant Pavilion’s branch?” Yan Teng did not mention Lin Yun’s name. He was afraid that he might throw a fit.

“I’m sure about it. But the Radiant Pavilion also dispatched a Profound Martial Realm expert over. I don’t think it will be easy for us to barge into the Radiant Pavilion’s branch forcefully.”

“It doesn’t matter. He will come out sooner or later, plus I’m a patient person.” Yan Teng’s eyes flickered with a hint of viciousness.

Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, a corpse fell before the three of them.

“Who is it?!” Yan Teng’s face changed. He was shocked to realize that he couldn’t sense anyone in the surroundings, even with his strength.

“It’s a Profound Martial Realm elder from the Golden Flame Sect!”

The three of their faces changed when they saw the corpse. Even Yan Teng could feel a chill run down his spine that made him shudder. This Profound Martial Realm elder from the Golden Flame Sect should also be here to investigate the situation. In fact, the strength of this elder was stronger than him.

“Who is it?! Come out!” Yan Teng glanced around and raised his aura. His heart felt like it was in his throat.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

No one replied to him except for a flute that rang out in the North Point Plaza all of a sudden. The flute sounded bewitching, causing the heart to surge. The changes in the music sounded like a demonic chime to the ears that instilled great pain.

Yan Teng’s subordinates held onto their ears painfully and wailed.

Boom! Boom!

The two of them could feel the turmoil in their bodies and blew up shortly after. Yan Teng could also feel the spiritual energy within his body causing havoc. His internal organs trembled from  the flute. The music drilled into his soul, inflicting unimaginable pain on him. He felt as if his mind was about to blow up.

Worst of all, he couldn’t even muster his strength.

“Stop blowing your flute. Please show yourself and spare my life.” Yan Teng tried his best to keep himself calm and begged for mercy. He was overwhelmed by fear. He instantly knew that it was an existence that he couldn’t afford to offend.

The flute continued to play, ignoring his plea and growing increasingly torturous. The pain was so bad that Yan Teng even wailed out in pain. At this moment, he did not hope that he could be spared. He just hoped that the other party could end his life sooner.

However, the torture lasted for an hour. Lying on the ground, Yan Teng’s eyes were wide open with blood flowing out of his seven apertures. He no longer had any trace of vitality left.

A young lady in red appeared with a flute hanging on her waist. She looked at the deceased Yan Teng without any emotion. A Profound Martial Realm cultivator had died mysteriously under her flute.

“Big Brother Yun is truly worrisome.” She squinted her eyes into two crescent moons and pursed her lips with a smile.  It was a charming face with a bewitching smile that hung upon it.

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