Chapter 163 - Iris Sword Sutra’s Power

The Ominous Three jumped up just as Lin Yun was about to leave with the Dragon Blooded Horse. North Point, who had his arm broken, was furious at the ridicule he got from those three.

Those three did not help when he fought with Lin Yun and only ridiculed him when he lost.

“Ominous Three, don’t take it too far…” North Point coldly barked.

“Shoo. Go somewhere else. This is no place for a piece of trash like you talk.” The leader of the Ominous Three, a yellow-clothed old man, glared at North Point. His words made North Point swallow what he wanted to say.

The harsh reality was that you talked with your fists. If North Point’s arm wasn’t crippled and with the many cultivators on his side, the Ominous Three might still be fearful. But now, they completely disregarded North Point’s existence.

The yellow-clothed old man looked at Lin Yun coldly, “You little bastard, you’re pretty lucky to come out alive. Not even the Yin Wind Stream could take your life.”

“The three of you are pretty courageous. I remember the three of you bowing your heads back in the Azure Sun Realm.” Lin Yun glanced at the three of them with a smile.

When Lin Yun mentioned the event back in the Azure Sun Realm, the three old men’s faces turned unsightly. After all, they were being mocked by a youngster in public. The three of them were infamous in Azure Sun County for many years, so this was the greatest kind of humiliation.

“If it wasn’t for that Cosmic Treasure, do you think that I wouldn’t squash you to death?” asked the yellow-clothed old man.

With an eerie smile, the yellow-clothed old man smiled, “I’m afraid that your Cosmic Treasure cannot be used anymore, right? And here I was intimidated by you back then. If you were able to use that Cosmic Treasure endlessly, it wouldn’t make any sense for you to be forced to the point of jumping into the Yin Wind Stream!”

“Big brother, why bother wasting time talking to him? This brat is still trying to show off despite facing death.”

At this moment, Lin Yun finally knew why these three dared to stand out at this moment. So they were under the impression that he couldn’t use the token anymore.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, clattering sounds rang out and a surging killing aura charged over to the North Point Plaza.

The yellow-clothed old man wore a sinister smile, “Do you hear that? That’s the branches of the two clans. They’ve already sent their men out. If you hand the primordial beast core and your Xiantian pellets over to me right now, we might consider letting you go.”

Everyone at the auction looked in the distance. What the Ominous Three said wasn’t fake. The Golden Flame Sect and Blood Cloud Sect’s men were rushing over. But so what? Since Lin Yun dared to come, he naturally wouldn’t be afraid of the two sects.

“I’m afraid you three are focused on the wrong thing. Right now, you should be worried about your life,” responded Lin Yun.

Lin Yun’s words had exceeded everyone’s expectations. Not only did Lin Yun not beg for mercy, but he even challenged the Ominous Three.

The Iris Sword Sutra was a cultivation technique from ancient times and Lin Yun had reached the fourth stage in it. His spiritual energy was so refined that he exceeded all Quasi-Profound Martial Realm cultivators in Azure Sun County.

Unless he was facing the Quasi-Profound Martial Realm of the four sects and four clans, he wouldn’t be bothered by mere Quasi-Profound Martial Realm cultivators. Take the Wang Clan’s Wang Bo, for example. Lin Yun might be fearful of him, but he did not consider these trash as his opponents.

The Iris Flower slowly bloomed in his Dantian. All twenty four petals opened up when he stepped forward.


A terrifying sword aura condensed and crashed down on the Ominous Three.

“Such impudence!” The yellow-clothed old man roared coldly. In the next second, the aura of the three merged.


The auction exploded when everyone’s aura clashed. The clash in aura tore the stage apart even before the parties began to fight. 

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

“Quick, retreat!” North Point and his subordinates immediately moved backwards. However, they were too slow. More than ten people were hit by shrapnel from the stage and instantly died.

“Do you think that the three of us are weaklings like North Point in that you can crush us with your sword aura?” The yellow-clothed old man sneered. “Kill him!”


The Ominous Three attacked together, showing rapport that they built over the years. Their aura overlapped with each other and came crashing down like a mountain. It was a lot stronger than North Point’s aura.

They might have obtained a slight advantage from their first attack, but was it really going as they wished?

“I haven’t even warmed up yet.” Lin Yun’s lips rose in ridicule. The spiritual energy reverberated out from his body and the sword momentum manifested into the Dragon-Tiger Might.

Wind as the dragon and clouds as the tiger. The winds and clouds gathered and the Dragon-Tiger Might was unleashed!

The roar of a dragon and tiger echoed out while Lin Yun’s aura began to surge. He managed to resist the three old men’s aura.

Undying Vajra Seal!

Lin Yun looked at the three old men who were charging at him and his fingers began to form signs without any hesitation. Then, a dazzling golden vajra seal was formed. 

What was a vajra? Unmovable, indestructible, and majestic!

The violent power that gushed between Lin Yun’s hands shocked him. He never imagined that the Undying Vajra Seal would become so powerful after the Iris Sword Sutra reached the fourth stage. He could sense that the seal was like a volcano that would erupt at any time. So he had to release it immediately or he would be injured.

With a strained expression, Lin Yun roared, “FUCK OFF!”

The surging power suddenly exploded and a golden halo swept out like burning flames.

“Danger!” The eyes of three old men squinted and they immediately unleashed their strongest attacks to face the golden halo.

“Mountain Shattering Fist!”

“Sky Breaking Seal!”

“Heart Devouring Palm!”

Although the three old men managed to unleash their attacks, the Undying Vajra Seal’s speed was too quick. It flew like a bolt of lightning. The Ominous Three were caught by surprise and were instantly struck. They didn’t get the chance to unleash the full might of their attacks.


Violent power shattered the three of their attacks before crashing onto them.


The three of them were sent flying with blood gushing out of their wounds.

“Is that all you got? Isn’t it a little too embarrassing?” Lin Yun walked forward with his fists clenched. The Undying Vajra Seal still lingered in his hands.

When the Ominous Three fell onto the ground, they couldn’t help feeling furious when they saw Lin Yun approaching them. But just as they were about to retaliate, they were dumbfounded by the scene in front of them. 

Lin Yun was walking over and they could hear the alternating  roars of tigers and dragons. The image behind Lin Yun also changed between a tiger and a dragon. Every step that Lin Yun took seemed powerful and his aura continued to grow stronger.

“The Dragon-Tiger Steps!”

“It’s the Dragon-Tiger Fist again!”

“Back then, he had used this to send Bai Lixuan flying!”

Exclamations sounded out from the surrounding cultivators when they looked at Lin Yun. The footsteps that Lin Yun was using was the famous Dragon-Tiger Fist of the Great Qin Empire.

Back in the Azure Sun Realm, everyone had witnessed how Lin Yun broke Bai Lixuan’s swords nine times. At the end of it, he even used the Dragon-Tiger Steps to send Bai Lixuan flying!

It was a scene that left many Xiantian Realm cultivators shocked. The Lin Yun who was performing it once again looked even more proficient in the art. Some people were even counting along as they watched Lin Yun walk. They all held great expectations for Lin Yun’s new power that would be revealed after all nine steps!

One step, two steps, three steps…

When Lin Yun finished the nine steps, the dragon and tiger images appeared behind Lin Yun at the same time. With both the dragon and tiger manifested, the towering aura soared into the horizon with an aura that could devour mountains and rivers. With his aura risen its peak, Lin Yun threw a punch that contained the remaining power of the Undying Vajra Fist.


Both the dragon and tiger’s image condensed into a ray, coiling around Lin Yun’s arm. In the end, the dragon and tiger both converged together and merged into Lin Yun’s punch.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

When he threw his punch out, a series of explosions occurred on the ground. Countess tables and chairs were reduced to scraps.

The entire auction became chaotic and violent trembling could be felt. It felt like a cooking pot that was blowing up.

The three old men who were facing Lin Yun’s punch turned pale with fright. They finally understood why North Point would ask Lin Yun about his cultivation technique. Even if the Dragon-Tiger Fist was powerful, how did it become so terrifying in the hands of a fifth orifice cultivator?

Even the rarest Transcendent Xiantian Cultivation Technique wouldn’t be so terrifying. The only possibility was that Lin Yun’s Cultivation Technique had exceeded the Xiantian Realm.

But even if they could figure that out, so what? The tiger and dragon’s might empowered Lin Yun’s punch so much that it could even devour mountains and rivers. On top of that, it was also empowered by the Iris Sword Sutra.

Lin Yun’s ferocious punch landed on the yellow-clothed old man. His organs ruptured from the impact. He ended up spitting out blood and parts of his organs.

The two other old men were only affected by the shockwave, putting their organs in turmoil.

“Withering Heart Devour!” The yellow-clothed old man immediately retaliated with a punch. His punch was like a withering black wood that struck Lin Yun’s chest and drilled into it like a venomous insect.

Lin Yun’s instinct for danger tingled. He knew that his heart would be devoured if this punch reached his heart.

“You’re courting death!” Lin Yun’s face sank. He crossed his arms together, chopping the yellow-clothed old man’s arm off with a bang.

“Big brother!” The two old men were terrified when they saw the yellow-clothed man’s arm getting chopped off by Lin Yun. They couldn’t be bothered with the shockwave wreaking havoc in their bodies and they immediately went to help.

Lin Yun condensed his aura so he could inflict further injury with a flick of his fingers. With both his thumbs pressing down on his middle fingers, Lin Yun circulated the Iris Flower. The flower only rotated for half an inch, but the spiritual energy within his body began to boil and flow towards his hands.


When Lin Yun flicked his fingers, two violet sword rays pierced through the air. The two old men who were rushing to help out turned around and were immediately consumed by the violet sword rays.

Boom! Boom!

The two sword rays pierced their chests and sent them flying.

“Die!” The intense pain coming from his chest reminded Lin Yun of the yellow-clothed old man’s terrifying attack. Just a moment ago, he had crushed his opponents and held the advantage, but he nearly allowed his opponents to turn the tables around.

The thought to kill immediately surged in Lin Yun’s mind.


Without any hesitation, Lin Yun charged forward and followed up with another punch to the yellow-clothed old man’s chest.

“H-h-help me…” The yellow-clothed old man couldn’t even finish what he wanted to say before a dozen sword rays shot out from Lin Yun’s body and tore him into pieces.

Lin Yun coldly harrumphed, turning his gaze to the two old men, who were trying to get up on their feet.

When the two old men witnessed how the yellow-clothed old man died a horrible death, they immediately started to tremble with fear. Then, they saw Lin Yun’s eyes fall on them.


The two remaining of the Ominous Three collapsed. They kneeled on the ground and did not dare to raise their heads.

“S-sir Lin, please let us go. We’re sorry for our actions…”

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