Chapter 165 - Who dares to fight?

Under Ming Ye’s lead, the Radiant Pavilion charged over. Out of the thousands in the Radiant Pavilion’s party, over two hundred Xiantian Realm cultivators that were donned in a golden armor charged out. They formed a shield before Lin Yun and faced the Blood Cloud Sect and Golden Flame Sect’s death squads. There was no fear in their eyes.

At the same time, they drew their swords. Their swords buzzed with cold light that flickered on the edges. It turns out that every sword was a top Mid-Grade Profound Artifact!

The sword momentum formed by drawing over two hundred Mid-Grade Profound Artifacts formed into a wall that defended Lin Yun.

“What fearsome sword momentum!”

“How is it possible that a branch is so powerful?!”

“Am I seeing this incorrectly? Over two hundred top Mid-Grade Profound Artifacts?! Just how terrifying is the Radiant Sect’s foundation…”

Although they were one of the three overlord forces of the Azure Sun County, the Radiant Pavilion kept a lower profile than the Golden Flame Sect and Blood Cloud Sect. At the very least, they did not flaunt their strength.

For a long time now, everyone felt that the ranking of the three forces should be the Blood Cloud Sect, Golden Flame Sect, and the Radiant Pavilion, in descending order. However, the scene today left them shocked.

The Xiantian Realm cultivators from the Radiant Pavilion weren’t inferior to the combination of the two sects. In fact, they were all wielding a top Mid-Grade Profound Artifact.

The powerful sword momentum emitted from them was suffocating. With so many top Mid-Grade Profound Artifacts gathered together, even a Profound Martial Realm existence would be intimidated.

Even if the Blood Cloud Sect and Golden Flame Sect sent out their death squads, it didn’t seem possible for them to get rid of the Radiant Sect’s elites.

Quietly, the situation was favoring Lin Yun. Previously, everyone felt that Lin Yun would die, but the Radiant Pavilion had saved him.

“Brother Ming, why are you here?” Lin Yun looked at Ming Ye curiously.

“I naturally have to stay in the Azure Sun City before returning to the sect. I might not be able to help you in the Azure Sun Realm, but this is the Azure Sun City. In this city, I can guarantee that no one will be able to touch you!” Ming Ye replied without any hesitation.

“Sir Lin, young master wanted to help you in the lotus seat competition, but I stopped him in doing so. For that, I apologize.” The grey-clothed elder nodded his head, apologizing to Lin Yun.

“It doesn’t matter. I never wanted to involve you guys. This was also the reason why I chose to separate from you.” Lin Yun smiled.

“Ming Ye, what are you trying to do! You should know what happened in the Azure Sun Realm. Lin Yun made himself an enemy of our sects and no one will be able to resolve this grudge between us!” Mei Zihua gnashed his teeth.

No one dared to extort the Golden Flame Sect. But what happened in the Azure Sun Realm made them feel greatly humiliated. So, the two sects shared the same objective. If they couldn’t kill Lin Yun, then they wouldn’t be able to redeem themselves from that incident.

“I don’t know what happened in the Azure Sun County. I only know that Brother Lin is a benefactor of the Radiant Pavilion. Even if I have to put my life on the line, I will make sure that he leaves here safely!” Ming Ye coldly replied in a solemn voice.

The atmosphere was intense. The three overlord sects clearly wouldn’t change their minds. If a battle broke out, it wouldn’t be a small one and it would definitely turn into a war. The spectators who were watching this scene changed their expressions and backed up further.

“I never expect that one puny Lin Yun would be the reason for a war between the three sects.”

“The Azure Sun County will fall into chaos if a war breaks out. I’m afraid that this war will last for at least a decade.”

“Puny Lin Yun? Didn’t you see how the Ominous Three begged for their lives? Do you think that he’s an ordinary Xiantian Realm cultivator? He’s a monster! If Bai Lixuan was also around, the people here wouldn’t be enough for him to kill. Do you know what I’m trying to say?”

“You’re saying that Lin Yun is comparable to Bai Lixuan?”

“No, his foundation isn’t as strong. But even if he’s not a monster comparable to Bai Lixuan, do you think that Lin Yun will become a nameless small figure in the Great Qin Empire?”

The surrounding spectators were emotional. Everyone could tell that Lin Yun had the potential to become  a monster. In the future, they could predict that Lin Yun’s name would spread far and wide in the Great Qin Empire. He might even grow into an existence comparable to Bai Lixuan.

What is a monster? It is a talent that could only be seen once in a few hundred years or even a few thousand years.

Someone like Bai Lixuan was rare and there might not be a second person comparable to him in a few hundred years. However, right before their eyes was Lin Yun, who had the potential to grow into that kind of monster. How could they not feel emotional about witnessing the birth of a monster?

The sudden intervention from the Radiant Pavilion caused the situation to fall into a stalemate. If they wanted to kill Lin Yun, they would have to fight with the Radiant Pavilion. There was a possibility that they might be annihilated today, without being able to kill Lin Yun.

But Xue Tu and Mei Zihua weren’t willing to let Lin Yun go.

For a period, the two of them were placed in a difficult position that made them feel conflicted.

“Tsk, tsk. Mei Zihua, Xue Tu, the two of you are bigger pieces of trash than I had imagined.” Lin Yun started mocking them when he saw their expressions.

Would he hesitate if he was in their shoes? Cultivators should be decisive, with the courage to challenge everyone. Lin Yun wouldn’t have come to the Azure Sun City if he was an indecisive person. If it wasn’t for his courage to challenge the world, how would he save Yue Weiwei and obtain the Sky Devourer Art?

“You bastard! Come out if you dare! Don’t hide behind Ming Ye!” The two of them roared. Their anger was pent up in their chests and their tempers exploded when Lin Yun ridiculed them.

Why did Mei Zihua’s words sound so familiar? Lin Yun rubbed his nose. Didn’t he say the same thing to them a moment ago? He never expected that Mei Zihua would copy his words so quickly.

“Lin Yun, stand out if you’re a man.” Xue Tu also spoke out.

“Sure, that’s my intention anyway.” Lin Yun smiled. Despite knowing that the two of them were trying to prod him into coming out, he still jumped out anyways.

Mei Zihua and Xue Tu were both stunned when they saw this scene. They never expected that Lin Yun would really stand alone. The two of them weren’t the only ones. Everyone else was also shocked.

“Lin Yun!” Ming Ye couldn’t help calling out.

Waving his hand, Lin Yun smiled, “Brother Ming, there’s no need to feel anxious. My trip wasn’t in vain. Having a friend like you was worth it. Since that’s the case, then let me give you a gift.”

“Slaughter him!” Mei Zihua and Xue Tu yelled out after they recovered from their shock.


Killing aura exploded from the two hundred cultivators in the surrounding. Their killing intent felt like a tidal wave that was headed for Lin Yun.

“Perfect timing!” Lin Yun’s face turned cold. He waved his hand, retrieving the token. A terrifying sword momentum swept out from the token, along with dazzling radiance.

Back then, the intent left behind by the Iris Sword Saint was invincible among Quasi-Profound Martial Realm cultivators. This was back when his Iris Sword Sutra was in the first stage.

Now that his Iris Sword Sutra was in the fourth stage, Lin Yun wondered how powerful the iris Sword Saint’s intent would be. As he poured his spiritual energy into the token, a hazy figure carrying a sword box on his back appeared, kneeling before Lin Yun. The two hundred death squad soldiers were barely a hundred meters away from him.

Kill! When the hazy figure stood up, a sword ray swept out from his unsheathed sword. The first to be hit were the death soldiers who were running at the front. Before the sword ray even hit them, their bodies suddenly exploded from the terrifying sword aura.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Blood splattered like fireworks or crimson flowers blooming. After the sword aura reached the soldiers, they were separated into two.

However, that wasn’t all. When the two hundred death soldiers were killed, the sword ray turned into a cyclone that swept through all the Golden Flame Sect and Blood Cloud Sect’s disciples.

The sword ray was too fast for them to react. The disciples of the two sects were blasted away without even having a chance to retaliate.

Plop! Plop!

The Xiantian Realm cultivators who were dragged into the cyclone released blood-curdling howls. They couldn’t break free from it at all. This terrifying scene seemed unbelievable.

All it took was a single sword!

The grey figure only used a single sword to slaughter all the two sects’ death soldiers, sweeping the remaining disciples into the air with wind. Who would dare to fight it?

Even Lin Yun was speechless. He was also shocked by the sword’s power. This must be the invincible attitude of the Iris Sword Saint from ancient times.


The crack on the token also started to expand, enveloping the entire token before crumbling. Lin Yun had used all three opportunities. So this token was now useless.

However, that hazy figure did not disappear. It started to manifest into reality instead. Vaguely, a  wisp of sword intent tore a hole in the time and space barrier, descending onto this world.

When that figure manifested, a handsome middle-aged man appeared with a sword box on his back. His appearance made time and space freeze. There was only a wisp of sword intent blazing on his body.

“What a pity… I didn’t think that you would use the last chance so quickly. Then again, this is also a piece of good news. You can only grow faster by putting yourself in danger.” The swordsman that looked like a celestial smiled.

But when he was disappearing, he sighed, “Vanished in the blink of an eye…”

Time continued to flow in the next second. None of those cultivators who were swept into the air were in one piece. Only broken limbs and blood falling from the sky.

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